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    1. The end result is that you will receive more photos, your contest will garner more attention and you will eventually receive the best content to use in the end

    2. He carried himself with great authority and seemed to garner respect from the men around him

    3. could be just what was needed to garner the support he

    4. But, even in his diminished state, he can garner enough power to do what he needs to

    5. rich, but will garner some income on the side

    6. Naturally, on that first night – a time when members of the new regime visited the shelters – he suspected her to be a stooge, there to garner the loyalty of the Chosen

    7. them with a chance to garner a great deal more information about this new enemy

    8. Either that, or this guy had the best line of shit she’d ever heard; she wanted to know more but caution was the word if she was to garner more from this guy

    9. sador for the city it seeks to garner tourism

    10. They told Greg Garner, by then a Hartford area management-side labor lawyer who, in turn, forwarded the message to Pressly

    11. Greg Garner, who as a GS-12 became one of Pressly’s two assistants, just totally misled me about what he thought concerning my former assistant and his boss (WP) at Pascagoula

    12. Then, for no good reason, Garner stabbed me in the back by sending the Navy, both Pressly and others in OGC Central, a “heads up” that I was coming to Pascagoula as a non-practicing lawyer in Contracts, working for the Contracts VP, and my former Gautier neighbor, John Arledge

    13. The long term AA view which I have taken is that it was best that I put my questions on the table and that Garner stabbed me in the back by giving Pressly a “heads-up,” because if I had shown up down there, then gotten fired for this reason, I would have been Shit Out of Luck

    14. Thus, most of my bitterness towards, Macmillan, Garner, and Pressly has “passed

    15. put my questions on the table and that Garner stabbed me in the back

    16. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable

    17. Queen Elizabeth was attempting to garner support for her reign as much as she could

    18. Even in the midst of this new emergency, Annyeke found she was pleased with the ability to garner such instantaneous attention

    19. ” They can thus garner votes to gain that position and to perpetuate it

    20. Children who feel this way will often try to be loud to garner more attention or will be quieter and try to attract as little attention as possible

    21. I rested to garner my feeble energy for tomorrow

    22. Regardless, he still would have the lead role and garner the professional kudos if things worked well

    23. And his shovel is in his hand thoroughly to cleanse his threshing floor; he will gather the wheat into his garner, but the chaff will he burn up with the judgment fire

    24. The two had met at a gathering of writers throughout the land all trying to garner the support of the old and learned master

    25. And then Tom’s mother had been interviewed at their shabby home, obviously nervous but trying to garner sympathy

    26. Garner suggests that constructive criticism is offered with the goal of

    27. I found it important to garner a picture of what the 1930’s and 40’s were like when she was growing up

    28. Dorothy Garner, the president of the Detroit Reach Community Group, believed that

    29. Garner reported that their efforts caused an eighty percent drop in crime

    30. he said, as if lost for any words to comfort the attorney whose relationship with the girl had evidently been quite involved and emotional enough to garner this reaction from him so many years later

    31. could only garner limited information from the titles

    32. thought it might garner them preferential treatment, but he was a public

    33. But in addition, they used the opportunity to garner some insight into Moe and his life, learning from the right questioning that money The Versailles Conspiracy

    34. In this instance, “N” represents the size of the entire population from which the practitioner wants to garner a sample and “D”

    35. It was evident to some, even then, that early on in our country’s history there was an agenda by the international bankers and some secret societies to garner control of our currency and our country

    36. Of course, the Norsicans would have had no chance assimilating into the human culture as easy as it did with the Klingons, simply because their appearance didn’t garner any human sympathy

    37. This False Self is then used by the narcissist to garner narcissistic supply from his human environment

    38. Within them and from their members he is certain to garner attention, to gain adulation, to be castigated or praised

    39. It was only an electoral ploy to garner votes

    40. At a closed-door meeting in Mumbai called by a prominent business leader to garner support for Modi in early 2014, there was virtually a full house

    41. That priest is willing to risk the gamble to steal the coffin for the sake of trying to garner fame in the Pugilist Fraternity

    42. The Principal of Endowment states that whatever you disseminate, or give away, has a direct correlation to what you garner in return

    43. However, his question did not garner the responses that he was

    44. a Candidate None of the Above for every elected office and the elected representative must garner at least fifty percent of all registered voters

    45. He heard a call come into the police walkie-talkies that the taxis turned up empty with no fingerprints to garner any suspects

    46. effectively create a personal connection with customers, and garner

    47. Press releases, done correctly, can garner the online business

    48. voices; a good voice can garner attention and hold the attention of a

    49. They seemed to know when to capitalise on a western failure and when to act in order to garner cautious nods of understanding

    50. that his empire should garner, his son’s lack of courage and character was a source of

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