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    1. “I told her it was all your fault,” Nancy answered

    2. ‘It’s not your fault, Liz

    3. ‘I’m not entirely sure it’s her fault, Emma, but the situation is that she and Stephen have had a massive row

    4. But it wasn't my fault

    5. to a fault and a true friend

    6. ‘But it was all your fault

    7. It’s your fault

    8. ‘It’s all your fault, Liz

    9. ‘You’re a wicked, evil woman … it’s your fault Joanna was unfaithful … it’s your fault!’

    10. that it was my fault! I aided Satan’s purpose

    1. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51)

    2. Can we confess our faults one to another? Are we willing to humble ourselves in such a way that we are willing to display our faults and our struggles to the community? We all have our faults

    3. It stops you dealing with your faults

    4. hear and they hide our faults away

    5. If their faults should not be your place to correct

    6. Reveal the faults of another in a tactful and subtle way

    7. Human emotion and behaviors are never a sin for us unless those faults

    8. Our tendency is to overlook the faults and weaknesses

    9. Althart knew that she was innocent, but she could not be sure that he was innocent, could she? He seemed the most honorable person she had ever met, almost like a holy man at times, but she knew him well enough to know he had human faults also

    10. Church for the faults I saw, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t

    1. Shikone faulted her for lack of interest in sex and too much interest in crystals when their affair ended

    2. The Holy God cannot be faulted

    3. Adolf Newman couldn’t be faulted really

    4. with Wayne, and no one faulted Michael even though he had belted

    5. In the past, he had been faulted many times by those who knew

    6. When he left the room having bowed before her portrait, he felt that neither his mother could be blamed nor his father be faulted for whatever happened

    7. In her concern for the safety of her colleagues, she may have pressed her case more forcefully than was judicious, but she cannot be faulted for the truth of her statements

    8. Eileen Cauldron’s testimony couldn’t be faulted, not faulted until Rudolph peered closely into the face of the man before him who was spouting the lies

    9. ‘Sandhya seems to be in love with him to a fault, though she can’t be faulted for that,’ thought Roopa as she scooted that deal

    10. Maybe, because of this abnormality in such a religiously conditioned Muslim mind-set, ‘the others’ too cannot be faulted for misconstruing their indifferent, if not hostile, behavior

    1. and the layers would change because of faulting and metamorphosis,

    2. volcanoes, faulting, and meteors/asteroids

    3. the faulting caused this material to be deposited in the water, causing massive salt deposits on the earth, resulting in the salt water found in the oceans

    4. and that faulting would cause geological anomalies to form in the earth, creating the mineralization that we see today

    5. ing from the volcanoes, water and faulting of the tectonic plates would cause intense heat, causing the water (H2O) to evaporate, creating oxygen levels to rise, as well as CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon

    6. Note that once the earth began faulting and shifting, the rock was

    7. Remember that due to faulting, many exceptions to the rule exist on earth (the Rockies are higher than some places of the equator), although the highest place in the world is near the equator

    8. Over time the reaction and faulting of the earth will evaporate

    9. It is a proven scientific fact that underground volcanoes caused by faulting, and a rock formation called serpentine

    10. You can blame anyone you like, but you won’t do badly by faulting all three branches

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    error blunder misdeed slip defect blemish failing flaw foible frailty imperfection shortcoming delinquency culpability solecism wrongdoing indiscretion impropriety dereliction liability accountability blame fail bungle err

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    error fault mistake demerit break faulting fracture geological fault shift defect flaw blame blunder misdeed slip blemish failing foible frailty imperfection shortcoming delinquency culpability solecism wrongdoing indiscretion impropriety dereliction liability accountability fail bungle err