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    1. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    2. John and Dave bounce along in an old Jeep on an isolated gravel road in some back country mountains in Western

    3. Dave and John bounce along on the road toward to Sueno

    4. Just as I started to get the image into some sort of focus, at the critical moment when I started to remember details about the garden, their clothes and the house, right then the truck would bounce or shake over rough English roads, and these carefully assembled pieces of the picture puzzle would break and scatter

    5. They pranced and stepped high on the stage and invited a few juggy ladies from the front rows to bounce around on stage with them

    6. Danton imagined the breaking of this man’s fragile skeleton with every bounce

    7. “Look, I promise, all you have to do is to take a deep breath, keep hold and bounce up and down until you get used to the water

    8. features be damned! The medium pace ball rose high on the bounce and smash!

    9. The ball stayed low but did not bounce until it crossed

    10. Tom Tong lay awake watching the reflections of the dawn bounce off the ceiling fan

    11. I’d bounce against the wall

    12. POLICE OFFICERS shout as their flashlight beans bounce toward the beach

    13. He couldn’t help but let the sparks in his mind bounce between the walls of his head

    14. Things literally just bounce off him

    15. You will bounce back from anything that may be said about you

    16. Children who feel valued and supported, and have good cognitive functioning, are more likely to bounce back from adverse experiences – divorce, car accidents, death of a loved one, or other unanticipated events

    17. She shook her head impassively and as her belly gave a great rumble - one that actually slightly embarrassed her - the physician was confident that sustenance would make her bounce back in relatively short order

    18. If the mind has conditions for happiness that are impossible to meet, then a person can bounce from one activity to another, searching in vain for what will provide the happiness he or she seeks

    19. “That'll do then; after our first bounce it is;” the Elf giggled, a notion already gelling in her thoughts

    20. Normally each relay bounce would be recorded, at least for twenty-four hours

    21. The suit should have made them a few kilos heavier, yet Scott felt strangely light, his strides had a bounce to them

    22. face, head, and throat so that the small metal cars Nathaniel aimed at me would bounce along the cat’s body

    23. I never thought we’d bounce back from losing such an amazing, talented fighter, but Raven has filled the void superbly

    24. Something seemed to bounce and ping in her brain

    25. I walked into the office with an extra bounce in my step, it was obvious to everyone and if they asked what was up with me I told them

    26. Patty, Josie, most of the ladies and I sat next to the fire watching the flames bounce up into the air, waiting for the lads to settle down so we could eat

    27. ” Sarah just took in a deep breath, lifted her chin then dropped it with a slight bounce, indicating she accepted Thomas’s request

    28. “If I have to shoot it, I don’t want the arrow to miss, and bounce off the ground and hit someone

    29. Macey had sat unmoving, watching the gun fly from her sister’s lifeless fingers and bounce along the garden path

    30. He pulled the bike from the support and gently dropped it wheels first, letting it bounce down onto the floor

    31. His thoughts where cut short when he suddenly heard a shout from one of Yuembe’s men and then saw bloodied pieces of skull bounce off a door, the rest of the bandit’s body slumping against it a flick of an eye later, when the gunshot was heard

    32. It was thirty seconds on the clock when I was just about to walk into my class when I saw Devon walking up to me, all cocky with swag and an extra bounce to his ounce as he got all up in my face

    33. I vigorously top rocked in a frolicsome circle then dove into pennies and attempted to bounce into a head spin but I didn’t quite make it; I serendipitously wound up spinning around on my shoulders a couple of times at an upright position

    34. His knives clatter to the floor, or bounce off the wall

    35. I crack my knuckles and bounce once on my toes

    36. I feel the bounce of his footsteps

    37. The yellow energy beams hit the outside of her shield and bounce back in different directions

    38. The beams bounce onto the walls and in all directions making holes in the walls

    39. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top

    40. They don't bounce off me easily,

    41. going to have a baby? Don't bounce yourself on the wheelchair, Monica!"

    42. I applied some hair mousse and blow-dried it; it gave it a nice bounce

    43. A poorly designed landing page is a bottleneck that could cause the prospect to leave your site within seconds of arriving (known in SEO as a bounce)

    44. around noticed the bounce in her step the sparkle in her eyes

    45. It would bounce

    46. Since it appears your friend isn’t here yet, I’m going to bounce with Torin because I need to speak to him

    47. “Why can’t we just bounce? The two of us?” Ethan tries to convince him

    48. The last major bounce tossed him in the air

    49. Talia blocked the blow with a forearm and the club broke at the point of contact with a loud crack, the end of it flying into the ground behind her with a thud and a bounce

    50. The joy in your heart, the bounce in your step

    1. Bread Crumbs started wagging her tail and then bounced off to find more food

    2. Violet bounced up and down in her seat the whole way there

    3. Johnny bounced down the stairs of his house two at a time, landing on the main floor with a loud thump that took him into a slide toward the kitchen

    4. Bronner arrived in the States in 1929, and bounced between soap consulting jobs for various companies

    5. By the end of it Liz and I were thoroughly fed up with the exercise so when Stephen bounced in after a day in the office, we were not amused

    6. He bounced off the deck below and the rail and fell into the charred, emptiness of the main tube

    7. But it also deflected her and she bounced and fell thru an opening in the mountainside

    8. The boy looked at tennis balls and bounced a few of them

    9. He bounced five different ones on the ground

    10. up the balls he had bounced and placed them in the basket

    11. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    12. The ball bounced to Ali's shoulder

    13. But the protection applied would work just as well against signals that actually originated in Gordon's Lamp and bounced off Thom's gear

    14. Other parents at school have said how inspiring a teacher Alastair is - seems his reputation’s deserved – Abi’d bounced into the kitchen after her lesson

    15. Once the homework had been done, Ben said thank you very nicely and bounced out of the kitchen again

    16. “Or control was bounced off his apparatus

    17. He bounced again, "What? I haven't seen anything

    18. As they bounced their way along the

    19. At one point, she absently pushed it behind her ears, but it wasn’t really long enough and irritatingly bounced out again at the first opportunity

    20. as the lorry bounced and rattled on the road, the driver wrestling

    21. He hit one of the rocks and bounced off it, splatting against another just as a massive wave struck the cliff

    22. bounced out of bed, caught up with an unexpected sense of freedom

    23. ” Harry announced, then bounced from his chair, crossed the street and began to shadow their suspect, as only a nine year old boy could---without suspicion or notice

    24. Hartman either bounced off of the janitor or shot back because of his own

    25. Her cute ass bounced as her knees

    26. Roman tripped him, and the back of Bobby’s head bounced off the edge as

    27. I did my best to block it but it bounced off the rubbery floor and rolled to the far

    28. It is radar bounced off the atmosphere to follow the curve of the earth

    29. the plate and bounced over my head

    30. The stadium lights bounced off the wet blades of grass, casting a supernatural glow

    31. Johnson bounced off

    32. “I remember when he tried to walk up onto the stage and bounced off a

    33. cement, and the ball bounced at odd angles at every shot

    34. Onk's earrings bounced in tune with his steps

    35. Her hair was a beautiful bronze on her head, flowed in golden waves over her shoulders and bounced in flaxen curls down her back

    36. Dingle an ungrateful stare and Fizzicist in his panic dropped a china plate, which bounced back into his cloth

    37. A bushel of dark curls bounced on her back as she scurried through the garden

    38. His voice bounced harmlessly off of the twenty foot high barricade of junk before him

    39. The birdshot bounced off the Orcs thick hides and, while the brothers were busy reloading, the Orc sergeant stepped forward and, with one massive uninterrupted blow, chopped both of the brothers in half, the blade cleaving through them at chest level

    40. coins, and bounced it on his palm

    41. bounced harmlessly off their iron greaves below

    42. Each door was decorated with golden images of flying lions, finely polished to give off a warm glow as the sunlight bounced off the surface in the early hours of the morning

    43. He nudged her with his heels and guided her out of the stables into the sunshine where her skin shone as the early rays bounced off her rippling muscles

    44. What little light there was from the star she created above them bounced off of the Dwarven metal

    45. Heat waves shimmered as the air bounced off the surfaces of the buildings in the distance

    46. She bounced right off

    47. His last kick slid upwards over his head and he bounced backwards

    48. The freak had rammed the truck so hard the glass cracked where its head collided and it bounced away dazed

    49. He sprinted heavily across the ledge, bounced into the air and landed on the very edge of the opposite ledge with a boom that reverberated along the crevasse

    50. As he turned to its direction the vehicle landed, its silver aerodynamic profile changed to a blunt egg-shape which bounced on the road like a bubble

    1. He bounces over to the pool table on the other side of the room

    2. The old Jeep bounces around the curve and John breaks

    3. The rover bounces into the compound

    4. The plane bounces and shakes through some bad turbulence as Russ snores while holding a drink in one hand

    5. Bolt is in the back of the pickup as it bounces along in the desert

    6. As John drinks, Russ tosses a nerf football that bounces off of John’s head

    7. Khalid winces with pain as the truck bounces along to god knows where

    8. It occurs to him he could hear it, so he asks the obvious question, "Hey, can you hear me?" his voice bounces off the glass and echoes behind him, but she answers, "Yes I can hear you

    9. She yelped and sank to the bench seat over the pumps for a couple bounces

    10. Alastair suggests that she goes over just before seven and she bounces out of the kitchen

    11. Siren wail bounces off building fascias, startling late night pedestrians as they wind their drunken way home

    12. the pupils of his eyes danced on their irises like the chromed sphere that bounces

    13. Primary detection works by sending a ping that bounces off the airplane

    14. lands on his head, bounces a couple of times and comes

    15. He gets out of his car and bounces up the steps with flowers in one hand

    16. When light (electromagnetic energy) bounces off these

    17. “If you are really All-Knowing, you would know which side of the coin was up when it was tossed, how hard it was tossed, how hard it would land, how many bounces it would take, and so on

    18. The gong bounces me into the Healing Space, and I see myself standing next to the big flat red rock based in the center of the Space

    19. Uriah bounces on the bed a few times when he moves to the edge

    20. It bounces onto the windowsill and rolls into the glass

    21. It bounces with each of my footsteps, but Christina holds it steady for me until I reach the top

    22. The training bullet hits the outer circle of the target and bounces off, rolling on the floor

    23. bounces with every move, the physical flaws are airbrushed away and

    24. It bounces off the closed window

    25. This time it bounces back off the blisters as each has their own clear invisible energy shields that light up over their left arms

    26. His body slowly bounces up and down

    27. The crashing sound bounces against the mountains and causes avalanches

    28. It bounces off the mountain across

    29. The reflected beam in a standard holographic machine is the wave that bounces off the holographic film in the machine

    30. Notice how many times the price bounces off

    31. The entry signal is given when the price starts to retrace from 0% level (green circle) and the RSI bounces off the 30 oversold conditions

    32. The second clear entry signal is the buy signal (2nd red circle) where the price bounces off the 0% support level and retraces back to the 75% resistance level

    33. Halfway between the 1st support level and the second support level, the RSI (indicated by the blue arrow) hits the 20 oversold level and bounces up

    34. He grabbed a fist full of loot between the bounces of the ball

    35. He bounces over to you, balls swinging in step with wriggling hard on

    36. You frog splash into the bed next to her, she bounces up and down

    37. She pauses and bounces on your chest

    38. “Give me fifteen,” your bobbing head bounces toward the slope, ”I’m pissing in this pool

    39. When the currency bounces off these levels under heavy volume, the significance of the trend increases

    40. The view bounces up and down a slight bit as the hunters run toward their idiot prey

    41. & it bounces off the ground, busting open

    42. Onto the ground it bounces & bursts

    43. The hackney coach bounces over yet another run in the road, and I wonder for the umpteenth time at my own stupidity in doing this rather than just riding Bera


    45. Nothing can enter the mirror, it bounces off

    46. The rock bounces off Grailem as if he was made of rubber and rebounds directly back to the huge brute

    47. Where that ball bounces

    48. There are bounces that happen or occur because the server was busy at that

    49. There are also bounces because

    50. He fiddles with his hands, looks away, and bounces his leg, as though

    1. ballroom, the sound of a single note echoed back and forth, bouncing off the walls and

    2. By repeating his name, by bouncing the echo of his voice off the

    3. I’d love to see him, but the thought of him bouncing on the bed, is rather daunting

    4. I’ve got into the habit of bouncing things off him, poor sod!

    5. By repeating his name, by bouncing the echo of his voice off the cold stone walls that surrounded him, he somehow found the strength to hold at bay the constriction, the weight of fear that otherwise would have crushed him

    6. Sounding positive is all hollow echoes and bouncing sounds

    7. Drens’ boat is a smart-looking vessel tied up at the end of the quay, a gangplank bouncing lightly on the stones of the quay as the water in the harbour takes the boat up and down

    8. Collecting up the two younger ones who are still bouncing around, we make our way thankfully to Gary’s car

    9. He leads the way through the house, bouncing the squealing boy he’s carrying

    10. They sat on her hood with binoculars and talked for nearly an hour before he arrived in his car, bouncing along the tracks

    11. ’ He said, bouncing back into the confident Dave the rest of the world knows so well

    12. ‘Have you read that other one he wrote about the bouncing bombs?’

    13. When they were almost home from the brief trip, and bouncing along the River Road in the borrowed chaise, George explained in an apologetic way that, “

    14. Her resultant screams were deafening, resounding around the room, bouncing off the bare walls, adding tearing harmonics to dizzying echoes

    15. best he could, a feat made more difficult by the bouncing of the car

    16. being too busy avoiding bouncing the car off the hedgerows to

    17. His voice is strong and clear, bouncing off the old, pitted brickwork

    18. across the tan waxed floor, bouncing off the staircase and racing toward the

    19. first in my head and then off the glass over the sink, bouncing off the reflection of

    20. " Shelly said bouncing to her feet

    21. there were more red and white Santa Claus stocking caps bouncing through the

    22. You eat a bunch of these straight and you’ll be bouncing off these hillsides at fifty miles an hour

    23. Bouncing from job to job was his choice not his employers’

    24. They walked from there, phone held low and inconspicuous as possible, showing a view of forest bouncing by at hip level

    25. " Jim responded bouncing up from the bed

    26. He took off in a cloud of blue smoke with squealing tyres, juddering clutch and engine valves bouncing, heading west toward Broken Hill

    27. stupid ideas bouncing off the walls in my head

    28. Bouncing on the edge of the bed, she shook his masculine shoulders firmly enough to wake him

    29. Jason bouncing on the end of the bed woke her to a new world

    30. The crowd got to bouncing so much she feared for the building

    31. The third hole found Seaboy’s well aimed ball bouncing out of the cup as soon as it went in, and Fizzicist rushed forward to recover the spring inside

    32. With a flash, a flick of her wrist, and a spray of black blood, the wolf helm sprung into the air, bouncing on the courtyard several times before finally coming to a rest

    33. "I'm glad they picked you," she said, bouncing up onto his lap

    34. After bouncing on the donkey’s back for hours, it had come completely loose

    35. Her arms were flailing as she tried to maintain her balance while galloping towards them, her hair bouncing in the wind

    36. While you may assume that you see the ball bouncing “now,” in reality you do not, because much of what you think you see now is what you remember from the past

    37. The gate rattled in the darkness, bouncing inward for a brief moment

    38. To walk it felt so much more strenuous, the weight on his back bouncing and forcing his legs to take up the shock, feet pounding despite the aircushion absorbers on his soles

    39. bouncing over rapids and getting drenched when they pass under waterfalls

    40. Even so, on several occasions he could not avoid sending small rocks bouncing hazardously down the slope, narrowly avoiding those climbers behind him

    41. Scott hurried out the back gate, his backpack bouncing from the abrupt turns, convinced this visit was a mistake

    42. He walked quickly into the room, bouncing slightly due to the minimal gravity, followed by another large man in overalls

    43. Sebastian went on full alert as he watched Hans lift the radio to his ear, rain bouncing off of the plastic case as he listened

    44. Sebastian turned to see Venus’s power bouncing inside of the force field Alex had constructed around her, adding to her fury

    45. In an earlier time, boulders on the mountains had been flung about, bouncing, finally settling, leaving caves and hollows for man and animals in bad weather

    46. lolloping, darting and bouncing along, all given away by their motion

    47. the cafeteria reverberated around and across the room, bouncing off the walls and slowly drilling its

    48. The codes bypassed the signal block by only a few minutes, having been sent faster than light, reaching the Spaceguard network after bouncing millions of times from various satellites, approximately thirty-eight hours in the past

    49. It shot off the counter, hitting the block wall and bouncing off to roll across the floor and stop at Carmen’s feet

    50. I gave each one a condom; they all inflated them and was running all around bouncing them

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    bounce bound leap leaping saltation spring bounciness bouncing rebound recoil resile reverberate ricochet take a hop jounce jump skip jolt bob glance off fly back bounce back boomerang dismiss throw out boot eject oust