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    1. "Don't need it," Herndon said, "these berries melt just as well and taste close enough to it

    2. What I have just described here is a small portion of who

    3. If you're just interested in what you want in your life then you’re going to lack consistency

    4. Jorma didn't mean to appear that nervous, "It's just a bit lavish," he said

    5. this year that will move you forward towards achieving the life that you want to live? Just achieve a simple goal that you haven't done yet

    6. What I have just described here can be challenged by

    7. It never felt like Ava came from YingolNeerie in a way, it just felt like she came from a ghost

    8. Tobias Hobbes: What’s the recording for? Your protection? I could just burn the tape if I wanted to, y’know?

    9. You could just as easily have a vigilante zombie killer as you could have a serial killer… you hadn’t thought of this?

    10. means the desire to walk with Him is not just unreal

    11. I also realized it wasn't just for my children, it was for you and your

    12. “You and your dad are just two men

    13. I was just telling you about Kulai, but the home we live in is what I always wanted but didn't dare aspire to, even as an Angel

    14. I would have liked to expound further, but I have just

    15. He was just starting his tenancy with Leand at the time, Tdeshi was thirty two decades in the future

    16. Jorma was just coming off the boats at the time

    17. just a fantasy but it is a reality

    18. that means walking with God is for you and me, not just

    19. "You didn't want to hear that I was created from the Yingolian ghost, so I just never came right out and said it

    20. Even if the pain people weren't real, just to write that

    21. When Mom finally told me about the case, I remember just nodding and walking to my room to just stare at the ceiling and think

    22. The morals they decided to teach me were just so I wouldn’t turn out like this guy

    23. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    24. Just death and rotting corpses

    25. covenant God made with Abraham was more than just

    26. Use that time, don't just stand there, do something

    27. In that instance, don't just do something, sit there

    28. “You’re just trying to avoid me

    29. People just don't use that time effectively

    30. that it had just moved into another time-zone – yet another cautionary

    31. It’s probably just nerves

    32. “Did you shoot him? Fuck, Dad!” The man’s holding his stomach, just below his chest

    33. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine”

    34. Take decisive actions, rather than detaching completely from problems and stresses and wishing they would just go away

    35. Would you be listening to what they are telling you from their perspective on life? Would you be being open minded and accepting that your point of view is just that, it’s your point of view

    36. We are just getting started, we’re just warming up, but I can imagine that you are probably seeing your life in a way that you have never seen it

    37. “I just wanted you to know the truth

    38. Here I have just underlined some of these so-called small

    39. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    40. That’s not going to go well, it’s just not

    41. He does a lot of odd jobs around the bar but he mostly just hangs around here to drink

    42. If she wanted the camp she would have just had it built, not snuck the aluminum in my sandal

    43. I know when I broke that one, and saw how much money is in just one, I saw it was as much money as I once thought Ava had

    44. "She got it at half price from Ava, but with her fortune Ava could buy a place like that every year and just leave it

    45. That's what Venna did was just leave, not even a note and signature turning it over to me

    46. With that and his old place, he could buy a pretty nice place in town, a couple acres on the lagoon just a little ways down the point

    47. There is so much information out there but just monitor where you are

    48. Tom screams, paralyzed, as one just stares at him, not eating him

    49. It just stares at him, watching him scream

    50. "It's not about you Jorma, just like it's not about Tdeshi

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    fair just equitable good upright barely hardly scarce scarcely but merely only simply just now exactly precisely properly accurate exact correct true proper regular normal impartial right lawful even-handed legal legitimate appropriate apt due rightful deserved honest virtuous honourable pure righteous