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    1. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    2. When dried it will leave a thin film for the cockroaches to run into

    3. drawl, just a hint of Tara, to go with that pencil thin moustache and film star grin

    4. unspools the film and throws it on the ground

    5. actress in a horror film go forth to see what it is that makes such an unusual noise,

    6. It occurred to me as I focused on the grainy film flickering in my head that their faces were already starting to fade

    7. Third story: Late at night I watch a film on TV; there is a man who asks a woman to help him get rid of another, dangerous woman

    8. At night, in a film on TV the hero resembles Venor a lot and he is wounded by knives on his chest

    9. Rather I see from this time an endless loop of film in which a stocky, bull-headed man stands in a doorway and harangues me for being a bad little pig

    10. Rose has expressed a wish to watch the film which is on TV this afternoon – The Sound of Music - and as it would never cross her menfolk’s minds to suggest otherwise and also as the weather has degenerated into an unpleasant blustery rain, we decide it would be rather nice to curl up in the warm and do just that

    11. Wally dozes off halfway through the film, a fact which Rose acknowledges with a fond smile

    12. She’s really enjoying the film

    13. Verification: In the evening Alice invites me to watch an adventure film on video, together with her children and her new boyfriend

    14. The plot of the film proves to be very similar to the plot of my dream

    15. observing reality around us with a negative film over our eyes

    16. Created by Marc Rigaudis of the United States International University in Nairobi, the film casts Africa as an oasis – the only place where the sun continues to shine

    17. that they didn’t have to take the film to be processed at a

    18. and a clause that lets us film the details of the case,

    19. fear and loathing, a film score playing in their heads,

    20. of every film you have ever seen, shot without music

    21. This natural beauty treatment is said by some to be worth far more than the costly facial massages in beauty salons which are so beloved of film stars

    22. The very next day Burberry read about a famous film star and his wife in one of her favourite glossy magazines, a couple who had been happily married for over forty years and even had a barbecue sauce named after them

    23. What could be better? The young man and his adoring wife immediately flew to Hollywood and as soon as they arrived they telephoned the film star’s agent, who happily arranged dinner for the four of them at a swanky restaurant on the strip

    24. Burberry’s film, while not a critical success, was watched by millions the world over and as the young man set off on a world concert tour, Burberry found herself on set playing the lead in a new film, this time with complete sentences for her to speak

    25. She’s suggested that you could join us for supper after the film, if you like

    26. By the end of the evening, which great-aunt Edith thoroughly enjoyed because of the company, two bottles of Lambrusco and because they watched quite possibly the best werewolf film ever made, the two women had become the best of friends

    27. I’d better do something simple – the film finishes at about 7

    28. The two youngsters are on a high when Alastair brings them back … they enthuse all over us about the film while we eat – sounds as though they had a fun time

    29. Ben, you’ll love the film

    30. many satellite film channels

    31. Now what film shall I watch? I have several video tapes which I have bought or recorded over the years and also some DVDs – Kevin talked me into buying a DVD player last year

    32. By the time I have finished watching the film, my lasagne and half of that bottle of wine are ancient history

    33. ‘I always loved the Narnia books as a child and I’ve read some good crits of this film

    34. It’s done very well too … though I have always imagined Lucy to be shorter than the actress playing the part in the film

    35. would stare out at the world through glass eyes as a reel of film

    36. and as soon as they arrived they telephoned the film star’s agent,

    37. new film, this time with complete sentences for her to speak

    38. because they watched quite possibly the best werewolf film ever

    39. It’s a scene from a film

    40. Good film, that

    41. We stare in horror as the pictures show us a town with flattened buildings, film taken from the air as the roads are impassable

    42. Sunil’s film began to play, but then it got stuck on one frame and this frame stood before the children in big, bold letters

    43. Even though any camera going here would have been considered an explicit film aboard Gordon's Lamp, it was, like Desa had also implied, not a real big deal

    44. Kaha would sometimes say things that would trick people into the conversations she wanted to film

    45. pretended to film her

    46. I exhausted an entire roll of film that

    47. He wondered if she'd be inviting him to film scenes like that? He would cross that bridge if he came to it

    48. think it only film, because the show is guarded by

    49. dedicated to the first broadcast film

    50. which I remember the film

    1. "Occasionally there are orders now for living organs, live beating hearts to be removed and filmed for the pleasure of the client

    2. He and his crew had filmed there a couple of times previously

    3. Whoever she filmed, pretty much acted out what they wanted, the only place Kaha’s script entered was when she edited it

    4. Kaha often didn’t use the sound from what she filmed anyway, she just filmed people walking around talking to each other, put music to it, and narrated the script

    5. The scene lurched, as if filmed by one who was stumbling

    6. ral ies of protest, filmed and transmitted to

    7. along the meadow - while being filmed

    8. Marcia took a drink, taking her time, her eyes still filmed with tears

    9. Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” was filmed there in 1975-76

    10. and filmed the crumbled breakwater wall; beached across a road was the ship, the Asian

    11. After I had spent my rounds I noticed that the cameraman had filmed my firing sequence

    12. reporters filmed eagerly as the show unfolded

    13. Because he and Johnny had been caught “red handed” and had been filmed on the three earlier runs by both the Mexican Federales in Hermosillo and our FBI in Winslow, there really was no viable defense

    14. When we arrived, Hal who had been there many times rented a car and drove us south to the Mather Inn which was filmed in one of Hitchcock’s more notable horror movies

    15. He filmed Raffe and Kerim discussing how they were going to eliminate you

    16. which, when they weren’t vertical, were filmed with a slick algae

    17. with, “Do you want to see the mission filmed by satellite, you guys? Well here it is

    18. page where I’ve taken television content that somebody else filmed for $1,000 a minute with a

    19. Marquez started the press conference around one oćlock, surrounded by Clarity and the girls, who were sitting naked beside her, filmed by several cameras

    20. He remembered news footage of soldiers at war filmed with night-vision cameras

    21. The show doesn’t really need any staff as it’s all filmed on state-of-the-art fixed cameras and in a video diary room, so I’ll be pitching in on the community

    22. They were filmed without their knowledge

    23. At night the ceiling of the cavern would be transformed by plasma screen pictures of the night sky, filmed from the outside so ever changing

    24. She was once again in the Room where Hu Lyang had filmed and raped her

    25. Judging from Hank"s tone of voice and his mannerisms I think he either knew or suspected that I was the third assailant but for some reason he understood that I really didn"t know that it was a gang-rape when I filmed the act

    26. third of the Western movie that was filmed just outside of Tucson, and then faded into a

    27. chair the moment he saw the female Canadian officer being filmed in action by the BBC

    28. Activating her headband cameras, Nancy filmed her, realizing that the young Jewish girl was Magdala, her incarnation in this time period

    29. Still, I wish that I could have filmed her

    30. Her spy probes had filmed a young woman kept recluse in the house since the start of the wedding, as prescribed by Jewish customs, and had recorded her name as ‘Miriam’

    31. “When was this filmed and was it recorded live?”

    32. The report must have been filmed hours earlier, as the Sun was still up on the picture

    33. Then, about five in the afternoon, Nancy Laplante manifested herself again, this time from Haifa, where she filmed live a Hezbollah rocket bombardment on the city as rocket after rocket slammed in various areas of Haifa and its port

    34. Miss Laplante filmed the whole thing

    35. She also noticed and filmed what looked like six large bomb craters over what she knew to be the location of the two underground centrifuge halls of Natanz

    36. Already guessing what it was, Nancy filmed the site, zooming in particular on a piece of tail that bore a registry number that was still readable, as Mousavi explained

    37. Nancy turned around and gave a thumbs-up signal to Tony Gilroy, who was sitting on a chair put on a large elevated platform built especially for these scenes filmed on the roof

    38. “This is the ROYAL SOVEREIGN, covertly filmed from above while sitting on its landing pad near London in 3386 ‘B’

    39. The plaque also gave the year on which the Time Patrol had filmed the scene: what he was watching had existed over 4,000 years ago

    40. All that had been filmed and recorded from various angles, with the goal of producing a visual documentary and an illustrated book at the end of the mission

    41. I was part of the team that filmed the scenes from the Pleistocene that you saw

    42. He’s a terrific and persistent birddog who chased down the details with his written and filmed interviews of witnesses to the JFK assassination and autopsy; he’s a hero and a major American patriot, and has a fun sense of humor

    43. And President Bush was filmed being apathetic, just sitting there listening to reading session, in an elementary school, like: I don’t need to get up quick

    44. Jose's eyes seemed filmed over, reflective

    45. The blackmailer had filmed Robert late afternoon, and the house cleaner had not come into the room until much later

    46. John was actually a little excited to have these events filmed and broadcast across the country

    47. The Qatari cameraman filmed that but instinctively jerked when a mortar bomb exploded right in the middle of the village square, no more than ten meters from Nancy and the two girls

    48. The first pictures of the magma cauldron were sent to various news agencies within minutes of the departure of the KOSTROMA, the ship itself having already been filmed in action by amateur cameramen and photographers

    49. He said it was part of Fort Worden, where they filmed An Officer and a Gentleman

    50. use me in the commercial for the hotline! I'll be filmed

    1. In a break from filming, we recently visited the Oak Tree

    2. The sex was fine but she babbled half the sleep about some guy that should have been filming

    3. The television gardener lived with his lovely wife on his modest but beautifully proportioned estate in the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies permitted

    4. the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies

    5. Given the many calls upon his time, filming new and instructive

    6. Are you filming a movie by the way? It’s not too bad so far

    7. “You should be filming this party,” Alan said

    8. They were the only one's there, Nonik and Fmarling were filming this Noonsleep when the streets would be less busy

    9. Webinars are another way to create video content (as is filming a live

    10. He pushed Shelley inside and she continued filming events with her camera as he ushered the two women in after her

    11. the day he delivered them, and on that day at the end of filming Casablanca had been annoyed

    12. He panted, tears filming his eyes, and did not answer

    13. He could see the tears filming Marcia’s eyes, but couldn’t stop the bitter words that rose from somewhere deep inside him

    14. David was the artist and the camera man and he handled the legal filming, and spent more time in his darkroom and computer handling film

    15. • Extensive variety of filming locations

    16. Namibia offers filming conditions of the highest level

    17. the international map of top filming destinations

    18. approach to filming in public areas such as on streets and highways

    19. Namibia has been on the international map of top filming

    20. country but thanks to Namibia’s popularity as a filming

    21. Filming Locations and Accommodation

    22. there filming, tossing out comments and random jokes that probably did nothing to help

    23. On this night I was fixated on the glow from the cameras filming the reporters

    24. A hundred yards away, at the entrance pool, the Cupids were still filming

    25. No reporters are harmed in the filming of this segment, you can’t help but smile

    26. Her tormentor stepped back in disgust, still filming

    27. maybe helping with the filming, mention their presence before moving on

    28. After explaining in detail to James, how he had become involved in the investigation into Illegal Drug sales and distribution - and the reason that their paths had crossed,…Rory came to the point: ‘…we, “The Circle”, operating with the assistance of the Minister of Police, would like to hire yourself and filming crew to supposedly shoot part of a Documentary film that is being produced for the Education Department, featuring Dairy Farming and Dairy products

    29. He then mutilated the child's mother while filming the entire half hour of brutal inhumanity

    30. The scene was as I'd left it: police trying to hold back the hordes of people still waiting to find their loved ones and television crews and reporters filming the scene

    31. Thankfully, we"ve found a couple of computer programmers from Concordia University, also an expert in the filming industry from McGill University to try to improve the camera image of the heinous cat thief

    32. Thank God no one was filming me to later broadcast on “America’s Funniest Videos” or something like that

    33. Slowing down her horse to a trot in order not to attract too much attention, she looked around at the scenery, filming as she went

    34. Soon arriving at the upper market adjacent to the palace, Nancy was able to see above the crowd thanks to her height and started filming right away with her micro-camera headband

    35. As it was starting to raise its nose, heading directly towards Nancy, who was filming its approach, the aircraft lost one of its ailerons and started spinning out of control

    36. With Nancy still filming, Farah shouted in horror

    37. With the express permission of Mousavi, Nancy took out her camera while the helicopter was still approaching the Natanz complex, filming an overall view of it from the air

    38. As they walked to four small electric golf carts waiting nearby, Nancy asked a question in English to the director while filming him on the move

    39. Not stopping her filming for even a second, so that nobody could easily say later that parts were censored out, she started walking slowly along a narrow lane made between two rows of centrifuges, counting her steps as she went

    40. Adding to her anger was the fact that a few passengers and onlookers were filming the scene now with the help of their cell phones

    41. A few reporters, including a crew from GNN, moved around the periphery of the gymnasium, filming and taking pictures

    42. While Gilroy had recognized the tremendous potential impact of such a scene, he was still deeply worried for the safety of Nancy, who had become well-liked by the whole production crew during the three months of filming

    43. Krysten Ritter also followed anxiously Nancy’s fall on the TV monitors that showed what the various cameras were filming

    44. Lori Kano, who was filming and commenting the whole process, broke in hysterical tears at one point, when a group of over a hundred very young, nearly skeletal orphaned children got off the HERMES

    45. Nancy Laplante spent years in the Palestine of my time, filming scenes from the life of Yeshua and following him around as one of his disciples

    46. First, cameras are filming the 879

    47. (The Shell Oil productions were particularly good on the making of desert landscapes; especially the one about locusts which completely besplattered the angular windscreen of the Dragoon Rapide spraying and filming the swarm

    48. Nancy had now started filming with her helmet-mounted camera and stood last in her line

    49. All in the while, Nancy’s helmet-mounted camera was filming the action, thanks to its light intensification night lens

    50. Nancy, who had been filming from 400 meters away the battle against the biggest group of Chinese holding out, felt bad for the Chinese

    1. She had him virtually in-ear as she surveyed the control room like she was the starship captain from the propaganda films of her childhood

    2. How could we ever have believed the heroes in all those films? Who can ever die like a man? I cringed

    3. As for the kidnapper, that devious impresario, it is said that he appears briefly in cameo in every one of Archibald’s films, his pale head floating like a spectral balloon across a corner of some vast landscape, sneering and leering and mouthing the words, “I’ll get you back for this you old witch…I’ll be back…”

    4. Vague remembrances of dinosaur films I have seen spring to mind … birds are closely related to dinosaurs, I read somewhere

    5. Since there are countless films that have been

    6. Getting used to living with someone is not the easy matter that romantic films and books would have you believe

    7. appears briefly in cameo in every one of Archibald’s films, his pale

    8. daytime soaps, chat shows and old black and white films because

    9. His routine consists of rehashing skits from films and shows

    10. She thinks of films full of grim heroines, in particular Ripley and the alien mother, sees herself as the little girl screaming in the lift

    11. To him it felt more organic than any party he had seen films of

    12. The remote pictures from the first lander were easy, most of it comes from the nature films we brought with us, redecorated

    13. things that one can look at in a presentation [eg: films, maps, charts etc]

    14. films together," Maybe Bradlee would find films easier to relate to than computer games

    15. Well not in the romantic sense that you read about in books or saw in films, anyway

    16. he could never face watching films about black magic or Evil in

    17. that are encapsulated in between two vinyl films

    18. He took her mind off it when necessary, taking her to see funny films just to see her smile

    19. The Commador Cinema in George Street was screening a series of old classics and today’s film was Jaws - in McKee’s view, one of the best suspense films ever made

    20. Fox News, talk radio, and Hollywood productions such as the television show 24 that endorsed torture, including films such as Iron Man that show torture as only done by the enemy, played a large role in the US public's acceptance of torture as necessary, even patriotic

    21. She’d seen the comedy films where people wore tinfoil on their heads to stop aliens invading their minds and wondered if Piers had covered himself completely with baked bean cans, or only his legs and feet

    22. Even the famed burning of Atlanta, turned into a myth of horrific suffering by incredibly inaccurate books and films like Gone With the Wind, had less harm than most have been led to believe

    23. Reagan spent World War II in Hollywood, shooting training films

    24. It was his first sight of an alien and it was even worse than the things he had seen in the films and read about in his books

    25. “And when I eventually told my mother what I’d seen on the island, she just shook her head at me, as though I’d been watching too many horror films on TV, and had had a nightmare, like I did when I was a kid

    26. As he stopped crying, he thought it was strange that you never see spies cry in the films at the loss of their friends or foe

    27. But I could’ve sworn, on pain of anything other than death or excruciating torture involving genitalia, that I had never laid eyes on that man, or any of the other folks on the screen in my life; not even waiting in line for the cash register, or in one of those cult films on after-hours TV

    28. It was still one of his favourite Earth-type films

    29. “Oh, they always do that in French films,” she said

    30. I came out of the experience feeling stoned but rather normal; I didn’t really appreciate the changes until that night when I experienced a new type of vivid dream, colored like old films and packed with precious information provided by my old Teacher

    31. The Cowboy and Indian films of the 1950s became a Hollywood staple

    32. He didn’t approve of the content of most films

    33. And he has the biggest collection of horror films I’ve ever seen

    34. She felt a small stir of excitement, and remembered how much she and Sierra had loved going to the cinema to see films that were shot in New York

    35. Now, one of those very films was going to be shot right there across the street from them, and Manda sat and watched the setup begin

    36. Then again, those films are staged

    37. Lately, an increasing number of films and TV programs use subtitles in the

    38. Our films and programs are overrun with clichés

    39. overemphasized may lie in the fact that most “foreign” films treat al kind of

    40. Other countries boast a variety in the subject of the films they produce

    41. There are films about children, about boys, about girls, and about boys and girls;

    42. Karl was a producer and dealer of Snuff Films

    43. nothing to do with the rolls of films

    44. In his civilization and culture classes, Roger used to show his students films and videos that would

    45. production design on such films as Flight of the Phoenix

    46. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot here were

    47. Since then, many films have been produced in Namibia by

    48. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot in Namibia

    49. company to have serviced Hollywood and Bollywood films

    50. Many films have been produced in Namibia by

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