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    1. "I'll let him call it up if he wants," she raised her hand to forestall Ava's objection, "whenever he gets here

    2. Holding up a hand to forestall any further objections, I tried to explain

    3. Should the army forestall you in occupying a pass, do not go after him if the pass is fully garrisoned, but only if it is weakly garrisoned

    4. Forestall your opponent by seizing what he holds dear, and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground

    5. ” Holding up a hand to forestall his protest, she continued: “I didn’t tell her

    6. He told her he would make it seem as if he were remaining at the Polonia, perhaps to forestall additional searches of their room, and attempt to slip out and see if he could purchase suitable attire

    7. forestall a violent reaction

    8. Could I have done a better job than you? Yes…" He held up his hand to forestall Kinnard

    9. She held up her hand to forestall Muller’s question

    10. I opened my mouth to remind her I’d made the whole thing up as I went along, but she held up a finger to forestall me

    11. Don’t ask,’ he grunted to forestall Jarek’s interruption, ‘I’ll tell you everything one day

    12. He stood and moved swiftly to the door as if to forestall any further conversation, then turned to cast a final pearl

    13. Sensing how that would impoverish the community further, and to forestall that fate, they evolved a bizarre custom but of practical wisdom

    14. trying the killing to forestall;

    15. His purpose was chastisement to forestall,

    16. when he heard God call, to him forestall

    17. ” She held up her hand to forestall what would have been my projectile vomit-like objection into physical matter: I was so occupied by the processes that I had overlooked the purpose

    18. ’ He held up his hand to forestall her protest

    19. We should not forestall the development of serious amounts of alternative sustainable energy

    20. and the ride of the brilliant nine mil shall never forestall,

    21. This happened every time it was urgently necessary to commit forces to battle in time to forestall an operational success by the enemy

    22. forestall an increase in the probability of default and increase tax benefits at the same time

    23. forestall the progression of HIV infection to AIDS in afflicted patients

    24. To forestall an inquisition, he then initiated a discussion on Gibbon’s views on the growth of the Christianity

    25. in even an insignificant way to forestall a new, dark age on Earth, then it was all

    26. This verse serves: “they put plans to disprove this revelation and to stand in the way of declaring the truth, but I, too, plan to forestall their purpose and frustrate their schemes, for without fail, you will be supported whereas your enemies will be defeated

    27. However, I too make plans to forestall their purpose and frustrate their schemes, for you will be supported without fail, whereas your enemies will be defeated

    28. Clearing his throat -several times- to catch her attention and forestall these orders, Joel blandly interrupted these instructions

    29. This is the best way to forestall magic and will lead to the most extreme exclusion of magicians, and means absolutely turning away from everything that could lead to the forbidden acts of magic, either directly or indirectly

    30. I must forestall Zax and his coterie, lest they further darken the spirit

    31. Feedback is designed as a protection for honest buyers and sellers, a way to forestall problems and keep all the players honest

    32. ” This is what had happened to Buckley, almost verbatim, but Johnny was running out of material to forestall the impending request for a demonstration of the language he had supposedly learned

    33. Such a move would also ensure the continued support of their husbands since they would have to fight that much harder to forestall harm from befalling their mates

    34. He told me to rush her to hospital where he would arrange for an immediate operation to forestall a probable peritonitis

    35. He told me he heard that another eligible young man was about to propose to her and if I were interested he would go talk to her father to forestall the other suitor

    36. As a precaution I took all the drugs and kept them under lock and key and the strapping down was to forestall something more desperate as in the later stages of her treatment, Tahira often expressed a heartbreaking desperation, a wish to die

    37. I rushed for the shower to forestall second thoughts, had a quick bracing dose of cold and warm water and was out in a jiffy

    38. to forestall any questions

    39. held up his hand to forestall the questions he knew

    40. � When that anger turned up in a job interview or in the workplace, it would hurt them and forestall their success

    41. a futile attempt to forestall the spill

    42. Asia held up both hands to forestall the wild speculation and despair that her words had brought to everyone, “However the Code does have a vulnerability that we can exploit to good effect

    43. fortune,' and experience has often shown in important affairs that the earnestness of the negotiator brings the doubtful case to a successful termination; but in nothing does this truth show itself more plainly than in war, where quickness and activity forestall the devices of the enemy, and win the victory before the foe has time to defend himself

    44. All this I say, exalted and esteemed lady, because it seems to me that for us to remain any longer in this castle now is useless, and may be injurious to us in a way that we shall find out some day; for who knows but that your enemy the giant may have learned by means of secret and diligent spies that I am going to destroy him, and if the opportunity be given him he may seize it to fortify himself in some impregnable castle or stronghold, against which all my efforts and the might of my indefatigable arm may avail but little? Therefore, lady, let us, as I say, forestall his schemes by our activity, and let us depart at once in quest of fair fortune; for your highness is only kept from enjoying it as fully as you could desire by my delay in encountering your adversary

    45. "I was about to offer myself, sir," said the priest; "it is our mission to forestall our duties

    46. himself in some confusion and, to forestall Bigwig's rebuke, spoke to Hazel at

    47. This would forestall

    48. And then, to save subway fare (and to forestall his return to Carlos, and the armpit heat of Avenue B), he walked

    49. of the repulsive sort that comes from an uneasy consciousness seeking to forestall the judgment of others, but simply the relief of a desire to do with as little pretence as possible

    50. At that moment he was only caring for what would recommend the Farebrother family; and he had purposely given emphasis to the worst that could be said about the Vicar, in order to forestall objections

    1. This commission forestalled that which would happen after Jesus

    2. but was forestalled by Josephine herself

    3. Secondly, It supposes that there is a certain price at which corn is likely to be forestalled, that is, bought up in order to be sold again soon after in the same market, so as to hurt the people

    4. Dementia could be forestalled by an injection of nano-invaders, which did things she didn't even want to imagine

    5. The battle forestalled his plans, so now it remains empty

    6. Trask's tragedy came in for a lot of discussion, but at least it forestalled discussion of his supposedly checkered past

    7. His actions forestalled the Romans capturing Jesus before the actions of the most notorious man in Christian history brought it to an end

    8. He interrupted and was about to arrest them when Max forestalled him

    9. When she started to give him this information, Gerry forestalled her, by stating with a twinkle in his eye, that he already knew how to get to her house

    10. Barnes forestalled him with a wing

    11. But Tom forestalled him by diving to the floor and skidding into the heap of guns on his tummy

    12. In theirs the listeners felt as much pity as wonder at her misfortunes; but as the curate was just about to offer her some consolation and advice Cardenio forestalled him, saying, "So then, senora, you are the fair Dorothea, the only daughter of the rich Clenardo?" Dorothea was astonished at hearing her father's name, and at the miserable appearance of him who mentioned it, for it has been already said how wretchedly clad Cardenio was; so she said to him:

    13. Poor Mammy, still the martinet about such unimportant things even though war and death had just passed over her head! In another moment she would be saying that young Misses with blistered hands and freckles most generally didn’t never catch husbands and Scarlett forestalled the remark

    14. “Frankly, if you had given us the courtesy of telling us about Andie, a lot of pain could have been forestalled

    15. This fear of being forestalled will ordinarily result in large-scale conversions as soon as the stock advances moderately above the initial conversion price, i

    16. While such enhancements as Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) and Network Address Translators (NATs) forestalled the issue for a time, the dramatic increase in the use of smart phones, tablets, and other such devices created the demand for more IP address availability

    17. Malcolm and Maud sat me down and told me that I’d been stressed out, actually on the verge of a breakdown, but it had been forestalled, thank God, because they’d rescued me in time

    18. If Kutuzov decided to retreat along the road from Krems to Olmutz, to unite with the troops arriving from Russia, he risked being forestalled on that road by the French who had crossed the Vienna bridge, and encumbered by his baggage and transport, having to accept battle on the march against an enemy three times as strong, who would hem him in from two sides

    19. Meeting Helene at a ball she stopped her in the middle of the room and, amid general silence, said in her gruff voice: ‘So wives of living men have started marrying again! Perhaps you think you have invented a novelty? You have been forestalled, my dear! It was thought of long ago

    20. He forestalled her, however, by asking, " What have you been doing in Australia, Miss Paget?"

    21. The two names had been forestalled by La Fontaine

    22. He was ingenious; he had forestalled Soulange Bodin in the formation of little clumps of earth of heath mould, for the cultivation of rare and precious shrubs from America and China

    23. A knock forestalled further sniping

    24. It was a match which Sir Thomas’s wishes had even forestalled

    25. "Now you are going to say something about law being the worst wilderness of the two, but I forestall you; remember, I have forestalled you

    26. It was a match which Sir Thomas's wishes had even forestalled

    27. " No, I did not make an offer at all, but that was only because I hadn't time ; she forestalled me, not in direct words, of course, though the meaning was clear and unmistakable—she ' delicately ' gave me to understand that the idea was henceforth out of the question

    28. If Kutúzov decided to retreat along the road from Krems to Olmütz, to unite with the troops arriving from Russia, he risked being forestalled on that road by the French who had crossed the Vienna bridge, and encumbered by his baggage and transport, having to accept battle on the march against an enemy three times as strong, who would hem him in from two sides

    29. Meeting Hélène at a ball she stopped her in the middle of the room and, amid general silence, said in her gruff voice: “So wives of living men have started marrying again! Perhaps you think you have invented a novelty? You have been forestalled, my dear! It was thought of long ago

    30. Jarvis would have given the horses into his charge and looked after the girl himself, but she forestalled him, and it was Joe, the man of overalls and wide straw hat, who helped her to her room, the porch being for the moment mercifully bereft of boarders

    31. Roberts opposed the motion, and expressed his regret that the discussion, which was fixed for to-morrow, should be forestalled by this resolution

    32. the new duty will operate as a bounty to forestalled and speculators, 32;

    1. The popular fear of engrossing and forestalling may be compared to the popular terrors and suspicions of witchcraft

    2. The law which would restore entire freedom to the inland trade of corn, would probably prove as effectual to put an end to the popular fears of engrossing and forestalling

    3. She grabbed the sword out of his hand, forestalling further investigation, and then swung it hard at the wall

    4. Gary held up his hand, forestalling her

    5. Sam held up a forestalling hand

    6. He held up a hand, forestalling Sam

    7. Meical journalist report of innovative biologics: Forestalling the effects of aging with Dimethylaminoethanol

    8. A strong, mentally-projected force of power and control is commonly used by “Alpha females” in many “lower” earth species, is "felt" by aggressive ones of its own kind and often by predators, thus forestalling an attack

    9. Herr Dremmel did not answer, but seizing his hat made a movement of a forestalling character towards the consulting room; and the doctor turning to follow him beheld Ingeborg in her corner behind the door

    10. He has a hidden mind and it’s probably for the best, that way he doesn’t show what he’s going to do before he does it, and this stops opponents forestalling him

    11. I turned to protest to Artaxis, but he was already holding up a hand, forestalling me

    12. Mayrin made to object, but I held my hand up, forestalling any words from her as I said, “You and the others wait here

    13. He started to reach for me to no doubt sling me back over his shoulder again, but I quickly held up my hands forestalling such an action

    14. Titus held up a hand forestalling him from continuing, “Hear me out little man, all in good time

    15. “I have money!” He gasped out, but I held up one hand forestalling him

    16. She started for me then with that certain look in her eye, but I held a hand up forestalling her, “Wait here and close your eyes

    17. Again he held up a hand forestalling any words she might say

    18. Nevertheless, allow me to inform you that by harvesting this very Bay of Vigo, you're simply forestalling the efforts of a rival organization

    19. “That’s forestalling, and it’s against the law,” said Anthony

    20. forestalling, and it’s illegal, but we ’ve never succeeded in stopping it

    21. Indeed, by April, his main discipline was forestalling until early evening, or at least late afternoon, an experience infinitely more beautiful: the leisurely walk over the Grand Concourse or the long plunge down to the Deuce to cop

    22. Not to interrupt the current of events which are about to take place in the bosom of the Grandet family, it is necessary to cast a forestalling eye upon the various operations which the goodman carried on in Paris by means of Monsieur des Grassins

    23. Neither Barack Obama nor those with whom he will be surrounded in Washington show any signs of being serious about forestalling such a terrible choice by taking any action with any realistic chance of preventing a nuclear Iran

    24. Her light grey eyes wandered continually from one to the other, noting every little want and forestalling it if possible

    25. Hopelessly bored, he abandons himself to the drift of chance, and finds himself, in no longer space of time than from midnight to daylight—where and how, the reader will thank us for not forestalling his pleasure in finding out for himself

    1. It is no wonder that Baptism (Initiation) by Water at Christans forestalls the Baptism (Initiation) by Fire

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