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    1. was, How can you put a dollar amount on helping an animal with that much gumption and affection?

    2. It’s whether you have the gumption and the wiles to challenge Hollowcrest

    3. And then, he also had to admit that the land troll had some gumption

    4. He’d had some gumption back

    5. Easier blockages can be removed by a bit of gumption, a bit of

    6. He had the gumption to walk up to the warden

    7. By the same token, there have always been instances of people born in the lower social classes who by sheer gumption raised themselves up in life in spite of all handicaps

    8. I never had the gumption to

    9. They sat in companionable silence just holding hands, for awhile, before either one had the gumption to speak

    10. business credit card for the second time around, I had the gumption to immediately go

    11. enough for me to get the gumption to invite her to lunch over

    12. She has enough gumption to glare at me, so maybe she's just shocked but not in shock, or maybe she's coming out of it

    13. “I hope he has more gumption than the rest of

    14. Then she laughed and added, “I don’t know where you find the gumption to stand up to the FBI that way

    15. Never in her life had she been afraid to look another in the eye, and Powell—celebrity or no—would not, could not, overcome this gumption

    16. Nobody with more gumption than a grasshopper could go and sit and listen

    17. Wonder he had the gumption to propose to any girl

    18. Thank God the captain commanding the Darailys picket had the gumption to blow the locks without waiting for authorization from someone higher up the command chain! At least we’ve got them stopped there—for the moment, at any rate—but if Falling Rock marches out into the middle of all that, the heretics will annihilate him

    19. At eighty-six, she had more energy and considerably more gumption than the average thirty-something corporate hotshot

    20. she thought that if he were anybody and had any gumption he would go home, even if Scarlett was careful not to question him, fearful that he might leave them

    21. If he didn’t have the gumption to get out and make some money, why was he could do to restrain herself from flying into a rage, and frequently she did not restrain always finding fault with her? And the things he nagged her about were so silly! What difference did it make in times like these if she was being unwomanly? Especially when and Tara, and Frank too

    22. she realized that she and Cathleen had started with the same equipment after the “There but for a lot of gumption am I,” she thought, and pride surged through her as surrender—empty hands and what they had in their heads

    23. The rest have gone under because they didn’t have any sap in them, because they didn’t have the gumption to rise up again

    24. ” “I’m proud of the legislature, proud of their gumption!” shouted Uncle Henry

    25. I never dreamed he had that much gumption

    26. If she’d had any gumption she’d living there alone, since both Old Miss and Young Miss had died

    27. He recalled scenes from his youth when he and meditation buddies would have group dinners at restaurants and no one would have the gumption to place an order

    28. It’s something that takes quick execution skills and the gumption to actually trade this setup

    29. Those individual shareholders who have enough gumption to make their presence felt at annual meetings—generally a completely futile performance—will not need our counsel on what points to raise with the managements

    30. But she had no gumption left

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    backbone grit gumption guts moxie sand common sense good sense horse sense mother wit sense