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    1. While perhaps receding in the popular imagination, the image of the "dirty old man" that chases after young women has not disappeared

    2. ‘Do you want me to organise something to eat?’ I suggested, my imagination running riot on the subject of this idea of his

    3. imagination, preferring the simple sureties of cash in his pocket and the reassurance of

    4. demons as companions because Smith had never imagined imagination

    5. Imagination is a sore bed-fellow, especially when the demons have you by the tail

    6. My world normally revolved around the empty hours of chaotic imagination, but now I had other people to think about

    7. All he had to do was to wait for the ripples to reach the shoreline of my emaciated imagination

    8. Was the voice a product of my unhinged imagination? Would I be able to stand it if all I could see were bare walls and empty space? At the same time I felt like a small child again, receiving that one huge present so longed for

    9. Smith was unable to fashion physical angels and demons as companions because Smith had never imagined imagination

    10. Leaders need better inner-vision and spirit of HARAMBEE, let us work together so to mould our imagination than the people they lead

    11. Kofo Awoonor, by seeking his voice and reflecting on all that he did to inform our imagination and culture

    12. How this man could have withstood the beating his skin had taken was beyond imagination

    13. Wandering slowly through the concourse trying to kill time before takeoff I tried to give the impression of being a seasoned traveller with my hold-all draped casually over my shoulder whilst clutching a boarding pass to the land of mystery and imagination in my trouser pocket

    14. I was forced to pay attention, just to keep up, and with careful imagination I began to string together phrases of my own

    15. It was the sense of life being extinguished that inflamed my imagination and the deeper we went the more I found myself searching the gloom for signs of Cerberus, the three-headed dog; he who guards the entrance to the Kingdom of Hades

    16. But what if they don't get one? What then? Where would the young people go? And earlier I'd dreamed of something that still lit the very edges of my imagination, something about a school but as usual, the more I tried to bring it back the more it melted away

    17. mean you have to limit your imagination when it comes to selecting gifts for your partner

    18. ’ Berndt said, sounding distant – though that could just be my imagination

    19. In my imagination, beyond that light was my land of legend and fantasy, my refuge and my sanctuary

    20. A flicker of the imagination was enough to have us out of there in no time

    21. Once again, although in a far more mature sense, he was the dreamboat that drifted languidly through young girls’ daydreams, which, given the fickle nature of the public’s imagination, was a very considerable achievement

    22. I glance across at Alastair, engrossed in the music – he’s not what you’d by any stretch of the imagination call classically good looking but has a pleasant face and is considered attractive by many people … his hair is dark but there are grey hairs showing in places now – it needs a cut by the look of the way it’s starting to dangle over his ears

    23. “K’nada seems to have captivated everyone’s imagination, and to be perfectly honest I do not understand it

    24. been based on creative leaps of imagination

    25. and can have quite an imagination! Yet I believe that

    26. As for imagination: we are here

    27. The imagination of people have waxed into

    28. and explanation to them it would be a piece of my own imagination instead

    29. I try to imagine this woman at Danvers House with a baby, but my imagination is not up to the exercise

    30. fickle nature of the public’s imagination, was a very considerable

    31. engravings, again generally executed with more imagination than

    32. His imagination peopled the moor with every ghoul he had ever heard about

    33. caused by his own imagination

    34. Ken has a way of speaking, a way of making his intentions clear to people that leaves nothing to the imagination

    35. Was it just his imagination, or were there enemies in

    36. At first Jack thought it was but a figment of his imagination, but it grew larger, and emitted a loud buzzing sound as he approached

    37. "You shouldn't have such an active imagination

    38. “The dramatic Arts inspire creativity and imagination in children, and I find them an indispensable resource for a thorough education

    39. What matter were those figments of some computer’s imagination, puffing about their silly tribal pecking orders when he was standing on a world which had outgrown such savagery thousands of years in the past?

    40. Therefore the inaugural production of the Village Theatrical Society shall be that same play which Shakespeare himself crafted to demand the best of his own company and elicit the greatest imagination from his audience

    41. Mandy wasn't retiring by any stretch of the imagination

    42. My imagination warped me through space and time, and suddenly I was in a

    43. And it wasn't in my imagination that I can reached this place either

    44. He was paralyzed and could not answer her, it was all he could do not to fall down while he understood that all of his upbringing, the whole collection of universes that was Gordon’s Lamp, was just a figment of this girl’s imagination as she set him up for the next cycle, the move to Zhlindu

    45. “I think my imagination just got the best of me out there

    46. I began to imagine (because I have a sanctified imagination), I imagined a day when the world would come to the prophets to find missing children, wanted criminals, and even hidden terrorist cells

    47. was that just his imagination?)

    48. are able to improve it with our imagination

    49. imagination, but practically he offers nothing

    50. If you let your imagination wander endlessly, you will always want more and more

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