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    1. light that shone almost below the visible spectrum, Smith heard a plaintive howling

    2. I try to bring her round, she resists, I emphasize I will come all the way from Glyfada, while she will only have to walk some metres; she grumbles a little more and finally she says in a plaintive voice: “Alright, Yvonne, I will come

    3. On the wall, half way along and to her right a security light shone weakly from behind its cage, singing a song of light as plaintive as the lark held captive beneath a towering sky

    4. Out at the edge of an insignificantly flat spiral galaxy, by a minute speck of light that shone almost below the visible spectrum, Smith heard a plaintive howling

    5. We were there, together, late that night in a mountain kafeneion, half of us strangers, seduced by plaintive melodies and angry clashes of Arabic, Turkish and Slavic themes until it fired our blood and led us deeper into ourselves than anything had before

    6. women held it to her lips and sang a plaintive

    7. The sound of her plaintive howl echoed in her ears, and then he was there, holding her, wrapping her in musk and warmth and shelter and tenderness, holding her tightly against him, soothing her

    8. Might it not be better if we rested them there overnight?” The question had ended on an almost plaintive note

    9. "You mean now, Sir?" he asked in a suddenly plaintive voice from his upside down position behind the screen

    10. in a rather plaintive wail, cried

    11. rested them there overnight?” The question had ended on an almost plaintive note

    12. His words were slow, plaintive, “For those of you who

    13. Plaintive for Earth; but rather turn and run

    14. "Well…" His voice dropped to a plaintive mumble

    15. Shortly after midnight the plaintive wail of the air raid sirens threw us out of our bunks and we took refuge in the bomb shelter in the Phoenix tire factory across the street which, at least to us, appeared to be more secure than the one under the railroad station itself

    16. So using the plaintive tone that women use when wishing to obtain any concession from masculine gender, I moved my long and lush eyelashes, I showed the most famous of my smiles adorned with the exquisite pearl necklace which were my teeth, and took my time to convince the Genie to accompany me

    17. Upon the thinking of this thought a large and sparkling globe emerged out of the fog in front of me whence came a plaintive melody

    18. The Devil, of course, heard Albert’s plaintive cry very clearly,

    19. As soon as the three ladies had entered the P I ship’s crew quarters, Avi turned to the others and asked, “Ladies, so I don’t shoot myself in the foot here, what is your relationship with Greg?” Her tone had a plaintive quality the others had not heard before

    20. And again, a plaintive meow and

    21. face, her plaintive chirps shivering the air

    22. Instead of a plaintive cry, he said, “Hey guys, watch this!” Then, as he held on to fistfuls of the mastodon’s long reddish hair, he raised himself up to a sitting position on the back of the mighty beast

    23. “What do you mean, it’ll cost me?” Thane asked the Watcher, trying to blank out the plaintive

    24. at all…” Her plaintive call went unanswered for several minutes

    25. ” As he finished his explanation, another plaintive voice was heard by the

    26. The last song she’d heard on the radio before leaving the car had been “Meet Me on the Equinox” by Death Cab for Cutie, and its plaintive, drawn out chorus—“everything, everything ends…everything, everything ends”—kept replaying in her head

    27. He couldn’t listen, so he left the egg on the table and went to his room, ignoring, as he did so, to plaintive cries form behind him — ’aren’t you going to eat the egg, I made it specially for you

    28. The plaintive but soulful song reached Swami Vivekananda’s ears

    29. Head darting out of the car again, in a voice that is plaintive rather than angry, Amy says, “I am not a whore!”

    30. It was late when the troubadours ended the evening with a plaintive, yearning song that left the hall quiet

    31. It came out plaintive, under the sar-

    32. The air was split again, a plaintive

    33. she is all alone in the world, with no one in plaintive sight to care for her-that is, if one were to

    34. surprised look and said in a somewhat plaintive voice, “Bev!” This caused

    35. Sue said verbally with a plaintive edge to her voice,

    36. A long, plaintive wail echoed through the air, followed by a chorus of defiant howls

    37. The muddy roads, the soaked forest, the plaintive patter of the rain, were wiped out of existence between a sleeping and a waking

    38. Anyhow I don't know what you would be at; do you wish me to turn up my nose at my surroundings? And do you see any good that it would do? And the details you go into! That coffee-pot you saw and are so plaintive about came to grief only the day before your visit, and will, in due season, be replaced by another

    39. The boy was asleep, and my plaintive cry went past him over the golden ripples towards Lauterbach

    40. And she had gradually acquired the sofa look, and was now very definitely a slightly plaintive but persistently patient Christian lady

    41. Bullivant with the plaintive determination of one who considers it the least she may expect as a sofa-ridden mother to be allowed to finish her sentences, "so much

    42. “Jesus, what"s in hell"s going on back there?” Joseph asked, cringing at the plaintive

    43. Those who know the faintness of hunger at this stage will also know the pathos that steals into the voice of the sufferer when he is unwillingly made to speak; it becomes plaintive, melodious with yearning, the yearning for food

    44. A cat on heat, meowing in that typical plaintive and demanding way, suddenly ran across the street in front of the horses – it was the first creature here in this village which obviously didn’t mind being seen by Nacho and his men

    45. It was such a plaintive, naked question that hearing it took some of the absurdity out of the situation

    46. let me die?” His voice held the plaintive note of a child in pain

    47. "I have to pee," Benjamin said in a low plaintive voice

    48. Viswava stifled a plaintive screech as he saluted by pressing fist to shoulder before exiting

    49. And she looked at me with her plaintive little

    50. He would ask everyone he met, in a plaintive voice, "Where is the gold?"

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    mournful plaintive depressed despondent dispirited disconsolate downhearted glum melancholy