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    1. I want you to set yourself up to win

    2. Go ahead and try to win that one

    3. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    4. win this thing military

    5. military says, that you can’t win

    6. can’t win this thing military

    7. ‘Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something

    8. That nation of two hundred million deceased former Americans born in the mid to late 21st century were some of the first to win back control of their assets

    9. taught to fight and win

    10. You can’t win, though

    11. George managed to win my confidence very soon, as he appeared to be a thoughtful and understanding person

    12. The lama proves to be quite agreeable and interesting, he answers all questions carefully and diplomatically, he surely knows how to win his audience over to his views

    13. We watched a quiz show where the contestants could win holidays and electrical goods, anything right up to a small family car, just for guessing the price of an item that they probably could not afford to buy

    14. It struck me then that it would be so ironic to win a lifetime’s supply of electrical goods in a country where the power browned-out more often than not

    15. Humanity must win, but the price of victory may be a thousand more years of war

    16. explained that the only way to speak to the king was to win a fighting

    17. “To win the competition

    18. You can promote a contest where if new customers follow you through the social media site, they are automatically entered to win tickets to a big event

    19. Or, if a follower on Instagram likes or comments on a photo, they are entered to win a ticket or a product that has not been released for sale by the company yet

    20. Herod added to the Temple to win some points with the Jews, who pretty much hated him

    21. Maybe it was a situation he couldn't win, just the fact that they had noticed his attraction to Luray had been enough to cause a problem

    22. "We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them

    23. they win of course, but who cares by then with all the arrests…

    24. The good news is, a hyadune is smart enough to know when it can and when it can't win the fight with a human

    25. “Yes, chin up chaps; we are going to win this

    26. She's still holding back her total love because he's so young, but no one can win her away from him for more than a few hours since they met

    27. But outside the ring? I win

    28. We will need them if we are to win this battle

    29. If they were to get into a staring contest, Alan was sure he could win it, but be sorry he did

    30. He was magnificent, scoring goal after goal and inspiring his countrymen in their fight to win a place in the World Cup final

    31. He was, however, intrigued by the competition’s rules, which stated that to win the competition you had to produce a most unusual and new flower

    32. If we pretend to be someone we're not, how the hell are they to know? On the other hand, if we can just be ourselves, win or lose, then OK, we reflect on some and not on others - but at least we are true to our real self with no pretending

    33. Most of all, however, it was called by this name because it was funny watching other people making complete fools of themselves, and pretty soon nearly every television programme featured ordinary people trying to win small fortunes, to become movie stars and generally being the nastiest of nasties in the woodpile

    34. “Whoever can do the most amazing thing on our royal television, whoever can show the most ingenuity and talent, will win the hand of our grand-daughter in marriage together with half of our personal estates and investments as a dowry

    35. That is why India doesn't win every match,' Ish said after Tapan

    36. Yes, Ish has this ridiculous theory that India should win every match

    37. “You let me win,” she hissed under her breath, “I am well aware that you could have taken me at any time; why the deception?”

    38. But if you have to choose, passion should win

    39. The results were due that morning and Lucy fully expected to win

    40. She was so convinced that she would win the chance to meet the boy who sang her song that when the news reader eventually introduced the story towards the end of the early evening bulletin Lucy nearly fainted

    41. to win the match

    42. I think more than wanting to be them, he wanted them to win

    43. 'Yeah, even if not every time, Australia does win a lot

    44. win a single medal

    45. Cannot walk the lanes and feels he can win

    46. We will win this

    47. to work out what he could do to win his darling beloved’s freedom

    48. How can a girl win? That a man

    49. it was definitely not the way to win a young woman’s heart

    50. You cannot win them over to

    1. promoted at work for instance or even winning The X-Factor – are now drastical y reduced

    2. Stephen comes over and grins at Barney, immediately winning the child over

    3. one who is winning the battle always has the power: he prays and speaks

    4. name of justice and freedom and then, when they think they’re winning their fear

    5. Everything seemed to boil down to the winning of souls, about winning one to the other, a conversion to something that we already shared

    6. winning American science fiction author

    7. It appeared that mother was winning and the bright lights of the Nevada desert would soon be graced by two new high rollers with money to burn

    8. So to pacify him, I accepted a raki whereupon he raised his glass to me, grinning his winning grin, 'My friend

    9. What a winning way with words"

    10. All across the land hopeful suitors practiced their funniest party turns and their most amazing performance art works in the hope of winning the princess’ hand in marriage

    11. Beside her the stranger, her husband to be, swaggered and gloated over the princess, with his head held high, sure and certain in the winning of his prize

    12. Winning a seat is not that easy

    13. kept the winning score of 384 required by the Australians at a tantalising level -

    14. His physique and his winning smile were all that stood

    15. Winning this seat will help,' Mama said

    16. It is not to be used to test for the winning

    17. She lead it back into to chamber and Yellelle gave her winning bid a hand up

    18. high, sure and certain in the winning of his prize

    19. how?’ he asked, curiosity winning over his obvious fear

    20. ’ He said, smiling at her in his most winning fashion, hoping he looked like a hiker who had hiked one hill too far

    21. advantages offered by winning his support

    22. At the moment Philippe is winning, but

    23. the Cubs winning in the box score,” Roman said, holding up his thin magazine

    24. winning team I guess

    25. He was a nice guy, but wouldn’t be winning any science awards

    26. Only after winning a struggle to maintain his own legroom did I

    27. His posture was proud like the director of a Tony winning

    28. But John Smith was winning

    29. He climbed the corporate ladder further and a promotion came following his award winning journalism on the East Timor spying scandal

    30. I came to the plate with two outs, tie ballgame, and the winning run on

    31. The band stopped and announced that the pros have just taken the floor, so everyone thinking about winning this contest had better think twice

    32. Arizona was pretty well into the season and those northern schools really didn't care if they lost those games as they use those games for practice and those games didn't count against their records when they went back to Michigan or wherever but we were able to take credit at the University of Arizona for winning those games

    33. One of the winning pictures for the New York Mets that year was an Arizona State pitcher by the name of Curt Gentry, a very good pitcher

    34. from second (the winning run) was now rounding third

    35. He was winning the battles but, ultimately, he was losing the war

    36. At first I started on the horses, I found out which had won, slid the watch time back picked up the phone and bet on every winning horse

    37. In effect nobody else got a chance of being elected as he would declare a winning opponents election null and void

    38. have a great advantage in winning seats

    39. Due to the slow recession of pain, Adros judged his body to be winning

    40. lie about winning gold in a marathon is too much

    41. Knowing they too have a chance of winning the same prize

    42. “The racing boat they gave me for winning the Hekatombaion poetry festival at Athens

    43. He thinks more of winning

    44. Creating a winning subject line is critical when competing against other marketers also email marketing to the same audience

    45. other words, winning means to create and live a

    46. He was not arrogant enough to assume that humans would be winning the technology race

    47. I might have stayed even longer had not one of the shirkers noticed my uniform and detaching himself from the bar came over he then proceeded to tell me how we should go about winning the war

    48. of winning, decided Danny

    49. Prinz was adorable and intent on winning the affection of anyone who came into sight

    50. One can"t help wondering how this young man, shortly before winning an Illinois special congressional election in December of 1995, could afford a $540,000 mansion in the nation"s capital

    1. And whoever wins this thing is

    2. Independence tussles with sense as I watch; sense wins

    3. The zero-energy substrate always wins because it is too vast

    4. After the game Coach Demera played off the wins, stating that everything

    5. Grandpa Wellbelove had erected the marquee with Sky's help and many there felt that at last this might be the end of Knockwit's devious wins, or run of luck, depending on whom you supported

    6. in the true sense of the word, because he wins

    7. Finally, duty to his crew wins over, and he breaks Circe’s heart by leaving

    8. Last affiliate wins is the industry

    9. First affiliate wins is where the first affiliate who sends a customer gets

    10. Circe can do this, after he wins her love

    11. Tenacity is being tough enough to stick with it…persistence wins


    13. The first to market with a new product often wins the highest profits and gets the

    14. “All of our wins are connected to Mrs

    15. In negotiations, the best salesman wins

    16. Minnesota had a veteran Quarterback with two Championship wins under his belt and he was probably in his last season

    17. “If my man wins, you will work for me for two weeks without pay, though I will see to it that you are fed and have a place to stay

    18. First to five points wins

    19. in the short-term, but in the long-term, honesty always wins

    20. It bears mentioning that although boasting an impressive regular season won-loss record, Osborne‘s bowl record against ranked opponents was 9 (wins) and 13 (loses) including 7 loses in a row prior to winning his first national championship

    21. “The third horse says, and I quote – ‘in my nine-year racing career, I ran eighty percent wins, and made hundreds of thousands for my master

    22. It is not easy to imagine how Bryan wins the election, given how fanatically business opposed him

    23. “Confidence, and aggression, is what wins in the air; and I suppose in real life, too

    24. Whether Grant remains president (he had actually run again in 1880) or Rutherford Hayes wins, likely neither need the infamous Compromise of 1876

    25. In the end, Love wins

    26. The most aggressive pilot wins

    27. Most analysts miss the point because they are focused on who wins elections and not what is just, and because of that horse race mentality much of the public misses the point as well

    28. "It's the purity of one's heart," she said, glancing at Princess Ruby, "above all other attributes; that’s the one that wins this battle

    29. Monkey King's owner, Robert Famularo, and Ricky May the driver, with back to back wins, were all smiles, with winning accolades and the prize money of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

    30. Ladies in big hats and men in ties and sports jackets celebrated their wins and drowned their losses

    31. Luck followed him as they walked past poker machines going off with free spins and mini jackpot wins for women with their eyes glued to their machines

    32. If it wins, you collect

    33. - As always, Alaric wins! What natural superiority! he yelled laughing towards the blue sky

    34. If the latter party wins, it is obligated to spend no more than four times that, $7

    35. this problem will go away as have all the others when the aggressive force wins

    36. Bible, we will find that God always wins in the end!

    37. She always wins

    38. Thank for the earthy wins and losts,

    39. But what a way to go -- the dad who dies with the straightest face wins

    40. In any given situation, whoever justifies getting enraged loses and whoever uses that same situation to develop tolerance wins

    41. If it is what they think it is, then whoever finds it wins the war

    42. The game where only one of us wins

    43. As you saw, his power is far greater than any of the others and he does not care how many of his own troops die, as long as he wins

    44. the best marketer who wins, not the best-qualified business! You can never delude yourself into thinking that

    45. the will of God, and wins

    46. The lead ball wins because the feather is slowed by particles of air it encounters in the fall, while the lead ball is not

    47. “Be still my child, remember it may be the mightiest, the fastest that wins the feud, but it is the sharp of wit, the thinker that is triumphant in the omnipresent crusade”

    48. First team there wins the first part of the race

    49. Then they fly back, and the first one back to our planet wins

    50. Think about it Bill, this way everybody wins

    1. Athnu won the largest share of these commendations, but the other two thirds had lots of repeats also

    2. Mirielle was one of the few who knew the whole story, gradually over time she had won his trust where few others had

    3. years ago, He paid for our sins and won us for the Kingdom of God and the

    4. with His blood and won a victory over cancer, death, aidS, and hell… i

    5. The fate of this planet and its billions of innocents had really come down to a power struggle between Moamar and the Haadij hadn't it? And Moamar had won, leaving the Haadij weakened

    6. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree first physical evidence of cannibalism among the and told the kids that whoever got there first won the desperate population, corroborating written accounts sweet fruits

    7. For a moment Kara hesitated, wondering if there was an aspect of Joris she’d never suspected … a black brutal side she’d never seen … then she realised that the various weapons had been used by people attacking Joris or his colleagues … they had been won in battle … oh, you silly man! It’s a gallery of your successes! I wonder if the Secret Guild would like these … they have a small museum

    8. We won the state championship that afternoon

    9. I should say Erick won it for us

    10. I had won the state championship

    11. Berndt and Joris nearly came to blows over who should carry it, but in the end Berndt won, arguing that Joris, in his capacity as bodyguard, should be unencumbered

    12. Fortunes varied, were won and lost, and the family name changed through the ages, becoming a proper product of each model of social propriety, until, at the very end of a long line of ancestors , there was but one member of the family left living

    13. That’s why we won against the bloody bastards; we are Light, they are darkness and chaos

    14. I tried to be pleasant but there was nothing pleasant on my mind, at least we'd put our case and had won a little victory

    15. ‘In that case I can only assume that you’ve been promoted, won the lottery or that your man, Alastair, has got his act together at long last

    16. summer vacations had started and India had won the one-day series with South

    17. “You have won the hearts of my warriors,” shouted Lord Tarak loudly, “nothing less than I would expect from one such as yourself

    18. She was waving a piece of paper above her head as though she'd won the Lotto

    19. 'We won the World Cup in 1983

    20. The camp had won Mama many fans in the neighbourhood, Technically,

    21. The board would be in a better mood if India won

    22. Yes, India won the World Cup on 25 June 1983 and so that

    23. facing a follow-on actually won the match?' Ish said

    24. Australia won the match, but Ish didn't have time for remorse

    25. She left us with the knowledge that we can never know which of the copies had actually won the battle of the bus

    26. He truly enjoyed strategizing and planning moves; and much to the surprise of Alexei, he won most of the rounds they played

    27. we won majority votes there, too

    28. when India won a match

    29. won and lost, and the family name changed through the ages,

    30. Their openness in answering their inquiries won over even the most dubious

    31. All in all, their trek about the encampment had won them many new friends and done a lot for intergalactic relations

    32. ‘Maybe he’s won the lottery

    33. I won her at Knossos you know

    34. One the second try he clipped me pretty good," he pulled up his bolero to show Ava the scar, "but I gutted it out and jumped the third time and won her

    35. “We’ve traced her to where she was living, we found she had won a free year at the Kassikan

    36. ‘If that is so then she truly has won

    37. As Mrs Brown waffled on about their flock and the prizes they had won, Andy peered out of the window at the moor over which he had struggled so hopelessly only the day before – it looked so innocuous from inside the car

    38. won half the pot

    39. I’d played cards with Johnny on Friday, won sixty-seven bucks as a matter

    40. I was too, but I never won

    41. It started when Teshi won that trip to the Kassikan

    42. He looked very different now than he did in the news article from over a century ago when he won a middleweight stone-heave competition

    43. would have won a distinct advantage, and I imagine His

    44. Roman won the no-sleep category

    45. November had finally won the battle,

    46. “The movie would have been terrible if he had won

    47. "And the doors obviously won!" Jim added with a laugh

    48. In fact, she couldn't think of a single argument she’d won in nearly nineteen years of marriage

    49. he hadn’t won this battle yet – not by a long stretch

    50. Everyone became a challenge to train and most of them she won

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