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    1. ’ He said, his expression glum to say the least

    2. Fred raised his eyebrows at a glum Ish in the locker room

    3. She could only remain glum for a short while

    4. As Danny was stared at by all the glum

    5. On the last visit he'd appeared glum, though that could have been the hang-dog jowls

    6. ” He looked glum so I changed the subject saying

    7. He'd rarely seen her look this glum

    8. They looked rather glum, on the whole

    9. ” Grilling steaks had been an idea designed to raise Truman’s glum mood

    10. He supposed he looked kind of glum and morose, perhaps even outright sad

    11. “Enough of this moroseness, father would not approve at all,” he said looking at our glum faces

    12. I noticed he looked rather glum as he greeted me

    13. She helped Zach throughout his glum years, when he couldn’t get over his lost love

    14. are the chances that you will sit there in a meeting with your arms crossed with a glum face

    15. The body of Halfdan -- stretched on a plank, wrapped from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head in blankets -- was carried by six glum raiders from the deck of Wave-Jumper and onto the docks, then borne into the rebuilt town

    16. Only Walt looked glum

    17. The whole thing was too absurd, and both Leon and Sasha were obviously enjoying the attention, playing up to the results with glum or happy faces

    18. And then, his face turned glum

    19. They sat in glum silence for a while, and then Mel asked

    20. ” The idea clearly made her a bit glum

    21. ” Isaac sounded glum

    22. Henry just stared at the planks of the platform and a glum and sad frown pulled down on his cheeks and lips

    23. Contrary to Samuel and Lilya, they appeared glum and sad, which alarmed Nancy and the others

    24. It was Otto Skorzeni who answered him in a glum voice

    25. ’’ Answered Ingrid, glum

    26. At the square, in front of the campaign map, Jodas relived the battle for the eager people who gathered around us, the women using the pointers following every word on the model, no-one was in any doubt what a great victory had been won this day by the Tolteca, and still without a single casualty, the applause only stopped when Coatl stood and congratulated the Toxon on a disciplined display, he then turned and we made our way home, Gled had food and drink ready for us and passed on the news that mother was busy with the traitor, we looked at each other and smiled, Coatl seemed troubled during the meal and when I asked the reason for his glum expression he said

    27. went on in this place, but the atmosphere that night was seriously glum

    28. ‘’I see!’’ Said Prime Minister Attlee, suddenly becoming glum

    29. Minutes later, he stepped out of the glum hospital into the bright sunshine

    30. ' They sat in a glum silence for a moment, then the UPS cleared its voice,

    31. Don’t look so glum

    32. Coffee arrived, and Sasha looked glum faced as she stirred her cup

    33. I hugged the mug to my chest, feeling glum and nostalgic for the times before the Fae had come into our lives

    34. strength and tenacity to live with the glum setting of her new home

    35. Anne sat alone in her bedroom by the window, looking outside with a glum

    36. Conrad and Janice exchanged meaningful looks, for they’d not only seen the blonde woman’s ploys, but the dark haired woman’s glum countenance afterwards, in response to them

    37. Fenton returned to his seat, looking glum

    38. Notwithstanding her pained, glum spirit, she smiled, gently coaxing his cheeks also to lift

    39. Mornings were never his best time but he had been starting the day even more glum lately

    40. Detroit was in a stupor from the alcohol and his glum gullible expression was amusing to both of them as they clearly read his thoughts

    41. He was really glum, and she hadn't been able to wheedle out a solid explanation all week long

    42. My right-hand man looked glum

    43. Her mood soured and I was glum and, at home, I opened a bottle of wine which helped us and, after a while in bed, we made love as passionately as usual

    44. The married couples are silent and glum

    45. She looked glum which made his heart sink

    46. ” and laughed, but Jessie sat looking glum

    47. Funeral be rather glum

    48. BLOOM: (Murmurs with hangdog meekness glum) That bit about the laughing

    49. had trained her horses and he looked as glum as his mistress

    50. There was a frightful to do - monks and monsignori running round the house like mice, and Brideshead just sitting glum and talking about the will of God

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    Synonymes pour "glum"

    glum dark dour glowering moody morose saturnine sour sullen depressed despondent dispirited disconsolate downhearted melancholy plaintive