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Grimy in a sentence

I glanced through a grimy window.
A grimy toaster stood in the corner.
Rows of grimy houses with gaping doors.
Shaddup, you grimy little feck, he said.
A horde of grimy children populated the street.
His fingernails and toenails were long and grimy.
His legs gave out and he collapsed to the grimy pavement.

She shoved me off and I landed against a grimy, old chair.
The feeling of the cool, grimy bricks on his face vanishes.
In the far corner was a smithy, where a grimy lad was at work.
Some grimy northern industrial town in the northern hemisphere.
The grey one had a grimy handkerchief wrapped around its handle.
Nobody wants to buy a product that appears used, grimy, or damaged.
Russell shot a demon just as its grimy hands closed over a window sill.
He nervously checked his reflection in grimy windows and still puddles.
Beggars, prostitutes in dark corners, dirty, grimy cobblestone streets.
He sighed inwardly at the grimy feeling of another day without a shower.
The power in my boot drove Corey's neck into the grimy, blood stained floor.
Guat the farmer ran past, his belly bouncing over his grimy leather loincloth.
Just a few minutes later, the taxi drew up at the grimy frontage of what was.
While he was still soaking, Elizabeth came in and took away his grimy clothes.
Regardless of how grimy these men looked, they were rich and held court in the.
Torn pants, grimy jackets, one of the men in suspenders; they do not wear uniforms.
He stood there, tired and grimy, his hair mussed, his collar lacking its freshness.
In her room, she reached out to pull back the cover before noticing her grimy hand.
His hands, large, and grimy, and yet well shaped for his labour, worked restlessly.
We stopped at a low building with a grimy front and harbor water swilling at the back.
My last sight before I fainted was his black-bearded grimy face, broken with a sneer.
Conklin parked at the curb in front of the grimy storefront before I could answer him.
The dull pounding of their grimy hands on the glass, almost rhythmic in its intensity.
A round whole was prepared and an earthen pot was available there which was very grimy.
Malone stood in wet, grimy snow that was soaking through her shoes and socks and slacks.
It was old, grimy, with a big bay window, and it was semi-detached; but it looked gloomy.
A couple of grimy dudes with plastic grocery bags for hats checked me out as I came close.
A white sheet spills over the side of the gurney and brushes against grimy checkered tiles.
Added to that was the fact that he also made a life for himself in Majorca, not cold, grimy.
He wiped under his eyes with an oily cloth that left his face grimy, like he had on war paint.
It was now grimy stone and concrete factories where textile machinery was made and maintained.
Then he saw the phone slide across the grimy tile, followed by Larry’s collapse to the floor.

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