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    1. The Word, Head of the Church, Provider, Resurrection,

    2. understand the most critical element, I’m going to drill it into your head

    3. Belief keeps you in your head

    4. There was a head that made the booth around the camp's digester can seem really spacious

    5. Do you see how those four words: can't, always, never, and try, start out as thoughts in your head and then they become real because you say them, you declare them and you bring them into existence

    6. ” Kevin scratches his head and waves me through

    7. A trail of blood from her head mixes in with the gray gutter slush

    8. She whips me with a towel, knocking the brim of my hat halfway off my head

    9. On the day that I die I’m going to take with me what's in my head

    10. I realized that, God forbid, if that happens sooner rather than later, the information that I have in my head would not be left behind for my children or anyone else

    11. Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it

    12. A towel thwaps against the back of my head

    13. "I can do the dates in my head now, I helped the geneticist write that

    14. "Even with RNAcid enhancements I barely have the geography of the Highlands in my head

    15. "Yeah, but do you think I am forcing her dead body to twitch using electrical impulses? Do you think if you cut me open you would find some crystal implanted in Tdesi's head?"

    16. Zombies inside…” He slaps himself in the head

    17. They sat here above Jorma's head at my table all the time we lived here

    18. Schulz shook his head

    19. I head through the back door to use the alleyway

    20. " Ennil's head drew back a few inches, "Ava told me their dimensions, they are miles long

    21. the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed

    22. Luke: 7:46: My head with oil thou didst not anoint: but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment

    23. ” Sam went to shower whilst Tatania arose from the massage table with some relief, shaking her head

    24. Jorma's head was feeling too heavy already to stretch this out any more, "What then?"

    25. “Yeah, but what if we head up…”

    26. “You’ll probably need to hang your head out,” I frown

    27. Tobias shook his head

    28. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    29. You might have an intuition that says, “I should grab my phone before I head to the store” but you dishonor that intuition and leave it on the counter

    30. It was just the instincts of this body that turned her head when big, broad-shouldered men with cleft chins walked by

    31. Start Cart will have your customers pouring strategic information into your head in no time

    32. They struggled to stand up as fast as they could before she could yank their ears off of their head

    33. “What is that? A fish?” She sat next to Kevin at the bar, almost a head taller than him, sipping the froth off a White Russian

    34. Underling shook his head as he looked at what Henry would have to search through

    35. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    36. The head, I mean

    37. Vera and I talked and flirted over its sizzling corpse, head and everything

    38. She said she’d have to make me salmon head soup sometime, and against my better judgment, I stayed the next few nights with her

    39. ” He shook his head and kicked the ground

    40. The principal stuck her head out of her office, “Johnny Clunker, I will see you now

    41. Clunker, are you coming or not?” the principal asked again with an irritated voice as she stuck her head back out

    42. So it was going to be that easy, Johnny thought to himself as he turned to head into the principal’s office

    43. He was skinny and tall, easily a head above both of them, and he had even more pimples in person than he had on the view screen

    44. Ackers smiled, it was one of the rare moments in his life when he did, and patted Bread Crumbs on the head

    45. "Here you are," Herndon's head said from the companionway

    46. Ackers shook his head

    47. Ackers shook his head as he switched off his database and computer, “If Agent Seventy-Seven has nothing to add to this mission except herself, then perhaps we don’t need any more of her help

    48. The laser blasts sailed harmlessly over his head and both robots ended up shooting each other in the chest

    49. Everyone was focused on the fight except for Ackers, who turned his head and looked at the sword sticking out of the wall

    50. The Lord just shook his head and said, "What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter?"

    1. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    2. Herndon announced he had some remote work to do in the boat and headed for the dock

    3. Finally at five pm, during the Aoki set, he felt the phone vibrate, and headed for the nearest security guard that bore the Oodle logo, a rune in black and white

    4. ” He headed for the door

    5. Out of the corner of her eye, Sasha could see they were headed for the divider

    6. He slipped the computer into his pocket and headed for the stairs leading into the basement

    7. Johnny pushed back his chair and headed for the sink with his bowl

    8. Johnny picked up his backpack and headed for the door

    9. Johnny headed out the door

    10. She keyed in a series of commands into her computer, turning off the beeping, and then headed back to the window

    11. It logically progresses that evolution is headed in that direction

    12. Archimedes threw himself off the ship and onto a whale that was headed for in the direction of a whaling vessel the pirates had passed earlier

    13. I saw the other candidate and, without wanting to sound big headed, there really was no argument! She was built like a brick privy, as the saying goes!

    14. London, got into my re-assigned company Ford Prefect, and headed south

    15. "It's the asteroid," Estwig yelled and launched from the seat, "and it's headed straight at us

    16. She writes down the address as I read it from the sheet of headed paper which Stephen chased after me with as I was reversing round his car

    17. Thin, craggy, shaven headed, a good fifty years of age with a small white goatee dangling under his chin

    18. The low greyness of the sky blotted out the stars, but as Lucy headed up the

    19. "Did you know about the rock headed our way?"

    20. The only thing new is, we now know it's headed this way

    21. She picked up a training bag and headed to the city's Southside and Ireland's only full roller derby rink

    22. "Where are you headed?" she asked

    23. As he left the shade and headed

    24. - She attached the best rendering of the wagon that was headed across the sand toward the shuttlecraft's old resting site

    25. She shoved it into the central chamber of her brand new carry-on and headed straight for the Phoenix airport

    26. "This time it looks like that shuttlecraft's headed this way

    27. Turning south, he headed towards the Boston Monitor

    28. The metal storm headed straight for Horcheese and her redsuits, and Jordo ordered her to get the hell out of there, but Burn shouted over him

    29. They headed for one of the new emitter towers where Komora waited

    30. The low greyness of the sky blotted out the stars, but as Lucy headed up the road towards Waitrose and the uphill walk towards Chesterton, past the old hospital and the mouldering bones of the old Roman amphitheatre, she felt sure that some astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    31. As he left the shade and headed down the mountain he said to himself, “That is why I cannot die

    32. The center of the plaza was full of people looking for streetcars headed their way

    33. headed in the wrong

    34. be headed the wrong way…

    35. It is a group headed by Blinky Bill, the

    36. Once again they collected themselves and headed off into the

    37. both turned and headed back towards the barn

    38. They both turned away from Smythe and headed away from the

    39. Joe picked up his walking stick and headed towards the front

    40. These bright, wide eyes of the empty headed sky

    41. He turned around and headed back to his chambers

    42. Four unidentified items marked as ‘belonging to my mother’ … ‘a small silk bag containing locks of Karentze’s hair as a child’ … JJ must have those things … a section headed ‘For Karalintze’ which only showed numbered containers

    43. She stopped back at the hall and picked up the soup and tea and headed up the mountain

    44. She grabbed her leather coat and headed for the top of the mountain

    45. He walked slowly around the bed and headed towards the doorway

    46. We headed back to the camp, and on the way I saw the caves in the upper part of the mountain

    47. “Say, just where are we headed?” he asked to change the subject

    48. To have this view that we are headed toward a consummation, and that consummation has to do with the rule of God over creation, affects every other aspect of the faith

    49. “Sounds good to me,” she headed off towards her beauty shop, “see you in two hours!”

    50. “You’re just as stubborn as I am,” she told him, and he just grinned at her and headed for the drivers side, “and I suppose you want to drive too?” she said handing him the keys

    1. So who did he want to share this sunshine with this dawn? That girl heading north, why did her face spring to mind, just because she was so exotically Elvish? It had been years, she was a cartoon in his mind now, it had been two meals and a sleep

    2. “Oh my,” The Operator said as he saw one of the grenades heading straight for him

    3. Johnny, who was still protecting The Operator, realized he was floating off the ground and heading toward the ceiling at an accelerating rate

    4. "The stars," Herndon said, "I can see exactly where we are by the stars, we are heading due west

    5. towards the south, heading slowly down from the smothered heights of the city

    6. blitz, all of the inventive rationing, the later convoys heading south, and finally the

    7. the back lane, heading for the main road, whistling Greensleeves as he swished the

    8. cards and heading down to the labour exchange I found myself ensconced with that

    9. Leaving the old man and heading off down

    10. agreed to the terms at once, seeing something close to half a million heading his way

    11. The trucks rumble on through the suburban outskirts of Abu Jeba, heading toward the faraway city with it’s plethora of irrigated date palms, ostentatious skyline, it’s tacky, marble festooned buildings

    12. It relaxes her pottering about with the weeding and dead heading, and by the time Stephen gets home, she is almost normal

    13. The size of the rock heading for the planet was six and one half miles, too big for there to be any doubt about the outcome of a collision

    14. Now I guess I'll be heading home, after I take you wherever you want to go

    15. Heading for home with a great sadness, the young man goes

    16. The half-meter-long, patch of dim over the deck of the bridge changed directions, heading for Tipperary

    17. They were heading away from their target when Tipperary’s ring section crackled with charge

    18. If it's a secret, then why don't you just speak to my mind?" Antonia again ignores his attempt and turns around, heading back to her station

    19. I recognised the sound of feet being half-dragged along the hallway, heading for the outer door

    20. Herndon got back over there for the service and found the family in an uproar because the disease specialist they called had snatched the body off to the Kassikan for study and Ernesto's remains were now somewhere in the air over the Gengee arm, heading for the tunnel in the cargo net of a native floater, a lighter-than-air mobile plant

    21. "It was never executed, instead the fusion containment bricks were taken down and stacked, then all its mounting framework and hardware, all four tons of it, was removed and stored away in a shuffle of paperwork under the heading 'spare parts' in a warehouse in Gengee

    22. ‘We’d better be heading back

    23. This time heading up towards the barn,

    24. Luray was polite enough and seemed friendly enough but then how far out of her way would she go to save him? Maybe they would tell anyone they saw heading this way to keep an eye out for him and point the way home for him, but he didn't see any reason why they should want to mount a big rescue operation

    25. I kept the heading east northeast

    26. Freedom beckoning, we set off along a track heading south from the city

    27. “Fortunately it was heading east

    28. climbed up and heading westward

    29. Lardyme led the way around the base of the hill heading in an

    30. He circled the house and the surrounding town and ascended gradually heading for the mountains

    31. "I bet it's heading this way too

    32. heading up the hill

    33. Ethereead the Dragon flew on, heading towards Churchup hill

    34. Before long, we are through the narrow mouth of the harbour and heading out into the open sea

    35. Afternoonday found them heading east into more open country again, they left the marsh miles behind

    36. Down at the Hall, most people had left and were heading to their various chores for the day

    37. We have stuck to the main road so far, trying to give the impression that we will be heading towards the talaiots, but I know we have to turn off somewhere in order to cut across country to the Naveta

    38. still eye lines, heading out and away,

    39. I paid my fare, we shook hands and with a toot of his horn, he pulled away and melted into the traffic heading for Athens

    40. heading out into the deep black,

    41. heading home on the dawn ferry,

    42. Everyone was heading for the sea, drawn by the power and the roar

    43. By mid-afternoon Daniel could see the mountain range Jake was heading towards

    44. "I know it's time for Nightday so I'm just heading right for a shower," and started to do that

    45. Miss Jones heard the sound of footsteps following on behind the young man and as she pushed beech leaves out of her face she was able to make out three other young boys heading towards where she lay suspended in the hedge

    46. But the big news was, he was given permission to have Engineering turn the tangler beam on one of the bodies heading toward Sol and found the pulses of state changes were coming from there also

    47. He had served his time and was now heading for London, where they said that money grew on trees

    48. 'Godfrey, do you ever think we spend too much time developing technology when we should be developing our most natural resource?' I said nothing, unsure where this was heading

    49. James was heading down towards the waterfall when he noticed a woman coming down the side of the mountain

    50. Heading out on the weekend with friends presents some of the best flirting opportunities

    1. Hobbes: They’ve all had their heads bashed in! You think they did that to themselves?

    2. They called themselves the Fourth Wall because they thought they were all so big that if they had one more member they could hold a roof over their heads

    3. A few other heads popped up from cubicles to stare at Henry

    4. " Without introducing themselves, they just nodded their heads and walked away

    5. They all turned their heads to look at him

    6. Many of us are in a better financial situation that we did not have the luxury of when we had to work and spend so much time away from our children in order to feed, cloth, and keep a roof over their heads

    7. The instructions say that no meat or fish is necessary because of the attractant they sell with it, however I found it preferable to use fish heads, etc

    8. He wanted to be a great explorer or a monster with seven heads that breathed fire and crushed cities

    9. whispered and shook their heads

    10. There are two pillows on the bed, both with the indentations of heads where two people were sleeping

    11. They stare at one another for a moment, scratch their heads, their butts, yawn

    12. They were not tiny flames on their heads

    13. collection of shrunken Jivaroan heads, each one bobbling with every bump and twist

    14. Ricci and Ahmed share a Jacuzzi, their heads sticking up out of a mountain of foam

    15. heads won’t placate the rabble

    16. This castle was a clan home no doubt, everyone related by blood and enterprise, many of these clans had patriarchs older than Christ who still sat at the heads of tables in their great and echoing crystal halls

    17. They popped their heads round the door for a

    18. Her and her sister a out of their heads

    19. It felt slightly greasy, as though other heads had lain upon it

    20. Strangely this thought of foreign heads was comforting

    21. He knew they didn’t have heads or necks the way we did, but there were eyes of some kind behind that visor

    22. Scientists nodded, theologians shook their heads

    23. The rent and burning alien hull spun down on top of their heads and Tig wanted more than anything else to run, but there was nowhere to go

    24. Jordo was the last to get there and when he did, Paladin, Dirty, Holdout and Gush stood in front of the window next to the airlock, shaking their heads

    25. There was always a cloud of blue-grey cheroot smoke wrapped around their heads

    26. next to a quiver full of arrows hanging on the wall under the heads of many

    27. They popped their heads round the door for a quick visit and for a coffee

    28. This beast has ten horns and seven heads – which is the description given to Satan in Revelation 12

    29. We know because the same information about the ten horns and seven heads is mentioned

    30. would fall on innocent heads, easy heads

    31. for the corrugated clatter of ladle heads on bars

    32. in the beams above their heads, some talk in their sleep

    33. the dry tongued creak of empty heads

    34. shot over the heads of the wolves when they were near the pen

    35. he prayed, slamming his back into bulk heads at every shudder

    36. over the heads of slowly spiralling swans

    37. while above the heads of warm blooded men

    38. and the disappointed joined heads,

    39. courtroom, their heads bowed in shame

    40. Saul towered heads and shoulders over everyone else; why did David intimidate him? When we study out the contradictions in Saul and David’s characters, we come to conclusions that the very thing that brings the Sauls to a boil is the foolishness that the authentic is unselfconsciously in God

    41. Holidays, where children held arms up over their heads,

    42. the screw heads welded by rain,

    43. and the early heads, the heavy first heavy heads of foxglove

    44. heavy with dripping seed heads,

    45. for the bright bell heads that hang from foxgloves

    46. and a seventeen-year-old girl floods through their heads

    47. where poppies raise their heads in swathes

    48. but the weight of flower heads upon this earth

    49. a whisper of seeding dandelion heads on hard brick

    50. Oh, and the heads are through that door there

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    head oral sex drumhead read/write head caput brain mind nous psyche head word header heading question point headway pass straits fountainhead headspring forefront foreland headland promontory chief top dog head teacher principal school principal capitulum channelise channelize direct guide maneuver manoeuver manoeuvre steer lead head up authority command leading cardinal first foremost front main leader administrator chieftain commander commander in chief director master top acme peak summit crest conclusion crisis culmination cape beginning rise source foam froth oversee supervise govern manage precede