flop sätze

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Flop sätze (in englisch)

I flop onto the sofa.
I would flop into the.
That was a huge flop.
She let the doll flop in her lap.
This bitch was in heat, but would flop.
Flір flop that for the summer mоnthѕ.
QQ, and the flop is J-7-3 with twо spades.

Swish and soft flop her stays made on the bed.
After the flop, he had four of the five cards.
There was a tremendous flop in the water just then.
In one corner of the Palace Flop house, Whitey No.
That way I could flop into bed after studying late.
Thіѕ іnсludеѕ suited cards that can't flop a.
He let me flop for a good half hour before he stopped it.
His heart gave an involuntary flop when she said her name.
I flop down on a chair to resume my conversation with Emma.
It brought to mind morning dew, rather than rancid pig flop.
My having done a 180 degree flip flop on the question of what.
Fast, you say; people leap the Himalayas, flop in their graves.
Ben appeared to flop about in his chair but he wanted to say thanks.
They always flop, though, and it drives my mother crazy when he does it.
Droll was it to see that clumsy fat figure of her flop down on the foot.
Whichever crow shall hereafter hop, fly, or flop into this field during.
Oh? Did Paul flop over and die? one of the other students half joked.
He strolled back to Cannery Row but he did not go to the Palace Flop house.
Now she could drop her skirt and flop on the balcony with a cup of Rankor Gold.
Hazel led her to the Palace Flop house and Mack poured her a drink from the keg.
She let her hair flop down again and they walked in silence for a while longer.
I flop back onto the cushions, and I feel cold without her body parallel to mine.
He then let the head flop forward and put the spent syringe back in his briefcase.
All of a sudden I fell the arms holding me flop, as the Walf was tazered from behind.
Lets try to understand the functioning of flip flop by analyzing circuit given below.
Still the cannon balls continued regularly to whistle and flop onto the ice and into the.
He walked wearily through the vacant lot and up the chicken walk to the Palace Flop house.
And one was it all it needed to falter and fold and flop into an impromptu game of 52 pickup.
Lee Chong must have sold him the Palace Flop house and he’s forgot it or he never knew it.
The Palace Flop house was deeded to Chinese merchant Lee Chong as payment for a grocery debt.
Up the hill in the Palace Flop house the kerosene lantern made a dim glow through the windows.
He would then belly flop onto his sled, pull along side her, grab a hold of her sled and.
One of those books was the first one I'd ever written, the one that was a flop the first time out.
He slumped to his knees flopping.
Cruncher's flopping, never no more!.
It fell to the floor, flopping and dying.
I can’t stand to have it flopping in my face.
He squealed and ran, reins and stirrups flopping.
I’m ready, I said, flopping back into the bed.
I looked in amazement at our catch flopping on the deck.
A ѕіmіlаr situation we wіll саll flopping trірѕ.
He was fighting me, flopping around like a man having a seizure.
But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom he held.
His arms kept flopping up and down, but he wasn't making any progress.
I wish he was my suitor, the child giggled, flopping back on the bed.
He rolled backward and then lost controls of his body movements, flopping.
Connor dramatically dropped his pack, flopping face first into the sunbaked sand.
Blood burst and the gun clattered from his flopping, nerveless hands and he was down.
You can have it flopping in my face anytime you want to, he said and kissed her.
He was doing a mad sort of jig, the loose limbs flopping side to side like empty sleeves.
I could see the head was still hanging by some muscle, flopping around but still attached.
They were both carrying on at volume ten with plenty of jumping up and down and flopping on furniture.
For a short distance he heard it flopping and floundering after him, screaming with horrible laughter.
Releasing his shoulders and with a heavy sigh, she sat down on the bed, flopping her hands onto her lap.
Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she rolled over onto her back, her ears flopping on the ground.
Good morning, the man said, and held his hand out to shake mine, his brown hair flopping over his eyes.
Afterwards he had a vague image of himself crawling along the riverbed surrounded by flopping, thrashing salmon.
The fish thrashed frantically, flipping feistily, flopping ferociously, floridly fighting for freedom from the harpoon.
His head was flopping around as if he had no neck bones and as I lifted his limp body from the floor, the urgency pervaded me.
In disgust, she sat at the side of the trail, tore the flopping sole from the bottom of her sneaker and threw it into the bush.
He tied the flour sack of supplies so that it rested comfortably across his hips, not flopping about or throwing him off balance.
Conan hurled the flopping corpse to the floor, turned to the sword again and gripped the hilt with both hands, bracing his feet against the floor.
Cruncher must have been "flopping" in some pointed manner, when an unusual concourse pouring down Fleet-street westward, attracted his attention.
I’m sure it must have been a hilarious sight, given my excess 38 pounds and my beer belly flopping back and forth in the wind as I ran like a banshee.
What a spectacle it had been! The fat nose was practically detached, flopping down over the screaming mouth, blood streaming down the folds in his jowls.
It carried both disabled androids into the starship and then picked up Alan, who was draped in the android's arms, flopping like a fish on a kitchen floor.
Your foot is big, heavy wool socks and military style boots slide over your feet, a bit large, not flopping, you add two extra pairs of socks to snug them out.
Some streets were indeed enormous but most were tiny and glutted with people, traffic, barrels of vegetables, and fish flopping in tubs of water on the pavements.
He stared up at the still fan on the ceiling for a moment before flopping over, watching in what felt like slow motion as Dylan's finger started to press the play button.
You've got a religious mother, you have, my boy: going and flopping herself down, and praying that the bread-and-butter may be snatched out of the mouth of her only child.
The officer's puffy and protruding beady eyes, his distended nostrils and near flopping ears were all very much focused at that instant on the obviously demented wench in front of him.
Quickly he removed the bottom of Blackthorn's pant leg; he split it into two makeshift bandages, pulling the flopping flesh back up he carefully placed one of the bandages over it, ripping the other into four more pieces he tied two together of each and then tied one over the top of the bandage and one below to hold it there.
She tugged the flopping cat through the hole as gently as possible, lifted her and ran,.
He then flopped her up.
Mac flopped down on a box.
Wisdom flopped in his bed.
Stephi flopped onto her bed.
Articus flopped onto the ground.
His head flopped down on her chest.
Bruce flopped facedown on the couch.
Then she flopped back with a groan.
She flopped lifelessly on to her back.
Graham’s head flopped onto his chest.
Gary flopped down on the deck, defeated.
Her oversized ass flopped with each step.
When Dino ejaculated, he flopped on the.
Once inside he flopped down on the big bed.
My mouth flopped open to ask, then I shut it.
The lead bravo flopped on his face, bled dead.
He flopped down on the office couch, covered.
Theakston stretched and flopped out of the car.
He flopped the bag onto the back of the wagon.
He hurried inside and flopped down in the chair.
He flopped backward over his courser’s croup.
A ton of futures, coffee, sugar, flopped badly.
She flopped into his chest and supporting arms.
Kestrel watched calmly as my mouth flopped open.
The Government machinery had flopped altogether.
As a result, my head flopped onto the food tray.
NIGEL RETURNED to his suite, flopped down on the.
A pocket in his trousers flopped open in the wind.
Its head flopped to one side as he dug his blade.
His head flopped on the floor and he shut his eyes.
When it stopped, his head flopped back on the sofa.
The woman waved a diamond laden hand and flopped it.
Selma turned off the Pod and flopped down on the bed.
Just as I flopped on the bed, I heard the sound of.
She hurled herself at the bed and flopped onto her side.
He found his tent and flopped down on a cot, near Phil.
He pushed back through the bushes and flopped onto the.
What ya doing? Sully flopped on the sofa beside me.
I kissed him passionately and he flopped on an armchair.
After an hour of munching we flopped on the sofas around.
Red hair and freckles and flip flops.
Gary flops onto one of the stools with his coffee.
Without looking at her, Loki flops down on the couch.
A pale arm, swollen with water, flops onto the stone.
He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains.
She lets it go and it flops back to her neck and sticks.
He then found an old pair of flip flops that he had grown out of.
A few of the men turn the body over, and the head flops to the side.
Then he flops down into the window seat and stares off at the forest.
He then proceeded to line up the holes he made in the flip flops to the.
She grasped her hoodie and placed on her flip flops before glaring at Kristen.
He flops back down into his original spot, and pulls her face up for a breathless series of kisses.
There was a series of small flops and splashes which faded as some sea creature departed in darkness.
Range days are days when the market flops and chops and moves up and down within something resembling a range.
He grabs a free chair, drags it to the head of the room, spins it around, and flops into it, resting his elbows against the chair back.
Of course I was going to give Bob his shoes but I also wanted to show Bob the flip flops, so he could see them as I told him the sewer sock story.
Seems like they were something like flip flops, but I know they weren‘t because flip flops had not been integrated into the American Society at this time.
With long-eared rabbits, if one ear flops forward and downward, its weight drags forward all the bones of the skull on the same side, of which I have given a figure.
These are only rough estimates; the computing power of supercomputers and such projects is often measured in the number of floating-point operations per second (FLOPs).
But then she realized she had pretty much done the same thing, wearing a black Natori halter bikini and a white see through Marc Jacobs cover up with black Tory Burch flip flops.
Mias off to work outfit was a pair of cut off faded blue jeans, a black sleeveless T-shirt with half inch white lettering imprinted in the shape of a necklace across the top of it and her pale blue thong flip flops.
By the time that the two vacationing Luftwaffe female auxiliaries walked out of their hotel by the door on the beach side, wearing bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses and with beach towels over their shoulders, the air raid sirens had stopped.
She’d changed out of the flip flops, even the sight of the yellow lacy rubber gloves couldn’t put a smile on Dave’s face, he felt even smaller than he was, but nevertheless, he was grateful that the gloves had caused more of a stir than his collision with the gravel.

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