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    1. He had sensed they were much more intelligent than a horse, more intelligent than a feral dog

    2. Probably much more intelligent than we think they are

    3. The long-legged kargir they were riding were not as intelligent or fast as kedas, but they withstood the dry terrain without complaint

    4. They are intelligent enough to remember

    5. He hoped there was a strong and intelligent warehouse-man where they were going

    6. I was an intelligent man

    7. You is an intelligent man, init? We'll be back here tomorrow and you better had be as well

    8. We’re always on the look out for an intelligent secretary …’

    9. She’s an intelligent woman

    10. was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no

    11. He picked up with Christine in his second year … must have been about Easter, I think, she was a quiet girl, intelligent and not particularly pretty

    12. Would it brutalise otherwise normal and intelligent boys? Was I trying to take one step too far with my reasoning? I didn’t really have the means to describe what I was thinking

    13. The three of us have a good time together, yet Tandoulou sets me thinking sometimes: On one hand she is intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects; on the other hand she is rather bossy and obsessed with religion; she is also a scrooge, counting every cent she is to pay

    14. She was informal, intelligent but a bit impatient

    15. Elond is probably as intelligent, but she has no knowledge of electronics other than how to use them

    16. "It hunts chileeth and is more intelligent than a kwibarta or a wee-bird

    17. It was also plain that she was fairly educated and intelligent in spite of her fairy tales

    18. He found it hard to string a sentence together, not because he was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no longer be bothered

    19. “He’s an intelligent being, I could see that in his eyes, and I have a feeling a lot more

    20. “Now as to your dragons; once you make contact you will find them to be very intelligent

    21. Dorintze, a stout woman with an intelligent face, immediately asks me if I would write something for the readersein

    22. Gonzar told her tale of an army of intelligent dactyls breeding in the depths of the Ttharmine that were coming out bent on world domination any day

    23. Byia was a treasure to talk with because she was so intelligent and widely traveled

    24. ‘Here, Lintze, what do you think of this one?’ he said, drawing me towards a far too intelligent looking gg

    25. ‘How do we send a message back?’ I asked, my concentration fully on this beautiful creature with such intelligent eyes

    26. The thought flies through my head that this man is more intelligent that he appears

    27. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal

    28. I care about what those condensates have to do with the nature of intelligent life

    29. “He is quite intelligent, and has a most peculiar sense of humor

    30. She said ―your body is an intelligent organism

    31. “They are strong and intelligent; the leaders of our society

    32. She is also very intelligent

    33. discovery of the intelligent nature of subatomic

    34. Because energy is intelligent, it actually has the

    35. water itself was intelligent, and therefore able to obey

    36. beings of energy, and that there is an intelligent force

    37. the architypal blonde when it comes to common sense but so intelligent that it’s astounding

    38. She was intelligent enough, just hadn’t had a chance to develop it

    39. intelligent than she first thought

    40. She’s a perky little old lady with intelligent eyes

    41. She looks at me with that intelligent glance so like his, but doesn’t comment

    42. Joseph finished the morning in court and found Linda to be intelligent and tougher than she looked

    43. trying, as Tom’s Granny might have put it, to look intelligent

    44. He knew she was an intelligent woman who’s company he would enjoy, but he also worried about her motives

    45. “While I while away the hours with a beautiful and intelligent woman

    46. What were the chances of encountering someone as sexy as Bethai who was interested enough to compete with Ava? Bethai was bigger and better with her pillows of course, but Ava was much more intelligent and to his eye much prettier because of her normal size

    47. She was too intelligent and knew to much of the Kassikan to play with like this wasn’t she? “Ava, I can’t discuss the case

    48. “The chance of there being intelligent life out there is greater than of it not

    49. “You must remember that there are many things more important than asking a few questions of the natives,” Colonel Bovok told him, “You are on a planet inhabited by intelligent, possibly hostile natives

    50. I can tell by the way you learn and how much you understand that you are really quite intelligent, probably more than I

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    intelligent reasoning thinking healthy level-headed levelheaded sound well-informed sharp quick intellectual understanding astute bright smart shrewd clever discerning logical reasonable sensible