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    1. To be impartial means to be objective, open-minded, without prejudice,

    2. This man is impartial, he refuses to gossip, gets along with the members and tries to perfect the saints

    3. “Harry is not impartial in this matter, Chloe, whatever other attainments with which we might credit him, in this matter he is biased, I'm afraid

    4. These causes seem to be, the general liberty of trade, which, notwithstanding some restraints, is at least equal, perhaps superior, to what it is in any other country ; the liberty of exporting, duty free, almost all sorts of goods which are the produce of domestic industry, to almost any foreign country; and what, perhaps, is of still greater importance, the unbounded liberty of transporting them from one part of our own country to any other, without being obliged to give any account to any public office, without being liable to question or examination of any kind; but, above all, that equal and impartial administration of justice, which renders the rights of the meanest British subject respectable to the greatest, and which, by securing to every man the fruits of his own industry, gives the greatest and most effectual encouragement to every sort of industry

    5. Truths about life are impartial

    6. Law of Cause and Effect (which is impartial), will always deliver to our footsteps, the consequences of our action or inaction

    7. But upon the impartial administration of justice depends the liberty of every individual, the sense which he has of his own security

    8. The distance of those provinces from the capital, from the principal seat of the great scramble of faction and ambition, makes them enter less into the views of any of the contending parties, and renders them more indifferent and impartial spectators of the conduct of all

    9. Written expressions are not (merely) impartial bystanders indifferent to an author‘s tireless efforts to create something meaningful or consonant with the author‘s intended designs; exhausting its own emotional and intellectual energies by sustaining elements of singular merit however dire or tiring such efforts might (otherwise) be

    10. Justice, in principle, reflects the interpretation of laws in a fair and impartial manner or to the extent reasonable assumptions guide it toward the ―Truth‖ or what is understood to be the Truth

    11. The requirement of leadership, on every level, necessitates a willingness to make impartial decisions unencumbered by one‘s (own) personal feelings or of special interests that seek to influence political decisions for their own benefit

    12. Judicial sentences should neither be (too) harsh nor (too) lenient however consistent with legal guidelines formally interpreted by law such that (the) ensuing consequences as they apply to its impartial application remain constant!

    13. Whatever the reason, this issue certainly needs to be addressed in a timely, impartial manner

    14. Empirical studies based on observation or evidence observed by the senses, however, are not, in themselves, immune to faulty impressions whenever the senses (―mind‖) are either inadequately formed, corrupted, diseased or subject to pre-conceived designs that otherwise interfere with the observer‘s ability to render impartial or reasonable judgments

    15. ‖ Goodness lies in Humility of Purpose; without intended purpose, however; that is to say, undetermined and without motive; an impartial or uncertain ―Will‖ to Goodness that internally defines the Self; a Goodness that does not issue from the Conscious Self but the Hidden Self, rather, that must necessarily refute its own ―apparent goodness‖ or the self-sustaining content of its (own) intentions

    16. To be scrupulously fair, balanced, objective and impartial, Bru wasn’t a bad-looking man

    17. They could not have told an impartial, objective observer why they were on the move, or how many of them there were, or if there were other groups like this one

    18. She was his creature, contaminated by his control, not the impartial medical expert I had counted upon

    19. “We feel that the only way to preserve our relationships with both factions is to remain impartial and uninvolved,” she continues

    20. Judicial impartiality is a threat to the very purpose of Democratic Senators, who do not believe in the constitutional purpose of an impartial judiciary

    21. At the end of that period, an impartial eval�uation would be performed which would decide whether or not to continue the Rapid Response Plan, or RRP, as it was called

    22. cheer on Jasper, but he had to remain impartial

    23. The sand slipped away beneath its feet like slimy stones on the seafloor, thwarting its pace, but impartial time saw the determined skeleton at last reach the western coast

    24. That’s a hard, impartial fact of life

    25. relations exercise rather than an impartial record of events unravelling on

    26. You must first recognize man as your brother, and if you honestly desire to do by him as you would have him do by you, the commonplace dictates of justice, honesty, and fairness will guide you in the just and impartial settlement of every recurring problem of economic rewards and social justice

    27. Be kind to my brothers in the flesh when they come fully to believe this gospel; manifest loving and impartial devotion to the Greeks in the West and to Abner in the East

    28. His listener‘s eyes and mein were an impartial witness—totally non-judgemental

    29. There were lofty goals for Rwanda: make it a commercial and trade hub of the central and eastern part of Africa; build networks on the Internet, airways, railroads and highways; promote gender equality; improve education; have more private investment; do all this in honest, transparent and impartial ways

    30. The books published by Jane’s had been widely acknowledge to be impartial and professional in their coverage and Mike thus took note of any negative point described in the pages he was reading

    31. Then with free advertising and impartial presentation of candidate plans, America’s people can elect their representatives, senators, judges, presidents, vice- presidents, secretaries of state, and so on, in an atmosphere of calm study, rather than frantic circus, name calling, and corporate domination

    32. he tried to remain impartial

    33. Breckenridge was rather impartial to both lifestyles, though he

    34. She could not have asked for a more impartial support than that of the Coast Guard rear admiral

    35. "Thank you, an interesting point as, in fact, incredible though it sounds, your asshole would probably deliver a far more factual report than most documentaries, given that it is completely impartial and objective, having no axe to grind, and no opposable thumb with which to hold the handle

    36. You play the role of detached spectator or impartial arbiter, not because you're afraid to stand up for your beliefs, but because your reach is for understanding rather than proving that you're right

    37. This information is presented as an in-depth and impartial evaluation of the implementation of the Theory of Constraints at over 20 companies

    38. ” Impartial history of course recognized that

    39. Their behavior towards all is impartial

    40. his task, impartial, free from sorrow, and who has achieved the state of actionlessness, is dear to me

    41. I hope it helped to clarify some misconceptions and also change the outlook of some open-minded readers, aside from giving impartial and humanistic people some more solid arguments to advance

    42. It is my firm belief that the Creative Cause of our species is totally impartial

    43. If the spirit is true in seeking righteousness and truth – after it has become tired of the methods of cheating, cunning, and double-dealing that are displayed by the people of this world, and after it has grown to hate them – and if it then turns away from this lower life and its illusory adornments and false pleasures, and if it instead seeks the reality and the impartial truth as we mentioned, this spirit will soon reach true belief

    44. readers with impartial facts and figures

    45. 'I am tired,' he said, leaning his chin on his hand and studying first my face and then Vicki's with a detached, impartial scrutiny

    46. She will be so very comfortable herself, so done with everything, so entirely an impartial looker-on, that the rebellions and contortions and woes of the creature who used to be herself will only make her laugh

    47. “So he created a council of impartial judges that would look at the complicated design of humanity and do what was necessary to keep it in balance

    48. I am loath to provide the vehicle for his unscrupulous ravings and his dereliction of his duties as an impartial juryman

    49. It simply makes an impartial statement and registers everything that has at least some relation to our Life

    50. However, if to do it not through UU-VVU-conglomerates of ODS, but through FLUU-VVU-doubles of FLUU-LUU-complexes (through the VEC-dynamics of the Subconscious or even the Supraconscious), then you won’t feel any discomfort, because you will no longer identify yourself with the object of your conscious research (like it happens during any TEC-Meditations), but will “turn” into an impartial observer who studies necessary Information and perceives it only from highly-intellectual and high-feeling point of view typical of the Creativity of kroydls and aossoons

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    impartial unprejudiced liberal broad cosmopolitan just equitable unbiased dispassionate detached