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    1. with God in a true sense of this term

    2. sense to claim you are in relationship with God and still

    3. influence this world? Games are addicting because they give you a sense of accomplishment

    4. "Hey, we saved the maps," Jorma said, "not that they made any sense to either one of us

    5. Time, in the physical sense, doesn’t actually exist

    6. a sense of proportion to the importance of certain matters in life

    7. awaken a whole new sense of being present and living life in the moment, as it is happening

    8. their sense of awe

    9. When you lose that sense, the

    10. our true sense of worship

    11. intuitive decision in the moment of how you should handle that sixth sense

    12. distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to

    13. “You have to be able to sense where your body is and when you’re unstable

    14. Even if you’ve been an avid golfer, a fiend for tennis, loved playing hockey or zooming downhill on skis, you can’t assume you’ve retained your sense of balance

    15. sense of contentment within us in a

    16. Can we do anything to protect ourselves and bring our sense of balance up to par? Happily, the answer is yes

    17. They mask the ability to sense accurately where the pressure is on the foot

    18. “Oh really? Compton?” That makes sense

    19. “You’ll find everything you need is there for the numbers to make sense,” Henry continued, when he really should have just stayed quiet

    20. On the other hand, pleasurable thoughts and feelings can lead to muscle relaxation and a sense of well being

    21. She felt Tdeshi's hormones prompting her to blow off comfortable old Kulai and run off on an adventure with a dashing manly man, but Ava's sense of duty was going to force Herndon to pay for this junket with his fast boat

    22. Scar peered intently at the gibberish on the monitor, trying to make sense of the words and numbers appearing and disappearing in rapid procession

    23. In a sense she was a native, this body was born here of native parents back when Alan was the only person of Earth ancestry walking here

    24. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    25. If that makes any sense

    26. Kulai was so sophisticated, a well practiced amorist from an ancient and decadent culture, but in a sense more tease than Tdeshi's hormones wanted her to live with

    27. Not all the lines have to make sense

    28. Cockroaches have a well developed sense of smell

    29. There was a sense of royalty about the room

    30. Though the last one is the final one, it makes sense to destroy the previous ones

    31. She had also given Nancy the spy name of Seventy-Seven, and the identity and sense of purpose that went along with it

    32. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    33. ‘What?’ I asked, trying to make sense of what he’s said

    34. They had way more money than sense and a bunch of crazy notions, but other than that, they were just big guys who liked to play with motors

    35. Through the practice of Meditation you will achieve a greater sense of purpose and strength of will

    36. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness

    37. By now Dan had regained his sense of righteous propriety

    38. they lost their sense of time and place and became one writhing creature on that

    39. “I don’t mean Heaven and Hell, not in the biblical sense

    40. Cat tried to make sense of his words

    41. Independence tussles with sense as I watch; sense wins

    42. She looked beyond Ava to the surf while she thought of how little sense that statement made

    43. Once they did, their creed could finally make some real sense

    44. I like Molly … she’s got a wicked sense of humour

    45. She could feel the need, could sense the exquisite pain of that once

    46. What sense it made to spread their arms like birds and cup their hands was beyond her

    47. I sit in the car for nearly ten minutes muttering imprecations about that bloody man before my sense of humour gets the better of me and, realising just how stupid this whole thing is, burst out laughing

    48. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what

    49. There was certainly no question that he knew a lot about Gino's criminal past, way too much, so in that sense the game was up

    50. ‘Sometimes – pretty awful most of them, though you do get the odd one who has a bit of sense about her

    1. She passed her hands over his chin, natives either grew full length beards or had their facial hair genetically removed, so this roughness was something she seldom sensed and after the fifty Earth years since he'd left, it moved her in unexpected ways

    2. He had sensed they were much more intelligent than a horse, more intelligent than a feral dog

    3. She sensed something other

    4. The low menace in his voice reminded me of my father on report night, and for the first time in my life I sensed the difference between love and hate

    5. I sensed fear and bewilderment, mine included

    6. We sensed the nervous agitation of the guards, an anxiety verging on panic

    7. She sensed something other here but not evil, not in its own right, describing it to herself as rather a feral air, as though the man were wild and untamed as yet

    8. The twins sensed that they were going ‘home’ and they became very excited, running about and growling

    9. Since they were the same age, Nuran and Alan hit it off well enough that night in the inn that Luray wanted to suggest to Lmore that Nuran wouldn't be needing a guide to Zhlindu, but she also sensed that Nuran and Lmore already had a little history that Lmore wanted to continue

    10. They sensed the people in the large Hall and attacked it with a vengeance

    11. He sensed him roaming about looking for information

    12. In Felix I sensed the businessman, I could tell he was in the habit of entering his problems in his mental search engine and waiting for a list of alternatives to come up but this time he didn't stand a chance because the wide blue was smiling as wide and as blue as only the wide blue can smile and the balmy air was becalming his twiddling and so he was forced to relax a little more, close his eyes and lay back

    13. Up to then, I suppose it had been nothing more than banter but I sensed it was beginning to border on something a little more diabolical and that was when the mood changed with some Athens jazz

    14. I hoped he sensed my unease

    15. Thom sensed the meeting was over, he tapped the signed req back into his phone and minimized it, then got up to go

    16. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world of family revelations and scandals

    17. Lucy had never bought into the concept that art or music could change lives or move mountains, but with every hook and drum beat, with every lilting nuance of the boy’s soft voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively that she had to download the song immediately

    18. Lana told me that she sensed there was some kind of

    19. say, in effect: "What you just said was meaningless!" Such is only sensed as

    20. "It wasn't until the year you call 114 that our cerebral mechanics first sensed a mortal dimension

    21. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world

    22. voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively

    23. He had apparently sensed the mood, and seemed happy enough to

    24. He had sensed a certain

    25. He couldn’t let him know he had sensed that he knew Tdeshi

    26. Johnson sensed Roman was uneasy with the amount of information known

    27. Still Roman sensed he had walked into a world meant solely for

    28. He was beginning to scare her, and he must have sensed it, for he turned and walked off into the first small room at the front of the house

    29. Then almost as if the crowd sensed her wish, a path opened and the seven of them where clearly visible to her, in a nook of their own, the six stood about Sara in her wheel chair, each girl, securely tucked under a young man’s arm of Emma’s approval

    30. He never sensed the other being

    31. He sensed the man's power as clearly as his stench

    32. She shook him, gently, but with enough force that he sensed urgency

    33. his back and sensed a lifting of the gloom

    34. He sensed the presence and knew the speaker, it was the Gray Mage Coba, a refugee of the Order and, next to Brice, he was the highest ranked mage in Shattered Rock

    35. Brice sensed the mages rousing behind him and could hear whispers running through the crowd of students

    36. But he sensed that was about to change

    37. Galimoto sensed the presence of his master, felt him emanating fear, far away at the outskirts of the city

    38. He must have sensed her reply was grim, for the darkness tightened around him

    39. But he would probably do so, even without her endorsement, for he sensed a kindred spirit in the man

    40. As he pondered his options, he sensed the branches closing in on him once more

    41. Immediately he sensed the Tree, and the pure evil within

    42. He could see her jaw was injured, and though he couldn’t have known about her other injury, he must have sensed it was improper to strike a girl’s chest

    43. Nerissa sensed that there was little love between them

    44. Ome hesitated, he sensed something in the figure

    45. The moment he sensed their presence, Ollius communicated telepathically with them

    46. Ollius sensed confusion, shock, and a great deal of fear among the group

    47. Ostedes was preparing to move on, to further his power, further the chaos, when suddenly he sensed new arrivals to the Hangar – both of their minds oh so familiar

    48. He sensed a failure of catastrophic proportions

    49. What was most puzzling was that he only sensed it, but couldn’t see it

    50. The army of races sensed the potential failure as well

    1. We are also not here to be preoccupied with indiscriminate or unregulated gratification of the senses, or to imitate the behaviour of others whose lives are so misdirected

    2. This is due to the fact that the focus of attention is away from the things of the senses, no matter how beautiful

    3. The withdrawing of the mind-consciousness from the periphery of the body, so that the avenues of outer perception and contact (the five senses) are stilled, and the consciousness is no longer outgoing

    4. Prathayara or Withdrawal of the Senses

    5. Senses are superior to your body

    6. Mind is superior to the senses and intellect is superior to mind

    7. I stand there like a lunatic for slightly longer than is polite … just staring at her and trying to take this in, then, come to my senses suddenly

    8. every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    9. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    10. The steam rising from the freshly brewed tea assaulted my senses making me salivate

    11. I try to respond accordingly but he senses my embarrassment at once:

    12. Suddenly, I'm distracted by a voice, wake up!" Immediately, the sensation of Apollo standing over me inundates my senses

    13. Hints of perfumed unguents applied so thoughtlessly in the dawn light spoke in foreign tongues to insect senses

    14. It is an orgy of the senses

    15. With every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    16. "They have very different senses

    17. Allowing the other pedestrians to pass, she paused, one hand on the post of the crossing for balance, and bent over fiddling with her shoe, her senses firing off warnings … she could smell danger

    18. Probably the greatest travesty of our age is the use of manipulation during worship to rile up the emotions and senses during the music time

    19. He approached more quietly after that, and kept his senses alert for something less technical than a human

    20. Slowly, my senses steadying, I open my eyes and try to calm my breathing … the familiar room is comforting

    21. A mighty roar from Rah brought her back to her senses

    22. I closed my eyes and tried to look forward to this unexpected visit to the city of cities but just as Prometheus opened up with some hot tips on the nightspots of Sophia, I was brought to my senses by a sensuous vibration from deep within my trouser pocket

    23. A welcome pressure on my arm brought me to my senses, but my guilt began to smoulder

    24. But it brought me to my senses, seething with frustration and anger, 'He's a total bloody menace

    25. A shivering fit brings him to his senses soon enough though and, with a filthy look in my direction, he goes off into a corner of the room to divest himself of his soaking clothes while I do the same by the fire

    26. The rendering of my wife's body, the dinner, the candlelight, the music, the smells of the food, her perfume and her body itself was all fine, at least as good as my mortal senses could ever perceive

    27. The princess was the first to come to her senses

    28. Earlier, whilst waiting for the Delfini, I'd confessed I was an old-fashioned dreamy coward who had almost flown away only a few hours earlier but for the last minute flash of awareness that brought me to my senses

    29. At those times when the vision of the fish is restricted, its other senses will kick in

    30. He had almost lost total control of his senses before Naria stepped in and brought him back from the brink of madness

    31. The feel of her smooth skin on his body heightened all his senses

    32. He calmed himself and focused all his senses; he would have to be very cautious

    33. “It was pretty intense, but what scenes were projected on my senses during that time really isn’t important if we don’t know where it came from

    34. She told him not to worry; she would council with her Eloi senses before approaching them

    35. They were about thirty feet from Warrior Hold when Rayne’s senses suddenly tensed…

    36. What I want to do here is expand both senses and

    37. This keda cart was rendered very well to all his senses and so was the girl sitting on the front of it

    38. Helen came to her senses as if emerging from a deep dive in

    39. Joseph lay still for a few minutes, until he regained his senses and slowly sat up

    40. He didn’t blame her, entering the spirit world with one’s head encased in an ensorcelled helmet was too scary to contemplate and was making him cold, especially with his senses heightened by the yaag

    41. Petr shook his head to clear his fuddled senses

    42. Her senses alert, she moved her feet a little, trying to gauge how treacherous the mud was

    43. his mind, over and over again, Flee! It was an hour before he finally came to his senses and stopped

    44. Racial memory alerted senses she didn’t know she had and ran messages along neural pathways long forgotten

    45. Ozzie appeared at her side holding a glass of water; it brought her back to her senses

    46. pressure buffeted his senses making his mind spin

    47. The sound brought both Angie and Kev to their senses and, her smile threatening to crack her face in two, Angie had pulled him into the house and shut the door

    48. thought he was dreaming, but as his senses started to return slowly and nerves

    49. Maggie is the first to come to her senses, and although she is winded, she is able to shake off the intoxication of violence

    50. Of course Beth always, tried not to let anyone know she had it, she even went so far as to do just what her senses told her not to do

    1. ‘What is it?’ I asked, sensing something behind that last exclamation

    2. Sensing what he was up to, Jackson and Lady Isabol doubled their efforts to reach them

    3. Sensing that she was merely trying to save face, Rayne said she would use the wooden sword

    4. Denair remembered going thru the market place and sensing a strong life force about him, strangely familiar somehow

    5. probably sensing the truth about what was going

    6. Sensing the same, Mya offered a solution

    7. Carl peered through the candlelight at the janitor sensing his young friend

    8. Roman cut her off, sensing the onset of world war three

    9. “It’s always like this on Thanksgiving,” Buttworst said, sensing Roman’s

    10. “Keep your arrow on them,” Dobber said, sensing his fears

    11. ‘The truth,’ she said, sensing his hesitance

    12. But she still held back, sensing that there was more

    13. She hadn’t seen him for a while and she neighed softly, sensing that it was an opportunity to get out for a change

    14. In fact, as Carius reentered the camp, sensing something newly amiss, he made his way right back to the physician’s tent

    15. Sensing her stare on the back of its large black head the animal turned around and stopped for a split-second

    16. The streams seemed to be sensing, enquiring, and sucking up nourishment

    17. “You know, reading people… sensing their auras… hearing stories of great beasts that savagely-”

    18. Sometimes our psychic antennae may be actually sensing place memory of a particular location

    19. sensing a rare opportunity

    20. However, the woman – perhaps sensing the man was intent on something more than mere emotional comforting – returned to her seat after a light pat on his shoulder

    21. Martin watched the screen of the heat sensing equipment looking for any white outlines that might be a man

    22. ’ he wanted the suit to comment, to somehow offer some solace if not a solution, but it remained silent, only releasing it’s lock-hold, at least sensing that was the right thing to do now

    23. ” replied Chris, sensing he was losing the argument

    24. But sensing his lack of comprehension it told him in English every precautionary measure it was taking to counter the ship’s mysterious effects, as its thrusters were edging him nearer

    25. He scanned the village streets as though sensing danger then he continued

    26. ‘I have been wondering,’ she said, sensing he was about to try some

    27. Torbin stepped forward, sensing the Elusiver’s time was fast running out

    28. ” He continued, sensing

    29. It was sensing for the Power that was always just beyond your reach, until the True Flow heightened your senses and you moved with greater speed and agility

    30. But now, as if sensing the need, he had to come back to say good-bye

    31. Tilden looked to the east, perhaps sensing for any demons in the distance, as did all the Guardians while also trying to look in every direction at once

    32. The building illuminated, sensing his presence, fluorescent strips extending to a near vanishing point

    33. ‘All right now,’ Dr Karol said, surely sensing the escalating argument

    34. It would activate automatically, sensing Gerrid's imminent rejection From TIAR

    35. The casket hatch swooshed open sensing the elevated bioactivity

    36. On sensing Halon’s concern, Saldon fought of his tiredness in preparing his mattress more slowly

    37. His dark eyes narrowed, and once again Amaranthe remembered his knack for sensing deception

    38. Perhaps sensing more than a practice bout, other men drifted over

    39. "And you would train me?" Darkburst asked, wrinkling his snout in excitement, sensing the power he was being offered

    40. The tree, sensing the coming winter, as it had for many generations past, settled itself more comfortably into the ground, its great roots creaking in protest as it did so

    41. All through the forest creatures paused in their activities, sensing some awesome event was taking place

    42. Thomas waited a few moments, and sensing that William was anticipating his response, spoke softly and directly

    43. "We left him on the forest path, Preceptor," he answered nervously, sensing at once that they had made a terrible mistake

    44. The lead wolf was sensing the pressure from the others to commence the attack

    45. William, sensing their apprehension, quickly grabbed at the embankment, finding smaller rocks

    46. Finally she came up for air, sensing that I was squirming around quite a bit

    47. As if sensing this; she wouldn’t make eye contact

    48. As if sensing my thoughts, her eyes gleamed impishly over the table

    49. One day, sensing the end of its life nearing, the robin decided that it should return to the plant that had engendered it

    50. Reaching the edge of the rocks, she waited for a moment, sensing that more prey were coming near, but she’d already laid her eggs and had no more

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    common sense good sense gumption horse sense mother wit sense sensation sensory faculty sentience sentiency signified smell smell out feel understanding recognition insight discernment awareness reasonableness discretion reason intellect knowledge reasoning intelligence brains mind wit significance meaning denotation connotation import signification impression thought idea estimation sentiment opinion recognize recognise perceive discern appreciate apperceive