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    1. I did not greet this news with the unbridled enthusiasm that you might have

    2. there to greet me was the head of design at Imperial Engineering, then the single

    3. ’ Stephen said, standing up to greet Mike and the woman with him

    4. He would never think of dialing out hunger, so over a hearty breakfast of eggs, ham and grits, she was going to have to tell him, there was less than ninety minutes till that shutlecraft docked with the Lula at this point and less than half an hour till they had to be in the androids to greet them

    5. covered with snow, or greet the visitors as they visit our assemblies

    6. flocking in to greet her with smiling faces

    7. As they rose to greet him Kanaklata grazed a

    8. proceeded to greet her

    9. ’ Joris interrupted, rushing to greet his hostess as she comes into the room

    10. The first to greet him was a very tall man with long straight white hair and beard, except for a line of charcoal on the front of his chin

    11. By the time that their mother surfaced to greet the day, there was a nice stew bubbling away on a slow heat in the kitchen

    12. As Lady Ariel landed Daniel and Kate stepped forward to greet them

    13. There was an acolyte from Theology there to greet him

    14. The blooms of spring and summer were long gone from his garden and faced with the late flowering of honeysuckle women, Tom found that he was too set in his ways to flap his wings and fly up into the Indian Summer skies to greet them

    15. Sam comes to greet me as I open the door but she’s obviously finding it an effort … dear Sam, what would I do without you? I quickly change my clothes and take her out into the garden … she sniffs around quite happily … maybe it is just stiffness … I shiver … although the rain has stopped there are still dark clouds which look threatening

    16. As he entered both rose to greet him

    17. “It’s a good sign then, I mean that she came out to greet us,” he looked to Captain Verock

    18. that the children were left alone in the house to greet her

    19. By the time that their mother surfaced to greet the day, there was

    20. wings and fly up into the Indian Summer skies to greet them

    21. ” he started, and she went thru a meet and greet much as she had at the college, with a certain military debriefing overtone to it

    22. The officers entered the room and Joseph stood to greet them

    23. There was no one to greet them, just a sign that said ‘Be back soon, please be comfortable’

    24. Miss Hill came over to greet them and seated them at a table which had over the last few years become their table

    25. and then descended the stairs to greet the newcomers

    26. There were no head raises to greet his legions

    27. They rushed through the station house to greet her

    28. The minute the brisk air hit her hot cheeks she felt the ground bob to greet her

    29. a separate room for the family to greet their guests

    30. Before anything else, I would like to greet you there, especially your lovely presence, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends

    31. Welcome indeed," a Red Mage said, stepping away from a fountain of silver liquid to greet her

    32. ” Edith with a broad smile as she left to greet her own parents

    33. greet Vasy, though he stared at her from his bed

    34. The slaves would all be busy with their work, and the Mistress certainly wouldn’t greet her

    35. Brontes put a hand on Adros’ shoulder, then strode past him, heading out to greet the new Magi -- Ollius followed shortly behind

    36. Conversely there were some who he knew would greet her with little more than a skeptical if not bitter side glance – and he wondered how she would handle it

    37. out of the truck to greet his next client

    38. The Witch was ready to greet the

    39. Even the staff started avoiding him because he ceased to greet them, lost in his own thoughts

    40. Under the close eye of the bodyguards, who towered above everyone else, the family was allowed to come close to greet the queen

    41. Tyrus didn’t greet his son

    42. Berenice was there to greet her at the gate

    43. He wasn’t sure what words would greet him on the page

    44. ” to greet him, and, as these greetings tail off, a few girls pipe up late, giving it a sort of echo effect

    45. When the young man awakens there is the numbing pain in his shoulder and head to greet him

    46. and as we were unloading the ship, some of the local Chinese came out to greet us

    47. “Is that why you’ve come to greet me?”

    48. “When the door opens, you greet him and the others

    49. He stood, ready to greet his visitor

    50. “And it was so wonderful to greet Father when he awoke this morning

    1. She was pissed at being greeted this way, "With all you're not telling me, I don't think I should tell you

    2. first stars sparkled into life, he greeted his wife and then got blind drunk

    3. Once the business was over, they greeted each other warmly

    4. As I go through the door of the village hall, I’m greeted by Andy who’s hovering in the hallway reading the notices on the board in the entrance hall

    5. Maggie hands out a list of rehearsal dates – greeted by groans from one or two as the reality of the work required hits - together with a copy of the script

    6. They knew of the Lula's arrival and greeted it

    7. I greeted them coldly and I went on exploring the place

    8. As Son walked down from the mountain of sand he was greeted by

    9. greeted her with a marvelous song

    10. ” Jake greeted her as she stepped out into the open

    11. Proudly sporting the lapis necklace and ring, she greeted Renald warmly

    12. Steve greeted Daniel with a big bear hug

    13. Kate left Jake and greeted Steve with a big hug

    14. Steve and Jerry came over to Daniel and greeted Michael and then both exploded in laughter

    15. In my wanderings I actually find a discarded fold-up bed and try to sleep on it under a ramshackle stone building on the edge of a public park but after only half an hour my own snoring wakes me and so with dry throat I wander back to the Flea Market area and even at this hour am greeted with early morning hellos from the traders and completely seduced by the mouth-watering aromas of hot sesame cakes and sugar-dusted doughnuts, of pastries and fresh coffee

    16. They greeted each other cheerfully and all ate breakfast together

    17. His employer rattled through some thanks, greeted the great and the good in the audience and continued to tell everyone about the new plant

    18. The young man opened the door with his usual flourish, a showman to the end, and was greeted by a storm of flashing electric light, and once his eyes had adjusted, to a positive vision in pink

    19. Annie greeted her great-aunt softly and settled herself into the voluminous folds of one of the armchairs

    20. On her final visit to the clinic she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which made her death nine and a half months later, shortly after the birth of her son, that much harder for Ken to bear

    21. As they stopped at one farm, Rayne noted that Lord Tarak did not sit high above and observe; instead he climbed down and greeted the farmer warmly

    22. Rayne observed Tarak with growing respect as they went to several other farms and all were greeted in the same way

    23. Jane greeted me with a much appreciated cup of coffee – Peter joined us when he got back from his visit to the Hospice – he’d flopped on a chair accepting gratefully the mug Jane handed him

    24. First Altera greeted them when they docked and secretly ushered them into the Queens private rooms where Naria was waiting

    25. greeted as I shut the terrace door

    26. Its Captain greeted her in her own language and put her at ease

    27. Tarak came forward and gripped the man in a bear hug and both greeted each other with a lot of back slapping and posturing

    28. They took a wide stairway up a flight where the old woman was greeted by three younger women who were puzzling over a decorated board with some piles of nested chips on it

    29. Minister Gordon was called to the bridge and as he stepped from the lift Duncan greeted him warmly

    30. Rayne was greeted warmly at Tailor Hold and complimented on the designs she had provided previously

    31. Yellelle was in the wash room, greeted her with, “How many have you had?” as she walked in the door

    32. Tarak greeted her warmly and took her hand and held it to his cheek causing her to blush

    33. Now, he greeted each patient with several nice,

    34. thanks, greeted the great and the good in the audience and

    35. “And I admit,” she said, finishing up the story, “part of it was payback for the way I was greeted over there

    36. Boris immediately greeted Alfred like and old friend, though Alfred was a bit more reserved in his greeting, he still rose and clasped arms, allowed the Russian a hug

    37. The massive doors opened and as he was greeted by Altera herself

    38. the end, and was greeted by a storm of flashing electric light, and

    39. They were greeted with honor and

    40. she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which

    41. He is greeted by jeers and cat calls

    42. RS called unexpectedly with her little boy – James is nearly ten now and greeted me with a big hug, calling me Granny B and asking me what I did when I was his age

    43. and greeted him, her face lighting up at his arrival

    44. A large claw foot tub with shining steel shower head, faucet and knobbed valve, all curtained in white linen greeted her immediate gaze

    45. A few doors up she was greeted by Simon Hasting, one of the village's struggling business owners and long time friend of her father's

    46. On their arrival, they were greeted by a cheerful little man in a

    47. Tom noticed that Stan and Charlie were being greeted by a different

    48. So whether it was from new-born genuine respect, or 'the Tiger behind the Fox,' villagers who once avoided Belle's eyes when she strolled the boardwalks on her errands for 'Home and Lodge,' now greeted her and the girls genially, warmly even respectfully

    49. ” She greeted him as she came as far as the threshold to the store

    50. Tom soon arrived at the guard post, where he was greeted by Ifor,

    1. "Iess, saim heer," Jorma said in a Yingolian greeting Ava had taught him

    2. I storm past the girl on reception, ignoring her polite greeting and do my best to slam the door as I leave the building … I’m thwarted by the fact the blasted thing has an automatic door closer, a fact which merely inflames my temper even more

    3. ‘Happy New Year!’ Maggie said in her usual exuberant way and we return the greeting

    4. ‘Coffee?’ he asked, greeting her with a sleepy smile

    5. A greeting that was well practised when meetings were

    6. We are here My Lady, and the twins are greeting us

    7. We see him slap the captain on the arm as though greeting an old friend

    8. People stop and look at us with interest, some of them calling out a greeting

    9. From the way Orens chats, it is plain that Berndt has spent a substantial amount of time at this kloster … This impression is underlined as we enter the main building, several of the Gottesmen we encounter as we walk along a corridor greeting Berndt with enthusiasm

    10. There’s three hundred greeting cards a day for you to paint and stick

    11. His greeting was, “I don’t appreciate being accused of a cover-up

    12. Tevid then turned his attention to First Kai and Mistress Sera, greeting them as family

    13. They offered a cheerful greeting to Lord Tarak and his men and were very gentle helping the ladies off the platform with their mounts

    14. She had prearranged a greeting with Rital, ‘to the bitch that rules Aura’, to confirm that it came from him

    15. Boris immediately greeted Alfred like and old friend, though Alfred was a bit more reserved in his greeting, he still rose and clasped arms, allowed the Russian a hug

    16. stretching his back, and then touched his hat politely in greeting

    17. She makes a point of greeting a middle aged man in a blue fleece, shows him and the lads to a group of tables in front of the stage and suggests that they give her an order so that she can bring the drinks over

    18. George raised his hat in greeting to Miss Hill and she returned his smile

    19. He returns Ken's greeting

    20. his hand in greeting

    21. Mike waved a greeting as I dumped the heap of cables in the vicinity of the stage

    22. His face hung and his greeting was listless

    23. She said something in greeting but something about what she was wearing made it impossible for him to accurately remember just what it was

    24. greeting as she finished with her customer and only spoke

    25. the merchant’s greeting – there never was

    26. Waterhouse?” Ethan Strenhowell said by way of greeting, and he nodded to Mr

    27. His hands gave Desa quite a friendly greeting as he talked about her upcoming trip

    28. the nearest cot and nodded a friendly greeting towards

    29. Frenchmen, they returned my greeting with a smile and

    30. Before he could finish his greeting, or offer an explanation, her fist landed squarely on his face

    31. ’ and passed by without so much as a greeting

    32. "Desa, after all these decades, what kind of greeting is that? When I saw your name in the poster I had to come check out this band

    33. Grandpa rose up and extended his arms in greeting

    34. "Theodorous," the One Elf whispered in greeting, dipping his head

    35. True to form the dog, a Red Setter, desperate for company now that its master and his friends had all left, ran up to Ammon and licked his face in greeting

    36. even offered songs of greeting

    37. The perfect pitch -- personalized greeting, story angle, where it fits in 437 the media outlet, call to action

    38. Are you both going to ramble on about your inappropriate and inconsiderate greeting or are we going to introduce ourselves as it should be done and have a little chat

    39. When they saw his face they let him by without greeting him, knowing better than to disturb an angry man

    40. shivering creature that barked and smiled in greeting

    41. When he saw Zarko he barked a greeting and added, “What is it with this uncle of yours? He’s forever having weird dreams and then demanding that they be interpreted

    42. She hadn’t expected a greeting

    43. ” Darniil was impressed at the king’s use of the Hebrew greeting

    44. Zarko pulled the man aside and after the customary greeting, he enquired, “I didn’t see my father ride in this morning when the army returned

    45. He mumbled a greeting as he tried to get his voice to respond

    46. Used as a greeting or farewell, it conveys the meaning,

    47. Each of these public appearances, was met with polite expressions of greeting from all those who encountered Mr Snickerty, and such felicitations were volleyed by that latter gentlemen in the same respectful and formal manner as they were served up, as was only to be expected of such an accomplished and esteemed authority

    48. Above them on a balcony over-looking their bend of the river, two nice people waved and called out to them a greeting

    49. GingerKat returned the greeting, intimating to the Elf, “Yes

    50. ” A tall man held out his cheek towards her, she rubbed her cheek to his as if that were the greeting she had been accustomed to all her life

    1. and the thunder and the roar that greets

    2. that greets a man’s song on the road to Ypres?

    3. shades of autumn hearths as she greets those

    4. She stands up as she sees me coming and greets me normally; she seems perfectly natural

    5. He greets me with the glad news that Karen’s just remembered that his car has to go in for its MOT before the end of the week and that he has therefore arranged with his garage to do it first thing tomorrow

    6. As she draws level with us, she greets Simon

    7. The fact I have been ready to go for nearly half an hour is irrelevant … he greets me with a kiss and then, quickly looking at his watch, announces that we really ought to be moving

    8. The silence which greets this statement says it all,

    9. “Someone else greets you that way?”

    10. A dank hallway with exposed pipes in the ceiling greets us, but it’s only ten feet long

    11. What greets me is only silence

    12. Nowadays, Gastown constitutes a pleasant mixture of the old and the new, with cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, restaurants and boutiques, and a landmark clock, unique in its kind, that functions with vapor, which it emits into the air and greets the people with music every fifteen minutes

    13. A few days later after his visit to Toni’s gravesite, he pays a courtesy call to his mother-in-law who immediately greets him with a warm embrace upon entering her home

    14. This is a Kyrgyz traditional ritual, where a family greets

    15. Fajid, greets me and drives me in a broken-down Town car to my hotel

    16. He greets him, “Well, Dad, what up? You get something?”

    17. His tribe runs up and greets him with hugs and chin-rubs and lip music

    18. Yoseph would have seen to that! “Shelama,” Yeshua greets a group of boys his own age as they pass by on their way to the synagogue—where Yeshua isn’t allowed to enter

    19. He lovingly greets several of his wives (the rest are home in Yathrib), and then settles a minor disagreement among his commanders as to what to do with the captive enemy soldiers

    20. The young girl assistant greets him nervously but manages a smile as she starts to add up Simon's shopping on her cash register putting them in a carrier bag

    21. � greets Natalie in a cheerful voice; �Hi Barney

    22. � she greets with a smile as he and Steve enter the kitchen

    23. � greets Barney as he walks into the lounge followed by Phil and Dave

    24. Looking Simon in the eyes he cheerfully greets; �Good morning mate, feels like it's going to be a good day

    25. Beyond the crumbling buildings a large industrial estate made of modern metal clad buildings greets his gaze

    26. Grailem approaches with a smile and greets them in their language

    27. ” he greets with a big beaming smile

    28. 13 She who is in Babylon, elect together with you, greets you; and so

    29. He greets Laura politely and turns to me

    30. Barimus greets him with a slap on the counter

    31. You come through the door and the hostess greets you with a smile

    32. After the recitation of “Atahiya” plus Salati Ibrahima and other invocations, he then finally greets our prophet Mohammad and the other Prophets as seen above with head turned to the right and to the left

    33. Headwaiter/hostess greets and welcomes guests within 30 seconds of arriving at the

    34. John greets everyone in the house the converse amongst themselves four

    35. that greets this kindred spirit

    36. Paul’s attorney gets up from the table and greets the State Attorney with a strong handshake, then a

    37. "Ananda greets Ayahnda Sultan

    38. And he greets his class of three;

    39. She greets us with a broad smile; she's the sort of person you can't help but like

    40. The sight that greets the 5th regiment causes a few of them to start weeping, which gradually spreads to the rest of the group, as retching begins to take place in the stomachs of the few who started the process

    41. He greets the anthropologist with a nod and a shy half-smile

    42. (Greets the antique the hero new? 'tis but the same--the heir

    43. And he will count the one happy in his condition and state of being, and he will pity the other; or, if he have a mind to laugh at the soul which comes from below into the light, there will be more reason in this than in the laugh which greets him who returns from above out of the light into the den

    44. He usually greets me pleasantly and I leave

    45. Reagan greets the rotund white-haired Speaker of the House, Massachusetts congressman Tip O’Neill

    46. In Communist Cuba, the government greets Reagan’s death with a proclamation attacking his conservative policies, stating, “He should never have been born

    47. My classmates still keep the seat for me with my name on it, and at the boys’ school Sir Amjad has put a big poster of me at the entrance and says he greets it every morning before going into his office

    48. A roar of welcome greets him

    49. The smell of disinfectant and soap greets them when they open the door

    50. “Listen, do you know how a Zulu speaker greets another Zulu speaker?”

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