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    1. Vera keeps wiping the same ten inches of the bar, not budging an inch otherwise

    2. They gave me what I thought was a generous share at the time, a six inch length of quarter-inch titanium tubing

    3. "The first quarter inch, I put the rest of it away

    4. "That was bought with eleven of his sixteen aluminums, that was his eighth inch of titanium tubing

    5. "Does this look suspicious?" he asked, and held out the little silver-grey bead only a tenth of an inch in diameter a little closer in front of his face

    6. Putting together the Raised Bed: A good raised bed should be at least 4 ft x 10 ft x 12 inches high with 2 inch thick wood

    7. began to inch upwards until, with the tailgate at seventy-five degrees, the little man

    8. Ali Ben Ali holds up his right hand his index finger and thumb spaced about an inch apart

    9. every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    10. They were red but there was a dark bloody spot in the crotch, right between the legs and running down an inch or so on her left thigh

    11. His hair was an inch layer of rich-earth colored wool over his head and chin

    12. He built a 3D model and was able to account for every cubic inch of the ship

    13. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly but surely, emitting mineral groans and metallic shrieks, the metal and glass door began to inch upwards until, with the tailgate at seventy-five degrees, the little man was able to clamber onto the space made by the flattened seats, cross his legs, and utter a loud harrumph

    14. He cocked his head, listening for the tell tale whistle of slipstream and the dark, forbidding rumble of eighteen inch rims, and then smiled

    15. With every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    16. in the breeze that curls through an inch of draught

    17. Another inch and they would have had to stoop

    18. They got teeth about like this," she indicated a bit less than a half inch, "but no fangs and no clamps

    19. They had cracked to tiles an inch on a side in places, it was just grainy soil in the other spots

    20. This land had also been inhabited at one time, but there was an inch of water on it now

    21. SAMANTHA: Juan asked the girl: How about a five-and-a-quarter inch disc? And the girl said: It's not the size of the hardware that matters

    22. lost to the point that they will not inch a little closer

    23. the bearded lady, every inch of her body alive with fur,

    24. an inch and half by an inch and a half,

    25. The paint on her face is at least an inch thick,

    26. raise them not more than an inch or two off the floor and move

    27. They were changed in appearance; they were stronger, more muscular, their bodies fine-tuned to perfection, every inch leaders among men

    28. The argument ceased abruptly when the adults saw the mess covering every inch of the kitchen and every last hair on their children’s' heads

    29. he lifted the bulky counter-top yet again to move it back an inch

    30. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    31. 'What's that?' Ish said and smiled as he saw an inch of pink paper under my

    32. inch of the earth

    33. The open door was made out of half inch steel

    34. consider having his own nose an inch shorter than it was

    35. literally walking on air, about an inch off the floor

    36. didn’t change, I was still walking about an inch off the

    37. every inch of the kitchen and every last hair on their children’s'

    38. cleaned every last inch of the kitchen

    39. She was very conscious of the fact that a thirty two inch, razor sharp, bronze rapier was still on his belt

    40. She seemed very brazen and began to inch closer and closer to him

    41. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor

    42. He walked about the egg slowly, looking at every inch of it

    43. That put some of the main hull on sand, but now Jorma was able to put his back into the outrigger bar and jerk it back an inch if he put all his weight and strength into it

    44. She leaves him with his thirty-two inch view of the world, picks up her bag and heads out into the bright blue sun-stream of possibilities

    45. Forward and backward across the deck they pushed and pulled like giant inch worms, rubbing the thinned varnish into the grain of the wood, being careful not to step on the deck planks already coated

    46. In that split second a four inch

    47. Each one laminated and stuck to the wall somehow, covering every inch

    48. Roman could have seen every inch of her—like he did in his

    49. Months went by, while inch by inch the pattern appeared on the loom

    50. But what if he doesn’t … he said he would … gradually, inch by inch, I relax

    1. A two-tiered truck packed high with horned goats inched past other parked trucks and wagons, some drivers snoring in their cabs

    2. of the flat so he decided not to venture in, and instead inched his

    3. Her toes touched mine as we inched closer

    4. Kassim inched towards the

    5. They watched the sails a bit more as they inched along

    6. “Matt, we're your friends, no matter what! We will always love you and care for you! Don't kill yourself, Matt!” Julia cried, as his friends hugged him and he was inched closer towards the singularity

    7. smiled as he inched his way closer

    8. She inched her way to the copper toned stone, at the water’s edge, took a seat and proceeded to watch and wait

    9. Roman inched along the

    10. We inched through the city, along overpasses,

    11. Alec's empty hand inched toward the dagger hidden at his waist as he began to plan the quickest way to bury it in the mage's throat

    12. As the morning moved on and the sun inched higher in the sky, burning the streets below, the trio came ever closer to the palace, until finally they saw it rising above the crowd

    13. At a height of forty standard feet the winch began groaning under the pressure, the massive brentwood timbers that composed the frame bending as it inched its way upward

    14. Edward inched closer to the dying man

    15. "Demilan, are you okay?" she inched closer at him, eventually crouching by the man to take a closer look at him

    16. "Well, it's a good plan you got there, but…" Griffiths inched closer to Arkaneh with a menacing look

    17. Rogan and Sebastian carefully inched their way ahead, toward the light, taking great care not to make noise as they stepped through the echoing tunnel

    18. He inched his body carefully to the edge of the bed

    19. Once he was standing, she pushed her heels into the ground and, back rigid, inched up

    20. She inched forward and finally spotted men on the ground

    21. William made his move and inched slowly forward on the ledge

    22. She resisted, then, with a throaty whine, slowly lowered her hands as she inched the incline of her face upwards

    23. The chauffeur cut the wheel sharply from one side to the other cursing under his breath as he inched forward trying to nudge the car through the milling throng

    24. I inched forward and slipped my suitcase out from under the foot of my bed

    25. With the cables drawing taught, she climbed from the scaffold and stood atop the narrow deck watching as a large, tarpaulin-wrapped, rectangular object inched from the tight space

    26. Safaa inched forward as Bao retreated

    27. mask as he inched to the midget Fort Knox

    28. Max and Big Dave inched closer to the exit

    29. As the seconds ticked away, that felt like minutes, he had inched closer to me and was no longer that “nice guy” that had wanted to smoke me out and show me his bangin’ stereo

    30. She inched her hand out

    31. When they inched closer, and Cinder sensed the song was nearly done, she

    32. Sick dread filled his stomach and inched its way up his esophagus

    33. ” His hand inched its way up her thigh until a small moan made it past her lips

    34. He lay on his stomach and inched across; not far in front was the

    35. Quietly, I slipped the hockey stick out of its mounting brackets and inched my way back to the door jam

    36. Breathing hard, she inched along the ledge toward the shadow of the bridge

    37. doing just that as he inched his way to the front door, key

    38. He stepped over my brother, crushing his hand as he inched towards me

    39. I saw his tears of blood mingling with the floor he lay on while he peered at me, making every mortal and vampire effort in moving towards me, dragging his body across to mine as he inched his fingers across the dirt to hold my hand, feel me one last time

    40. Ken inched in close to the inferno and focused his field glasses on the front seat

    41. He inched his way along gingerly in a sliding leapfrog motion

    42. His hand inched forward toward that formidable center top drawer, home of the memos and hand-written notes he squirreled away for future reference after each hiring interview with top management candidates

    43. As the charge began to slow perceptibly, Moshe inched his way to a more secure position on his mount

    44. The Lord inched forward very slowly, it seemed He was trying not to make a sound

    45. They talked and drank beer until long shadows inched over the terrace and the waiters began to light candles on the tables

    46. It registered 540 knots as each pilot had slowly inched his throttle up to stay with the force commander

    47. to slow perceptibly, Moshe inched his way to a more secure position on his mount

    48. She inched closer and closer, straining to hear him

    49. I inched closer, wondering why I was here and why I was seeing this

    50. Mark carefully inched his way through and came to a full stop

    1. Vera keeps wiping the same ten inches of the bar, not budging an inch otherwise

    2. " Ennil's head drew back a few inches, "Ava told me their dimensions, they are miles long

    3. The roof was bigleaf shaftwood fronds thatched six inches thick

    4. "I thought you still have a few inches of titanium tubing

    5. The foundation should be raised or the earth lowered at least 6 inches preferably 12-18 inches

    6. She put some small twigs on and soon had a few inches of flame springing up

    7. If there is a drought, it is better, rather than sprinkling lightly, to water twice a week, soaking the soil to a minimum of 4 inches, or not at all, for shallow watering causes roots to spread out near the top where they will be baked by the sun, becoming unable to withstand drought

    8. A better method and one that I prefer, is to get a small clay drain pipe (opened at both ends, about 3 inches wide, 12 inches long (smaller for roses, larger for trees) and bury that at the base of the rose bush or plant, level with the ground

    9. Putting together the Raised Bed: A good raised bed should be at least 4 ft x 10 ft x 12 inches high with 2 inch thick wood

    10. His mouth was inches away from hers

    11. At the last second, Russ slams on the brakes, brings the old Rover to a stop just inches from Ricci’s kneecaps

    12. She stepped back off the carpet and found herself stepping down onto the sand again, the home disappeared and the wild pristine beach front was all around them with a beautiful Persian carpet hovering eight to fourteen inches off the sand

    13. Joshua Johnston was a tall man, 6 feet 5 inches in bare feet, but he was the small one

    14. His younger brother Daniel was 6 foot 8 and the three inches had always made a difference

    15. “Hey buddy, could you move that shiny head of yours a couple a inches? The glare is hurtin’ my eyes over here

    16. He hung with his face a few inches above the reach of their jaws

    17. "We can buy it if you like, that's a trifle, a pair of old captain's bars, a few inches of low-temp tubing

    18. The shaftwoods were dark green bigleafs, the trunks about sixteen inches at the top of that house, about six feet apart, the housing looked to be six by eight trunks, five or six more floors

    19. ‘This’ was a heavy chain of red gold links approximately ten inches long

    20. It's tentacles were busy all over the place, one swung a large bloodshot eye her way only inches from her face

    21. ) There was a bruise two inches below the left hipbone that had turned bluish in color

    22. Immediately Alan and Luray both had to jump to snatch Desa from the water just as another tentacle snapped like a whip in front of her face, missing a purchase on her throat by inches

    23. your forehead touches the floor, approximately twelve inches

    24. I squeaked open the door a couple of inches, pushed aside a beaded curtain and peered inside

    25. She ignored him until she was on her way back when she leaned on his table within inches of his eyes and said in a firm, low voice so all could hear, 'Listen to me, moron

    26. It feels strange lying stark naked in the big bed knowing that Berndt is only inches away in much the same condition

    27. Worse still was the fact that Rose’s mother was four foot two inches high and at least six feet wide

    28. She used both hands and finally took it six inches off the ground

    29. He pressed it and watched as the door depressed a few inches and silently slid to the left

    30. She could not see anything out between the crack between the stones, it was about three inches wide and twelve inches high and about seven and a half feet above the ground

    31. inches high and at least six feet wide

    32. It showed the reverse, the radius coming from both infinity and zero, and converging on about twenty inches, centered on the veron store in the cryoslicer

    33. The glass probably held over a half gallon, the wooden legs were six inches high and it was a wide-mouth with a thin but springy clip-down stopper

    34. was at least eighteen inches from snout to neck

    35. Underneath was canvas after canvas from small ones a few inches on a side to some he had to turn diagonal to get thru the opening

    36. The passenger window is open a couple of inches and the sound of the wind catching on slabs of metal and glass rushes into the car

    37. Their faces are inches apart

    38. inches taller and outweighed Roman by a good seventy pounds

    39. now face to face, with only a few inches between them

    40. He swallows a couple of times and opens the window by a couple of inches to let the slipstreaming air hit his face

    41. four inches taller than Roman, they were now eye level

    42. His hand dangles in the space between their lives, a few inches away from his lover's skin

    43. It took over an hour in all, including two more small locks, just to get out of Chardovia, but once he was on the Grand Canal, the chop was only six inches high

    44. his lighter was like that of a blowtorch, stretching at least six inches into the air

    45. mouths and ears that were already only inches apart

    46. Mike didn't even seem to be breathing, although he sat only a few inches away, it was undistinguishable

    47. "What is it you want me to see?" She asked, only a few inches from his face, he still hadn't retrieved his hat and his cologne was stronger than she’d realized

    48. The bodies of the little critters were only about four inches long

    49. She hadn't finished the statement, before he forcefully lifted her off the rock and swung her about to look him squarely in the eye, her toes dangling inches above the ground "I told you before, you’re the only one –” He stopped abruptly, and lowered her to the ground

    50. The girl descending the steps, and passed only inches from her

    1. There was a big milliclamp in the apartment and it was inching along the rail

    2. One step at a time, and I was inching further, getting that much closer to my target

    3. Inching along, we heard them exclaim in astonishment at the sights of the various races of people selling everything under the sun

    4. I noticed sun beams inching themselves over the courtyard and sniffed honey-suckle-scented air

    5. Inching its way along the top of the wall the cat stopped just above the man’s head, fighting the deep rage that urged it to attack the prey right now

    6. The hours twisted through the night, the rhythm inexorably moving along, the wagons inching steadily forward

    7. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers

    8. The blood on his body made him slippery enough and while Ethan was forcing most of his weight on top of the priest, he was slowly inching his way towards the base of the hut

    9. IT’S STRANGE TO see people you don’t know well in the morning, with sleepy eyes and pillow creases in their cheeks; to know that Christina is cheerful in the morning, and Peter wakes up with his hair perfectly flat, but Cara communicates only through a series of grunts, inching her way, limb by limb, toward coffee

    10. In the middle of 21st century we are inching backwards into the 12th

    11. Anup snarls in reply, those jaws inching closer to my neck—but I also detect a hint of uncertainty in his threat

    12. Doc drove very slowly, inching forward until they could see

    13. Patting him on the shoulder Zachariah smiled, “Now why don’t we pray first before you go running off willy-nilly trying to find her, so you can have some divine guidance in your search, for my granddaughter eh?” Again Cody nodded a grin inching up on his face as well, as they bowed their head in fervent prayer

    14. Some of the guards had taken shifts to watch from the fort and make patrols, and both the slaves and the guards had sometimes left their tents to piss or shit on the rocks, but nobody had noticed the four almost-motionless men inching closer and closer all night

    15. slowly inching his weight up the rope ladder

    16. Still too scared to move, I held out for another ten minutes before slowly, very slowly, inching my way to the mouth of the cave

    17. Burke and Bill Stevens, one of LAPD’s top analysts are inching their way around the crime scene

    18. With an effort, she began inching her hand upward trying to

    19. ―What going on?‖ he asked, inching his way towards her and taking her hands in his

    20. The minutes on her chrono ticked away, inching towards ignition

    21. Though the land was flat the vehicle was all but invisible once it had gone a hundred yards, naively inching its way through the navel into the very bowels of this magnificent, uncaring, Grassy River

    22. I watched it inching its way across the water as if at any moment it would be sucked beneath the waves and lost forever

    23. He screamed out in fury as he drug himself forward inching himself closer and closer toward this one tiny point of light surrounded by so much darkness

    24. My beloved friend was too deep into despair, and was inching

    25. inching my way out from underneath the white van

    26. Corey squiggled towards the zebra calf, inching his way to

    27. The sirens spread, inching towards my location

    28. It became easier and I noticed the hatch door inching its way above the ceiling more and more with each revolution

    29. Joseph could hear a creature as it crushed the debris under its feet, inching closer through the shadows

    30. " Said the cop inching his

    31. couch and sat back down, inching his way closer so that his knees touched the couch, and Scully’s knees were touching the outside of his knees

    32. “Nobody move or I paint the place red!” Molly shouted,losing her composure and inching toward the railing with him

    33. She practically beamed, inching her way closer to him

    34. in the relevant direction, he caught sight of Takina, who was inching her way over towards the

    35. Ditherer was inching a path

    36. The stranger then took his right hand again and starting from the bottom of the tower, began pointing, and said once again, “Throw down your weapon!” As he pointed to the lower part of the tower, it began glowing like the coals of a fire, and began inching towards the top, as he guided the heat with his hand

    37. After inching his way toward the auditorium’s door, he stopped for the briefest of moments and gazed through its small rectangular-shaped window

    38. We had commissioned another election tracker in the week leading up to the announcement—once again, it showed the NDA steadily inching up, now crossing the 240-seat mark

    39. ” The woman pointed at the boy, who was inching toward the door

    40. After inching my way to thirty, Ralph Murray never responded to the call for a short

    41. luminescent slugs inching along all sides of the chamber

    42. He put his hand on Deanna’s leg and began inching it upward

    43. ‘I say, I’ve been meaning to ask you,’ he said, inching towards me slightly

    44. ‘Stay away from me,’ she said, getting off the stool, and inching backwards

    45. “I’ve waited for this day,” he said, inching forward

    46. The problem as we saw it was that we were inching closer to a trial

    47. Why is this so? If our medicines could control all the illnesses all over the world all the time with utmost sincerity, we would have diseases and illnesses within our control, but this is not so, the race between medicine and malady continues, one inching forward than the other all the time all over the world

    48. Ali refilled his handgun, ran to the edge of the wall and slipped to the other side, before carefully inching towards the opened door

    49. The car was somehow inching towards me, and nobody I could see had looked up and registered I was there, save for the driver

    50. With the zombie inching forward, I needed to get the motorcycle tire out of the sand, but I couldn’t focus on helping Jackie and digging our way out all at once

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