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    1. In a way she did, it was a grimy old industrial city where there was nothing to do but drink and fuck and has-been old music still pneumatically amplified

    2. She noted a dusty cobweb draped across the window as she glanced through the grimy glass only to see a rather dilapidated and neglected yard where three cars were parked

    3. small and grimy face they would have been chilled to the bone to

    4. The trousers undone, he lifted himself off the bed and stepped out of them, his erection straining against his grimy underpants

    5. He peered out of the window through the stream of water running down the grimy glass and let his thoughts run free

    6. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact

    7. It was now grimy stone and concrete factories where textile machinery was made and maintained

    8. The grey one had a grimy handkerchief wrapped around its handle

    9. Russell shot a demon just as its grimy hands closed over a window sill

    10. I could see in the dim torch light that Sam was in the same state of me and that tear tracks ran through his grimy cheeks

    11. He was caked in chalky dust this stuck like glue to you clothing and put a grimy film over your skin if you added the smoke and burnt powder from our rifles and bombs then you ended up with grimy chalky white looking soldier

    12. The stinking mud oozing into the captives boots, its odour permeating their leather armour, making them feel grimy and dirty

    13. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels

    14. "You haven't got a Jaguar for sale?" he checked, tapping the newspaper with a long, grimy finger, looking directly at me for the first time with an earnest bovine expression that made me shudder

    15. Some grimy northern industrial town in the northern hemisphere

    16. While he was still soaking, Elizabeth came in and took away his grimy clothes

    17. The exterior wall of the room he entered was of brick with a row of grimy windows covered over with steel mesh

    18. Regardless of how grimy these men looked, they were rich and held court in the

    19. the area, their signage grimy and tattered as if they had remained

    20. In her room, she reached out to pull back the cover before noticing her grimy hand

    21. Just a few minutes later, the taxi drew up at the grimy frontage of what was


    23. The man was grimy

    24. “Get your grimy

    25. Its fur was grimy,

    26. My last sight before I fainted was his black-bearded grimy face, broken with a sneer

    27. " His face was grimy and his beard tangled, but his expression seemed kindly

    28. He wiped under his eyes with an oily cloth that left his face grimy, like he had on war paint

    29. A couple of grimy dudes with plastic grocery bags for hats checked me out as I came close

    30. Beggars, prostitutes in dark corners, dirty, grimy cobblestone streets

    31. I glanced through a grimy window

    32. Malone stood in wet, grimy snow that was soaking through her shoes and socks and slacks

    33. toward typing in a grimy city

    34. She was dressed in an Indian costume with Chuckie sporting a breechclout, his head resplendent in a band of grimy chicken feathers salvaged from last Sunday‘s home cooked chicken dinner

    35. As Can Martin‘s part unrolled, Elise could only look at her former patient‘s flushed face and shake her head, tears of sympathy creeping down dirt streaked cheeks to be wiped away by her grimy, bloodstained hand

    36. Jacques Foucharde carried a worried look in his 13 year old eyes, nervously wiping the palms of his grimy hands on his bib coveralls while standing on one bare foot as he rubbed the other on his leg to assuage the myriad ant bites getting itchier by the minute

    37. ―Alright pal, let‘s be off!‖ With that the grimy pair started towards the north, Samson figuring he had entered the forest from the west and that north would be the shortest way out

    38. “Shhh yaar,” Musafir eyes wandered over the building to see the grimy door that they assumed was the main door of entry

    39. The power in my boot drove Corey's neck into the grimy, blood stained floor

    40. The white of his red-spotted bandanna was brilliantly clean, in stark comparison to his grimy face

    41. What was this? Was it the poor quarter of London? The Kaloleni of London? It was grim and grimy, especially during that winter when pavements sang out a frozen tune to his footfall and all was covered in icy filth

    42. Nobody wants to buy a product that appears used, grimy, or damaged

    43. By the time he arrived, the air was thick with choking dust and Carla’s face was grimy and running with sweat

    44. pavements chipped and grimy, broken glass patched with cardboard, a frenzy of signs

    45. There were two lamps overhead, both encased in large opaque bowls reminiscent of schoolhouses that provided enough light in addition to the natural light that managed to pass through the grimy windowpanes to illuminate the store

    46. and grimy as a grease monkey’s

    47. He nervously checked his reflection in grimy windows and still puddles

    48. The feeling of the cool, grimy bricks on his face vanishes

    49. can almost cutting his grimy hands on the pointy edges of

    50. His legs gave out and he collapsed to the grimy pavement

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    begrimed dingy grimy grubby grungy raunchy dirty unclean soiled mucky squalid foul