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    1. “I told her it was all your fault,” Nancy answered

    2. ‘It’s not your fault, Liz

    3. ‘I’m not entirely sure it’s her fault, Emma, but the situation is that she and Stephen have had a massive row

    4. But it wasn't my fault

    5. to a fault and a true friend

    6. ‘But it was all your fault

    7. It’s your fault

    8. ‘It’s all your fault, Liz

    9. ‘You’re a wicked, evil woman … it’s your fault Joanna was unfaithful … it’s your fault!’

    10. that it was my fault! I aided Satan’s purpose

    11. "He constantly picked on everything that I did, trying to find fault with it

    12. Every one of those impacts felt like Tig’s fault

    13. It’s your fault we’re in here, cherry

    14. "How the hell is it my fault?"

    15. “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Galatians 6:1)

    16. "It’s not my fault," he heard himself say before he even knew it was out

    17. He wanted just one of them to tell him she was wrong, that this wasn’t his fault

    18. On the contrary, when I am alone I feel complete! c) I am also too perceptive: I can see a man's fault within ten minutes – the same fault another woman would see in two years

    19. Naturally, Mrs Parissis can't understand it is not my fault that my computer is faulty

    20. It’s not the baby’s fault … I couldn’t kill it just because it’s messing up my life

    21. This is your fault

    22. Berndt has the grace to look shamefaced as I turn to him in feigned astonishment, but retorts in kind to his friend, protesting that it wasn’t his fault if Joris had made that assumption; it was just that he hadn’t corrected him

    23. SAMANTHA: It was my own fault

    24. Indeed I will also prove that it is the fault of these 2 people that

    25. Last year, during the regional semi-finals, after a double fault, did he not slam his racket so hard on the ground it broke the frame? You were present at the match?

    26. It wasn't all my fault

    27. He screamed at all the doctors and nurses, even though he knew it wasn't their fault

    28. He raged and ranted; this is all Jakes fault, that disgusting, love projector! He thinks that love is the answer to all the world’s woes

    29. "I don't think it was your fault," Desa said

    30. “It is not my fault the most exalted minds in the solar system couldn’t find the patience to wait a generation and see if that output from my hack actually worked

    31. All the while she scowled at him like it was his fault the captain wasn’t answering

    32. It wasn't their fault I was jealous

    33. bad as they say it’s their fault and they should be punished for their

    34. 'It's not my fault

    35. “Argh!” Tarak threw up his hands in frustration knowing he could not fault her reasoning

    36. It certainly looks as though the fault for the current collapsing walls lies firmly in their court

    37. ‘Well, I reckon she was pretty shaken by how much her dad had let the place go – not his fault, poor chap, his health had been terrible for some time and her mother was less than useless … an’ she was only a young woman

    38. fault without correcting it

    39. “That's your own fault! Hie thee hence and stop bothering us!” Ningla said

    40. I had nightmares about you not getting home safely and it being all my fault

    41. Regardless of whose fault it was that we disagreed, she always made a point of being the first to break the ice

    42. He was her big brother and could do no wrong in her eyes … it was all my fault

    43. ‘Chas has been having these fits since his accident … it wasn’t your fault, Mickey

    44. Not your fault

    45. It's always someone else's fault

    46. Andy glared at the man’s back – how dare he imply that any of this was his fault … it’s not as though he could have done anything to stop Ozzie … and Chrissie’d never asked for help

    47. It’s not your fault,” Roman said

    48. ‘It’s all her fault – he was set up, he’d never do things like that

    49. I’m afraid it’s my fault this all got started

    50. Still, it wasn’t Chrissie’s fault – and thank God they didn’t have to worry about her demanding Ozzie’s share in the business

    1. Shikone faulted her for lack of interest in sex and too much interest in crystals when their affair ended

    2. The Holy God cannot be faulted

    3. Adolf Newman couldn’t be faulted really

    4. with Wayne, and no one faulted Michael even though he had belted

    5. In the past, he had been faulted many times by those who knew

    6. When he left the room having bowed before her portrait, he felt that neither his mother could be blamed nor his father be faulted for whatever happened

    7. In her concern for the safety of her colleagues, she may have pressed her case more forcefully than was judicious, but she cannot be faulted for the truth of her statements

    8. Eileen Cauldron’s testimony couldn’t be faulted, not faulted until Rudolph peered closely into the face of the man before him who was spouting the lies

    9. ‘Sandhya seems to be in love with him to a fault, though she can’t be faulted for that,’ thought Roopa as she scooted that deal

    10. Maybe, because of this abnormality in such a religiously conditioned Muslim mind-set, ‘the others’ too cannot be faulted for misconstruing their indifferent, if not hostile, behavior

    11. Besides, as the notion of a Muslim nation would restore the loss of power and pelf under the British Raj, the craving of those Musalmans for Pakistan cannot be faulted

    12. Even if he was wrong he could not be seriously faulted

    13. They are to be praised and not faulted

    14. but, after three tries in a four-year period, they faulted

    15. They topped the brink of the hill and Oak halted, his eyes widened and his brain faulted his eyes for not working properly

    16. could not be faulted because he was outnumbered four to one

    17. But in the end nothing worked and I should be faulted for not quitting sooner

    18. He also wrote a long analysis of his family's business, Gimbel Brothers (which also owned Saks Fifth Avenue), in which he faulted their planning process from top to bottom

    1. and the layers would change because of faulting and metamorphosis,

    2. volcanoes, faulting, and meteors/asteroids

    3. the faulting caused this material to be deposited in the water, causing massive salt deposits on the earth, resulting in the salt water found in the oceans

    4. and that faulting would cause geological anomalies to form in the earth, creating the mineralization that we see today

    5. ing from the volcanoes, water and faulting of the tectonic plates would cause intense heat, causing the water (H2O) to evaporate, creating oxygen levels to rise, as well as CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon

    6. Note that once the earth began faulting and shifting, the rock was

    7. Remember that due to faulting, many exceptions to the rule exist on earth (the Rockies are higher than some places of the equator), although the highest place in the world is near the equator

    8. Over time the reaction and faulting of the earth will evaporate

    9. It is a proven scientific fact that underground volcanoes caused by faulting, and a rock formation called serpentine

    10. You can blame anyone you like, but you won’t do badly by faulting all three branches

    1. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51)

    2. Can we confess our faults one to another? Are we willing to humble ourselves in such a way that we are willing to display our faults and our struggles to the community? We all have our faults

    3. It stops you dealing with your faults

    4. hear and they hide our faults away

    5. If their faults should not be your place to correct

    6. Reveal the faults of another in a tactful and subtle way

    7. Human emotion and behaviors are never a sin for us unless those faults

    8. Our tendency is to overlook the faults and weaknesses

    9. Althart knew that she was innocent, but she could not be sure that he was innocent, could she? He seemed the most honorable person she had ever met, almost like a holy man at times, but she knew him well enough to know he had human faults also

    10. Church for the faults I saw, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t

    11. ‘I think he’d say that everyone has their faults, and

    12. many faults because that’s what the Fates decreed

    13. The ship’s computer was quite capable of detecting and analysing virtually any faults in any of its circuits but Peter had decided to check it over anyway

    14. of greatest need and just wanted to exacerbate Melanie’s faults for

    15. I shall always carry with me the hope that my country will never cease to view them with indulgence; and that, after forty-five years of my life dedicated to its service with an upright zeal, the faults of incompetent abilities will be consigned to oblivion, as myself must soon be to the mansions of rest

    16. He needed to know what had made her leave him if he was ever to fix those faults

    17. She began to fight with herself, to watch her faults and try

    18. There were design faults on the squad cars as the blue light was not fixed permanently but only held in place by a magnet

    19. “I hear Galeron is a mite enthusiastic about cataloguing the keep’s faults

    20. What strikes the visitor at first sight is the intensity of the traffic, which unfortunately seems to have assumed imperfections and faults that are similar to the ones I observed in Manila during my first visit to the Philippines

    21. By this point, Obama's faults are familiar to most

    22. (His actual faults, not imaginary ones like birther claims

    23. But because of his faults and circumstances beyond his control, most of Perot's efforts would have little chance to succeed

    24. “He had his faults, Princess Constance

    25. not condemn others for what I view as their faults

    26. To me this has been a real process of healing and, although I am well aware that the Church of Scotland is not without its faults, I am more pleased than I can say to have “come home” again

    27. No amount of reform however expensive or radical can ever bring success to a machine with such major design faults that it can never fulfil its function

    28. The problems of the economic scarcity, the lack of money and infrastructure lack only exist due to the countless structural faults in the current system

    29. Even with all his faults, his narcissism, his dishonesty, his personal attacks and the absolute absence of gratitude for all Jack and I had done to help him and his family, well over $35,000 in cash up to this point in time alone, I couldn‘t shake the thought, He‘s my brother, he‘s my family and I used to really love him, and he looked so sad and drawn when I saw him

    30. Strangely, none of these had caught the eye of Stroyer who held a Zinn-like focus on America and her faults, which he freely sprinkled on the History Club and in his

    31. But there were some faults, as there would always be, when viewed from today’s perspective

    32. We recognize that undesirable situations can be a reflection of our own faults and shortcomings

    33. We need to accept that we have faults and are not perfect

    34. rescue their own faults, spirituality is something that is earned every

    35. Whatever the Khakhan’s faults were, they did not include self-aggrandizement or all of the ports would have been variations on his name

    36. The Beatles were musicians, and whatever their faults music was their signature

    37. appearing more competent at work, and hiding our faults

    38. kind of thought process went into making a statement about one’s own faults

    39. did he feel concern about his faults or joy about his achievements

    40. None of this is their faults

    41. referred to as the ring of fire, old faults and long sleeping volcanoes

    42. Many small faults that crossed the western seaboard were

    43. David, the least significant of the sons of Jesse was anointed king, and he became the ultimate ‘company’ man, prepared to die for what he believed, willing to accept blame for his faults, always out to improve the standing and status of his company, which were Israel and the kingdom of God

    44. God needed a ‘salesman’, someone who could ‘sell’ Himself to the Israelites, and He chose Moses with all his faults

    45. She accepts my faults as well as my strengths

    46. ”5 At the same time he faults the mainline churches for failing to meet the needs of the people, and notes that they are losing congregants as a consequence

    47. Pops wasn’t blind to my faults, and he pointed them out in a gentle way

    48. So it was in a way both of their faults

    49. The bond between them is stronger than the earth and darker than fire, bearing as it does all the faults and pains of both men

    50. At least I know my faults and acknowledge them, though late and in part only, I admit it

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