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    1. I flop onto the sofa

    2. I flop down on a chair to resume my conversation with Emma

    3. Anyway, I suspect her success was just a foul play, so as to show this special telepathy experiment was not just a flop

    4. Let me explain: After one and a half month of inaction, we finally carried out a telepathy experiment which “of course” proved to be a flop! Not even one of us managed to make a close guess of the object placed on the reception table

    5. He plunged into the chop of that lake like a diver doing a belly flop from a high branch of a tree

    6. It was serious little klikenstra with a panel of flop switches, plenty of configure pegs and effects knobs

    7. Now she could drop her skirt and flop on the balcony with a cup of Rankor Gold

    8. It would whisper until one cool night the gum hardened and fell away allowing the poster to flip flop and continue whispering to any official Post Office notice it came across

    9. Ben appeared to flop about in his chair but he wanted to say thanks

    10. He would then “belly flop” onto his sled, pull along side her, grab a hold of her sled and

    11. Whichever crow shall hereafter hop, fly, or flop into this field during

    12. Lets try to understand the functioning of flip flop by analyzing circuit given below

    13. and a flip flop

    14. ) Anyway, this cat Shock La Rock took off his flip flop sandals while helicoptering around, and was now wearing his flip flop-tongs on his hands while wind milling

    15. Ryan would flip and flop about her feelings, but she couldn’t change the fact that she still liked the brunette quite a lot, more than she would admit to herself

    16. I flop back onto the cushions, and I feel cold without her body parallel to mine

    17. Just as the snow and its white flop,

    18. My having done a 180 degree flip flop on the question of what

    19. ” She let her arms flop to her sides

    20. Otherwise? Another flop

    21. I would flop into the

    22. an offering that could reap multiples of its initial cost, OR be a flop

    23. That way I could flop into bed after studying late

    24. One of those books was the first one I'd ever written, the one that was a flop the first time out

    25. Unbutton, unzip, yank, flop

    26. He then let the head flop forward and put the spent syringe back in his briefcase

    27. “What happened to that river meandering around the back of here” groaned Stu, as once again his flip flop had got caught in yet another hole

    28. He let me flop for a good half hour before he stopped it

    29. is nothing worse than to have missed the "belly flop contest"

    30. It has been compared with a belly flop into a pool of water from a six story building and then hitting the bottom of the diving well

    31. “No way, man,” one of his bar friends told him, weaving a bit himself as he tried counseling Superman to “sleep it off” at a flop house nearby

    32. - Flop the marinated meat onto the grill

    33. This bitch was in heat, but would flop

    34. Richard’s show was a flop, lasting seven episodes, not unlike those other spin-offs of the Seinfeld series

    35. � She suddenly let the file she had in her hands flop on the desk, then massaged her temples with both hands

    36. I have such a head ache now, I walk back to the bed and flop onto it, closing my eyes trying to forget about all of this shit

    37. And one was it all it needed to falter and fold and flop into an impromptu game of 52 pickup

    38. it wasn’t a total flop as an assignment; they thought at some level of

    39. dealt to him and continued on after the flop into the turn card with a

    40. After the flop, he had four of the five cards

    41. just after the flop

    42. “Oh? Did Paul flop over and die?” one of the other students half joked

    43. before he flicked by to flop on the couch

    44. was a complete flop

    45. In “me” there is no sea of change, one person can't bring people together, one man doesn't know how to fix it; “me” has flip flop on issues, every man is said to have his peculiar ambition

    46. She let her hair flop down again and they walked in silence for a while longer

    47. this time she stood up and let Kent’s erect penis flop over to the side

    48. After a moment of struggling she reappears again, her hair a bit mussed and her cheeks a bit flushed, letting the mass of lifeless dress flop to the floor while her many layers of delicate, netted petticoats settle back around her

    49. “That was a huge flop

    50. He had been bluffing the whole time with a queen-five hand dealt to him and continued on after the flop into the turn card with a check raise now that he had a large pair when the card turned out to be a queen

    1. Sparky whimpered and the mermaid flopped around on the floor

    2. I dragged myself back to my scattered clothes and flopped down

    3. Across from where I sat one of them flopped onto the bench, breathless, sipping a fizzy diet drink from a can, panting beneath the weight of her robes and fighting in vain to keep her eyes open and to keep her mouth from drooping but her personal enthusiasm cowed before the pressures and the stresses and the strains

    4. Jane greeted me with a much appreciated cup of coffee – Peter joined us when he got back from his visit to the Hospice – he’d flopped on a chair accepting gratefully the mug Jane handed him

    5. She had no clue what was going on in today’s conversation, for all he knew Patass was describing every position they’d used, how she was at it, how overcome she was by his romance and the way she flopped like a carp during her first orgasm

    6. Kev flopped back against the back of the chair, clearly relieved to hear this

    7. J’tom marched right in and flopped onto the far end of the cushion

    8. They moved away from the store as notices flipped and flopped all over the windows, when Beauty moved closer they all converged in the spot opposite her face, slipping and sliding to get her attention

    9. Where the hell did this all come from?” Warlock asked as he flopped one of the containers over in his large hands

    10. In the lounge, Angela flopped on the sofa,

    11. She flopped into his chest and supporting arms

    12. Imbrahim flopped back in his chair and swallowed the lump in his throat

    13. Maldynado offered the sort of sweeping bow the warrior caste had spent generations perfecting, then ambled across the room and flopped onto a sofa

    14. Spitting salty sea water Alex staggered up the thin sandy spit and flopped down behind a large rock, digging a hole in which he buried his wetsuit and flippers

    15. Before she could talk herself out of it, Amaranthe flopped onto her belly in the gravel next to the tracks

    16. Trog flopped down and stretched out across it, inviting a belly rub

    17. He jumped high up into the air, stretching his arms and flopped back into the grass

    18. He changed his clothes and flopped on the bed, asleep within seconds

    19. Their body came to rest at the base of the tree in a cloud of dust, flopped over once and lay quite still

    20. Trying to ignore the gentle whirling noises of the recording equipment, I sighed loudly and flopped back into the uncomfortable, red plastic chair

    21. With her safely in the shower and the final change of donated clothes laid out, Beth ordered from room service lunch for both in the hope that food might contribute to calm her and reduce the emotional crisis she sensed coming, then flopped on the bed trying to steady her own frazzled nerves

    22. I flopped onto the couch, staring up at the ceiling as the seconds ticked by, stretching into minutes, and willed my mind to be blank

    23. He flopped back onto the mattress and rolled in his pillow groaning, while with trembling fingers he pulled the sheet over his head

    24. Just as I flopped on the bed, I heard the sound of

    25. Before I had a shower and flopped onto bed, I took time to make a phone call and leave a message on Cooper"s voice mail

    26. If you have ever missed a dive or belly flopped from even a short dive you know the violence impacting water can cause

    27. Now on his knees, Loran pulled her up half out of the water by her hair, quickly snaking his arm around her waist he flopped her up onto the raft, but her lower legs still dangled in the water

    28. Bruce flopped facedown on the couch

    29. His head flopped on the floor and he shut his eyes

    30. got inside he noticed it was some sort of bed rotation system, the next shift got off and the exhausted ones flopped onto them

    31. Derek shook his head and flopped down into the sand, if he

    32. He pushed back through the bushes and flopped onto the

    33. But there was no response from Harry; he was out cold on the bed with his arm flopped over the edge

    34. his pants however--when it flopped against his belly all erect and shiny like a piece of

    35. Once inside he flopped down on the big bed

    36. Selma turned off the Pod and flopped down on the bed

    37. The woman waved a diamond laden hand and flopped it

    38. She’d once dragged a wild boar to the cave and then flopped

    39. Chay’s hand flopped back down to her side, as she collapsed on the floor; she curled into a fetal position

    40. He was dead before he dropped his rifle and flopped to the ground

    41. “Get some water!” Moshe ordered, as he flopped him into an exaggerated sitting position

    42. Then their USAF Green Hornet helicopter flopped down into the trees just after liftoff in a blaze of

    43. The dead captives were flopped onto sleds by slaves and pulled to Eid, where their meat would be cut away and boiled into Yule stew, the traditional meal that marked the end of the celebrations

    44. which were soaking and had flopped in front of his mouth

    45. A few remaining rafts tied to wooden posts flopped on the

    46. moved over and flopped down on the end of a long leather couch

    47. “There! A couple of fine, stone coasters for our drinks!” Nem flopped back into his chair, took a sip and placed his glass on the new coaster

    48. She flopped on her bed and replayed the date minus the last part

    49. The lively fish flopped about in their snares as their captors left trails of air bubbles rising from the gills in their necks

    50. Impatient and slightly worried, Anthony and the girls sat on the ground beside me when I flopped onto my back on the towel to catch the last bit of sun

    1. They were both carrying on at volume ten with plenty of jumping up and down and flopping on furniture

    2. It carried both disabled androids into the starship and then picked up Alan, who was draped in the android's arms, flopping like a fish on a kitchen floor

    3. The officer's puffy and protruding beady eyes, his distended nostrils and near flopping ears were all very much focused at that instant on the obviously demented wench in front of him

    4. ” said Chris, flopping back in his seat again

    5. In disgust, she sat at the side of the trail, tore the flopping sole from the bottom of her sneaker and threw it into the bush

    6. I looked in amazement at our catch flopping on the deck

    7. Your foot is big, heavy wool socks and military style boots slide over your feet, a bit large, not flopping, you add two extra pairs of socks to snug them out

    8. Conan hurled the flopping corpse to the floor, turned to the sword again and gripped the hilt with both hands, bracing his feet against the floor

    9. He squealed and ran, reins and stirrups flopping

    10. For a short distance he heard it flopping and floundering after him, screaming with horrible laughter

    11. His head was flopping around as if he had no neck bones and as I lifted his limp body from the floor, the urgency pervaded me

    12. The fish thrashed frantically, flipping feistily, flopping ferociously, floridly fighting for freedom from the harpoon

    13. I can’t stand to have it flopping in my face

    14. “You can have it flopping in my face anytime you want to,” he said and kissed her

    15. and drifted off to a restless, turning, flopping sleep – with a nightmare of shooting, and

    16. shining fire-sticks, as they tossed the flopping body into the truck

    17. chicken clung on for a horrifying moment and then it flew, wings flopping, in a high

    18. Blood burst and the gun clattered from his flopping, nerveless hands and he was down

    19. She tugged the flopping cat through the hole as gently as possible, lifted her and ran,

    20. His arms kept flopping up and down, but he wasn't making any progress

    21. " His arms started flopping and just before his head went under he managed to cry out, "A little help, if you don't mind

    22. Some streets were indeed enormous but most were tiny and glutted with people, traffic, barrels of vegetables, and fish flopping in tubs of water on the pavements

    23. He rolled backward and then lost controls of his body movements, flopping

    24. flopping between (a) deliberately composed phrases or sentences and (b) pausing to let whatever

    25. He slumped to his knees flopping

    26. Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she rolled over onto her back, her ears flopping on the ground

    27. I could see the head was still hanging by some muscle, flopping around but still attached

    28. "You and me both," he sighs, flopping onto the arm of her chair to peek at her drawing over her shoulder

    29. hair flopping about wildly

    30. What a spectacle it had been! The fat nose was practically detached, flopping down over the screaming mouth, blood streaming down the folds in his jowls

    31. Releasing his shoulders and with a heavy sigh, she sat down on the bed, flopping her hands onto her lap

    32. He tied the flour sack of supplies so that it rested comfortably across his hips, not flopping about or throwing him off balance

    33. “I wish he was my suitor,” the child giggled, flopping back on the bed

    34. Quickly he removed the bottom of Blackthorn's pant leg; he split it into two makeshift bandages, pulling the flopping flesh back up he carefully placed one of the bandages over it, ripping the other into four more pieces he tied two together of each and then tied one over the top of the bandage and one below to hold it there

    35. He stared up at the still fan on the ceiling for a moment before flopping over, watching in what felt like slow motion as Dylan's finger started to press the play button

    36. " She informed him, before flopping down on their couch

    37. It fell to the floor, flopping and dying

    38. Connor dramatically dropped his pack, flopping face first into the sunbaked sand

    39. A ѕіmіlаr situation we wіll саll flopping trірѕ

    40. You've got a religious mother, you have, my boy: going and flopping herself down, and praying that the bread-and-butter may be snatched out of the mouth of her only child

    41. Cruncher must have been "flopping" in some pointed manner, when an unusual concourse pouring down Fleet-street westward, attracted his attention

    42. Cruncher's flopping, never no more!"

    43. “Good morning,” the man said, and held his hand out to shake mine, his brown hair flopping over his eyes

    44. But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom he held

    45. Afterwards he had a vague image of himself crawling along the riverbed surrounded by flopping, thrashing salmon

    46. I’m ready,” I said, flopping back into the bed

    47. He was fighting me, flopping around like a man having a seizure

    48. He was doing a mad sort of jig, the loose limbs flopping side to side like empty sleeves

    49. I’m sure it must have been a hilarious sight, given my excess 38 pounds and my beer belly flopping back and forth in the wind as I ran like a banshee

    50. " And now he sat alone with the little gray toad of a heart flopping weakly here or there in his chest from time to time

    1. ‘What? That it was deliberate?’ I said as she flops into a chair

    2. Gary flops onto one of the stools with his coffee

    3. ‘Brill!’ he flops onto the bench

    4. She’d changed out of the flip flops, even the sight of the yellow lacy rubber gloves couldn’t put a smile on Dave’s face, he felt even smaller than he was, but nevertheless, he was grateful that the gloves had caused more of a stir than his collision with the gravel

    5. Seems like they were something like flip flops, but I know they weren‘t because flip flops had not been integrated into the American Society at this time

    6. Mia"s off to work outfit was a pair of cut off faded blue jeans, a black sleeveless T-shirt with half inch white lettering imprinted in the shape of a necklace across the top of it and her pale blue thong flip flops

    7. Of course I was going to give Bob his shoes but I also wanted to show Bob the flip flops, so he could see them as I told him the sewer sock story

    8. A pale arm, swollen with water, flops onto the stone

    9. A few of the men turn the body over, and the head flops to the side

    10. He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains

    11. Red hair and freckles and flip flops

    12. He then found an old pair of flip flops that he had grown out of

    13. He then proceeded to line up the holes he made in the flip flops to the

    14. By the time that the two vacationing Luftwaffe female auxiliaries walked out of their hotel by the door on the beach side, wearing bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses and with beach towels over their shoulders, the air raid sirens had stopped

    15. She lets it go and it flops back to her neck and sticks

    16. Without looking at her, Loki flops down on the couch

    17. 8) Realize that you are going to have some flops! I have sold items that I never really thought would sell, and other “sure things” that were total flops

    18. kicked off her flip flops and stepped out of her jeans and removed her

    19. He flops back down into his original spot, and pulls her face up for a breathless series of kisses

    20. He grabs a free chair, drags it to the head of the room, spins it around, and flops into it, resting his elbows against the chair back

    21. Then he flops down into the window seat and stares off at the forest

    22. eyebrows and long dark hair that flops over his forehead that makes him look very

    23. But then she realized she had pretty much done the same thing, wearing a black Natori halter bikini and a white see through Marc Jacobs cover up with black Tory Burch flip flops

    24. She grasped her hoodie and placed on her flip flops before glaring at Kristen

    25. "I moved in with my dad," I answered looking down at my leather flip- flops, trying not to make eye contact with him again, "He lives here," I finished and realized that was a stupid thing to add

    26. clickity clack with her flip flops

    27. Range days are days when the market flops and chops and moves up and down within something resembling a range

    28. These are only rough estimates; the computing power of supercomputers and such projects is often measured in the number of floating-point operations per second (FLOPs)

    29. There was a series of small flops and splashes which faded as some sea creature departed in darkness

    30. With long-eared rabbits, if one ear flops forward and downward, its weight drags forward all the bones of the skull on the same side, of which I have given a figure

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    collapse flop bust fizzle dud washout floating-point operation fall flat fall through founder right drop slump fall heavily tumble stumble droop jerk squirm flounder teeter jolt quiver flounce fail miscarry fall short bomb wobble