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Frasi con inch (in inglese)

  1. Butter a 9x13 inch pan.
  2. I'll not yield an inch.
  3. Thirty if it's an inch.
  4. Cut pas into 1/2 inch.
  5. He didn't move an inch.

  6. He doesn't move an inch.
  7. I didn’t move an inch.
  8. The half inch flame on.
  9. Cut into 1 inch squares.
  10. Shape into 1 inch balls.
  11. Cut into 1/8 inch slices.
  12. He picked out a 12 inch.
  13. They don’t move an inch.
  14. Just an inch, but it rose.
  15. Her shoulders rise an inch.

  16. His door was an inch open.
  17. Nico didn’t move an inch.
  18. These include the six inch.
  19. He moved it about an inch.
  20. Only to inch back down later.
  21. One would be an 8 x 10 inch.
  22. Cut cabbage into inch squares.
  23. One inch, Jane, that’s all.
  24. But if there is an inch (20.
  25. The cover moved another inch.

  26. I must have every inch of it.
  27. I raised my head half an inch.
  28. He was advancing inch by inch.
  29. We must explore every inch.
  30. Pet backed up an inch, then two.
  31. I can’t even lift it an inch.
  32. The huge wardrobe slides an inch.
  33. Nearly an inch, I should say.
  34. She continued to inch backwards.
  35. Shoop had stil not moved an inch.
  36. He had started to inch toward me.
  37. I did not intend to move an inch.
  38. She lifted her head half an inch.
  39. It came an inch below her large.
  40. It was an inch away from dead on.
  41. The Beast didn’t budge an inch.
  42. The exact spot, not an inch more.
  43. Is that it? Inch inquired.
  44. Use a 5 inch saucer to cut circles.
  45. Fold long sides in about 1/2 inch.
  46. Pour into 9 inch pastry lined pan.
  47. In that split second a four inch.
  48. It gave an inch, then slammed shut.
  49. He was every inch a prince, every.
  50. I could use a good inch of topsoil.
  51. Within an inch, and within seconds.
  52. I’m not moving, not another inch.
  53. Pat or roll to about 1/4 inch thick.
  54. Their lips were barely an inch apart.
  55. Gold diggers with six inch claws.
  56. Actually a full inch since the lil.
  57. She was an inch away from his mouth.
  58. It's one inch over the maximum size.
  59. She knew every inch of these stables.
  60. Heat one inch of oil to 350 degrees F.
  61. It slid an inch higher, staining to.
  62. Pour into 2 well-buttered 9 inch pans.
  63. At least an inch of dust caked every.
  64. Scrap about 1 inch length of the bark.
  65. A stratum of coal, half an inch thick.
  66. Fill the skillet with 1 inch of water.
  67. Not even one inch of his vital force.
  68. Maybe a half inch? No, less than that.
  69. Spread 1/4 inch thick on Teflex sheet.
  70. Roll into balls about 5/8 inch diameter.
  71. He has studied every square inch of it.
  72. Every inch of the man was solid muscle.
  73. I inch closer to read one of the boxes.
  74. The power lines might be an inch thick.
  75. Roll dough and cut into 4 inch circles.
  76. Gold spheres sprinkled…on every inch.
  77. James throwing up every inch of the way.
  78. It moved my head a fraction of an inch.
  79. He placed his palm against the 4 inch.
  80. The Library owns every inch of it!’.
  81. Neither of them moved forward one inch.
  82. To move an inch further was a pain and.
  83. She didn’t move an inch off her chair.
  84. Roll dough out to thickness of 1/2 inch.
  85. Aunt Julia was an inch or so the taller.
  86. The Dragon King lowered his chin an inch.
  87. Inch by inch he ripped the envelope open.
  88. The door would only budge an inch or so.
  89. There was a five inch gap between each.
  90. This time, the wire moved one full inch.
  91. Their shoulders were about an inch apart.
  92. An eighth inch of stagnant water over it.
  93. Inch was lost in remorse at his adultery.
  94. I’m coming! Darek tried to inch.
  95. Line one 8x8 inch square pan with foil.
  96. Remove the pel and cut into 2 inch slices.
  97. He explored every inch of the fence line.
  98. Every inch of her was pressed against him.
  99. I moved within an inch of his painted face.
  100. The blade had penetrated an inch into him.
  1. Ditherer was inching a path.
  2. She was inching out of mourning.
  3. The sirens spread, inching towards my location.
  4. They were inching forward in dense Atlanta traffic.
  5. Dove started itching her back, inching her blouse up.
  6. Inching his way up to the door, he inserted the key.
  7. She practically beamed, inching her way closer to him.
  8. The others copied him, inching their way slowly after him.
  9. He peered at the three pale fi gures inching silently up.
  10. Corey squiggled towards the zebra calf, inching his way to.
  11. I’ve waited for this day, he said, inching forward.
  12. With an effort, she began inching her hand upward trying to.
  13. Doc drove very slowly, inching forward until they could see.
  14. He put his hand on Deanna’s leg and began inching it upward.
  15. My beloved friend was too deep into despair, and was inching.
  16. Damien moved forward, inching toward the two circling vampires.
  17. The minutes on her chrono ticked away, inching towards ignition.
  18. I stood up slowly and started inching my way toward the bathroom.
  19. No—he shook his head, inching closer—it’s not okay.
  20. They took their places in line and began inching toward the buffet.
  21. The problem as we saw it was that we were inching closer to a trial.
  22. In the middle of 21st century we are inching backwards into the 12th.
  23. He prayed eloquently, and as he wound down Samantha began inching away.
  24. A good one to look for is a share that is inching up, rather than zooming.
  25. I knew Val could handle him, but I couldn’t help inching closer to tune in.
  26. There was a big milliclamp in the apartment and it was inching along the rail.
  27. She slipped into the shadows between two crates, inching closer to his location.
  28. Bye, bye, boys, he jeered, fluttering his fingers and inching the door closed.
  29. She sat down at Paul’s desk and watched the progress bar inching across the screen.
  30. After inching my way to thirty, Ralph Murray never responded to the call for a short.
  31. One step at a time, and I was inching further, getting that much closer to my target.
  32. Mattie, inching closer to Snowden as her face changed colors, said, Here’s the deal.
  33. Now there seemed to be just one kind of person, inching from the former column to the latter.
  34. She was in a coma for a week but appears to be gradually inching out of it these last two days.
  35. I noticed sun beams inching themselves over the courtyard and sniffed honey-suckle-scented air.
  36. His finger began inching toward the gun’s trigger and a single impulse flashed through her body.
  37. Burke and Bill Stevens, one of LAPD’s top analysts are inching their way around the crime scene.
  38. Joseph could hear a creature as it crushed the debris under its feet, inching closer through the shadows.
  39. The hours twisted through the night, the rhythm inexorably moving along, the wagons inching steadily forward.
  40. Anup snarls in reply, those jaws inching closer to my neck—but I also detect a hint of uncertainty in his threat.
  41. It became easier and I noticed the hatch door inching its way above the ceiling more and more with each revolution.
  42. Nobody move or I paint the place red! Molly shouted,losing her composure and inching toward the railing with him.
  43. I watched it inching its way across the water as if at any moment it would be sucked beneath the waves and lost forever.
  44. The car was somehow inching towards me, and nobody I could see had looked up and registered I was there, save for the driver.
  45. When he got there, he paused for a fraction of a second before dropping to his knees and inching forward on the wooden platform.
  46. Still too scared to move, I held out for another ten minutes before slowly, very slowly, inching my way to the mouth of the cave.
  47. Inching along, we heard them exclaim in astonishment at the sights of the various races of people selling everything under the sun.
  48. His self-control was weakened by the moisture of brandy and beer, and his torso seemed to be inching forward without his permission.
  49. My face pressed against the fence, I'd try to count the blinking red taillights inching along, stretching as far as my eyes could see.
  50. Ali refilled his handgun, ran to the edge of the wall and slipped to the other side, before carefully inching towards the opened door.
  51. THE SHINY GRAY HEARSE inching its way down State Street seemed out of place among the long double column of police cars, lights flashing.
  52. Dominic had been inching closer, he struck quickly, slippery as a snake he grabbed her attacker's hand and she heard his finger bones crack.
  53. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt myself inching closer to the precipice, so I came here tonight, I say, which is also true in a way.
  54. My nostrils flared wide in search for more air as I focused on moving my foot on the tight rope and inching it onwards a bit further on the rope.
  55. After inching his way toward the auditorium’s door, he stopped for the briefest of moments and gazed through its small rectangular-shaped window.
  56. He screamed out in fury as he drug himself forward inching himself closer and closer toward this one tiny point of light surrounded by so much darkness.
  57. Inching its way along the top of the wall the cat stopped just above the man’s head, fighting the deep rage that urged it to attack the prey right now.
  58. The stock then spent the next five weeks or so pulling back to the breakout point and the inching up before it launched again at Buy point #2 on the chart.
  59. With the zombie inching forward, I needed to get the motorcycle tire out of the sand, but I couldn’t focus on helping Jackie and digging our way out all at once.
  60. What does that actually mean? This is what I need to clarify between us to see if we are still at opposite ends on the see-saw or if we are inching closer together.
  61. Without another word, Shapiro got in his car and carefully drove over the grass area near the hanger, inching ahead so as not to bounce the plane inside its trailer.
  62. The market is inching its way back up so consider your investment a way to help push things back up over the hump, while helping your own financial future at the same time.
  63. We had commissioned another election tracker in the week leading up to the announcement—once again, it showed the NDA steadily inching up, now crossing the 240-seat mark.
  64. The blood on his body made him slippery enough and while Ethan was forcing most of his weight on top of the priest, he was slowly inching his way towards the base of the hut.
  65. I duck low to remain concealed behind the silhouette of the couch and begin inching quietly back toward the private-residence half of the bookstore, then remember they can’t see me.
  66. Sure enough, on the road below an unmarked van was inching its way toward the bugged belt, which lay at the foot of a chain link fence running along the base of the freeway’s concrete skirt.
  67. I gave him a little shove, and he laughed some more, and we kept walking up the incline, passing cars that were inching forward and passengers who were getting out, shouting curses into the fog.
  68. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers.
  69. Though the land was flat the vehicle was all but invisible once it had gone a hundred yards, naively inching its way through the navel into the very bowels of this magnificent, uncaring, Grassy River.
  70. Some of the guards had taken shifts to watch from the fort and make patrols, and both the slaves and the guards had sometimes left their tents to piss or shit on the rocks, but nobody had noticed the four almost-motionless men inching closer and closer all night.
  71. I studied it in conjunction with the map and made my best guess about where I might be and walked on, inching forward uncertainly on the snow, alternately skidding across the top or breaking through the surface, my shins and calves growing ever more chafed each time.
  72. Yet in the past couple of years – as she began inching closer to thirty – there had been moments when she thought that it might be nice to have someone to go dancing with, or who would join her while she paddleboarded, or even someone willing to listen to her complain after a bad day at work.
  73. Why is this so? If our medicines could control all the illnesses all over the world all the time with utmost sincerity, we would have diseases and illnesses within our control, but this is not so, the race between medicine and malady continues, one inching forward than the other all the time all over the world.
  74. The stranger then took his right hand again and starting from the bottom of the tower, began pointing, and said once again, Throw down your weapon! As he pointed to the lower part of the tower, it began glowing like the coals of a fire, and began inching towards the top, as he guided the heat with his hand.
  75. Patting him on the shoulder Zachariah smiled, Now why don’t we pray first before you go running off willy-nilly trying to find her, so you can have some divine guidance in your search, for my granddaughter eh? Again Cody nodded a grin inching up on his face as well, as they bowed their head in fervent prayer.
  76. IT’S STRANGE TO see people you don’t know well in the morning, with sleepy eyes and pillow creases in their cheeks; to know that Christina is cheerful in the morning, and Peter wakes up with his hair perfectly flat, but Cara communicates only through a series of grunts, inching her way, limb by limb, toward coffee.
  77. Was Bessie sitting at his table at the Bell inn, watching him drink her father’ s best ale, giving him that inviting smile, pulling the front of her dress tight to make sure he could see what nice breasts she had? Was he being charming and amusing to her, making her laugh? Was she parting her lips to show him her even teeth, and throwing back her head so that he could appreciate the soft skin of her white throat? Was he talking to her father, Paul Bell, asking respectful and interested questions about his business, so that later Paul would tell his daughter that Merthin was a good sort, a fine young man? Would Merthin get drunk and put his arm around Bessie’ s waist, resting his hand on her hip then slyly inching his fingertips towards that sensitive place between her thighs that was already itching for his touch – just as he once had with Caris?
  1. I inched my way to.
  2. He must have inched in.
  3. She inched her hand out.
  4. Heat inched up his neck.
  5. Amelia inched back a bit.
  6. He inched over to the window.
  7. Tomz inched his way to the train.
  8. Slowly and artfully, he inched the.
  9. Meanie inched towards the iron crib.
  10. Safaa inched forward as Bao retreated.
  11. Travis took a deep breath and inched.
  12. Edward inched closer to the dying man.
  13. I inched my hand out to touch but then.
  14. The men inched back on their bike-seats.
  15. Her toes touched mine as we inched closer.
  16. Clutching the wall, he inched himself up.
  17. Max and Big Dave inched closer to the exit.
  18. Tom and Willie inched their way between them.
  19. We inched forward, stopping and starting in a.
  20. The Gadget Man inched his way out of the closet.
  21. Mike slowly inched his van towards the roadblock.
  22. Water inched up to Mike’s and Jack’s ankles.
  23. Again he pawed, and again the window inched down.
  24. She kissed him and her tongue inched in his mouth.
  25. She inched toward the chapel and glanced at Ivar.
  26. Sheldon inched her way out and was also contained.
  27. I inched along the path, taking an hour to reach.
  28. With his eyes shifting to Nathan, he inched closer.
  29. He inched his body carefully to the edge of the bed.
  30. They inched back toward the ferry in the early rush.
  31. She inched closer to see if she could see who they.
  32. She inched closer and closer, straining to hear him.
  33. He scrambled up the tree and inched along the branch.
  34. As Vinny nonchalantly inched his way towards her she.
  35. They watched the sails a bit more as they inched along.
  36. I inched backwards and my shirt bunched around my waist.
  37. She inched forward and finally spotted men on the ground.
  38. As she inched forward, she came across other bones that.
  39. Kate inched closer, staring intently on the wavering form.
  40. Using the brush as cover, Donovan inched even closer and.
  41. I took out my gun and slowly inched open the bedroom door.
  42. He inched over toward the base of the large oak to which.
  43. She could smell his warm breath as his mouth inched closer.
  44. William made his move and inched slowly forward on the ledge.
  45. Mark carefully inched his way through and came to a full stop.
  46. He inched his way along gingerly in a sliding leapfrog motion.
  47. Lucas inched closer, until his fingers almost touched her cheek.
  48. I clenched my teeth in anger as I inched my face near his, with.
  49. We’re in the shit now… I’us said as S’us inched away.
  50. Sick dread filled his stomach and inched its way up his esophagus.
  51. The cabin inched up as they jerkily made their way up the mountain.
  52. I grabbed my purse and inched away from the bench without breathing.
  53. As we inched our way closer to the soldiers, I gawked in disbelief.
  54. He lay on his stomach and inched across; not far in front was the.
  55. Amelia inched her way behind Hadaen as he stood just inside the flap.
  56. I inched closer, wondering why I was here and why I was seeing this.
  57. Evver took tentative steps as she inched closer to the warming light.
  58. I kissed her on the mouth tenderly and my tongue inched into her lips.
  59. Short step by short step, the rope inched up over the cliff’s edge.
  60. He stepped over my brother, crushing his hand as he inched towards me.
  61. Nothing but the rain came, so I inched forward, hands gripping the wall.
  62. He just inched along, stopping and starting, barely faster than walking.
  63. When they inched closer, and Cinder sensed the song was nearly done, she.
  64. I am the goddess of hunting! Neith inched closer, staring in awe at.
  65. I inched forward and slipped my suitcase out from under the foot of my bed.
  66. Then the counterman rolled around the corner and inched along the end wall.
  67. The trooper searching room to room inched his way to the room Gordon was in.
  68. Willy Crenshaw creased his forehead and inched his eyesight along the words.
  69. Breathing hard, she inched along the ledge toward the shadow of the bridge.
  70. Anne inched herself toward the edge of the bed, her features telling of her.
  71. With my eyes glued to the rear hatch, I inched closer and reached to open it.
  72. He inched his hand across the door and pressed the up button of the elevator.
  73. Okay, shoot, he said and inched to the end of his chair in anticipation.
  74. When his turn arrived, Carroll inched his chair closer to the conference table.
  75. He then inched away from Jose's back to position himself for his next maneuver.
  76. The jeep inched its way up and the other two soldiers followed directly behind.
  77. Ever so slowly, he inched open the closet’s sliding door and squeezed inside.
  78. She inched closer, placing her other hand on his left arm, and then she moved.
  79. The Lord inched forward very slowly, it seemed He was trying not to make a sound.
  80. Fiona swallowed, and her eyes widened slightly as a hand inched over her shoulder.
  81. Gingerly she inched her way out of the compartment that had briefly entrapped her.
  82. Bonnie clung tightly to the shrubbery as the water inched its way upward, but the.
  83. His mouth lowered to mine and then his hand inched my top up until he was able to.
  84. Ken inched in close to the inferno and focused his field glasses on the front seat.
  85. The van inched forward, scraping against the marble wall of the Washington Monument.
  86. Thus, in time, Global Facilitators’ prospects inched forward slowly but steadily.
  87. The truck inched its way into a large oak hammock with headlights only now turned on.
  88. Once he was standing, she pushed her heels into the ground and, back rigid, inched up.
  89. I slammed my fist down and picked my head back up as I inched down the hall some more.
  90. From memory, every time they raised the slab, the far end inched closer to the tunnel.
  91. Dragging its right leg, the zombie inched closer and then swung its rotting arms at me.
  92. When the next squall inched along the horizon, none of them had the strength to chase it.
  93. I watched as my father inched closer to the door down the hall, steadily holding his weapon.
  94. Both men were shirtless, and the sand scraped against their stomachs as they inched forward.
  95. When Stephanie finally did emerge, the woman at the rack inched over to ask about the twins.
  96. Matilda inched along the hallway whilst her eyes gradually became re-accustomed to the darkness.
  97. She inched backwards, bringing him with her, and fell across the bed, her legs spread invitingly.
  98. They inched forward, using the wall as a guide, and carefully felt their way over the uneven floor.
  99. He inched over to where the young man sat and leaned close to touch his young friend’s shoulder.
  100. Mitch looked down at the clip in his hand, while his other hand inched toward the gun in his pocket.
  1. A condom lay 3 inches.
  2. It lay a few inches away.
  3. It was about four inches.
  4. Each about 20 inches long.
  5. It was out by a few inches.
  6. To have 11 inches fall in.
  7. The door opened a few inches.
  8. She rolled just a few inches.
  9. A 5´11´´ man is 71 inches.
  10. Five feet and eleven inches.
  11. Their faces are inches apart.
  12. The door was now inches away.
  13. He was also about two inches.
  14. Their faces were inches apart.
  15. It was open a good six inches.
  16. I was becoming naked by inches.
  17. But impact was only inches away.
  18. Their eyes were but inches apart.
  19. Spikes two to three inches long.
  20. Approximately ten inches of the.
  21. For tanks deeper than 24 inches.
  22. His face was two inches from mine.
  23. Tony was only a couple of inches.
  24. He stood only inches away from her.
  25. These were about five inches long.
  26. A silencer, about nine inches long.
  27. It stood 32 inches from the ground.
  28. Me: Is that code word for 2 inches.
  29. The diameter is about eight inches.
  30. His mouth was inches away from hers.
  31. About three inches in diameter, too.
  32. This was three inches high and wide.
  33. It was about eight inches long and.
  34. A car exhaust is at least two inches.
  35. I stopped with only inches between us.
  36. I shifted my chair a few inches away.
  37. There must be 8 inches on the ground.
  38. But he was only 5 foot 4 inches tall.
  39. Caleb's face was inches from her own.
  40. With a scant four inches of rainfall.
  41. Thaxton was just about 60 inches tall.
  42. Five or six inches thick at the least.
  43. It should measure 2 inches by 2 inches.
  44. About a foot high and ten inches wide.
  45. Inches from the body, she explained.
  46. It was everywhere, about 2 inches high.
  47. Roll out to about 3 inches in diameter.
  48. His lips hovered inches from her mouth.
  49. Corey's head, he missed by a few inches.
  50. He tried again a few inches to the left.
  51. I missed his heart by about six inches.
  52. Each stack was about three inches high.
  53. The volume was some 8 or 9 inches thick.
  54. He held a Taser gun inches from her face.
  55. She pulled back the curtain a few inches.
  56. Sam drew near and was within inches of.
  57. We had fifteen inches of rain this year.
  58. Sam was just two inches shorter than me.
  59. Standard Poodles are over 15 inches tall.
  60. Sati, who had her sword inches away from.
  61. Hamilton stood inches from the cell bars.
  62. That equates to six inches of rain a day.
  63. Yours are worn three inches deeper than.
  64. VICi, what is that in feet and inches.
  65. He was 6ft 3 inches tall but only 160lbs.
  66. An arrow passed within inches of his head.
  67. The nearest was mere inches from her face.
  68. As Joe walks the room and inches closer.
  69. He stopped, his body only inches from mine.
  70. The example shown is 14 inches tall over-.
  71. Maguire stopped, just inches away from her.
  72. My God, he's grown another twenty inches.
  73. Saad stood short at five feet three inches.
  74. Her heels were three inches tall and black.
  75. Our faces were mere inches from each other.
  76. Enzo inches his way to the front of the SUV.
  77. Unconsciously, he inches toward the bakery.
  78. Skinny’s nose was still just inches away.
  79. There were two inches of snow on the ground.
  80. Six and a half inches! I corrected her.
  81. Only inches away, he could hear her panting.
  82. A knife whizzed past my nose by mere inches.
  83. But when she saw him pause inches from her.
  84. Drawing back a few inches, she peered at him.
  85. She inches her way towards the seething hole.
  86. He felt a space of no more than a few inches.
  87. A shallow sand bed is anything under 2 inches.
  88. Next, calculate your height in inches squared.
  89. Adams was only inches from Rose when she ran.
  90. It was inches from the door and Jacob's face.
  91. Its shell was oblong and about seven inches.
  92. And even Ken was at least eleven inches tall.
  93. She dodges another rock impact within inches.
  94. Than moved closer, his face inches from hers.
  95. The whole thing was, maybe, four inches long.
  96. He was a good eighteen inches taller than me.
  97. Roll the dough out to about ⅔ inches thick.
  98. You have calculated how many inches separates.
  99. The sharp point penetrated a couple of inches.
  100. He leans to position his face inches from mine.

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