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Infuse в предложении (на )

  1. Infuse me with your blood.
  2. She could more infuse in me.
  3. Seal it and leave overnight to infuse.
  4. Infuse bookmarks and stationary with essential or.
  5. They were able to infuse in the Catholic religion many.

  6. These cycles infuse the tarot just as they infuse our lives.
  7. Coaches and leaders have to infuse their questions with superlatives and passion.
  8. Monitor the levels of energy they infuse you with and how they radiate on your body.
  9. His character and intentions infuse it, and are obvious to any who’ve sworn upon it.
  10. The blue magenta sky seemed to infuse her mellifluous chocolate tresses with sparkling streaks of silver.
  11. Appar�ently the President thought Whitey's frankness refresh�ing and wants him to infuse some of the same into the NSC.
  12. In country allocation, weighting countries by GDP rather than by market cap in a global index is one way to infuse a value bias.
  13. But, sir, she has no occasion to infuse her patriotic fire—so pre-eminent in the case of the Chesapeake—into the Representatives of Maryland.
  14. And that just by putting our faith in something…just by believing it to be real…we infuse it with far more power than we sometimes realize.
  15. Certain bishops of semi-Arian tendencies found it impossible to infuse into the laity of their flocks the heretical poison which they themselves had imbibed.

  16. If teachers would teach their students the basics of their own religions and not infuse their young minds with prejudices, this world would be a much nicer place.
  17. So to the chagrin of the Israelis, Yasser Arafat resurrected the ghost of ‘Abd Allah ibn Unays in the form of Al Fatah to infuse his jihadi in the disgruntled minds of the Palestinians.
  18. It would never occur to us to stew vegetables in anything but their own juice, or we would use the juice to infuse the vegetable in a Gastrovac (where the raw material is cooked by atmospheric pressure).
  19. Although there’s no way to infuse all that’s been learned, hopefully as hours and days and years pass, love and fidelity will strengthen and bond, ensuring the marriage vows will last until death parts them.
  20. Shelagh tended to her as if she were her own daughter, with tenderness and herbal drinks to redress the weakened state of her body, and fond affirmations to infuse confidence in this poor sick girl for a speedy recovery.
  21. Congress decided that an inexpensive way-no taxpayer money required-to infuse new capital into the thrifts would be to allow them to sell to the public their shares in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).
  22. This evolution of non-life into life enabled the already existing essence of spirit and soul (spirit-energy) - being the ‘fingerprints’ and part of the ‘Creator’s’ will - to infuse into, and interface with the structures and functions of atom-energy (anatomy).
  23. May the great Dulcinea del Toboso live a thousand years, and may her fame extend all over the surface of the globe, for she deserves to be loved by a knight so valiant and so virtuous; and may kind heaven infuse zeal into the heart of our governor Sancho Panza to finish off his discipline speedily, so that the world may once more enjoy the beauty of so grand a lady.
  24. Hey, if a supreme intelligent being can create the universe and infuse humans with consciousness, cognition and emotion, and Jesus raised the dead to life, then ‘God the Creator/Father’ could equally as easily and believably infuse Mary’s womb with the ‘Son Of God’ – No? But Joseph stood by Mary and rather than comply with the law and have her stoned to death, he married her.
  25. In 1 Corinthians 14, Verse 14, if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit is praying, so your spirit, you can energise, activate your spirit consciously every time you pray in tongues, your spirit is praying, the Holy Spirit, who knows the mind of God ,starts to infuse language into your spirit, in harmony with the will of God, and you're now praying the perfect will of God as you speak in tongues.

  26. The danger of static investing is to blindly infuse capital when a firm is at a specific,.
  1. Red fabric pushed against her face, infusing her hair with electricity.
  2. I want to change the circumstances of my dwelling by infusing it with more life.
  3. Infusing an essential oil while meditating can compound the effect of meditation.
  4. It was as if the colors were alive, accepting me and infusing me with pleasant feelings.
  5. Infusing his children with the power of his arrows, the Gold and Lead Arrows were born.
  6. I'm the one who should be dead! she whispered agonizingly, a blush of shame infusing her.
  7. I’m the one who should be dead! she whispered agonizingly, a blush of shame infusing her countenance.
  8. Initially, they had all felt the exhilaration of being in the water again, strength infusing their bones and spirits.
  9. This is not to say that there cannot be more than one entity infusing power, and direction into the life and plane of existence.
  10. Throughout the three nights Drew spent in the hospital his spirit companion was periodically infusing his body with healing energy.
  11. Then, infusing all the humility he possessed into his eyes and voice, he addressed the inspector, and sought to inspire him with pity.
  12. It is the action of a Personal Deity infusing His own Personality and Will into the steadfast action of government in resistance to moral evil.
  13. The Creator has perhaps Willed the design and order of creation infusing creation with a Soul to initiate and maintain the genetic and evolutionary pre-programming of DNA as the process for the human species to eventually branch off from a common ancestor and develop into the remarkable beings that humans are.
  14. As the crisis approaches, the difficulty of deciding upon a hazardous alternative will increase; and, unfortunately, there is not in Vermont any man of commanding talents capable of attracting general confidence, of infusing into the people his own spirit; and, amidst the confusion of conflicting opinions, dangers, and commotion, competent to lead in the path of duty or safety.
  15. The Musalmans’ fundamentalist self-destruct is a weird phenomenon as Islam has the compelling character of infusing in the believers a frenzied religious madness of total blindness? Didn’t the Wahabis even dig up Muhammad’s grave once in order to make Islam purer! But, now, what of the growing trend of the Islamic car-bombings even in Muhammad’s land, not to speak of the conquered ones, aimed at fellow Musalmans? It’s as if the Islamic terrorism, willy-nilly nursed by the umma, like the Frankenstein Monster, has begun to devour the Islamic Hypocrites of dar-ul-Islam.
  1. A warm glow infused her.
  2. The water pull infused abilities.
  3. His instinct was infused with the.
  4. And that is the Soul Infused personality.
  5. The green of new weeds infused the gnarled.
  6. I have infused my blood with silver, Tobias.
  7. The Fertilised Seeds of Spirit and Soul Infused.
  8. Peter turns slowly, every limb infused with tension.
  9. It infused how I walked, how I sat, how I gestured.
  10. Probably, he’d infused it with boneset and willow.
  11. Once the enzymes were infused with a positive energy once.
  12. Light and dark infused each other in a shattering of stars.
  13. I had no concept of time, but blessed peace infused my mind.
  14. And stuff? Rosemary’s voice was infused with meaning.
  15. It reflected the chalk sky already infused with murky smears.
  16. That’s the sign of those who have been infused with Mako.
  17. Those parts of you that are not infused with My Spirit have to go.
  18. When infused, the pearls slowly uncurl into needle shaped leaves.
  19. For example, dopamine infused into the NAcc caused an increase in.
  20. God, what had he seen in my head? A blush infused my face with color.
  21. In order to live by faith you need to be infused with the Word of Life.
  22. She looked at the other woman grimly and infused her tone with hardness.
  23. The Fertilised Seeds of Spirit and Soul Infused at the Time of Creation.
  24. God and so in his own Self, he is infused with the sense of supremacy of.
  25. Therefore he had already secretly infused his inner energy upon the sword.
  26. Over the hedges skipped a club beat infused with the time of night: midnight.
  27. The orange mist was infused into the thinking parts of my brain in the front.
  28. It acts much like the infused red crystals do on the body and just aids recovery.
  29. In spite of his past, that she was sympathetic towards him infused a hope in him.
  30. But Reagan’s Hollywood background infused him with a tolerance for homosexuals.
  31. He then infused her liver with poison before presenting the corpse to the Mganga.
  32. We had lost the sense of discovery which had infused the anarchy of our first year.
  33. That is when you become a Soul Infused personality, when you have to integrate all.
  34. A work of art contains the life that was infused into it by the artist that created it.
  35. It was less cheerful than she appeared to be, as it was infused with specks of sadness.
  36. But also further initiations of the Fourth Initiation, becoming a Monad Infused Personality.
  37. Who has infused the soil with different elementary substances to be absorbed by the plants?
  38. It takes a strong sense of the Higher Soul Infused Personality to be able to enter into the.
  39. The big Trican half reared up for she seemed infused with the same killing passion that I was.
  40. Thus, their proximity in the wilderness infused a sense of romanticism in their enamored hearts.
  41. Latin dating, like most cultures, is infused with many traditions, values and social conventions.
  42. Lezura noticed that the roots of the red-leaf parasite had infused with the branch of the yelm tree.
  43. Mornings like this, I felt infused with everything that was beautiful about living in San Francisco.
  44. I was infused in my work when I heard a soft knock on my office door, Bianca came in Excuse me Mr.
  45. She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder.
  46. The room was wholesome and reassuring, as if the purity and generosity of Aunt Queen had totally infused it.
  47. Once the enzymes were infused with a positive energy once again, the Well would return to its former glory.
  48. Despite the ongoing danger of Syd being discovered, the happiness that radiated from Rebecca infused the house.
  49. Clearing my throat of the husky emotion I was infused with I said We should be in the city by early evening.
  50. That secure feeling infused all that I did, and I saw improvements in relationships, confidence and creativity.
  51. Once capital is infused into a firm, the turnaround time depends on :technology, management, and the resources.
  52. And as this little seemingly helpless piece of you is infused back into yourself, death streaks down out of the sky.
  53. Acetylcysteine at 140mg/kg followed by 70 mg/kg q 4h for 3 days, or 300 mg/kg infused over 20 hours, with half the.
  54. It was a small onyx stone set into an ornate silver band and it tingled with the charm she knew it was infused with.
  55. His whole frame glowing like it had been infused with a radioactive element, shining silver like the rays of the moon.
  56. Thoughts were shared in that pre-dawn light like communion wine; sombrely and infused with something complex like incense.
  57. Just as the consciousness of an artist is infused into artwork so consciousness of the ‘Creator is fused into the created.
  58. As he shared his terrible memory of that day, her compassion and warmth and sympathy infused his recollection with a new clarity.
  59. She beat me with the chain and as it struck my scales, the magic infused in the links burned me, burned holes through to my flesh.
  60. The juice is blended with almond oil and placed with whole peaches in the Gastrovac without heat until they are completely infused.
  61. The Soul Infused Personality This personality only starts to appear when there has been a period of grounding of negative energies.
  62. The religiously infused invective infuriates the irreligious people, who respond by lobbing more beer cans and bottles at the priest.
  63. Infused with the pulsing power of a pair of primordial spirits, the waveglass ray grew twice as fast as Syn could spread its wild fire.
  64. The Initiation after Enlightenment is when the Soul and Soul Infused personality Fuses with the Monad, which is when you will become a.
  65. In wonderment, I understood a newfound sense of self-control: ‘twas strangely facile whilst the more infused me with tremendous pow’r.
  66. In amongst their shouting he had lit another cigarette and now inhaled the chemical infused smoke with a look of calm boredom upon his face.
  67. Those they conquered, they infused with their blood and the gift of the Oneness, though only those with pure-blood retained the name, Makii.
  68. My feelings infused Nancy’s mind; she became flustered and blushed profusely as Marcus relieved her of the towel and began feasting on her.
  69. The moment next, in soundlessness, the surface of the portal changed: infused with golden streams of light, outlines emerged out of the glow.
  70. If that construction does not result, then a positive amendment, which has been made to the constitution, has infused this principle into it.
  71. This was the soldier condemned to the rods, who, from fear, had swallowed a bottle of vodka, in which he had infused tobacco, this bringing on lung disease.
  72. Students of the "Problem Page" in thèSaturday Westminster' knew him as a brilliant competitor who infused the purely academic with the very spirit of youth.
  73. The first stage of the therapy involves cleansing wherein water is infused into the intestine to wash the walls of the colon and remove the waste materials.
  74. Following these tips will help you let go of the mindset that processed and chemically-laden infused foods are the only ones that are pleasing to the palate.
  75. Clothes left out of duffel bags were instantly filthy, and all of the meals, which the crews ate outside while sitting on the ground, were infused with sand.
  76. Mrs Traynor, a woman infused with the instinctive upper-middle-class skill of being all over any social situation, had apparently lost the ability to communicate.
  77. No matter how conservative its payout ratio, a company that consistently distributes restricted earnings is destined for oblivion unless equity capital is otherwise infused.
  78. You can find lip colors already infused with glitter and shimmer or you can layer on your regular lipstick and then top it with a layer of gloss with glitter speckles in them.
  79. It was impossible to doubt, that, whatever painful efficacy there might be in the secret sting of remorse, a deadlier venom had been infused into it by the hand that proffered relief.
  80. Full of rage altogether fixed in his furious design 2 he commanded him with a quantity of unmixed wine and handfuls of incense infused to drug the elephants early on the following day.
  81. When the Universe was very young, it was likely infused with dark energy, but with less space and everything closer together, gravity had the upper hand, and it was slowing the expansion.
  82. Why wouldn’t he back tonight, is he alright? Flower’s own concern became infused with objection to having heard this news from someone other than Byron, he was theirs, no one else’s.
  83. Pennzoil infused cash for 80 percent of the stock, thereby diluting existing shareholders (and edifying short sellers who managed to stay short), and paid off Hindman handsomely for not working.
  84. The Self’s soul on the other hand, although also intangible, could be said to be the spark or seed of life its self infused in Self/ creation and life by the Creator from the beginning of time.
  85. Now notice they spoke in tongues, as the Holy Ghost infused into them the language to speak forth, so when you got filled with the spirit, you were baptised in the Holy Ghost, you got a gift given to you.
  86. The air was warm and moist and seemed to be infused with a sweet herbal fragrance, above and beyond the subtle scents of mosses and ferns clinging to every surface where the outside light could penetrate.
  87. The Soul, in essence a part of the Creator, is by definition infused into creation and life at the beginning of creation and time, to sustain and maintain life expressed in and through the life of living creation.
  88. Their call was infused with the longing of an age, the trials of their ancestors, their own stories echoing through the wave of power that seemed to warm the room around them, like the sun was beating down on their shoulders.
  89. Some seem to be infused with a primitive consciousness, like those of many insects, and when it is coupled with a deep bond with a sentient being, a kind of symbiosis seems to be awakened between the sentient being and the plant being.
  90. On the day of the enemy army’s arrival, Barrad awoke with a smile on his face, the prospect of fulfilling his life-time of training with the real thing infused him, dread and apprehension were not feelings that he could comprehend today.
  91. The most talented were summoned inside the temples structure to sleep with her, they would have years of youth returned to them and would return infused with new found power, but when they returned they would also be totally infatuated with her.
  92. All humans are spiritually, and psychologically vulnerable because, firstly, humans have been created, by a Creator, a Spiritual Supreme Being, and thus are created and infused with an independent and sovereign spirit by virtue of their creation.
  93. Exhausted by emotion, my language was more subdued than it generally was when it developed that sad theme; and mindful of Helen’s warnings against the indulgence of resentment, I infused into the narrative far less of gall and wormwood than ordinary.
  94. Prayer may be simply living life where life is love, and love is life, where everything living is loved, and everything loved is living, because it is infused with and contains the Word, the Soul and the Spirit of that, which may be considered absolute LOVE.
  95. Here Don Quixote, too, broke silence, saying to Sancho, Have patience, my son, and gratify these noble persons, and give all thanks to heaven that it has infused such virtue into thy person, that by its sufferings thou canst disenchant the enchanted and restore to life the dead.
  96. Herminia had no idea why they panicked, but became instantly infused with the emotion, asked no questions and joined Beth racing between rooms to grab up clothing and necessities, stuff it haphazardly into suitcases and tear down the stairs to throw them into the back of Truman’s 4X4.
  97. When God created our first parent in the earthly paradise, the Holy Scripture says that he infused sleep into Adam and while he slept took a rib from his left side of which he formed our mother Eve, and when Adam awoke and beheld her he said, 'This is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone.
  98. Even the few Europeans around Charles Gould—a Dane, a couple of Frenchmen, a discreet fat German, smiling, with down-cast eyes, the representatives of those material interests that had got a footing in Sulaco under the protecting might of the San Tome mine—had infused a lot of good humour into their deference.
  99. He said also how at the end of the second month a human soul was infused and how in all our holy mother foldeth ever souls for God's greater glory whereas that earthly mother which was but a dam to bear beastly should die by canon for so saith he that holdeth the fisherman's seal, even that blessed Peter on which rock was holy church for all ages founded.
  100. This, then, being agreed upon, the viceroy landed, and Don Antonio Moreno took the fair Morisco and her father home with him, the viceroy charging him to give them the best reception and welcome in his power, while on his own part he offered all that house contained for their entertainment; so great was the good-will and kindliness the beauty of Ana Felix had infused into his heart.
  1. Sandra consciously infuses her ads with her energy.
  2. He infuses fresh blood into our anaemic little circle.
  3. And she infuses you with the notion that it’s a good thing.
  4. When Time's face is play, joy infuses body, mind, heart, and soul.
  5. Bridget infuses joy and inspiration with her clients while encouraging them to live.
  6. He checks the tubes with nervous and shaky movements, examines the wires and infuses.
  7. Because it lowers cholesterol (which can clog up the brain!), provides Omega-3s while balancing out Omega 6s, and infuses the body with antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil should form one of the cornerstones of a brain-friendly diet.
  8. Know you not, lout, vagabond, beggar, that were it not for the might that she infuses into my arm I should not have strength enough to kill a flea? Say, scoffer with a viper's tongue, what think you has won this kingdom and cut off this giant's head and made you a marquis (for all this I count as already accomplished and decided), but the might of Dulcinea, employing my arm as the instrument of her.
  9. What is worse, as if to light up every minority household with its naïve Hindu torch, it infuses in the Indian Musalman a sense of neglect by the Indian nation itself; why, won’t its glamour boys and girls attribute their economic backwardness to the Hindu biases rather than exposing the age-old Muslim apathy for secular education? Wonder how these fail to see the children of the Hindu maids and the Christian coolies everywhere walking up to the English-medium schools in their uniforms.

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