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    1. Lord… The elders and angels bow, they begin to worship

    2. You reside in all creatures; I want to bow to you within others

    3. ‘Dad’s family lived within the sounds of Bow bells

    4. Stephen looks smart in his evening wear, and that cannot be said of every man who dons a bow tie and formal suit

    5. Only a few pieces of alien deck plate floated past before the first of it hit the bow

    6. The terrifying storm of debris came off the junk’s bow like a wake as the 50-meter boat plunged into the densest part of the cloud, coming straight at them

    7. Burn pulled up out of the field and accelerated ahead of that deadly bow wave of debris so hard that he thought she'd rip the nacelles off their mounting

    8. Those who would not bow to the will of Diotrephes were put out of

    9. Chief Horcheese’s head hung back on the command chair and she stared up through the dome at the jagged rivers of raw electrons and plasma burning in the atmo as those crackling tendrils whipped at them from all directions, drawing line after line from the clouds to Tipperary’s ring-shaped bow

    10. As he flew across the breaching ship’s bow, through the dome he thought he glimpsed Chief Horcheese’s head and torso strapped in the command chair with a thousand cables trailing out of her, like a spider that had become its web

    11. One of the women on the bed pointed to a bow

    12. Son took the bow and strapped the quiver

    13. Here they got to paddle down the old inner harbor for almost a mile, lit only by the bow lanterns of ships at dock

    14. It is partial to the business-like system that would put the one man at the front as the head over the company, and all others must bow under their authority

    15. No longer would you bow to worship the Emperor

    16. That left just the two of them at the port corner of the bow

    17. Vyinga was only ten feet from the jaw that was really a ramp, almost under the thing's head; no; bow

    18. Though the pagan soldiers mocked Jesus by putting upon Him that scarlet robe and crown of thorns, the nations will one day bow the knee and worship Him

    19. From the bow, the gentle fold that hides her knees,

    20. bow wave through the heat, paying out sharp

    21. The bow of rose pink blooms

    22. that bow down with snap-cold effort

    23. Alan was starting to really worry when Desa finally did show up, but she had five pounds of nyobba with her that she'd darted with her bow

    24. I watch the leviathan’s bow wave

    25. We bow to no one, but Jake

    26. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 18, and you can see why this posture is named the BOW

    27. The Bow Posture may be preceded by the Stomach Balance which is the very simplest of the backward bending exercises for the relief of backache

    28. Variation of the Bow Posture

    29. There came a roar of panic and dread as everyone rushed toward to the bow where it became obvious the hawsers were still firmly attached to the bollards on the jetty

    30. When she reached the front of the stage the gorgeous blonde phantom took a long bow

    31. ' He picked up the canvas sack lying under his chair and with infinite care withdrew from it a small, pear-shaped violin and bow trimmed with bells along its length

    32. And so, with a flourish and a bow the old man gave Terry the shin pads, showed him how to tuck them into his socks and then told the dog to give the boy his ball back

    33. Nikos kept the rugged and desolate coast of northern Stephanos at a safe distance and whenever a wave broke over the bow and showered me with salty balls of foam Alexis would collapse in fits of laughter at my cringing and groaning

    34. Oh, Pallas Athena, Dread Goddess, we bow before you

    35. Duncan practiced a short bow and the speech the Guild had given him, over and over until Rayne made the comment that he should just be himself

    36. Duncan gave a slight bow and as he started to ascend the steps he heard an altercation behind him

    37. Rayne smiled, “I bow to your wisdom,” she put her hands together and bowed in the ancient way; Naria was touched by this action

    38. dry earth with a creaking bow, but his tone and manner were

    39. The Scather female lowered her head and went down in a formal bow

    40. “We are grateful for the help and the trust you have given us Queen Naria,” he answered with a short bow

    41. Patass was in the bow, the other two were at opposite rails, just ahead of her in the little bathtub they were sailing

    42. And so, with a flourish and a bow the old man gave Terry

    43. In this dingy, leaning against the mast meant her feet were over the bow

    44. The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor

    45. With Ava aboard and Jorma lifting the bow, they were able to lift that enough to get free

    46. They were up at a bow of the ship, a place that would be busy during the weeks they would spend on the belly of that open water, but now it was pretty quiet

    47. and the strong men shall bow themselves,

    48. “I was caught by a wing-claw when holding my bow at the ready,

    49. Leona’s final curtain, her final bow is taken at the end of the Procedure Show

    50. Belle, as George had done years before with Harry, lounged in the bow feigning sleep under her parasol; but she kept careful vigilance on both of her daughters' form and progress without them noticing

    1. One morning while Serpent was praying to God in the morning light with folded wings and head bowed, Adam came to him

    2. He bowed slightly as he reached

    3. bowed at one end

    4. He bowed his head and held it there until Ajarn placed his hand to the back of his neck

    5. He looked Travis in the eye then bowed his head fractionally

    6. Keogh bowed his head and looked away without a word

    7. Keogh bowed his head and said nothing

    8. Danton bowed his head slightly before whispering, “We were friends once

    9. "Most Learned," Bahkmar said, and bowed deeply

    10. In Danton’s wake a red capped guard hurried on, head bowed, taking two pigeon steps for every one that the committee chairman slammed down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in frames of rough cut, foot square timbers

    11. He managed to shuffle and drag himself upright, until, bowed and spindle thin, he finally stood free of the wall

    12. has bowed his huge frame, but never broken it apart

    13. quietly, simply, in a house coat, head bowed and looking away

    14. courtroom, their heads bowed in shame

    15. Everybody rose and stood and bowed as Alderfolk Pottypears

    16. “Oh yeah man, out of sight!” Steve turned and bowed to Jake with an exaggerated wave of the hand

    17. (The JUDGE exits, ROBERT and ERICK shake hands, JOYCE remains in her chair with her head bowed low, KELLY and MARIA put their arms around SAMANTHA

    18. Anxiously, I watch him make his way along the deck towards the steps, his shoulders and head are bowed – it’s as if the weight of ages have suddenly dropped on him

    19. reluctant to stir, and, head bowed,

    20. A smile touching my lips, I gaze at him, his head bowed as he continues his narrative

    21. Tears were streaming down his face as he bowed before Jake

    22. He bowed with great humility and smiled though I wasn't convinced he had any idea what I was talking about

    23. The large blue stepped forward and bowed to Jake in respect

    24. Both Kate and Daniel stepped forward and bowed

    25. Daniel stepped forward with Kate and bowed to Wolf, “Daniel, rider of Queenie; she was from California wasn’t she? You speak the dialect of the surfer crowd, very unusual

    26. He bowed to Jake and then left the Hall and took to flight with Daowyn and Ash

    27. She bowed her head down and let a long breath escape from her and then she was still; her lifeless body slipped to the ground

    28. Well now, I never would have guessed it; you are a fighter, Lady Elizabeth!” Turning, he mockingly bowed at her smiling

    29. “Cheers!” he shouted and bowed to her with a flourish

    30. Daniel came forward and bowed slightly, then he held his son high in the air for Jake to see

    31. I wasn't sure if they knew someone was there but after a few moments of heads bowed and hands joined, one squeaked a giggle and took a cautious peek at the other

    32. He bowed towards Alessandra

    33. “I hope the ride was enjoyable Commander Duncan, Lady Rayne,” said the pilot as he stood up and bowed slightly

    34. Kai stopped, and then he stepped forward and bowed formally striking his chest with his large fist

    35. Lord Tarak turned and bowed to Rayne, “Lady Rayne,” he began as he took her hand and touched it to his forehead, “you grace us with your presence, and now that I can see you properly, with your beauty as well

    36. Rayne turned and scanned the entire surrounding area; then she stepped forward and bowed to the assembled group, striking her chest once, as she had seen First Kai do

    37. Once more Poseidon had bowed to Athena

    38. Rayne took out her practice sword and bowed to Altera

    39. After a bit Rayne landed and bowed again signaling the match was over

    40. Duncan stepped forward and bowed from the waist with a sweeping gesture

    41. Rayne smiled, “I bow to your wisdom,” she put her hands together and bowed in the ancient way; Naria was touched by this action

    42. Verock bowed slightly, “yes my Queen, a female Scather; she is asking for our help

    43. Alexei felt an embarrassing stirring as he bowed

    44. She bowed once and began a low humming sound, which Naria answered with a purring sound of her own

    45. ” Tevid bowed at the waist and Tarak bent close and whispered, “She is one of us Tevid; and has agreed to be my mate

    46. Rytal rose and ordered the others to their feet; all turned and bowed to Naria

    47. He jumped to his feet and bowed, “Queen Naria!”

    48. The cynical say they bowed only to the power of gold, but in this day and age most of the people here believed the Goddess of nature was real and many attended celebrations

    49. The Lords rose, bowed to Queen Naria and then turned to Tarak; raising their fists high they shouted as one, “For the glory of Aura!”

    50. “My Queen,” Boras answered in a strained voice as he bowed from the landing, “I… I suddenly felt ill

    1. honoured” he said bowing

    2. Again, I see Joris standing tall and proud on the rail, laughing at us and bowing … then I drop my head as the tears come

    3. Bowing he exclaimed: Hail to the MightyValotin, Fourth of the Ancients!

    4. “My Queen,” said Tarak bowing and taking her hand to his forehead

    5. He took it and held it to his forehead, bowing as he did so

    6. “Lady Rayne, we assume you will be planning a visit to our Lord Tarak’s assailants,” they said bowing

    7. he said, bowing his head politely

    8. acquaintances, before bowing his head against the driving

    9. in the blink of an eye, bowing respectfully to the Knight as

    10. 'My apologies,' he said, bowing his head respectfully

    11. 14The children of your oppressors will come bowing before you;

    12. before bowing politely and taking her leave

    13. bowing his head slightly

    14. Bowing his head in silent farewell, he waved one last time,

    15. his father’s hand and bowing his head to Marguerite,

    16. A mirror of eyes, the audience is bowing:

    17. And secondly, that y'all aren't fawning, bowing and scraping before me is precisely how we began this voyage to begin with, remember? No special treatment?”

    18. The Elf responded by bowing in return to each of her companions

    19. instantly jumped up, and began bowing to the King, the Queen, the royal

    20. And guess which foreign leader he would never consider bowing to: the King of Saudi Arabia, ok; the Prime Minister of Israel, not ok

    21. Wouldn’t you know it, soon the whole pub was whistling and the friends slowly marched out, bowing to the innocently whistling crowd and leaving a severely stressed burly landlord git, unable to control the now rambunctious musicality of the remaining customers

    22. "So please your Grace," said the little Prince, bowing low with true

    23. “I will be waiting,” promised Reese, bowing his head

    24. That in seeing My glory you might come before Me, bowing down,To be renewed and cleansed, healed in My presence

    25. Nixon, bowing to pressure from his conservative supporters, pardoned him

    26. Bowing low at the waist, I kissed her hand

    27. The flogger did not even bother picking up his tools, bowing once more hastily but affording time enough for what would seem to be proper reverence and then quickly heading towards the badly lit staircase that led to the upper levels of the tunnels

    28. He then started bowing down low with his forehead touching the Path every time

    29. “You can’t understand anything I’m saying, can you?”, said the man constantly smiling, bowing lightly before accepting the berries in a seemingly timid way

    30. For where else could this man walking on the True Path be going, other than to the Holy Grounds themselves? It was their journey now, the Pilgrim thought and then he smiled, carefully pronouncing each syllable slowly before bowing and once again pointing upwards:

    31. A young man dressed in simple manservant’s clothes greeted her, bowing and saying:

    32. The Pilgrim motioned this time with even more vigor, bowing slightly and gesturing with both hands

    33. Some did not even register her presence but others turned and went wide-eyed with surprise, some pointed and whispered, and some even made movements of obeisance, like bowing and nodding reverently

    34. bowing to the green, Stinger took his mother"s pendant

    35. She stared blankly at the wall for a moment before bowing her head and sighing

    36. He heard the movement, and out of the corner of his eye he saw everyone bowing low in a reflection of his example

    37. They faced each other, and lowered, bowing to one another traditionally

    38. 11 They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the Earth;

    39. “Mother, I want to introduce you to our cousin, Cacalotl,” he said bowing before her

    40. while he is in the bowing position,

    41. “Thank you,” he said, bowing and then racing into the shop

    42. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he said, bowing his apology

    43. “Good afternoon,” she said, bowing

    44. “Thank you,” she said, bowing and then added

    45. “I’m sorry,” she said, bowing deeply

    46. The people rushed forward shaking their hands and bowing profusely

    47. “I’m sorry,” he said, bowing

    48. “Yes,” said the official, bowing

    49. Then he rose, and bowing to me, he took himself to the river and cleaned himself as best he could

    50. “But I was awful to you,” Karina said, bowing her head

    1. “Yeah,” he bows his head to scratch it

    2. comes out, pats the boy’s shoulder and bows

    3. ’ He bows theatrically

    4. ' He bows, we all enjoy some laughter, and he rejoins them, leaving the jacket on my chair

    5. The tall woman busy at the spinning wheel furthest from me, bows her head graciously and smiles as she hears her name

    6. The archery range, with bows as large as her; swords lined up on a stand with shields that she doubted she could even lift

    7. 'Long before all the tribes of the great plains came under the sway of the first great chief, far away in an open field beyond the distant mountains, two groups of young men from 'the people' armed themselves with spears, sticks, and bows and excited each other to the verge of a violent fight

    8. Tyrone bows his head to Patrice’s still confused smile

    9. Stenarch must have pressed into service all of the men in Polis who possessed war bows

    10. The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley

    11. materials shot from their bows that collided

    12. He then bows his head, turns it slightly to his left, and, at this moment, their lips meet

    13. They found whatever weapons they could, whether swords, bows, or merely shovels, and asked for positions at the wall

    14. And yes, the Absence had power over bows and swords and catapults as well

    15. Hendersen’s head bows down a bit, straightens up again, and then he says:

    16. She wore her sword at her hip but didn’t carry her Lukrorian Bow over her shoulder; none of them had brought their bows

    17. None of them had brought their bows, except for Jean

    18. The Wood Kin and Guardians raised their Lukrorian Bows from their saddles and began to unleash arrows

    19. Carl and Wil rode their mounts to either side of his horse, a swarm of Guardians surrounding them on foot with blades or bows ready like stalking leopards

    20. When they stepped back out into view, he saw Thad and Gilm rushing towards them with their bows slung over their shoulders in cases, right hands resting on the bronzed hilts of their long blades

    21. They would have to give up their Lukrorian Bows if that plan was to succeed, or else they too would slowly turn mad or evil from the taint

    22. Both of them held their enchanted bows with arrows of coloured flame

    23. what will we do with the Lukrorian Bows?” Tobin asked

    24. Most could only wield enough to create Fire with their enchanted bows

    25. Taking away their Lukrorian Bows had devastated the techniques that had served these people for hundreds of thousands of years

    26. The captives were untied and allowed to walk on the deck for a few minutes, closely watched by a dozen men armed with swords and bows

    27. An hour later, all the attackers—including Dorro, Forgo, Bosco, Longleaf, Minty Pinter, and the rest of the villagers—were frog-marched to a hard-packed dirt area and made to sit in a circle, surrounded by the bows and swords of the pirates and mercenaries

    28. “See how the wood bows out in that spot

    29. An even stickier proposition may surface whenever conflicts arise between the peculiar aspects of Justice and private designs or what is properly referred to by many as Conscience, that oftentimes bows to its ―own‖ Truth

    30. Kay nodded, and in a moment Leland was bringing over the four bows, setting up banks of arrows against each window, except for Kay’s pitch-soaked arrows, which he left in their pail by the fireplace

    31. Three bows twanged into life

    32. A line of soldiers manned the top of the wall, ready with bows and crossbows

    33. “Not selling any guns or bows this year?” he asked

    34. The Fairies drew their bows, with their target in sight

    35. The Inquisitor had no intention of uttering a single sentence that could very well be his last and with a series of deep bows and small steps made his way to the staircase as well, being very cautious not to turn his back to the Patriarch at any one point

    36. It seemed the ministry was contemplating whether or not a military coup could put chisels to good use, in preference to the usual swords, scimitars, bows, steamers, slingshots, siege engines and the good old knives it already possessed

    37. Their arrows are sharp, their bows bent

    38. The bowmen were stretching the chords of their bows, testing their tension limits and filling their quivers with arrows

    39. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a whole group of ainatunari men who all had arrows fitted on their bows and aimed straight at her

    40. She signed for the men with the bows, and he understood without her having to say more

    41. He nodded almost imperceptibly, and right away, the men lowered the bows and took some steps backwards

    42. The end wall was covered in a formidable array of weapons: swords, spears, knives, staffs, bows and arrows, whips, battleaxes, and shields

    43. The ancient weapons consisted only of spears, swords, pikes or bows and arrows

    44. - Is it not a problem for you to use your bows after such a day of washing? I mean your hands must be completely soft and wrinkled as those of an old woman, and you cannot hunt, yes, for example, karawians, with hands in such a condition

    45. She jumped down next to him and pulled out their swords, bows, and quivers from the bottom of the carriage where they lay under a blanket

    46. Why were they so scared? She saw herself and the others in the group with their swords, bows and knifes, which they openly carried

    47. Even if they gathered all in the city, were ready with swords, bows, and knifes, they would not stand a chance against the two hundred riders who were so close now

    48. Some moved a little to make sure their bows were in place so they could quickly grab them

    49. Ayi, by the Light, take me away from here! Several stopped saying the affirmations and caught their bows, but Calras yelled for them not to stop, they had to keep it up

    50. Johanna lifts her hands and bows her head

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