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    1. ” She wipes the counter, pretending not to care

    2. It falls short onto the counter, not that she would have caught it anyway

    3. You might have an intuition that says, “I should grab my phone before I head to the store” but you dishonor that intuition and leave it on the counter

    4. These are by drugs that are popular and are available over the counter

    5. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die

    6. She sat at the table, he sat at the counter and began frying some eggs

    7. She thought Herndon wanted to accuse him of stealing it from New Brazil, but that would be counter productive and would give away a lot more information than it would gain

    8. " She slaps some money on the counter

    9. , to counter balance this

    10. A counter divides the room into an office for the secretary and a small waiting area with a few chairs and a coffee table covered with magazines

    11. She stands, walks over to the counter

    12. Betty leans against the counter

    13. Betty shrugs, rests her chin on her hands on the counter

    14. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter

    15. The SNACK BAR ATTENDANT -- a middle-aged man from the Subcontinent in a stained white uniform -- languidly shoves a plate toward one customer, takes a drag off his cigarette, points slowly to another student in the gaggle of customers crushing around the counter waiting to be served

    16. Russ ambles toward the quieter end of the counter

    17. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    18. By the time Kortrax approached noon they were supposed to be nearing their destination, the counter on the wagon wheel said they had come two hundred thirty eight miles already

    19. He picks up his wedding band off the counter, regards it for a moment, slips it on

    20. ’ Liz said to the woman behind the counter

    21. The big idiot bustled out from behind the counter

    22. " He shoved me in behind the counter towards the cells

    23. 00am we were at the cash withdrawals counter

    24. The teller put our money into an envelope and slid it across the counter

    25. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll

    26. He slaps a large pack of photos on the counter

    27. He threw it down in disgust, it landed on the kitchen counter face up and she could see what was on it

    28. against the faintest murmur of a grey-purple softening in the counter glow outside

    29. The air bristled with the electric confusion of unbidden challenge and hasty counter

    30. "After I release my arms, you’re both going to rotate counter clockwise," the Chief said, "Ready?"

    31. " I counter Seth's disdain with, yet again, more of my own, "And you know just as well as I do where he went and there's nothing we can do about it

    32. I want to counter his argument with things like loyalty and trust, but I know I have earned neither

    33. ‘When is this baby due, Kate?’ he asked, taking a cup from the counter

    34. He's not sure how to answer, so he decides to counter her questioning, "Neither did you

    35. Minutes seemed to pass before the rear end of the ship began to come around and the vast raft began to rotate counter clockwise

    36. When our motives and our ministries and our dreams and aspirations are counter to what the Lord will speak, then we won’t hear from Him

    37. I now have proven to myself that is completely counter

    38. It took some minutes to alert the girl ostensibly serving at the counter but Kara managed to obtain some refreshments eventually

    39. He noticed his ditty bag was on the counter with all his toiletries

    40. But this kind of dogmatism to claim anyone who says something counter to what you have said sounds so arrogant

    41. She helped him towards a chair by the table, but he preferred the bar stool at the counter

    42. He rose and reached over the counter and poured himself another cup of coffee

    43. Tell Joe and Fred to duck under the counter and crawl through to

    44. ” She went over to the frig and got 2 more beers and set them on the counter

    45. She went to the sink and washed her hands and noticed the coke on the counter

    46. in counter thrusts of curse and bile,

    47. at points of contact, rising gently on the counter stroke

    48. to turn the counter to zero,

    49. counter to her intuition, making her giddy,

    50. He turned from the fire to see her toss her bag on the counter and hop onto the first stool

    1. The noises that plague the night are countered by the sound of singing and dancing, of joyful whooping and hollering

    2. ‘What about that National Trust place you mentioned the other week?’ he countered, frowning as he tries to remember the name of the place

    3. ‘How about I whisk you off to a nice pub for some lunch instead?’ he countered ‘Assuming I can use your bathroom facilities to wash some of this dust off my hands, that is

    4. Now every time he countered an attack, Son would cut the neck

    5. The serpent struck again and again as Son dodged and countered the

    6. directly related to free-radical damage that is not countered by

    7. ’ Wiesse countered, blinking

    8. ‘Well, we had better get to bed early then, hadn’t we?’ he countered, I cannot argue with that logic

    9. "I truly think not, Lady Rayne," she countered smiling

    10. Altera countered that she could change to a wooden practice sword if Rayne was too frightened

    11. ’ Alastair teased, but I countered by saying that I thought a nice young man might brighten the area up … that took the wind out of his sails, he’d not thought of that

    12. ‘You’re an amazing woman – you deserve it!’ he countered, ‘What are you going to spend it on?’

    13. “Ah but you are wrong,” she countered, “Was I not meant to be a predator to you and your people? Did not the Eloi change all that when they raised me?”

    14. “Ha! You two are going to be a lot of trouble, I can see that now,” he countered laughing

    15. “Your women,” she countered, “this is Aura, and we are Ogatu!” With that she rolled off the bed

    16. “You won’t have to my mate,” Rayne countered, “It will not hurt anyone in this Hold

    17. Duncan countered with a wry smile that she need not remember; and reached for her

    18. ‘That boring is it?’ Dave countered

    19. “But it shouldn't be!” the Sportsman countered, “There should sound a pop like the uncorking of a bottle of wine

    20. threatened my life,’ he countered defensively

    21. “So what?” Sam countered

    22. Johnson countered as before, but every time he blocked, Roman’s

    23. “We’ll never catch up to them,” Johnny the Killer countered

    24. It was by miracles, signs, and wonders that God countered the spiritual forces of Egypt and set his people free

    25. "But he yet lived," the man countered

    26. And while she had indeed countered his comments about her modest purse with an affable sarcasm, after a few moments of obvious thought she surprised him with a smirk and a strong hand-shake

    27. “But as I recall, you even kissed me back,” he countered

    28. His somewhat dry voice readily countered the resounding tones of the rowdy Nord

    29. Practical and mild-mannered as ever, Carius countered with a smile and a firm tone

    30. Reia countered, “That wasn't necessary! We're just a trying to do our duties as well as the next of them that has the honor to serve!” She positioned herself carefully between the lackey and Jista and kept up a running monologue about the privileges of service, how they'd risen to this lofty level of responsibility

    31. “That’s a switch,” Martin countered

    32. with there being some excellent hard-hit “spikes” that are countered by some equally excellent “digs

    33. “Fuck protocol! Drop your chip or this thing goes up!” the woman countered

    34. “Coincidences, maybe, but still we’ve known each other for half a day, so I think you’re probably putting too much into what you call coincidences,” she countered

    35. “If that was him,” Warlock countered

    36. “Good assumption Warlock,” McDonald countered jokingly

    37. You can keep your benefits,” he countered

    38. The silence of their spot by the river was instantly countered by a thunderous roar of air being moved by the sweep of the Skimmer as it roared overhead

    39. “What the hell does that mean?” Kurt countered

    40. “We are taking over this operation, Major,” Elena countered

    41. ‘Over which you have ultimate control,’ Roidon countered

    42. We countered this by spreading our groundsheets over the floor thus cutting the draughts down to a minimum

    43. I batted some of his blows aside, sidestepped others and countered with light scores where possible

    44. Well, Rosemary countered, it was her house too, was hers after her aunt's time, and anyway after Sunday they would know where she stood

    45. Captain Hawes countered that he did not have enough provisions

    46. ‘No, you’re wrong,’ Jerand countered, annoyed that she could sound so resigned

    47. The kick missed and Raven countered immediately with a rapid punch to Khan’s upper arm

    48. ‘Except freedom,’ she countered

    49. Reilly yet,” countered Nelson

    50. "But it's not just that," he countered, placing a paw on her flank, indicating the clearing in which they were standing

    1. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons

    2. countering attacks from all directions

    3. The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck

    4. ‘The council has decided by a majority to suspend research into countering temporal eradication,’ said the oldest of the two elders

    5. Jack’s attack was as swift as a viper, Reese spun beneath it, countering, and the fight was on

    6. Crowley focused on countering the strange rituals formula, and achieved some form

    7. a cultist, and countering by a move he adapted from the few month of Weng Chen Kung Fu he once

    8. Crowley was busy countering the spreading of a cult of Apophis

    9. The Science Fair had won Jason extra recognition, but a couple of the teachers clearly objected to his clandestine methods at countering Mr

    10. We spent the rest of the day working on new moves and countering strategies

    11. The mental health community's awareness of such dependencies as "consumption addictions" led UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute to recently sponsor a conference on "Mental Health and Simple Living: Countering the Compulsion to Consume

    12. It took our companion Povon a few months to crack it, but she’s formulated a countering spell

    13. Bart took to her immediately, countering inquisitive coquetry with gallant attention and an apparently bottomless pit of good humour

    14. “And it was clear you were countering other magic as well as attempting to save the lives of your fellow recruits

    15. He used the opening to swing at one’s head, but it ducked beneath the bat, countering with a shallow cut on Joey’s chest

    16. This means taking her questions, ignoring them, and countering them with personal tests

    17. Apart from having psyonic powers that will make the job of countering them vastly more difficult, they have already proven that they won’t hesitate to fiddle with history, as was the case with Yeshua

    18. Thus, we will concentrate on countering their project ‘Olympus’ first, the one most dangerous for the integrity of history since it touches at timeline ‘A’

    19. He also wondered who among the American senior commanders he could blame for all this: contrary to the dismal combat performance of the British and Dutch troops in other parts of the Pacific and Asia, the American forces in the Philippines had consistently outsmarted the Japanese forces, either guessing in advance the Japanese attack plans or countering Japanese attacks with new and unpredictable tactics

    20. He was resentful that far from countering the 'infamous fascist slander against the USSR', the Sikorski government had not found it necessary 'even to address questions to the Soviet Government or to request information on the matter'

    21. Countering the constant pitch and roll of the cruiser with his body and gripping the helm hard, for 4 hours left him numb and disorientated

    22. He felt sort of familiar with the controls, instinctively countering rotor torque and easing forward at a gentle climb, south west

    23. As for countering laser-guided bombs, we have added another useful piece of gear to the shipment for that purpose

    24. ‘’Well, my country is suffering under severe international financial and commercial sanctions, remember? A lot of our resources are also presently spent countering the ISIS advance in Iraq

    25. Countering all of the purported benefits of formal education are the costs and limits of

    26. Wa couldn’t help countering him at once

    27. Ben turned to his right and kept countering with defensive moves

    28. Nobody gave him any credence, with the head of the Polish delegation countering him with a harsh response, mentioning the enormous disproportion of forces between Poland and its allies on one side and the Soviet forces on the other side

    29. Repair enzymes within the cell act by countering the damage

    30. believing he should have known that the psionic attacks had been a distraction, for while he was focused on countering the attacks, Rojan was using the Kelvan technology to call his guard into action

    31. You can imagine how important that will be in diverting attention and countering any allegations that might start flying around about the Government having instituted a ‘shoot to kill’ policy

    32. After all, the Americans had only recently set up their own Homeland Security Department, and although this was primarily designed to defend the country against WMDs, the so called Weapons of Mass Destruction, it would also be capable of preventing and countering just the sort of terrorist attacks that the UK had been enduring since ‘the troubles’ started

    33. also reached the peak of perfection and is confidence of countering just by

    34. He finally breaks down her defenses, countering all of her arguments about why they shouldn't be together and showing her, in great detail, how incredible they are together

    35. those of fact and their countering, in the DarkSpaces of irreconcilable

    36. Surely even a base mortal such as yourself might intuit the magnitude of what he bears witness to? This marks the first perfect balance between the countering forces---the lull of darkness and the salve of light---since that day three centuries past when Blacke Sorcerer Alon Malagar was immolated

    37. It is going to take education, personal self development, and the pursuit of dreams and aspirations for us to begin the process of countering and defeating the ills that are destroying us

    38. countering some of her ideologies and also to sow some doubts into

    39. Whatever moves the Saxons made, we were faster, countering them even if they split their forces to face us

    40. The rationale of time! It does take its toll! I, myself, was hardly the super-kid that for a short spell held her marriage together by countering one adultery with another, providing a safety-valve to stave off the disintegration

    41. In the last few days our profits have come from FCUK, countering general losses in what remains a bear market

    42. Longer bodies for Belt Hold lines will offer more resistance to the trend that they are countering

    1. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail

    2. life while the egg-heads and the bean counters sort out the future

    3. It has become more than a cook's court now, it is where the top aquatic food chefs compete at large elaborate counters with flaring flames and loud sizzling

    4. She busied herself the rest of the day by wiping down the counters, and then mopped the kitchen floor

    5. Blapak was two counters back going thru a bag of raw beans

    6. their counters, some began waving their trader's

    7. There were seven counters and twelve checkers, none of whom were allowed to vote because they had to be independent

    8. The cooks here had marble counters and flaming gas grilles behind them with racks of cookware and insulated storage chests with ice

    9. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels

    10. Amaranthe leaned on one of the counters and frowned at Akstyr

    11. She peered past counters and drying bills but did not see him

    12. “Casinos throw counters out

    13. But then, Jim Manzi, the author of the article counters with, “[But] Atkins has come to have second thoughts

    14. But the ship counters that action

    15. Derbyshire counters that, for all their self-assurance, while neuroscientists “are chasing the self through ever narrower and darker passageways of the brain, they have not caught it yet

    16. ” That America, the Senator intoned, would be tormented by midnight police raids, segregated lunch counters, back alley abortions, and courthouse doors “locked on the fingers of millions of citizens

    17. Get away from cluttering the counters with too many appliances

    18. "They are used to set up constants and counters

    19. She walked into the kitchen and started to wipe down the counters

    20. If your closet is a disaster but your kitchen counters are free of clutter, celebrate that

    21. One of the chief counters to Polish nationalism was

    22. Please have any research wizards you can spare for a co-operative effort in finding counters to these heinous spells contact me after we adjourn here

    23. It is a truth that does not need a type of faith that counters common

    24. who’d been staring from other airline counters in the check-in hall

    25. (c) CD4026B and CD4033B counters: Both

    26. The operation of divide-by-n counters will now be

    27. input to both the counters (CD4017 and CD4033)

    28. rotary switch, both iC2 and iC3 counters remain per-

    29. Drawing stares as she walked up and down the check-in counters in tears, Grace kept

    30. Hence, unless you have direct access to the counters, you will need to know if your broker is charging the right rates

    31. The bigger players, those who have direct access to the counters are able to get the best rates and are able to pass on these savings to their clients

    32. We reached the cashier counters at the entrance and,

    33. counters and on the floor

    34. An unknown force counters his every move

    35. the intellectual counters which are used by egos in their converse one with

    36. When I found one, I took a quick peek inside and saw that it was a work lab with tools, counters and benches

    37. But whenever we look – this is the strange thing about this electron – we always find them to be in one particular Geiger counter, although we have a room full of Geiger counters

    38. There were one hundred and seventy counters in grades one

    39. Division, the Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots

    40. one hundred and seventy counters in grades one through eight, and a

    41. Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots and potatoes, while the

    42. To love and be loved counters an awful lot of Black Dog bites

    43. worked at one of the food counters at the Eaton Centre

    44. ” He waited for her to come back with one of her clever counters and when it did not come, he drew her into his arms and kissed her again

    45. When this process was done for all the entrants, it took the table with the counters and selected the six numbers whose counters were the smallest and this turned out to be the winning combination

    46. He counters feelings of emptiness from this lack by not giving up anything he already possesses, justifying his selfishness through perceiving himself as more important than other people

    47. Where else do you see banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to counters?

    48. the merchandise in the booths was falling apart, the cloths spread over the doors were splotched with mold, the counters undermined by ter-mites, the walls eaten away by dampness, but the Arabs of the third generation were sitting in the same place and in the same position as their fathers and grandfa-thers, taciturn, dauntless, invulnerable to time and disaster, as alive or as dead as they had been after the insomnia plague and Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s thirty-two wars

    49. I promise you to keep a detailed accounting of my time there for your bean counters at the pay section

    50. They walked along the line of food counters first to review the choice of menus, finally choosing a counter that served what looked close to Chinese cuisine to Nancy

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