drug sätze

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Drug sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was like a drug.
  2. The drug is not a.
  3. Not a drug, but GOD.
  4. Bryn had a drug and.
  5. It is a temporary drug.
  6. All of them drug slobs.
  7. The drug war is a farce.
  8. This kind of drug rape.
  9. So they drug tested you?
  10. They are an amazing drug.
  11. After all, my drug days.
  12. Try looking at the drug.
  13. Perhaps a date rape drug.
  14. The inhibitor is the drug.
  15. Marilyn was a drug addict.
  16. The applause can be a drug.
  17. The drug Rohypnol was used.
  18. This drug had been in the.
  19. Tax the new drug businesses.
  20. Tim went into the Drug Store.
  21. I couldn’t expect a drug.
  22. It was a Military test drug.
  23. No drug could stop me from.
  24. Maryland, US Food and Drug.
  25. How effective is the drug?
  26. The drug wasn’t quite out.
  27. I guess we all have our drug.
  28. We are a drug cartel, after.
  29. First of all, what is a drug?
  30. The drug of choice is called.
  31. Then I half drug Bev with me.
  32. It did not have a drug culture.
  33. I had faith in that lousy drug.
  34. The new drug is suppose to be.
  35. You drug companies amaze me.
  36. With sleep, too, the drug helped.
  37. Man should avoid drug addiction.
  38. He had been poisoned by a drug.
  39. I can’t be addicted to a drug.
  40. I contacted the Specialty Drug.
  41. The drug is not a cartridge of.
  42. I don’t need the drug anymore.
  43. Life is the only deserving drug.
  44. His victims are all drug dealers.
  45. This one is attached to drug now.
  46. Magic can be like any other drug.
  47. He stated that all drug dealers.
  48. Drug addict spoils money & power.
  49. Life is the only deserving drug:.
  50. The other recovering drug addicts.
  51. And no visible drug paraphernalia.
  52. Dangerous drug? But that can't be.
  53. Almost like a mind drug in itself.
  54. The drug lord sighed into the phone.
  55. You said you got rid of the drug.
  56. So that’s the kind of drug it is.
  57. When will the drug trial start?
  58. Drug trafficking was evidently in-.
  59. Laughter is used a sociopathic drug.
  60. Drug addiction is dangerous for life.
  61. Life without drug addiction is good.
  62. Of the drug abusers a minority are.
  63. Maybe he’s loaded with drug money.
  64. There are no drug manufacturers in.
  65. The radio said there was a new drug.
  66. He’s obsessed with drug dealers.
  67. Panama's banks laundered drug money.
  68. Is it any wonder that Poe was a drug.
  69. Consider drug addiction for a moment.
  70. It was here he noticed Hal had drug.
  71. You have taken so much of the drug.
  72. I have no sympathy for a drug addict.
  73. She drug her end of the now huge box.
  74. They can be found in drug stores and.
  75. Noela liked what he was, a drug dealer.
  76. He was arrested for drug possession.
  77. The result was that the drug made me.
  78. You have just paid for a Class A drug.
  79. Monroe had an alcohol and drug problem.
  80. Locating the Source of Drug Allergies.
  81. Drug addiction is end of precious life.
  82. Drug Abuse Prevention In The Community.
  83. The drug gave his pains a warmth that.
  84. There are plenty of other drug dealers.
  85. They control the illegal drug business.
  86. In the following year the Drug, Inc.
  87. Lucy went back into the drug store and.
  88. Some guy planning to rob a drug cartel.
  89. This is not said to encourage drug use.
  90. Mara, the drug does all that and more.
  91. Some drug takers tell me that’s what.
  92. Except this was promising the drug but.
  93. Was it possible the accused drug lords.
  94. From repeated drug use emerges complex.
  95. Maybe it’s drug people, he said.
  96. This is a miracle drug boys and girls.
  97. That virtually made it the perfect drug.
  98. Causes of Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse.
  99. They have a drug test, Jaycee said.
  100. This drug was a joke to prevent suicide.
  1. That’s for drugging me, she said.
  2. He had been drinking and drugging non-stop.
  3. Oh, he's the doctor who treated you for the drugging.
  4. Sex slams me in the face, scorching, drugging, volatile.
  5. This way he knows when he is drugging himself with cookies, or chocolate.
  6. Her brain reeled with the drugging scent and she sought to crawl from the dais.
  7. I’d let a misplaced sense of honor stop me from drugging Polyphemus soon enough.
  8. According to Mike, most of the residents immediately resumed drinking and drugging.
  9. Humans have been drugging themselves with anything they can find for thousands of years.
  10. Have you accepted part of the blame or excused his/her drinking/ drugging or bad behavior?
  11. He was the one who stayed by my side through all the difficult times, you know with the drugging and all.
  12. Vince pulled her close and pressed a kiss to her mouth so slow and drugging, she stopped thinking altogether.
  13. This man would endure torture, probing, and drugging until the OWG squeezed all it could out of him, and then it would kill him.
  14. I leaned up and kissed his chin, and he bent his head to take my mouth in a slow, drugging kiss that had my legs shaking from more than fatigue.
  15. What had she expected would happen? That she would talk her way out of a death sentence and get Hollowcrest to stop drugging Sespian while she was at it?
  16. A part of her wanted to tell them about everything: Forge’s assassination threats, Hollowcrest’s drugging of the emperor, and her suspicions about the creature.
  17. Instead of drugging yourself with pills to relieve stress, why not give meditation a shot? You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain from this experience.
  18. He pulled her in, his broad palms skimming up the bare skin of her back as he took her mouth in a slow drugging kiss that blurred the details of the rest of the evening.
  19. He had instructed the nurse at the Private Sanatorium (owned by Hu Lyang and used to ‘dry-out drug addicts) that held Marianne, to stop drugging her for the moment.
  20. Was I suffering from a guilty conscience? Had the pill called Num protected me from this feeling until now? And what did I feel so guilty about? Uncle Peter had been instrumental in drugging his own family.
  21. The kidnapping of the artist, the death of the Comte de Chagny under such exceptional conditions, the disappearance of his brother, the drugging of the gas-man at the Opera and of his two assistants: what tragedies, what passions, what crimes had surrounded the idyll of Raoul and the sweet and charming Christine!.
  22. Meanwhile, as we thus lay entranced, the occasional sudden frantic spectacles in the distance evinced the activity of the other boats, still engaged in drugging the whales on the frontier of the host; or possibly carrying on the war within the first circle, where abundance of room and some convenient retreats were afforded them.
  23. To destroy and corrupt and poison all human health and intelligence as quickly and completely as possible, in every way possible; from mass destruction, mass death, mass killing, brainwashing, drugging, poisoning, polluting, mass culture, mass manufacturing, govt control, capitalist advertizing, entertainment propaganda, etc, etc.
  24. But three thousand years later do you still think this is the epitome of justice and the highest calling of a penal system that a post-infotech culture can achieve? Has your social ethic of acceptable behavior become one of 'I want them to feel the pain I do!'? Is this really as far as you want to advance spiritually – to be equally inhumane as the perpetrators of inhumanity? Is this what you want to see on Justice TV's i for an Eye: some lucky lotto winner torturing the torturer, killing the killer, raping the rapist, drugging the pusher?
  1. It was he that drugged.
  2. My mother had been drugged.
  3. I figured hed been drugged.
  4. Turns out he drugged it, and.
  5. She cursed, he had drugged her.
  6. I think they have been drugged.
  7. All the drinks are drugged?
  8. Minnie whimpered in her drugged sleep.
  9. Sober or drugged, he would flash back.
  10. They clapped in drugged dissatisfaction.
  11. She had the incuriosity of the drugged.
  12. The vics didn’t report feeling drugged.
  13. As I understand it, I'm going to be drugged.
  14. She was drugged and smothered with a pillow.
  15. She will be drugged before the bidding begins.
  16. Bull shit! You're all drugged up I can see it.
  17. She would’ve done that while you were drugged.
  18. Of all the drugged whales only one was captured.
  19. My mother was bamboozled! I mean, she was drugged.
  20. The women all had red eyes; the men looked drugged.
  21. In his drugged condition his legs buckled under him.
  22. She may be drugged before the selected Johns appear.
  23. He seems to be heavily drugged and can hardly stand.
  24. You gave Lauren the wine; you knew I’d drugged it.
  25. He looked groggy and still out of it, maybe drugged up.
  26. Her voice, sounding drugged by recent sleep, was barely.
  27. Wallace assumed that Euther was too far into a drugged.
  28. To save me, I realized slowly, dumbly in my drugged mind.
  29. He is Zhan Donglai but at this moment he had been drugged.
  30. With or without being drugged, the Mastiff would've kicked.
  31. She wasn’t being drugged anymore, not since the beginning.
  32. She had to have been traumatized, or maybe she was drugged.
  33. The Killer in the side of the neck with a drugged mini-arrow.
  34. What do you mean they were both drugged?! Barry shouts.
  35. Two hours since I found her boss, I guessed they drugged her.
  36. She was drugged, and I brought her here to take care of her.
  37. He drifted into a drugged sleep to be woken by Peter staring.
  38. It was incredibly stupid and I was young and probably drugged.
  39. Ease is an artificial, drugged, condition of non-awareness….
  40. Then comes two days of fatigue so intense that you feel drugged.
  41. Herman thought his expression was odd, as if he might be drugged.
  42. But she was already in a drugged stupor, beyond focus or control.
  43. Not even to mention having to raise me - the belligerent, drugged.
  44. So that's why she has to stay locked away, and continually drugged.
  45. The Long Fei and Gu Yihong that was drugged by the Lady Proudness!.
  46. Not only was Sespian being drugged, but his very life was at stake.
  47. When he arrived, he found Marilyn in a drugged, depressed condition.
  48. The Muzz invented the assasins, a group of drugged up, paradise seeking.
  49. If the nerves are drugged, the sensations will not be passed to the spirit.
  50. Why couldn’t they have just drugged us and left us somewhere isolated?
  51. The security room has been taken and three occupants immobilized and drugged.
  52. We were drugged for a while after our second orgasm and then she caressed my.
  53. I heard it from Doctor Johan, the doctor that attended me when I was drugged.
  54. Those that weren’t drugged confirmed Natalie’s story which was on the file.
  55. The evidence suggests that they drugged us to keep us on track to future success.
  56. Ali didn't say anything, for Paramita's sake he hoped that Soraya was drugged too.
  57. But it has something to do with her mother because apparently she was drugged too.
  58. They were all captured and drugged by the natives, then set adrift in their boats.
  59. More powerfully drugged foods are necessary for increasingly, brutalized conditions.
  60. I drifted slowly from a dreamless sleep, my mind relaxed, no thoughts, drugged almost.
  61. Carla bumped into the table where Gregor and John sat quietly, still in a drugged state.
  62. When he was in the throes of it, his eyes became red and glassy, as if he were drugged.
  63. She obviously meant the night they had drugged me and I ended up with that awful hangover.
  64. As drugged up as I was, I was only capable of assimilating minor information at the time.
  65. No, it was supposed to be exciting; instead, he spent most of it drugged out of his mind.
  66. Knowing also that it was drugged because my strength and ability to fly had frightened him.
  67. Needing more drugged foods to fill up the ever-increasing emptiness of civilized existence.
  68. Alaric had also been drugged and awoke to find himself bathed and refreshed in his chambers.
  69. I’m drugged up? Is that it? Did you slip me drugs while I was sitting at the table?
  70. I cannot leave her, and I am alone, save for the sleeping servants, whom some one has drugged.
  71. Right? After all those months of being drugged, of hallucinating, and perhaps the delusional.
  72. For example, tourists have been drugged and robbed while sleeping on buses or in bus stations.
  73. We drugged you into an unconscious state when we realized that we couldn't stop your screaming.
  74. Chris held Harry’s arm to comfort him, Don’t worry Harry, they’ve drugged the big lump.
  75. I was dimly aware that I had been drugged, and this chemically modified ‘me’ responded to.
  76. Feeling betrayed that his body should want the drugged tea, he struggled to mask his expression.
  77. Then, later on she had been drugged and abducted by the first serial killer in York’s history.
  78. Carmella and Laura Anderson are still in a coma following their being drugged by the assailants.
  79. They had literally caught him in the act with a drugged girl spreadeagled on the bed unconscious.
  80. Drugged and a puppet, poisoned with silver nitrate and warded with the most powerful spells I know.
  81. Phillip, I was drugged with what I think was roofie, and then subsequently raped by a transvestite.
  82. After the Midnight ritual where she was drugged and laid out on an altar as one of Satan’s brides.
  83. Truth to tell, at that time I had already drank quite a few of the drugged wine so I felt very tired.
  84. No sooner had Isabel drunk the liquid did she find herself suddenly very sleepy; she had been drugged.
  85. Sam was so drugged up, he didn’t realise when Jasmine traded places with Ruth and continued the ride.
  86. What was happening? Had she been drugged? Her chest began to constrict painfully and she clutched at it.
  87. Even the drugged state was her creation, rigidly maintained by nanotechnology, unchangeable once created.
  88. The first time she’d met Anne, Anne had drugged her, poked through her things and had called her stupid.
  89. Wilx took a piece of drugged fish from the table and pretended to eat it while throwing it under the table.
  90. We have been drugged into believing that government can solve all of our problems and meet all of our needs.
  91. I’m not proud it happened, and I don’t think I would have had sex with Joyce if I hadn’t been drugged.
  92. But, still, the patients were frightening and, she said, so drugged they were ‘walking around like zombies.
  93. It did not move, and Conan remembered stories that the priests kept these creatures drugged part of the time.
  94. Just like all the lessons that ZJ was supposed to have learned, this one was a wasted lesson in a drugged mind.
  95. We’re not sure what happened to your daughter or the fellow she was found with, but they were both drugged.
  96. Isn’t Jonathan the same guy Diane D disappeared with and then they were both found drugged in the woods?
  97. She remembered the door being kicked in and the struggle but not much after that; she assumed she had been drugged.
  98. Under the canvas, Grampa was awake, his head sticking out, but his eyes were drugged and watery and still senseless.
  99. For what oil he'll get from that drugged whale there, wouldn't be fit to burn in a jail; no, not in a condemned cell.
  100. The slaves said that Xaltotun slept as he often sleeps, drugged by the lotus of Stygia, but Tarascus is in the palace.
  1. Drugs are not the answer.
  2. He was now using drugs.
  3. I didn't like the drugs.
  4. I took tobacco and drugs.
  5. Well, that and the drugs.
  6. Sophie got her drugs at.
  7. Kids and booze and drugs.
  8. There they sold drugs too.
  9. It is illegal to use drugs.
  10. She was addicted to drugs.
  11. And drugs are what I need.
  12. I was scared of the drugs.
  13. As for booze and drugs on.
  14. So he has the drugs?
  15. What they sell is all drugs.
  16. Recently drugs have made a.
  17. It must have been the drugs.
  18. He drank drugs to obliterate.
  19. My drugs were in one of the.
  20. I have keys and I have drugs.
  21. He was doing more drugs and.
  22. Drugs had controlled him to.
  23. They found drugs in her car.
  24. Has she been using drugs?
  25. Drugs had been her first love.
  26. Even more essential are drugs.
  27. Had he dreamed of drugs? Did.
  28. But Diane D don't use drugs.
  29. No reports of mysterious drugs.
  30. She was addicted to drugs, and.
  31. Bring all those drugs over here.
  32. A cocktail of drugs and alcohol.
  33. They were on drugs or something.
  34. That is also the danger of drugs.
  35. The drugs were really kicking in.
  36. And where Amber got those drugs.
  37. The trade in drugs was excellent.
  38. And so did the drugs barons, man.
  39. I can’t have drugs in my system.
  40. Something to do with drugs and a.
  41. The country is flooded with drugs.
  42. It might not include drugs at all.
  43. Is it because of the drugs?
  44. Injecting drugs? No, not this girl.
  45. Other drugs often involved in the.
  46. Example #2: The Illegality of Drugs.
  47. And so, my drugs began to wear off.
  48. Everywhere ached, despite the drugs.
  49. Drugs can be a very tricky substance.
  50. They had lied to us about the drugs.
  51. There are several classes of drugs.
  52. War on Drugs has been in place.
  53. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided.
  54. Caris was always nervous about drugs.
  55. But the whole drugs which the best.
  56. My ADD drugs haven’t kicked in yet.
  57. Drugs and money changed hands openly.
  58. But what about drugs? she asked.
  59. If he’s addicted drugs, this will.
  60. In general, steroids are potent drugs.
  61. Fralgoth was into drugs? I asked.
  62. Into drugs, drink, abuse, overeating.
  63. They should never have smuggled drugs.
  64. No, I don’t think that it’s drugs.
  65. Other drugs are currently being tested.
  66. And the drugs thing will never win us.
  67. I read a few words about how drugs are.
  68. Drugs help in some way, but not always.
  69. I replied that I didn’t use any drugs.
  70. This seems to be true about most drugs.
  71. Stay away from drugs and limit alcohol.
  72. That seems to be true about most drugs.
  73. I sold drugs because I was good at it.
  74. Corey also experimented with other drugs.
  75. Or maybe those hadn’t been drugs at all.
  76. He suspected she had started using drugs.
  77. He was all about his cars, drugs and sex.
  78. I was on drugs, but it was pretty good.
  79. He did however ask me if I did any drugs.
  80. Ben had never bought drugs himself before.
  81. Drugs are tools for changing perceptions.
  82. There was the poverty, the drugs and the.
  83. I don't want a cut or protection or drugs.
  84. He hurled his bag of drugs out the window.
  85. Drugs which help you stay programmed are.
  86. But that is the problem with drugs stocks.
  87. Others were supposedly burnt out on drugs.
  88. Modern pharmaceutical drugs cannot do that.
  89. He blamed himself and the drugs in Zhlindu.
  90. Many drugs have been used to stop diarrhea.
  91. Her husband was in prison for selling drugs.
  92. This thought should convince you that drugs.
  93. Not all hypertensive require drugs treatment.
  94. Only the drugs and the music kept him going.
  95. He was certain it had to be the Venus drugs.
  96. Overdosed on whiskey and drugs or whatever.
  97. Exercise Instead Of Drugs: A Win-Win Option.
  98. We’re not worried about drugs, I said.
  99. Indeed drugs are life savers if used properly.
  100. There are several examples of addictive drugs.

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