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    1. from here, I’ve often visited this spot in recent days and the leap of faith required by

    2. It was a leap of faith, especially when my earlier thoughts had run in completely the opposite direction

    3. Vyinga took a running leap and flew thru the air, actually reaching the stern rail with one foot

    4. Jake stretched out his massive wings and took off with a leap

    5. I have to say that I still find it a mental leap too far to realise that you are Ambassador to a society that I always assumed was a myth

    6. Jake extended his wings took one leap and he was airborne

    7. He reached out and pushed with his feet at the same time, producing a leap off the side of the mountain

    8. The unnamed founder answered that, "Let's see some more of the images before we leap to any conclusions

    9. It didn't seem a great leap to surmise that it was the smaller body that was seen falling from the asteroid in the null point

    10. He takes away the tray, deftly closing the door behind him with a quick twist of his foot, and I leap into action … at least that is the intention

    11. I could either fall down on the spot and die, or I could leap over the balcony and drop into the sea far below

    12. he found the strength to leap over Peg, to hit the ground running

    13. These machines represent a leap ahead over the old

    14. learn from me and jump leap years ahead with your

    15. He’s concentrating on the traffic coming round the roundabout, looking for a gap he can leap into

    16. With a surge, she tried to leap on top of the smaller woman, but the suction of the mud was too great and Chrissie rolled out of reach, panting at the exertion

    17. Mechanics was going to take a big leap when their course stone for the 101st came out because photovoltaics and data handing were both in the Mechanics branch

    18. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    19. Tania and Poly made a simultaneous grab and leap, a little like lifting horizontal fence planks actually but exponentially quicker, their hands grasped the ends of the pole and they used it as a trapeze to vault over Harry head, never letting loose of the pole

    20. Tensed to leap if she should get the chance, she had flinched as Chas’s flailing hand had brushed her leg

    21. ' As Hipolyta passed a blind alley to her right and was about to leap the last step to join her sister, two more of the young thugs emerged and cut off her path

    22. In the same instant Titania and Hipolyta sprang apart from where they had been clutching each other close; each hit the wall nearest her in a forward leap, pushed off the walls and sprang up over the remaining little crowd to land on the far side of them

    23. 5With a noise like that of chariots they leap over the mountaintops,

    24. startled to see him leap from his seat and rush over to

    25. On stormy nights, when the wind shook the four corners of the house and the surf roared along the cove and up the cliffs I could see him leap and run and pursue me over hedge and ditch; it a nightmare

    26. faith that I could fly to the top, so I took a leap, and the Spirit lifted me up to fly

    27. It is a fairly easy leap to see this theme then recreated in Barrie’s written work

    28. Well it just goes to show that the older you get your youngsters soon leap over your back and become even clever

    29. He turned, a wave of energy ready to leap from his fingertips and strike the new intruder

    30. "What about you? Would you walk those roads knowing that the demons are hiding in the woods, waiting to leap out at you?"

    31. In her arms, a white poodle, groomed to perfection, seems to recognize the thin man, wags its tail and attempts to leap from the woman’s arms towards him

    32. So many things had happened to her and her kinfolk, she could easily leap to the next calamity

    33. for others, it was a giant leap indeed for me

    34. If I’ve demonstrated anything in this tome it is that I’ve been prepared to take a leap of faith, and when I’m confused, lost or lonely I just remember rule number one

    35. This allowed the Nords, having made a timely leap aside, to run to meet their Breton rescuer as she rapidly dismounted

    36. Wel , as I told you over the phone, I final y "took the leap

    37. A pause of silence preceded by a split-second the leap with which it appeared

    38. With a great leap from the darkness at the back of the expansive wooden hall came another great wolf-like creature

    39. Before you leap into the unknown of the Self, you need to have some sense that you are not leaping into a great abyss to your absolute death

    40. In his mind he could see the man leap from one of the approaching mountains: that final act of madness guaranteed to ensure death

    41. The first wave would take the forward Turkish trenches and then hold them while the second wave leap frogged over them and took the reserve trenches and then we would be behind the lines and out onto open ground which would be easy going then

    42. He bolted through the door again and took the stairs in a leap

    43. It took me a couple of years to make that big leap

    44. Jean stepped defiantly towards the Archway, and Adem rushed to meet her steps, then raced past her to leap into the wall of light

    45. Me and Bert followed them and I saw a few more survivors leap up and run forward too and I could see that they had ditched their packs as well

    46. I swear Prinz would leap up in the air with all four paws stretched wide, his mouth fully open, and spit an abbreviated mewrt that mimicked Dad’s “boo!”

    47. Brunner says the following: „The shrewd guess, the fertile hypothesis, the courageous leap to a tentative conclusion – these are the most valuable coin of the thinker at work

    48. He felt his heart leap as it always did when he looked at her, and he knew that he couldn’t live without her

    49. Stephen Jay Gould"s failed attempt to explain the absence of fossils around the planet during the so-called Great Cambrian Leap

    50. “It’s a leap of logic to conclude that the ship that’s been following us is a forerunner for an

    1. Then the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them,

    2. Daniel leaped off the bar stool, “Son of a bitch! Damn you weren’t kidding about the thunder!” Daniel could see the effect the thunder had on the woman, her face was drained of color

    3. Oreo leaped on its back clawing and slashing it to the bone

    4. Yiannis was merciless, grunting and thrashing and shouting at his opponent, but no sooner had he hammered home his death blow than he leaped aboard his chariot and licked his lips, 'OK, my friend, so you want to go to Stephanos main town, yes?'

    5. Lady Ashley leaped on to Daowyn as he was taking to the skies

    6. Suddenly, one of the great politician's own cabinet ministers leaped out of his seat and shouted, "There's nothing written here at all - that's what old Hester-Whatsisname is saying - there's nothing written here at all!"

    7. Quickly surveying the scene, Rayne chose her targets, and then leaped into action

    8. She leaped again and took two heads in one fluid motion

    9. She spun around and seized K’nada, unsheathed his blade and leaped through the air slicing thru imagined enemies swinging the blade with lightening speed

    10. He leaped for me

    11. She all but leaped up; then she began to chuckle, in a deep lusty voice realizing that Duncan had seen thru her little disguise

    12. The little creature leaped onto Brent thick sweater and he closed his coat over it and

    13. The young man leaped out of bed and spun his mother round by

    14. leaped from his chest, and darted across the road to

    15. "On what" Crystal leaped toward her mother

    16. She should have leaped into the waves before Hycron even had the chance to cut her

    17. She would have drowned if Andrastus hadn’t leaped into the sea to save her

    18. He leaped on

    19. “When your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb for joy

    20. ! He roared and leaped around in a frenzy

    21. Now, the agile young tom leaped silently onto the TV set, his nose twitching at my odd scent

    22. Suddenly, Ozzie abandoned his attempts to roust me and leaped, hissing frantically, to the arm of the sofa

    23. She screamed and leaped back before she realized it was Alex

    24. She leaped from the bed and struggled into her jeans, tucking her nightgown in while she grabbed her boots

    25. Josh pulled his truck through the gate and leaped out, grabbing his shotgun from the rack behind the seat

    26. One noisy hen, fed up with our presence, leaped from her nesting box in a flurry of flapping and squawking

    27. His eyes widened and he leaped backwards, smashing into the guards who did not yet understand the ramifications of the broken glass

    28. She leaped backward, then jumped in again while the enforcer was trapped by the momentum of his great swing

    29. Tossing his head back, he leaped down to the concrete ramp and headed for the terminal

    30. His frown deepened as he again considered that evening she had leaped from Hollowcrest’s window

    31. leaped when the gas was turned on and ignited

    32. The guard leaped backwards, shaking his head wildly, splattering Brokin with his blood

    33. So saying he leaped from the car and began to unfold the top, pushing it quickly back into place

    34. Stuart leaped over the ticket block and sprinted to the train, jumping on before the doors closed

    35. Just then, a black and white whale leaped from the water

    36. In that same instant, she was tumbled onto her back as the boat surged to full power and leaped away from the barge, roaring uncontrollably into the harbor

    37. Seemingly surprised, she looked, and then leaped up moving quickly among them

    38. He scooped up his robes and ran, a frightened old man, he ran and leaped into the wreckage of our boat and pushed desperately at the shore

    39. In the despair of that moment, she leaped across the space separating the two sides and into the arms of a surprised and angry father

    40. A bare body? “A child?” he shouted as he leaped to cover the remaining distance

    41. Suddenly Nisaba, in a desperation marked by the anticipated loss that was etched upon her features, leaped across the narrow divide, throwing herself into the surprised arms of Nimrud, hugging him with an intensity that caused him to stagger back a step

    42. Ethan leaped to his feet again and rushed towards the sisters and the church, attracting a very unhealthy amount of fire from the west wing of the monastery

    43. What’s the difference? She’s dead! She knows nothing! She feels nothing! his practical mind leaped to the defense of the eyes that could not divert themselves

    44. Would he even want it now if it was offered, after such a show of ingratitude? She had leaped in one quick bound from him to her new multitude and was suddenly away from him

    45. At first, Colling thought he might have missed its dropping between the Syrena and the patrol boat, but then there was a loud bang and flame leaped skyward from the fore-deck of the cutter

    46. ‘Here we go then,’ he said, and holding his breath he leaped across

    47. ” He smiled wryly at having shouted this so loudly that the gull leaped up into the air and then slowly flapped its way toward other parts

    48. As the door was opened, he leaped in and at once had the strange man pressed against the wall with the knife on his throat

    49. But when it did not jump up and fled from him, he wrinkled his nose at it and leaped off to find something that was funnier to play with

    50. - Look, nin ceria, she laughed as a snow-white hare leaped a length from them and hid behind a bush

    1. He gazed out the window, picturing himself gently leaping from cloud to cloud as they descended Juneau

    2. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    3. The fjord that leads to the tunnel is a wonderland in itself, great grey cliffs, leaping waterfalls and deep blue water

    4. Leaping beyond the crown, beyond the crabby hang of apples

    5. We sit there in silence for some minutes, the flames leaping and casting shadows around the room

    6. She slew bug after bug, leaping and gracefully turning in mid-air only to come down in the midst of them swinging her sword with devastating results

    7. Rather than assuming it is related to you and leaping to negative conclusions about your promotion, you could say to yourself, “He"s probably just stressed about a deadline or other problem

    8. He on the other hand woke with a start, leaping out of bed

    9. They asked her lots of questions, but they were soon asking more about the bull leaping ceremony than the Wetat

    10. Leaping to his feet, Chas – more sober than any of the others – held his hand out to help her step down from the table

    11. ‘My turn!’ Mickey said, leaping into the mud beside them and grabbing at Sheila

    12. Stunned, Chas lay on the floor for a moment before leaping to his feet and throwing himself at Mickey, his face a vicious mask of violence

    13. Without missing a step, the horse started up the slope, leaping through the flames

    14. Without pausing a moment, the horse began leaping from one ice floe to another

    15. cast leaping shadows across the Templars face, but it was

    16. In the end, as we press on, we will find ourselves leaping over the mountains with him, finding victory as we, by faith, press on to know him more

    17. "Welcome, Master Brice," a figure standing in the center of the room called out, his voice boisterous, practically leaping from the air and grabbing hold of them

    18. She scurried past the others and began leaping down the steps two at a time

    19. Adros was on his feet and leaping into the air, his fist flying straight towards the giant’s face

    20. Brontes floated down the chamber, his blue flames occasionally leaping out to aid the remaining elves, hastening their job of finishing off the undead

    21. She very cautiously edged nearer to it, dodging its snapping jaws and leaping to barely avoid its lashing tail

    22. Mim and Yula were taking turns leaping back and forth at the frozen holo of Husim's lackey, swatting at his head as they passed

    23. Before you leap into the unknown of the Self, you need to have some sense that you are not leaping into a great abyss to your absolute death

    24. Even the whimsical clouds drifting beneath the sky-tube were shaped like cats in various poses - leaping, cavorting or pouncing

    25. Leaping out of the water, arching through the 162

    26. Now he was leaping almost a metre off the ground like some demented grasshopper

    27. For a second, Bosco mused about leaping over the side of the ship and swimming for dear life

    28. Consternation was depicted on every countenance, and all sat transfixed for a moment, then leaping to their feet, the chiefs begged that Prempeh should not be taken from them

    29. The ground was a complete quagmire, and my journeying was from root to root, and leaping on to fallen trunks and branches

    30. Leaping onboard the longboat, Larkey carefully grabbed the rope and meted out a few feet of line per second, cautiously lowering the boat into the stormy seas below

    31. Leaping into the air, he hooked his fingers over the door threshold and they watched, hearts in mouths, as he fought to twist his body into the cabin

    32. Kay tossed the Bible down without a second thought, her heart tight, leaping to her feet

    33. The Rhodesians also introduced a teqnique of frog leaping by which I mean they would leave a small tracker team on the spoor and then jump ahead for a few miles in the general direction where they thought the spoor was going to by helicopter

    34. Unless you use the leaping frog method you will almost never run him in on foot

    35. moving through the table, moving up to the top of the table, the Church officials at the other end leaping up and running away shrieking in terror

    36. ” His voice broke into another round of laughter with his description of Herminia leaping into Jesus’ face like an enraged cougar

    37. Leaping to his horse, he spurred it to a

    38. Everybody played their parts but hands down, when Fandango jumped back out there and revolved a million more times around without falling and then leaping to his feet with might for his ending, we all knew we had won

    39. 8 The voice of my beloved! See, he comes leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills

    40. Without another word he sprinted ahead through the trees, leaping obstacles like a goat

    41. dragon sat up and shrieked with joy, leaping into the air

    42. And as the ark of the LORD came into the city of David, Michal Saul's daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart

    43. Dalia was so struck by what she saw as their betrayal that she committed suicide by leaping from a high window

    44. witnessing the happiest man on the planet leaping around his

    45. Lucy, feeling warmth leaping from his

    46. From the kitchen window, he saw flames leaping from every window of his parents� house

    47. “I came into the sleeping-area and there was a wave of such despair and terror, as if a knife made of fire was leaping towards me

    48. He could see flashes of black, leaping towards him and then vanishing away

    49. When he swings round, the nearest of the dogs is already leaping towards him

    50. The scribe opened his eyes just in time to see Annyeke fall, silver sparks leaping from her skin and hair

    1. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades

    2. they really are in that instant before the beast leaps towards you

    3. Once or twice walking round the village I think I see him and my heart leaps, which doesn’t help at all

    4. Grinning broadly, the man leaps off his gg and dropping the reins, throws his arms around Gilla, swinging her off her feet as he kisses her soundly

    5. Swearing, he quickly pulls Adamant over, leaps off the gg and starts delving into one of his bags

    6. been based on creative leaps of imagination

    7. Registering the look on her face, he immediately closes the book and leaps to his feet

    8. As for their parents, when their voices became weary of directing their daughters' defense, they simply watched and Harry redoubled his onslaught in leaps and spins which at times seemed to defy gravity in their height and duration

    9. He’s waiting outside the station with his baggage, but leaps into my car as soon as I draw up

    10. leaps, and I’m sure you’ve taken many steps in the course

    11. Gone were the wizards that made miraculous leaps in technology yet still employed slave labour

    12. Where a strange energy leaps from treetop to treetop as the stars fall to earth

    13. The intimacy grew by leaps and bounds and hour by hour

    14. Hartle’s intuitive leaps of the imagination are unique among all the subjects tested

    15. He hit the rocky plain with a crushing jolt and drove over rocks, while dodging large boulders in a seemingly endless series of splintering, grinding leaps followed by shattering landings

    16. Everyone jumped, including Municantir, who was left on the table, when she bolted up from her chair and in two leaps were by Alaric

    17. My heart leaps and then plummets when I see Molly hobble across the dormitory, her nose purple between strips of medical tape

    18. Bile leaps into my throat and I throw up against the wall

    19. A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut

    20. As the train dips down to street level, Edward leaps

    21. synchronized leaps into the air, their wings outspread

    22. They look back on their life and see that they have not made giant leaps forward

    23. He leaps out of the way, but some of it hits him head on, tossing him ten feet away

    24. She leaps into the air and anti-gravity particles move around her body

    25. Jaden catches his balance and runs then leaps over an open pit of lava coming from the split in the ground


    27. As these thoughts crowd his mind with orange and red and black flames, it is then that the partial solution to the problem of journeying to Gathandria leaps up at him

    28. A heartbeat later, the Lost One leaps forward and reaches for it, also

    29. But there is one act more important than all of these, and he must do it now before his heart leaps out of his flesh

    30. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy

    31. The wolf leaps to the window

    32. One of them leaps up towards the orb of green fire, jaws closing round its small form

    33. The last phrase leaps from his mouth as if its truths were daggers that could tear his flesh again

    34. With a wild cry Ralph leaps at the nearest dog, the one holding in its jaws the severed remains of an arm

    35. Mind you, we are allowing more immigration now, so our population will grow, if not by the leaps and bounds yours has here

    36. Before he can say anything else to the point, whatever the point may be, Hallsfoot leaps towards him with an energy Ralph can only admire and pummels her fists against his chest

    37. The wolf leaps towards him

    38. Jemelda curses and leaps after them

    39. The boy leaps on them as if he has been on the verge of starvation

    40. Johan leaps to the cave entrance

    41. He leaps the chasms of the valleys to ride the mountains’ path, and the sky road between them

    42. At the same time Simon leaps towards them both

    43. purpose that goes forward in evolutionary leaps, during the course of millennia or of

    44. gone through these qualitative leaps forward, but it is also true that not the

    45. tithe and the stink still kept growing by leaps and

    46. I propose that one’s soul is a spark of consciousness that leaps about the universe in quantum-sized instants—shall we call it a quark, a quirk, a snip or a snark? I’m open to suggestions

    47. Over the next week the fascination with The Starlet Waitress and her down and out Rock Star boyfriend, only grew by leaps and bounds

    48. The city was growing by leaps and bounds, the borders always expanding, but it remained a small town at heart

    49. leaps in strength despite the fact that this might appear

    50. He leaps straight for the creature’s throat, but it ducks aside and pushes him down, and runs, waiving its tail and shaking its hairy butt at Galluk, insulting him with every step it takes

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