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Frasi con imagination (in inglese)

  1. I had a vivid imagination.
  2. M: This is all imagination.
  3. Your imagination is the way.
  4. M: There is only imagination.
  5. It is beyond my imagination.

  6. The other word is imagination.
  7. Put your imagination into gear.
  8. Could it be his imagination?
  9. The nature of the imagination.
  10. He never had much imagination.
  11. Use your imagination and humor.
  12. She is wise beyond imagination.
  13. Was just Imagination from Above.
  14. As for imagination: we are here.
  15. Dad, the kids and my imagination.

  16. Use your imagination as a start.
  17. With a little imagination Harry.
  18. Imagination makes the scope wider.
  19. Imagination; yet all she herself.
  20. It could have been my imagination.
  21. His only defence: his imagination.
  22. What is the result of imagination?
  23. I thought it was my imagination.
  24. Or was that just her imagination?
  25. This was definitely my imagination.

  26. It wasn’t our imagination either.
  27. Their imagination is crowded with.
  28. You have a very vivid imagination.
  29. It was probably just my imagination.
  30. Luxury to inspire the imagination -.
  31. Beau lives only in my imagination.
  32. Allowing your mind and imagination.
  33. Q: It is all a matter of imagination.
  34. My imagination was not helping at all.
  35. Was it just his imagination? Thirty.
  36. There was little left to imagination.
  37. Quite the imagination there TK——.
  38. Without imagination there is no world.
  39. Ansh: A figment of one’s imagination.
  40. I’m sure it was just my imagination.
  41. I thought it was just his imagination.
  42. He thinks I’ve too much imagination.
  43. For memory feeds imagination and im-.
  44. I first thought it was my imagination.
  45. His imagination started playing tricks.
  46. Also, the function of imagination is.
  47. This is only true in your imagination.
  48. It stretches your mind and imagination.
  49. The imagination is a very powerful tool.
  50. Much imagination is needed to see the.
  51. M: They have their roots in imagination.
  52. My imagination is playing games with me.
  53. Q: What will put an end to imagination?
  54. There is no creation without imagination.
  55. So he set his imagination on a path of.
  56. My imagination magnified this sensation.
  57. Umm, said his imagination after a while.
  58. Sometimes it was just her imagination:.
  59. But after that his imagination dries up.
  60. But, imagination is one thing they lack.
  61. You’ll have to use your imagination.
  62. This power of imagination, is misused by.
  63. Imagination is the beginning of creation.
  64. Maybe his imagination was just a little.
  65. Great stuff! They've got our imagination.
  66. Manufacturing is a product of imagination.
  67. In my wildest imagination, I would never.
  68. Because without imagination, there is no.
  69. His imagination was playing tricks on him.
  70. Izzy had such a wild imagination at times.
  71. I thought it my imagination when I heard.
  72. My daughter has a very active imagination.
  73. You can never have too much imagination.
  74. All the rest is engaged in that imagination.
  75. Initially, I thought it was my imagination.
  76. And what he heard captured his imagination.
  77. Live out your imagination, not your history.
  78. The imagination of people have waxed into.
  79. With the cessation of imagination and de-.
  80. A little imagination would have been unique.
  81. Maybe it was just my imagination, but when.
  82. Knowledge adds on imagination to accomplish.
  83. Unfortunately it was all in his imagination.
  84. What intrigued me though was his imagination.
  85. He was like something out of my imagination.
  86. My imagination, I s’pose, but there it is.
  87. Had Truman called? No, just her imagination.
  88. Imagination and candles will do wonders to.
  89. Such was the fanciful imagination of early.
  90. His imagination had the computer talking in.
  91. Perhaps it was only my imagination, but it.
  92. They have imagination and that is the most.
  93. Telepathy, hypnosis, memory, and imagination.
  94. Approaching the stairs, Marcus's imagination.
  95. And get HIM, to be your, imagination, to get.
  96. They have no Moral Imagination, I assure you.
  97. Then imagination crept in to fill the spaces.
  98. Freelands, his imagination exploded into life.
  99. You have such Imagination! Mr Heins--more, I.
  100. Keller’s imagination; it is another calumny.

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