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    1. fore came to rest with his fathers

    2. She was standing frozen to the fore deck in a rictus that would not let her breathe, knowing she should run and unable to do so

    3. The jaw descended til it rested on the fore deck, crushing the rail to splinters, and there it paused before beginning the mayhem of their destruction

    4. Bend forward and try to touch the floor with your fore

    5. "The war does bring guilt to the fore," he said

    6. If they held the two fore fingers entwined, it meant they were mates; if the lady’s hand was inside a full palm, it meant they were involved; and if the lady’s hand rested on top of the extended hand, then she was free and merely being escorted

    7. Monica rose up her head, tears in her eyes, as red liquid dripped from her fore brow; she couldn’t tell if it was her own blood or Abel Berry juice, but she no longer cared

    8. “Oh, but how could you have fore

    9. fore, that the increase of its price is more than compensated by the diminution of its quantity

    10. The fundamentalists with Bishop Rendellyn were surging to the fore

    11. "This is Fyuanuran," a big-boned dwarf with the longest, thickest white hair and beard of all of them, more than waist length fore and aft

    12. Rear, and infinity to the fore, has no way

    13. Puts himself in the background, but is always to the fore

    14. Consequently the gun carriages were secured fore and aft of the

    15. His scanner estimated the nearest one to be over twenty kilometres from fore to aft

    16. Soffen struggled to raise herself, this time making it to her fore feet

    17. This left one or two French ships using their fore and aft guns, the only ones that would bear, against an entire British fleet firing the usual broadsides, from both sides of the ship at once

    18. My propensity to see the larger picture and innovate came to the fore when I proposed:

    19. fore the heat from it produced steam in excess of the pistons’

    20. The captain shouted, “Make her fast, fore and aft!”

    21. A dozen Geheime Globalpolizei sprinted into the house, taser prods to the fore

    22. This was actually a bit of a relief, as in the broad and sober light of day his natural shyness came to the fore

    23. In recent years, the writings of Lady Julian of Norwich have come to the fore

    24. He scanned aft and fore and saw no-one

    25. in at this point, “Do not underestimate him, fore his

    26. Colling could now distinguish the other vessel’s shape, and saw that it was larger than the Syrena, but without much greater freeboard, so that if the two boats were alongside one another, the cutter’s fore deck would only be about two feet higher than the main deck of the fishing boat

    27. Instead of, in all honest humility, following the titular leader, the bishop of Rome, religious heir of the Apostle Peter, already chosen, according to the Bible, by their crucified leader as head of his church, and by extension any other bishop chosen as his successor; the Eastern leadership, following Constantine’s move of his capitol eastward sought to contest that authority, trying instead to negotiate a kind of co-ruler-ship, similar to that which had brought Constantine to the fore of the pagan, Roman Empire

    28. fore, he is an able minister

    29. fore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint

    30. fore, we have to remain close to God through daily intercession and

    31. fore we could sell the home, we had the problem repaired

    32. 7 And now, Lord, what wait I fore my hope is in you

    33. fore, during and after the dream

    34. fore vulnerable; they need protection which gives rise to fear

    35. fore I can see the real

    36. This gradual shift in attitudes came to the fore in July when

    37. Looking up at the ceiling he spoke in the tongues of his fore fathers, “Amadis, hagios, cithrah thelus

    38. Falgaroth came to the fore with a prancing step

    39. “So what do you think his comparative military strength really is?” Osbald asked, making his way to the fore

    40. He pumped his control stick fore and aft to make his F-100 bob up and down, the signal for his flight to go into trail formation, one behind the other, with about 500 feet between each airplane

    41. fore, Azareel and Rimmon

    42. two with fore swings and backswings with Punk threw several

    43. to the fore The arrived at the Avion forest as the Sonne once

    44. More women joined them, worming their way to the fore or stretching in attempts to see over the men's shoulders

    45. Think I got it swabbed dry but some drops sneak in again fore I get it soldered

    46. Trask knew he shouldn't, but his antic streak slithered to the fore

    47. fore be felt and seen as “solid” if the sensory systems in

    48. ’ in such a situation, the fore not been attempted

    49. to a fore limb, a hind limb would grow But this only happens if sufficient

    50. Here was an attractive young woman! She looked tired and a little pale though, so mother’s instincts immediately came to the fore

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    bow fore prow stem forward preceding up front before near