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    1. He went for a long swim in the brisk water and found them still sound asleep when he got back

    2. He might have been a little harsh on Herndon in telling it and made him sound more convinced of Venna's role

    3. But he was tired and it came out a weak, sad sound

    4. He poured some and leaned back, but soon noticed the sound of distant thunder

    5. Hermann tried to cover his ears with his pillow, but then he was bothered by the sound of the whistling from his own nose

    6. The creature howled the strangled, pained sound of an injured beast

    7. A relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from bright lights helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety which can make it more difficult to fall asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep

    8. Does that sound good?”

    9. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    10. The noises that plague the night are countered by the sound of singing and dancing, of joyful whooping and hollering

    11. She was sound asleep on that beach, dreaming of being erased by shonggot the way a virtual can be erased by zeroing

    12. The grenades all landed on the floor, gave out a harsh, high-pitched sound, and then a white light shot out in all directions

    13. It was the most haunting thing, like the sound a cat would make if you used her ribs to sharpen knives

    14. He did love me, Stephen, I know it makes me sound like a fool clinging to a daydream, but he did

    15. There was a high-pitched sound coming from somewhere inside the house

    16. What was that sound?

    17. “Listen” may sound self-explanatory, but it’s a well-known fact that adolescents will run wild using “no one understands me” as an excuse

    18. Hence, the two witnesses who can vouch for your sound mind and no force being involved in the signing of the will

    19. And how should you select the witnesses? Anybody of sound mind and body will do

    20. She heard the sound of booted feet running over carpet

    21. A lawn that is watered thoroughly at regular intervals, and whose soil has plenty of organic humus (organic matter converts into humus that makes the nutrient elements in the soil available to the grass), will withstand drought, and remain sound throughout the hot summer months

    22. Ackers heard the sound of furniture breaking and glass shattering from downstairs

    23. He was sound asleep and stayed that way as light grew across the land

    24. again I hear the sound of my mobile going off … can’t remember where I left it

    25. Women can handle phone call, TV, child cry, kitchen sound simultaneously

    26. The doors at the end of the corridor open inward automatically with an annoying buzzing sound, and John and Zitteraal enter

    27. Don't think I'll watch the damage safe and sound, the probable number of fragments that destroy this station is 6

    28. You tell me I have to go alone out there and this might just start to sound too shady for me

    29. That sound like high stakes

    30. I saw the other candidate and, without wanting to sound big headed, there really was no argument! She was built like a brick privy, as the saying goes!

    31. reinforced by the sound made by his linen suit trousers as they rubbed over his rough,

    32. ’ I said, trying to sound friendly and welcoming

    33. Deeply disappointed that it is not Stephen, I kick myself and try to sound enthusiastic as I scribble down the details

    34. The breeze blows peacefully and we hear the far away sound of the surf pounding on the shore

    35. ‘Makes it sound as though it was deliberately planned

    36. A sound somewhere in the house makes me jump

    37. Suddenly there was the sound of a huge explosion, from the direction of this thing, but no sight of one

    38. That sound did not die away but was replaced by a scream and roar that built in volume

    39. It was changing in shape and sound, it lay down a little more

    40. The sound of footsteps coming towards the kitchen rouses her and she frantically tries to pull herself together, groping in the pocket of her jeans for a tissue

    41. ballroom, the sound of a single note echoed back and forth, bouncing off the walls and

    42. "Yeah, he was really sound

    43. now an expectant air in the hallway, a brooding air, and an absence of sound

    44. Glenelle had to admit that even though Ava did her best to make the war back at Sol sound exciting, it seemed long ago and far away compared to the adjustments she had to face, being a clone and her whole time had been turned into a fantasy realm

    45. He could hear the sound of tall leaves and seed ears rubbing together

    46. He also thought that he caught the sound of something swishing rhythmically amongst

    47. to the sound of the hunting cat

    48. world constricted to a space just big enough to hold the sound of his rapidly beating

    49. I hadn't thought about it, but I suppose it did sound a bit silly, cartoonish even

    50. It recorded no smell, touch or taste, just sight and sound like can be done remotely with a mortal

    1. ” Sam’s voice sounded deeper than it had when he had been uncharacteristically besotted

    2. When she said “board,” it sounded like it should have had a “W” between the “O” and the “A”

    3. It sounded like his voice, she started to hurry across the marble of the entry hall floor

    4. It sounded foolish when God told Moses to strike a rock

    5. " That sounded rather small, but then again, she had managed to dig up what happened to Tdeshi on a trail that was twenty decades old, this was only fourteen

    6. Punka tried singing, but his voice sounded jagged and weak, like a monkey trampled by buffalo

    7. Now that he was sober and miserable, his voice sounded sober and miserable

    8. Was it a monicker, though? It sounded archaic, almost like something out of a Greek myth

    9. She sounded a lot more relaxed

    10. ‘A bit shaken but we had a reasonably friendly chat and she sounded a lot less anxious by the time we’d finished

    11. Whoever was banging on the front door of my house sounded as though they wanted to bash a hole in it

    12. Hearing it on the news and living in it were very different, Talstan's Angels still sounded like nonsense

    13. I thought I heard some foreign, you know? Like east European or something, but then I heard a voice that sounded English so I can't really tell you

    14. I don't believe him because he sounded disappointed

    15. The voice sounded disturbingly like Ava's, even when rendered as an antique phone would

    16. " Glenelle didn't think her sister heard her because of the ruckus in the background, it sounded like a hand over the phone

    17. The metal detector sounded as he stepped through

    18. Something like that might have sounded heroic once, but not now

    19. He just despised the thousand year wait but the more he listened, the more it sounded like they were going to get either that, or a continued voyage to the next terrestrial planet at Altair

    20. Horcheese sounded like she was talking them through a workaround for the 151s

    21. "They’re gone, then?" Horcheese sounded as if she doubted it

    22. Apollo hated how the apology sounded the minute he said it

    23. They thought the snug cabin of the craft was quite romantic and had audio cubes on them that sounded great on these speakers

    24. ’ Kara explained, all too aware of how tenuous it all sounded

    25. Sometimes it sounded like she didn't get much sleep up there

    26. ‘All the papers about JJ were still there, if that’s what you mean … aren’t you bothered that someone’s been through your belongings?’ she sounded incredulous

    27. ’ He sounded concerned

    28. Pride sounded loud in her voice as she went on, ‘I’m told that he’d killed several men the previous day, protecting his principals … getting them back safely

    29. ’ She hadn’t the foggiest what this actually meant, but it sounded interesting and she was more than prepared for experimentation in her current euphoric mood

    30. It sounded like there was quite a herd of them

    31. The captain and a couple others wandered off from the group and it sounded like they were calling Alan when they got nearer the probe

    32. ’ He sounded awkward, as if the depth of the love he had felt for his friend were something he should be ashamed to own

    33. Back in the kitchen, she was turning on the oven when a rather loud crack of thunder sounded and she jumped and dropped the pizza cutter

    34. Shit! That sounded about as antagonistic as could be! God! I’m starting off on the wrong foot already

    35. “I didn’t mean that like it sounded

    36. She sounded like a very tired child

    37. I glanced at the clock just as its alarm bell sounded

    38. The voice was fine except for position, he sounded a bit like a ventriloquist in that his voice seemed to come from a slightly different location

    39. They all sounded very excited

    40. It sounded to Terry as though he was counting in doggy fashion and had reached nine hundred and ninety-nine

    41. ' There was no escape but at least my new name sounded strong

    42. Duncan couldn’t figure it out, but he had to admit that as strange as it sounded - he felt a certain ease with these people

    43. It sounded so safe and so what if the house wasn't sold? Let Daphne have it, along with the village and the treasures and Faria

    44. It sounded a bit mad,

    45. Every report sounded more grim than the one before so he wondered if there was anything to go back to

    46. She sounded like they'd woken her

    47. Abi said she didn’t really know but that law sounded interesting and that she’d have a look in the careers department for more information about it

    48. Jane sounded pretty harassed this morning

    49. That sounded too much like one of Alan’s religions, yes, the cult of the fertility goddess Tahmote

    50. It was lead by men beating drums, and large bronze tubes that sounded like gongs

    1. ’ I said, my voice sounding a hell of a lot more confident that I am feeling

    2. ’ he said sounding truly concerned … I suppose in a way my losing my job is a direct result of him taking me in for questioning … but the man was only doing his job

    3. ’ I said, my words sounding daft even as I utter them

    4. ’ Stephen replied, holding out the glass and sounding more himself

    5. "The five of the Kassikan," Vincef said, sounding like he was having to repeat for a dim-witted primary school child

    6. sounding board in the form of an objective third party?

    7. Sounding positive is all hollow echoes and bouncing sounds

    8. ’ She said, kicking herself for sounding like the chairman at a public meeting, ‘I’ve invited you here in connection with … with Joris Lilwin … I think you knew him?’

    9. ’ He went on, barely succeeding in sounding civil he changes the subject so quickly

    10. sounding the cross table descent that led to the vote,

    11. I have no wish to grow old, Berndt, it would not suit me and already I feel the heralds of limitation sounding their trumpets in my ears

    12. ’ He said, affection and pride warring in his voice as he describes his home in detail - sounding not unlike an estate agent I once met when I was across in Bristol

    13. ’ He said grinning at me – and sounding as though he is quoting from an instruction manual of some sort

    14. “She informed me the night before last that it was sounding more and more like a little girl

    15. ’ His voice called, sounding as breathless as mine

    16. ’ Berndt said, sounding distant – though that could just be my imagination

    17. ’ I replied, sounding a hell of a lot calmer than I am feeling … where is this confidence coming from? We’ve only been going out for a matter of days and, here I am, more or less offering to have his children … He reaches over and squeezes my hand

    18. ’ He said, his voice sounding a lot lighter than it had

    19. ’ He said, sounding relieved

    20. ‘Well, there’s nothing else for me to do, is there?’ she asked, sounding bored just as he would expect her to be

    21. he could open his mouth, a bell rang out, sounding distantly but

    22. Chrissie could hear her own breathing sounding loud in the stunned silence which swamped the room

    23. “What’s going on?” he asked, sounding peeved at the interruption

    24. “Oh?” she asked, sounding intrigued and looking at the doors to the boathouses on the far side

    25. He seemed to want to help, but systematically blocked learning anything about Tdeshi while sounding sorry that he didn’t know

    26. ‘Sorry…’ he said, not sounding at all penitent

    27. He did so, sounding out each letter, getting the syllable together, seeing if it meant anything, then moving along to the next

    28. with pain, eyes closed, sounding much like a woman in the throes of labor

    29. His voice came through the speakers but sounding fainter, more like a

    30. " He commanded, sounding as if he’d lost the spark that was flying in the hall

    31. She regretted how she was sounding

    32. He’s thought this out,” Agent Johnson said, sounding

    33. No other logic-tuned instrument I've ever heard before would dare attempt an acoustic sounding note

    34. ‘Trevor? Where are you?’ he said, sounding

    35. sounding ideas, not even if they have been around for a thousand

    36. " He smiled when he said that and hoped he was sounding sincere

    37. thalasses… that starts my line, ‘By the shore of the much sounding sea-’”

    38. "Who are you?" she asked him, sounding as if she had just met the man

    39. Zarko heard the gong sounding in the distance to announce the advent of the midday meal

    40. Young Aristides said it was a folded sounding rod, which means a long, marked stick that can divine the ocean’s depth

    41. No, of course a sword or staff or sounding rod is too heavy for anything less than a great tempest to lift

    42. He had almost reached her when she finally pulled the trigger, sounding off an ear-deafening blast that made her flinch and cower

    43. "You better start sounding some words, otherwise I'm going to lose my patience again" he warned her

    44. “Well, that wouldn’t really have changed anything – he’s still a Babylonian!” her aunt managed to say, sounding very disappointed

    45. “Nonsense!” replied the Professor, sounding most offended

    46. Baker?” he asked, sounding as if he had food in his mouth

    47. “Thank you,” he said, sounding more like a mature man, somehow, than a mere boy

    48. ‘What have you two been doing?’ he said, sounding like the parent of two wayward teenage brothers

    49. For a few depressing seconds there was nothing but a faint hiss from the speaker, then suddenly a female voice replied, sounding slightly raspy through the speaker

    50. ‘It can’t really be you,’ he said, sounding quite calm, but his heart was racing

    1. Sounds ideal for me these days?

    2. oh, that sounds daft!' he said frustrated with his inability to explain what he means

    3. This is a little complex than it sounds because there will be 2 variables – the rate of return and amount of savings

    4. "So lets be clear on this, the four tons was the shuttlecraft's containment, sounds like the shielding to the motor

    5. I listen to the distant sounds of an occasional car driving past the house …

    6. "It still sounds suspicious to me," doostEr said

    7. ’ I said, feeling a total idiot … put baldly like that it sounds ridiculous

    8. ‘That sounds serious – nothing wrong between the two of you, I hope

    9. ‘That sounds very odd

    10. It all sounds a little crazy to me

    11. "Sounds like a more interesting evening than I had planned," Tahlmute said

    12. The job is at offices in Taunton – damn! – and the job sounds pretty lousy but beggars can’t be choosers and the underlying feeling I get from Jackie at the agency is that I should be grateful that anyone is prepared to interview someone as ancient as I am

    13. ’ Emma said emphatically, ‘I’m looking forward to meeting her in the flesh, she sounds like quite a lady

    14. ‘Sorry, that sounds pretentious

    15. ‘Dad’s family lived within the sounds of Bow bells

    16. How odd, he thought, it sounds as though I’m being locked in

    17. I know it sounds weird, but my son and I hadn't been that close in the last couple of years

    18. hear snorts and snuffles, the sounds of night creatures in thick, matted undergrowth

    19. ‘Now that sounds rather civilised

    20. Clever user interface, you already always knew it, you explore the memories of knowing the facts, seeing the pictures, hearing the sounds

    21. A buzzer sounds on his desk and he half rises, clearly reluctant to leave me on my own

    22. Gradually, I turn the conversation and she tells me about the meal she had with Stephen; sounds to me as though my son was doing his best to divert her from what she says

    23. ‘It sounds lovely … but I don’t know what the job situation will be

    24. words and sounds as a coherent whole

    25. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    26. whole world becomes that turns words into sounds, this voice

    27. At first, when the long hours of silence were rudely interrupted by activity out in the corridor, I did not believe in the sounds that came from the world outside of my cell: boots on ladder rungs, a scuff of rubber soles across rough concrete, and finally the sound of a key in a lock

    28. ’ He said with a smile, as I appreciate just how that sounds

    29. ‘Well, it sounds horrid, but I’ve realised that I’m only going out with her because I feel sorry for her

    30. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    31. In my head I tried to sing snatches of songs from my childhood, but the stifling emptiness of this demonic and industrial womb-space drove the shapes and sounds of words and melodies into a frantic jumble of static

    32. These new sounds gave me hope of journey’s end

    33. It sounds like she's annoyed, "You know, you're only making this worse

    34. Wrapped as I was in the cotton wool of solitary confinement, unable as I was to express any of my thoughts in concrete form or to engage in conjecture with another rational human being, nonetheless I spent hours imagining faces and clothes and names to accompany the hollow tapping sounds in the night

    35. What is your name?" It sounds as if there is nothing separating them at all, and Apollo almost tells her the truth before remembering the arrangement he made with the Corsair brothers,

    36. I listened to the sounds of the apartment and realised that it must be late

    37. Not as easy as it sounds, but a hell of a lot more straightforward than the route you’ve chosen

    38. If it wasn't for the sounds of the people, he would think this city was a ruin that had been reclaimed by the jungle

    39. "Sounds scarier than any adventure you can have in this day and age," Desa said

    40. "So it sounds like you have the adventurest," Alan said

    41. "It sounds like you've traveled wider than any of us," Nlara said

    42. ‘He sounds a really nice man

    43. “Will you move out of my way, please”, she continued, struggling to form the words and sounds as a coherent whole

    44. "It sounds like you have to have a body to go to this university

    45. his band! I never had so much fun making “weird sounds” that

    46. "That sounds a little scary actually

    47. It sounds like some sort of dragon

    48. ‘She sounds like my mother … she was very much of a home body

    49. I gather that once, when he was a young man (very young I should imagine), he met her grandmother and was immediately struck by the resemblance Angie bears her … sounds unlikely to me, but who am I to quibble?

    50. of what it sounds like

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    sound auditory sensation audio phone speech sound strait fathom vocalise vocalize voice go heavy profound wakeless good healthy intelligent level-headed levelheaded effectual legal reasoned well-grounded reliable trustworthy dependable faithful loyal stable safe honest whole complete entire hardy hearty robust vigourous sensible judicious rational reasonable just sane prudent fair proper correct right orthodox valid allowed sanctioned deep intellectual thoughtful fast unbroken undisturbed well thorough hale tone noise vibration resonance note pitch intonation timbre channel bay resound echo vibrate reverberate