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    1. will first rub His peace on you, and then infuse

    2. infuse you with life

    3. Shelagh tended to her as if she were her own daughter, with tenderness and herbal drinks to redress the weakened state of her body, and fond affirmations to infuse confidence in this poor sick girl for a speedy recovery

    4. Coaches and leaders have to infuse their questions with superlatives and passion

    5. Monitor the levels of energy they infuse you with and how they radiate on your body

    6. “And that just by putting our faith in something…just by believing it to be real…we infuse it with far more power than we sometimes realize

    7. infuse color with the light

    8. They were able to infuse in the Catholic religion many

    9. His character and intentions infuse it, and are obvious to any who’ve sworn upon it

    10. Appar�ently the President thought Whitey's frankness refresh�ing and wants him to infuse some of the same into the NSC

    11. If teachers would teach their students the basics of their own religions and not infuse their young minds with prejudices, this world would be a much nicer place

    12. touch with what is going on but do not infuse your mind with this

    13. tion of personal liberty, Stallman began to infuse his actions

    14. The danger of static investing is to blindly infuse capital when a firm is at a specific,

    15. These cycles infuse the tarot just as they infuse our lives

    16. hand, could infuse her with energy, a love potion if you will? What girl

    17. offer to infuse me with some of his ill-gotten life-force energy

    18. `Time and spacè - infuse out a current system

    19. In 1 Corinthians 14, Verse 14, if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit is praying, so your spirit, you can energise, activate your spirit consciously every time you pray in tongues, your spirit is praying, the Holy Spirit, who knows the mind of God ,starts to infuse language into your spirit, in harmony with the will of God, and you're now praying the perfect will of God as you speak in tongues

    20. `Time and space` - infuse out a current system

    21. Certain bishops of semi-Arian tendencies found it impossible to infuse into the laity of their flocks the heretical poison which they themselves had imbibed

    22. So to the chagrin of the Israelis, Yasser Arafat resurrected the ghost of ‘Abd Allah ibn Unays in the form of Al Fatah to infuse his jihadi in the disgruntled minds of the Palestinians

    23. ‘Thank you,’ I told her, trying to infuse gratitude into my tone

    24. seemed to infuse her, her shoulders straightened and she raised her head and Ambrosius saw his own eyes gazing back at him

    25. forest to infuse her spirit, she smiled and began rocking gently

    26. Infuse bookmarks and stationary with essential or

    27. Seal it and leave overnight to infuse

    28. it recently forced the US to infuse the banks with another batch of freshly

    29. Infuse me with your blood

    30. Although there’s no way to infuse all that’s been learned, hopefully as hours and days and years pass, love and fidelity will strengthen and bond, ensuring the marriage vows will last until death parts them

    31. freedom from reason, which in turn allow one to hear the voice of inspiration, and to infuse

    32. Hey, if a supreme intelligent being can create the universe and infuse humans with consciousness, cognition and emotion, and Jesus raised the dead to life, then ‘God the Creator/Father’ could equally as easily and believably infuse Mary’s womb with the ‘Son Of God’ – No? But Joseph stood by Mary and rather than comply with the law and have her stoned to death, he married her

    33. This evolution of non-life into life enabled the already existing essence of spirit and soul (spirit-energy) - being the ‘fingerprints’ and part of the ‘Creator’s’ will - to infuse into, and interface with the structures and functions of atom-energy (anatomy)

    34. The blue magenta sky seemed to infuse her mellifluous chocolate tresses with sparkling streaks of silver

    35. want to infuse into it at the dictates of feeling

    36. ’ To infuse righteousness into an ungodly man cannot be an abomination to the Lord

    37. ’ Did he wish to infuse righteousness into himself? He thought himself righteous already

    38. "Thou dost not understand me, Sancho," said Don Quixote; "I only mean he must have made some compact with the devil to infuse this power into the ape, that he may get his living, and after he has grown rich he will give him his soul, which is what the enemy of mankind wants; this I am led to believe by observing that the ape only answers about things past or present, and the devil's knowledge extends no further; for the future he knows only by guesswork, and that not always; for it is reserved for God alone to know the times and the seasons, and for him there is neither past nor future; all is present

    39. May the great Dulcinea del Toboso live a thousand years, and may her fame extend all over the surface of the globe, for she deserves to be loved by a knight so valiant and so virtuous; and may kind heaven infuse zeal into the heart of our governor Sancho Panza to finish off his discipline speedily, so that the world may once more enjoy the beauty of so grand a lady

    40. It would never occur to us to stew vegetables in anything but their own juice, or we would use the juice to infuse the vegetable in a Gastrovac (where the raw material is cooked by atmospheric pressure)

    41. Congress decided that an inexpensive way-no taxpayer money required-to infuse new capital into the thrifts would be to allow them to sell to the public their shares in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)

    42. In country allocation, weighting countries by GDP rather than by market cap in a global index is one way to infuse a value bias

    43. But, sir, she has no occasion to infuse her patriotic fire—so pre-eminent in the case of the Chesapeake—into the Representatives of Maryland

    44. She could more infuse in me

    1. In order to live by faith you need to be infused with the Word of Life

    2. Light and dark infused each other in a shattering of stars

    3. She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder

    4. infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder

    5. Those they conquered, they infused with their blood and the gift of the Oneness, though only those with pure-blood retained the name, Makii

    6. Probably, he’d infused it with boneset and willow

    7. When the Universe was very young, it was likely infused with dark energy, but with less space and everything closer together, gravity had the upper hand, and it was slowing the expansion

    8. You can find lip colors already infused with glitter and shimmer or you can layer on your regular lipstick and then top it with a layer of gloss with glitter speckles in them

    9. When infused, the pearls slowly uncurl into needle shaped leaves

    10. A warm glow infused her

    11. Herminia had no idea why they panicked, but became instantly infused with the emotion, asked no questions and joined Beth racing between rooms to grab up clothing and necessities, stuff it haphazardly into suitcases and tear down the stairs to throw them into the back of Truman’s 4X4

    12. love and the power of the forest in infused in them

    13. Peter turns slowly, every limb infused with tension

    14. infused the wound from the toxic lance

    15. “That’s the sign of those who have been infused with Mako

    16. with a quantity of unmixed wine and handfuls of incense infused to drug the elephants early on the following day

    17. I was infused in my work when I heard a soft knock on my office door, Bianca came in “Excuse me Mr

    18. His whole frame glowing like it had been infused with a radioactive element, shining silver like the rays of the moon

    19. The religiously infused invective infuriates the irreligious people, who respond by lobbing more beer cans and bottles at the priest

    20. Full of rage altogether fixed in his furious design 2 he commanded him with a quantity of unmixed wine and handfuls of incense infused to drug the elephants early on the following day

    21. The most talented were summoned inside the temples structure to sleep with her, they would have years of youth returned to them and would return infused with new found power, but when they returned they would also be totally infatuated with her

    22. Students of the "Problem Page" in thèSaturday Westminster' knew him as a brilliant competitor who infused the purely academic with the very spirit of youth

    23. Over the hedges skipped a club beat infused with the time of night: midnight

    24. On the day of the enemy army’s arrival, Barrad awoke with a smile on his face, the prospect of fulfilling his life-time of training with the real thing infused him, dread and apprehension were not feelings that he could comprehend today

    25. It acts much like the infused red crystals do on the body and just aids recovery

    26. In wonderment, I understood a newfound sense of self-control: ‘twas strangely facile whilst the more infused me with tremendous pow’r

    27. The moment next, in soundlessness, the surface of the portal changed: infused with golden streams of light, outlines emerged out of the glow

    28. And as this little seemingly helpless piece of you is infused back into yourself, death streaks down out of the sky

    29. Infused with the pulsing power of a pair of primordial spirits, the waveglass ray grew twice as fast as Syn could spread its wild fire

    30. a ‘specific’ job to do and because they are infused with

    31. become infused with Divine energy and Grace

    32. Thus, their proximity in the wilderness infused a sense of romanticism in their enamored hearts

    33. In spite of his past, that she was sympathetic towards him infused a hope in him

    34. She beat me with the chain and as it struck my scales, the magic infused in the links burned me, burned holes through to my flesh

    35. “I have infused my blood with silver, Tobias

    36. isms, are infused with astral energy

    37. It was less cheerful than she appeared to be, as it was infused with specks of sadness

    38. Lezura noticed that the roots of the red-leaf parasite had infused with the branch of the yelm tree

    39. Thoughts were shared in that pre-dawn light like communion wine; sombrely and infused with something complex like incense

    40. He then infused her liver with poison before presenting the corpse to the Mganga

    41. Did they sense it, when Ariel was infused with a strange inner calm,

    42. The green of new weeds infused the gnarled

    43. anywhere near these monsters, but Ingwe’s constant state of anxiety was infused with

    44. His instinct was infused with the

    45. infused with the power to decide who gets credit and who is refused, the stakes in that

    46. Once capital is infused into a firm, the turnaround time depends on :technology, management, and the resources

    47. infused, chocolatey mix of some of the best super foods in the world

    48. infused me with energy? He was afraid I would die or get sick and he

    49. provided a higher model of Personality integration in the concept of the Soul Infused Personality and integration with the Higher Self

    50. It takes a strong sense of the Higher Soul Infused Personality to be able to enter into the

    1. And she infuses you with the notion that it’s a good thing

    2. Because it lowers cholesterol (which can clog up the brain!), provides Omega-3s while balancing out Omega 6s, and infuses the body with antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil should form one of the cornerstones of a brain-friendly diet

    3. He checks the tubes with nervous and shaky movements, examines the wires and infuses

    4. more debt at a higher default rate simply because the local government infuses it with cash

    5. “they’re not sociable”, infuses me with urgency and a frantic need to

    6. water pull gravitates and infuses with the black aura

    7. Bridget infuses joy and inspiration with her clients while encouraging them to live

    8. What is worse, as if to light up every minority household with its naïve Hindu torch, it infuses in the Indian Musalman a sense of neglect by the Indian nation itself; why, won’t its glamour boys and girls attribute their economic backwardness to the Hindu biases rather than exposing the age-old Muslim apathy for secular education? Wonder how these fail to see the children of the Hindu maids and the Christian coolies everywhere walking up to the English-medium schools in their uniforms

    9. reaches the stage of yagya, it is then recited by neither articulated speech nor from the throat; nor even in thought; it then infuses every breath

    10. When Time's face is play, joy infuses body, mind, heart, and soul

    11. He infuses fresh blood into our anaemic little circle

    12. “ Her presence surrounds and infuses you now, Nancy

    13. Sandra consciously infuses her ads with her energy

    14. this infuses the work of art with the capacity to induce sentiments of elevation, in a manner

    15. Know you not, lout, vagabond, beggar, that were it not for the might that she infuses into my arm I should not have strength enough to kill a flea? Say, scoffer with a viper's tongue, what think you has won this kingdom and cut off this giant's head and made you a marquis (for all this I count as already accomplished and decided), but the might of Dulcinea, employing my arm as the instrument of her

    1. Infusing his “children” with the power of his arrows, the Gold and Lead Arrows were born

    2. it is highly pernicious, and it has even a natural tendency to pervert the truth, by infusing into it a strong mixture of superstition, folly, and delusion

    3. This is not to say that there cannot be more than one entity infusing power, and direction into the life and plane of existence

    4. “I’m the one who should be dead!” she whispered agonizingly, a blush of shame infusing her countenance

    5. “I'm the one who should be dead!” she whispered agonizingly, a blush of shame infusing her

    6. sultry heat infusing and consuming them

    7. Infusing an essential oil while meditating can compound the effect of meditation

    8. It was as if the colors were alive, accepting me and infusing me with pleasant feelings

    9. Throughout the three nights Drew spent in the hospital his spirit companion was periodically infusing his body with healing energy

    10. heating under his skin, lighting his mind, infusing his thoughts,

    11. mind kept quiet, simply enjoying the warmth of the love chemicals infusing her body

    12. investment “pay off’ in greater product demand and higher earnings, and are infusing the

    13. The Musalmans’ fundamentalist self-destruct is a weird phenomenon as Islam has the compelling character of infusing in the believers a frenzied religious madness of total blindness? Didn’t the Wahabis even dig up Muhammad’s grave once in order to make Islam purer! But, now, what of the growing trend of the Islamic car-bombings even in Muhammad’s land, not to speak of the conquered ones, aimed at fellow Musalmans? It’s as if the Islamic terrorism, willy-nilly nursed by the umma, like the Frankenstein Monster, has begun to devour the Islamic Hypocrites of dar-ul-Islam

    14. insensate nature, but infusing its depths there is the Spirit which is his

    15. both the sun and the moon, and he is now seen by Arjun as infusing the

    16. ‘And?’ I asked, infusing my voice with as much of Annie’s honey-sweetness as I could

    17. I want to change the circumstances of my dwelling by infusing it with more life

    18. Initially, they had all felt the exhilaration of being in the water again, strength infusing their bones and spirits

    19. ” In spite of her attempt at infusing humor, I could feel her rigidity

    20. The Creator has perhaps Willed the design and order of creation infusing creation with a Soul to initiate and maintain the genetic and evolutionary pre-programming of DNA as the process for the human species to eventually branch off from a common ancestor and develop into the remarkable beings that humans are

    21. It is the action of a Personal Deity infusing His own Personality and Will into the steadfast action of government in resistance to moral evil

    22. Red fabric pushed against her face, infusing her hair with electricity

    23. Then, infusing all the humility he possessed into his eyes and voice, he addressed the inspector, and sought to inspire him with pity

    24. As the crisis approaches, the difficulty of deciding upon a hazardous alternative will increase; and, unfortunately, there is not in Vermont any man of commanding talents capable of attracting general confidence, of infusing into the people his own spirit; and, amidst the confusion of conflicting opinions, dangers, and commotion, competent to lead in the path of duty or safety

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