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Greet в предложении (на )

  1. He rose to greet me.
  2. He got up to greet me.
  3. He turns to greet my mom.
  4. Tetl ran in to greet me.
  5. Simon stood to greet him.

  6. Not even Suzy to greet me.
  7. I flew round to greet him.
  8. How should she greet him?
  9. I walked down to greet her.
  10. Tyrus didn’t greet his son.
  11. No craft rose to greet them.
  12. She bobs her head to greet me.
  13. That's a nice way to greet me.
  14. Christina came out to greet us.
  15. Owen charged forward to greet.

  16. Fulton were there to greet them.
  17. Greet every saint in Christ Jesus.
  18. The Churches of Christ greet you.
  19. And she now hastened to greet him.
  20. She stepped forward to greet them.
  21. The Witch was ready to greet the.
  22. But he will not greet thee to-.
  23. Kate was at the door to greet them.
  24. Ohlson stood up to greet his friend.
  25. You can greet her in the manner of.

  26. Greet on another with a kiss of Love.
  27. Chilton stood to greet Cadet Garcia.
  28. Harry tried to greet me with a hug.
  29. She did not even get up to greet him.
  30. The Mico was brought out to greet me.
  31. He stood, ready to greet his visitor.
  32. Zachary raises his hand to greet Sean.
  33. As he entered both rose to greet him.
  34. They stood to greet the new arrivals.
  35. Trinkem and walked over to greet them.
  36. Dionus was standing there to greet him.
  37. There was no one there to greet Timmy.
  38. All the saints greet you, especially.
  39. Her eyes opened to greet him, and the.
  40. They flew out from the house to greet.
  41. She went to greet Chinedu in his office.
  42. To greet me with premeditated welcomes;.
  43. Loud rang the hunting-horns to greet it.
  45. Just in time to greet Santa Claus as he.
  46. Everyone wanted to see her and greet her.
  47. Jabulani had not been there to greet his.
  48. Walter and Thelma were there to greet them.
  49. As we arrived William was there to greet us.
  50. Berenice was there to greet her at the gate.
  51. One day Spike didn’t greet me after work.
  52. Then he came over there to greet his father.
  53. This is how you greet an old friend?
  54. The way they greet shows they haven’t.
  55. Both she and Alex turned around to greet her.
  56. When he stopped, Jason came out to greet him.
  57. Jeb walked out smiling and waving to greet me.
  58. Sherry hurries up to the counter to greet him.
  59. The President stood to greet him, making his.
  60. Coffee? he turned at last to greet his guest.
  61. Is that why you’ve come to greet me?
  62. As they rose to greet him Kanaklata grazed a.
  63. The wizard smiled and rose to greet his alumnus.
  64. There were no head raises to greet his legions.
  65. Many came to greet and congratulate her as she.
  66. They welcomed Frodo and rose to greet him; and.
  67. Hello, she rose and came over to greet me.
  68. They held back while he came forward to greet us.
  69. He thought the most apt thing to do, was greet it.
  70. Billy enters and the same festive meet and greet.
  71. Oh, I shall greet you with a smile when it suits me.
  72. Likewise greet the Church that is in their house.
  73. Sally greeted me good morning and I greet her back.
  74. At her approach, he rose to greet her with alacrity.
  75. I went out to greet him and found he was not alone.
  76. Jordan as he rose from his desk chair to greet her.
  77. Actually, greet seems like far too friendly a term.
  78. They rushed through the station house to greet her.
  79. When the door opens, you greet him and the others.
  80. The Queen and her daughters rose again to greet him.
  81. No one rode out to either greet them or attack them.
  82. The first emotions to greet me are hunger and thirst.
  83. Grandpa had climbed from his easy chair to greet them.
  84. People greet others on the street with a smile and a.
  85. There was an acolyte from Theology there to greet him.
  86. Pinger, come over here and greet your Second Uncle.
  87. I leaned down to greet him and saw Amaia was with him.
  88. T " and the "A-Team " were not in the van to greet her.
  89. They sped up the stairs and went to greet their guests.
  90. Watomika rose to greet us and I made the introductions.
  91. Astonished, everyone ran to greet her, giving her a hug.
  92. The other half of the set was walking out to greet them.
  93. When my husband arrived, Ikati jumped down to greet him.
  94. As he walked in, several POWs came forward to greet him.
  95. He wasn’t sure what words would greet him on the page.
  96. I stood up to greet my host and found it was the Khakhan.
  97. They could come out and greet me or whoever else was in.
  98. Out in the bar, both preachers stood to greet the main man.
  99. Several men and women exited the RBC to greet the police.
  100. Live music played by the entrance to greet the VIP guests.
  1. I nodded a polite greeting.
  2. What a greeting! But then.
  3. But not before greeting Ms.
  4. Again he repeated the greeting.
  5. Gray Lady whickered a greeting.
  6. After greeting the prior, she.
  7. After his initial greeting, he.
  8. He's not smiled in greeting once.
  9. Avery, I said as a greeting.
  10. She hadn’t expected a greeting.
  11. It gave him a melodious greeting.
  12. She held out her hand in greeting.
  13. He raised a hand to me in greeting.
  14. I have tubs of greeting cards for.
  15. Here, we set the value of Greeting.
  16. This was the common church greeting.
  17. Without returning my greeting he said.
  18. The man at the wheel waved a greeting.
  19. Here, we set GreetingBean as Greeting.
  20. But only the greeting: Peace, peace.
  21. That’s a very informal greeting.
  22. No answering greeting came back to me.
  23. Yazril, Venarya said in greeting.
  24. Whoa, never expected such a greeting.
  25. Lynn, once again, offered the greeting.
  26. Caliph Haroun al Raschid sends greeting.
  27. He nodded his greeting and let her pass.
  29. She shook the wizard’s hand in greeting.
  30. Poseidon, Than sneered his greeting.
  31. Well, that’s a hell of greeting!.
  32. Our greeting with his ex-wife was cordial.
  33. They raise their hands and chant greeting.
  34. He walked to the reception, greeting the.
  35. The blond dwarf nodded his head in greeting.
  36. After greeting Olin he described his problem.
  37. His face hung and his greeting was listless.
  38. They both returned his affectionate greeting.
  39. Lord Annesley, I said in a greeting tone.
  40. Finn smiled, He’s busy greeting the elves.
  41. Laino interrupted her by greeting Ilmal loudly.
  42. The dolphin dipped his head to her in greeting.
  43. He soon came and bowed in greeting to us both.
  44. Somebody left us a greeting, Abraham said.
  45. The Klingons gathered around him, greeting him.
  46. Her hand went up in the typical Vulcan greeting.
  47. Fisherwoman, Aazuria responded in greeting.
  48. The leader returned the greeting without a smile.
  49. Carrie acknowledged his greeting with a wave of.
  50. The boy rejoiced and gave him the Easter greeting.
  51. I couldn’t have asked for a merrier greeting.
  52. And as you enter the house, give it your greeting.
  53. Grandpa rose up and extended his arms in greeting.
  54. Higgins, he added with a nod as a greeting.
  55. I apologise for the roughness of our greeting.
  56. We are here My Lady, and the twins are greeting us.
  57. He whispered a sweet greeting in her delicate ears.
  58. Hello, young fellow! was his jovial greeting.
  59. Christian greeting came to an end with the ancient.
  60. She greeted and received their greeting with a smile.
  61. There was no greeting, no explanation, no discussion.
  62. She accepted the greeting with a wave of her own hand.
  63. He ignored my greeting and went straight to his point.
  64. Frenchmen, they returned my greeting with a smile and.
  65. Cats have their own way of greeting others, including.
  66. Roberts laughed at Koffel's predictable rough greeting.
  67. Inside, I wandered around the warehouse, greeting the.
  68. The coffee shop host smiled a greeting to Hap and the.
  69. I’m sorry? Is this an unacceptable greeting?
  70. He raised his arm in greeting and was joyfully hailed.
  71. Evan shouted a proper greeting, but no one was around.
  72. There was a warm greeting for both father and daughter.
  73. The king and the others silently returned the greeting.
  74. Observe the loud and spirited Good Bye greeting.
  75. The Sylphs have to wait until the greeting is complete.
  76. Peter… he said greeting him, distending his arm.
  77. A greeting that was well practised when meetings were.
  78. The chairs moved, the sound of greeting filled the room.
  79. To create a Greeting instance, you use GreetingFactory.
  80. He cleared his throat in greeting, and she mumbled back.
  81. It casts the created instance to the Greeting interface.
  82. Dena walked in, without knocking or a greeting, as usual.
  83. I returned the cordial greeting, taking his offered hand.
  84. His Excellency graciously returned Mr Dedalus' greeting.
  85. At the sound of someone greeting him, Avery turned around.
  86. Donovan shot him the bird; the man returned the greeting.
  87. She returned the greeting and smiled somewhat apologetic.
  88. It had nothing to do with the matter of friendly greeting.
  89. The initial greeting has a tremendous impact on whether a.
  90. Behind her, the Grim Reaper lifted his scythe in greeting.
  91. Devon’s arm flails in what he hopes is a casual greeting.
  92. Amin did not shake hands with her but smiled as a greeting.
  93. For how long did he practice this form of greeting?
  94. As they walked up to the wagon Olin called out a greeting.
  95. Evidently the person they were greeting was riding quickly.
  96. He was the only one of the three who didn't bow a greeting.
  97. In lieu of a greeting, Amory held out a pack of cigarettes.
  98. Camellia bobbed her round-crested head and snorted greeting.
  99. Infected by her warm spirit I smiled and mouthed a greeting.
  100. What do you have, Jim? Wickland inquired as a greeting.
  1. I was soon greeted by.
  2. He then greeted the boys.
  3. Wendy greeted her and Lt.
  4. She was greeted by silence.
  5. He greeted all of us but.
  6. A wolf whistle greeted him.
  7. He greeted us with a smile.
  8. I was greeted with silence.
  9. He greeted me with a smile.
  10. A hail of fire greeted them.
  11. Always greeted with a smile.
  12. He was greeted by a screen.
  13. A small village greeted them.
  14. Emma greeted me at the door.
  15. A couple of walkers greeted.
  16. Greeted him when he came home.
  17. Tags greeted me and told me.
  18. Wild cheers greeted his words.
  19. Daphnie greeted him with 52.
  20. He was greeted with a truly.
  21. That was greeted with silence.
  22. They were greeted by both a.
  23. Hey! a voice greeted me.
  24. Batistuta, he was greeted by.
  25. He cheerfully greeted the boys.
  26. A stunned silence greeted this.
  27. Hi Mumsie, he greeted me.
  28. He greeted him as he would a.
  29. Aarav greeted them once again.
  30. But not before she greeted us.
  31. More laughs greeted this sally.
  32. The three greeted each other.
  33. What greeted us was a recruit.
  34. Happy cheers greeted that order.
  35. Three cheers greeted this order.
  36. Frodo greeted him with delight.
  37. Mayank greeted him but he did.
  38. He was greeted by a warm smile.
  39. Thomas and Cheryl greeted each.
  40. Mother greeted me with some news.
  41. An unexpected sight greeted them.
  42. Hey, I greeted him casually.
  43. The regal character greeted his.
  44. She greeted him and hurried past.
  45. So they greeted us with palms.
  46. Paula greeted the man with a kiss.
  47. I was greeted by a chirpy young.
  48. Cody greeted him, Hello Eldrid.
  49. I’m greeted as family here, now.
  50. They were greeted with honor and.
  51. Gerasim approached and greeted him.
  52. He greeted me in an absent manner.
  53. Gehlen greeted us with a short nod.
  54. Connor greeted us when we rode in.
  55. And all of this greeted with YES!.
  56. Some muttering greeted this remark.
  57. She greeted his news with apathy.
  58. She was greeted with a quick reply.
  59. She greeted Luke with a brief hug.
  60. It greeted all guests with a scare.
  61. Enilia greeted and averted her eyes.
  62. French women greeted Russian women.
  63. He greeted Owen jovially and held.
  64. Godfrey greeted the official with.
  65. He raised his cup and greeted them.
  66. A lively throb greeted her fingers.
  67. He warmly greeted us, including me.
  68. Mac greeted us in the cool interior.
  69. A concert of laughs greeted her joke.
  70. As before, only silence greeted him.
  71. One of Akhim’s staff greeted them.
  72. He greeted his sons, Gerry and Roley.
  73. When everyone had formal y greeted.
  74. As he came near Mr Dedalus greeted:.
  75. Ah, Youssaf, Moses greeted him.
  76. Putting out his hand he greeted her.
  77. As always, only silence greeted him.
  78. He is greeted by jeers and cat calls.
  79. Old Jim greeted the ladies in German.
  80. How’s it going? Brian greeted.
  81. As usual, she greeted him in French.
  82. Merthin and Caris greeted her warmly.
  83. David greeted proudly as he saw Avery.
  84. She sat down, and greeted her parents.
  85. Loud cheers greeted this announcement.
  86. Marcel greeted him at the elevator.
  87. Yes, Orlando greeted the caller.
  88. She politely greeted the baffled man.
  89. Stunned silence greeted this statement.
  90. To his relief, a dark void greeted him.
  91. A roar of merriment greeted this sally.
  92. He greeted me affectionately, however.
  93. Chinedu joined them, and greeted them.
  94. Stretching out his hand, he greeted Mr.
  95. The man greeted Harry with a sincere.
  96. I greeted her politely in the living.
  97. Hi, Robin, he greeted his friend.
  98. No one had ever greeted her so warmly.
  99. A concert of cheers greeted that scene.
  100. She was greeted by a barrage of demons.
  1. A roar of welcome greets him.
  2. Ananda greets Ayahnda Sultan.
  3. What greets me is only silence.
  4. And he greets his class of three;.
  5. He greets Laura politely and turns to me.
  6. Someone else greets you that way?
  7. He usually greets me pleasantly and I leave.
  8. As she draws level with us, she greets Simon.
  9. Barimus greets him with a slap on the counter.
  10. This is a Kyrgyz traditional ritual, where a family greets.
  11. He greets him, Well, Dad, what up? You get something?
  12. He greets the anthropologist with a nod and a shy half-smile.
  13. Grailem approaches with a smile and greets them in their language.
  14. When I open the door, the sight that greets me is pretty ridiculous.
  15. You come through the door and the hostess greets you with a smile.
  16. Fajid, greets me and drives me in a broken-down Town car to my hotel.
  17. The smell of disinfectant and soap greets them when they open the door.
  18. Enter Victor, who kisses his mother's hand and greets Prince Abrézkov.
  19. His tribe runs up and greets him with hugs and chin-rubs and lip music.
  20. John greets everyone in the house the converse amongst themselves four.
  21. Listen, do you know how a Zulu speaker greets another Zulu speaker?
  22. She greets us with a broad smile; she's the sort of person you can't help but like.
  23. Headwaiter/hostess greets and welcomes guests within 30 seconds of arriving at the.
  24. When my mother greets me at the door, I’m too afraid to tell her what’s going on.
  25. She stands up as she sees me coming and greets me normally; she seems perfectly natural.
  26. A dank hallway with exposed pipes in the ceiling greets us, but it’s only ten feet long.
  27. Reagan greets the rotund white-haired Speaker of the House, Massachusetts congressman Tip O’Neill.
  28. Paul’s attorney gets up from the table and greets the State Attorney with a strong handshake, then a.
  29. Beyond the crumbling buildings a large industrial estate made of modern metal clad buildings greets his gaze.
  30. They step onto the bridge and through the door, where a colorful toy soldier painted on the wall greets them.
  31. Looking Simon in the eyes he cheerfully greets; �Good morning mate, feels like it's going to be a good day.
  32. The young girl assistant greets him nervously but manages a smile as she starts to add up Simon's shopping on her cash register putting them in a carrier bag.
  33. In Communist Cuba, the government greets Reagan’s death with a proclamation attacking his conservative policies, stating, He should never have been born.
  34. A few days later after his visit to Toni’s gravesite, he pays a courtesy call to his mother-in-law who immediately greets him with a warm embrace upon entering her home.
  35. Yoseph would have seen to that! Shelama, Yeshua greets a group of boys his own age as they pass by on their way to the synagogue—where Yeshua isn’t allowed to enter.
  36. He lovingly greets several of his wives (the rest are home in Yathrib), and then settles a minor disagreement among his commanders as to what to do with the captive enemy soldiers.
  37. The fact I have been ready to go for nearly half an hour is irrelevant … he greets me with a kiss and then, quickly looking at his watch, announces that we really ought to be moving.
  38. My classmates still keep the seat for me with my name on it, and at the boys’ school Sir Amjad has put a big poster of me at the entrance and says he greets it every morning before going into his office.
  39. After the recitation of Atahiya plus Salati Ibrahima and other invocations, he then finally greets our prophet Mohammad and the other Prophets as seen above with head turned to the right and to the left.
  40. He greets me with the glad news that Karen’s just remembered that his car has to go in for its MOT before the end of the week and that he has therefore arranged with his garage to do it first thing tomorrow.
  41. The sight that greets the 5th regiment causes a few of them to start weeping, which gradually spreads to the rest of the group, as retching begins to take place in the stomachs of the few who started the process.
  42. If we are in a gayer mood, as we are likely to be after looking at the brilliant carnival-scene which greets us at the threshold of the present number of THE ALDINE, we recall the opening passages of Byron's merry poem of "Beppo:".
  43. Anyway so I comes in this morning to collect the ruins, and your manager greets me with one of those sour pickle grins and says Well Joe, that was a fine healthy re-action we had in the market, ain’t it? I could have killed him.
  44. Nowadays, Gastown constitutes a pleasant mixture of the old and the new, with cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, restaurants and boutiques, and a landmark clock, unique in its kind, that functions with vapor, which it emits into the air and greets the people with music every fifteen minutes.
  45. And he will count the one happy in his condition and state of being, and he will pity the other; or, if he have a mind to laugh at the soul which comes from below into the light, there will be more reason in this than in the laugh which greets him who returns from above out of the light into the den.
  46. The silence which greets this statement says it all,.

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