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    1. Wel I say normal; I sat with a wool hat stretched to its limit over a large bandage whilst

    2. limit girls’ interests in sciences and maths and cause them to feel

    3. Various factors can limit sexual interest and capacity in men as they age

    4. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    5. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    6. Dad drove ten miles over the speed limit the whole way

    7. In India, we hear that the government may be planning to limit pension till the age of 75

    8. We place our own limit on what we are willing to learn

    9. Theo passed more speed cameras on the way back, he was at nearly twice the speed limit on some sections of the small Irish motorway

    10. In the not too distant, where humanity reached its limit

    11. with no idea of limit, of moderation

    12. It isn't fast but there is no limit to it's endurance

    13. When he had run in the exercise ring to the limit of his endurance, training for just such an event as this, he had collapsed in exhaustion after less than a quarter this distance and that was without the pack

    14. Of course the observatory itself had to be pressurized, it was almost seven miles above the Kassikan, going outside without a pressure suit and breathing hose was impossible at that altitude, but even the inside of the observatory was at the pressure of three miles above the Kassikan, the limit of human life

    15. Still she stuck to the limit, even though she went for the darkest green she could find during the last two dinners they stopped for

    16. ‘That was above the speed limit, I have to say, but there was nothing on the road at the time and I just wanted to see if the car could do it

    17. marketing), how to limit messaging and chat session from storing info after the conversation is

    18. No matter how much you push toward the limit, when you’re serving a sentence of three-d reality, you have to do some work to survive and his sentence had felt heavy lately

    19. mean you have to limit your imagination when it comes to selecting gifts for your partner

    20. In general when giving jewelry to your girlfriend it is a good idea to limit gifts to less expensive items in a new relationship but you can purchase more

    21. Try to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink

    22. They haven‘t yet learned how to limit their thinking and therefore have vibrant, active imaginations

    23. Human expectations have no limit

    24. Limit your expectation

    25. “We are a Bussard powered ship,” Heymon said, “There is no practical limit to the distance we might fly

    26. over non-essential uses, but there was a limit to the amount of work

    27. During the stay in the Philippines I’ll have a good business going, and there’ll be no limit to what we want to do

    28. Billy is over the limit for driving

    29. The boys who were on duty reckon she must have been three or four times over the limit

    30. he’d had his limit was if someone’s head got smashed into one of the poker

    31. think it would be a mistake to limit your suspicions to those

    32. Kaitlyn's sense of the dramatic was being tested to its limit and her little company had not yet noticed in the least her own most expressive use of it

    33. cannot limit the problem solving to education of the children

    34. Because of the time limit to when they could visit, she had found his castle on the planet within a week

    35. There is no limit to the foolishness and extravagance that accompanies them

    36. But there was a limit to what she would ignore, and her mentor had more than surpassed it

    37. The hunger has no limit

    38. penalties, which will limit the competition more effectually and more durably than any

    39. As far as Alec knew, she had no equal, nor limit to her skill

    40. I merely control it, limit its growth

    41. Well I got so clever at this that I went onto shares but I found to my horror that all the changing of the time had to be completed within the twelve hour limit

    42. Patrick took the other and they both removed the block in the magazine so that, instead of the legal two round limit, they could load a full five rounds plus one up

    43. The desire of food is limited in every man by the narrow capacity of the human stomach; but the desire of the conveniencies and ornaments of building, dress, equipage, and household furniture, seems to have no limit or certain boundary

    44. ‘One or two puffs is about my limit

    45. She tried not to think about that possibility, nor concern herself with the certainty that Emily's strength must eventually reach its limit

    46. They could never fly very high above this lake, it was at the limit of the floater's altitude with this much weight aboard

    47. Being at the limit of the floater's altitude forced them to follow the coast

    48. “Eighty,” said the swineherd, jumping past seventy to the figure he’d cited as his limit

    49. who removed this limit and who found a universal

    50. "So are they," Alan said, "The media just displays consumption without limit

    1. An offer was made to send a copy free [Yes, I did said FREE] by Email for a limited period to any interested parties

    2. Children are limited in their exposure

    3. They’re left with chronic pain and limited function that robs them of independence

    4. There was a limited budget and time constraints, and too many variables to meld together an effective color scheme

    5. Which leads to the proposition that television may actually have a limited role in heart health "if you watch the right shows and spend your time watching comedies rather than stress-provokers," Miller cautioned

    6. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    7. Our intellectual powers are limited

    8. a limited way of thinking is the only barrier between us and every

    9. All people are limited by this law in matters of religion

    10. Words flooded out of our mouths, and despite the limited range of my experience, I found the ease of the man infectious

    11. Breakfast food can be limited by the presence of only one mammal on the planet and the economic impossibility of using mother's milk in a dairy products industry

    12. God isn’t limited to knowing what will happen and thus we are automatons just playing out history according to how God wrote it

    13. Slowly MacKenzie recalled the confusion and enlightenment, the long struggle for equality under the harsh glare of limited kindness within which mankind wrapped despotism

    14. Leese are not easy either, their beak is as powerful as one of his pincers and their pain sense is very limited

    15. ROBERT: Is it fair to say your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases?

    16. Robbins, your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases

    17. As best as we can in the limited space available, we eat the remainder of the food in the bag and finish off the ale

    18. She was a lot less intellectual than Alan, not quite what one would call limited, but other than pop culture and basic reading and writing, she wasn't educated and she certainly wasn't the deep thinker that he was

    19. Tindairn was probably limited in the mind

    20. In towns, the cars are limited to 30 miles an hour or less

    21. joints or other scenes as all interaction is limited to the website, which is also in the comfort of your home or office

    22. Even in those far off days in the caravan, she had known how to manage their affairs, limited though they may have been back then, and he was quite content to leave the day to day nitty-gritty of bills and services in her capable hands

    23. Interaction with the page from these blocks is limited, since the code is executed during the render

    24. Web user controls :- Web User Control is Easier to create and another thing is that its support is limited

    25. My treat is limited to a thali,' Ishaan protested

    26. "I don't know, she said I was learning a lot but was still too limited

    27. I always found it useful when Rob came home after a day on the hills – it limited the range of the mud! I had them put in about twenty years ago but had to replace the shower unit a couple of years ago, so that is quite modern

    28. But you will be limited to my Hold for the winter months when we are in the Ohmu Forest

    29. We have limited resources,' the head said

    30. more and more limited and simplistic as we learn

    31. They were taught just enough of the Scather language to carry on a limited conversation - exactly what Naria wanted

    32. technology, which was limited to measuring only the

    33. her arms was very limited and she could barely raise

    34. She had never seen such a convincing replica of ancient Earth, complete with the smells and sounds of the livestock, the limited but vibrant palette of colors and an aroma that told her that the drain trap had not yet been invented

    35. Is that what Ish had tried to say? I had limited data beyond the eye

    36. I had limited time

    37. environment is either limited, voided, increased, or amplified to the

    38. a limited number of trapped emotions before needing

    39. to manage their affairs, limited though they may have been back

    40. of space, and that they are not limited by the speed

    41. It is not even limited to anything you could do

    42. to experience real joy and a quality of life, as life is always limited to some

    43. whose use was limited in these post-War days by fuel rationing

    44. Conversation is limited and nervous

    45. I've covered for you as much as I can and I have limited choices left without screwing myself also

    46. The showers at the revue had been not much better – limited hot water doesn’t go far between a chorus of twelve hot, sweaty dancers with monied admirers to impress

    47. For a time he almost began a social relationship with her, but his experience with women was limited then and when the starship landed, she was swept away by a mighty giant from her home world and they had never met socially since, though he often saw her in a business context

    48. She’d been touched by the earnestness of his feelings for the dead woman and done her best to tidy up the corpse, dressing it in the clothing Mickey had selected from Sheila’s limited wardrobe

    49. Dumping his bag on a chair, he rooted around in it for his wallet, counting the limited cash at his disposal … bugger it! Glancing up at the list on the wall he calculated carefully, concluding with a sigh that even if he could afford nothing else, he would blow some of the cash on a coffee

    50. “Harry, money is very useful, but it is also of very limited use in the broad scheme of things

    1. They placed a patch over his eye, limiting his vision but optimizing cuteness

    2. This will help you to really connect with the limiting beliefs and strong emotions that are fueling the fear in the first place

    3. response is usually deeply connected to your limiting beliefs,

    4. As you explore the blockages your writing reveals, you should notice something very interesting: most often your blockages are nothing more than limiting beliefs!

    5. Becoming aware of these limiting beliefs is just the first step in the process; then you need to focus on transforming them into more empowering beliefs, which can be done with the use of

    6. special services, without limiting the amount of visits to mental health ass ociations that treat the victim

    7. Use exclusivity to your advantage by limiting the number of copies,

    8. niches could benefit from your product, without limiting yourself to the

    9. [191] Your mind’s rules for happiness are probably limiting your present ability to be happy

    10. • Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) - controlled withdrawal of the senses from their objects and limiting focus to a single object of attention

    11. limiting paradigms I wrote about in the Preface

    12. vagueness of the ideals you hold and the limiting beliefs

    13. you have are defining (limiting) your ability to create that

    14. The second limiting factor is our locality

    15. controlled by a federal overlay limiting the kinds of plants allowed there

    16. I‘m keeping my fingers crossed that Republicans and Conservatives, alike, will keep their campaign promises as outlined in their ―Contract with America‖, limiting the size and scope of government

    17. This idea of limiting freedom of speech is completely against what Mr Mandela once said

    18. Jealously is a limiting (human) emotion

    19. Had Johnson been successfully impeached this would have set a badly needed precedent limiting the power of the president

    20. The New Deal and Social Security saved the lives of millions by greatly limiting poverty

    21. Question your limiting beliefs that make you feel guilty: when we question the mind, we see the truth and as the

    22. faster I was able to release my limiting beliefs and the more

    23. There is no point in limiting you to ten percent power anymore

    24. I submit that this is a blinkered and limiting approach

    25. He avoided any conversations with the people he encountered, limiting himself to simple civilities as he wandered about

    26. This is clearly extremely limiting in terms of what a child can eat in that a great number of foodstuffs contain sugar

    27. USA) over regulations they deem too costly or inconvenient, and limiting the ability of future legislators

    28. the individual by confiscating his land, limiting his self-protection, directing his health care, and constraining the exercise of religious freedom

    29. Selective forgetting was not the same as the necessity of limiting one’s scope

    30. in limiting the fullness of life

    31. limiting His abilities, and curtailing His power

    32. The Court has chosen to ignore the fact that the Constitution, in limiting the power of government, includes limitations on the judicial power as one branch of that government

    33. Under such a regime does the Constitution remain a guiding and limiting factor in judicial decisions? Does it continue to uphold the limitation and distribution of power in government as intended? Does it have any meaning at all? Yes, it has meaning

    34. Moderators assure this by eliminating any non-productive conversations, limiting

    35. to general investors as they can offer profits while limiting

    36. limiting opportunities to obtain such second-hand information

    37. Although spreads are attractive as a means of limiting options

    38. possibly even amalgamations of multiple lives thus limiting the exacting nature of the recall

    39. “Isn’t that limiting? Aren’t you used to another lifestyle?”

    40. The present Communist Regime insists, however, in limiting that opening to a mere commercial fissure or crack

    41. I would hope that a Convention of States called under Article 5, would also review the need for ‘term limitations’ within our Federal Court system and the United States Senate and House --- limiting Congress Senate in service, a move that will allow all of our representatives to focus / concentrate on performing the ‘service’ they are undertaking rather than ‘building war chests for their next election’ -- more in line with the Founder’s published desires --- ‘service’ that was “short” and rules established that would not exempt them from being affected by the rules established

    42. that by not delegating you are limiting the chances of your team

    43. you are limiting the chances of your team reaching their full potential

    44. preventing law suits that are instituted to stop construction and limiting the law suits invoking the environmental laws to existing or operating facilities or exempting the oil companies from complying with the environmental rules and regulations

    45. To the extent that limiting the franchise has disparate impact on the black community, the

    46. most extreme instances, limiting the time she spent

    47. seatbelt on, severely limiting the possibility of finding a

    48. I cannot imagine God or The Great Spirit creating any being and limiting their ability to speak with Him through prayer!”

    49. It was a limiting factor as much as food for the men

    50. concerns been successful in limiting costs? The Medicare Payment Advisory

    1. We should listen to them, appreciate differences, encourage risk-taking (within limits) and discourage blind conformity

    2. Similarly they should praise within limits and definitely not in such a way that the child stops believing you

    3. This limits their attack on wet and dry woods within reach of the soil

    4. In practicing Yoga, know your body and respect its limits

    5. I don’t know what speed limits Jeremy broke between his place and here, but he and Tonya are at the door before I expect them

    6. She put loose limits on all format matches at the finest levels of detail in every user manual, trying to get an idea what kind of format was in use

    7. exerted beyond this borough’s limits

    8. For a start off, you have to stop at crossroads – then there are lots of rules about speed limits in towns and loads of other cars on the roads

    9. pocket's limits, there are 101 ways to live up to all your partner's romantic dreams and give him or her all they have wished for in a dream-date

    10. Thom had certain limits to the magic he could employ, opening a new back door wasn’t in his allowance

    11. To say that they are basic would be to stretch the meaning of the word to its limits

    12. The sampling interval can be reduced to the limits of our equipment and it still looks like an analog trace

    13. He could scroll thru them in each direction to the limits of his instrument

    14. They are at the limits of our instrumentation

    15. “To the limits of my technology to detect it

    16. They symbolized the limits that we place on ourselves

    17. doors, and that he could fly, with no earthly limits to

    18. limits of their own skin

    19. The four-day journey would be hard; there would be no amenities; they would all be pushed to their limits

    20. Like a mortal, she would have to set limits on the amount of alcohol she consumed as long as she was in this universe without a med panel

    21. develops and progresses beyond what their limits of yesterday could not

    22. “We have unexpected guests, Rusty, and they are off limits

    23. ‘Yes, but there are limits

    24. As they breached the limits of the town proper, he began a story, “Once upon a time there was no donkey in the Guang

    25. 10when I fixed limits for it and set its doors and bars in place,

    26. Back in the good old days of 1971, the federal government didn't have all the silly rules that they have today that limits the creativity of veterans to earn extra money through the G

    27. The traffic had lessened since leaving the city limits and now it was only

    28. The barrier of azure flames flickered and dimmed as the shiny black substance inside flexed and expanded, as if testing the limits of its prison

    29. The liberal reward of labour, by enabling them to provide better for their children, and consequently to bring up a greater number, naturally tends to widen and extend those limits

    30. children that has no limits, whereas a business manager ends his

    31. its limits like every other ; and the increase of stock, by increasing the competition,

    32. Those who did seek to find her limits always died before reaching them

    33. When seen in its true form it is a current of pure energy constantly moving through the river of time, always flowing beyond its limits in a direct course toward the infinite," Brice finished his speech, then gazed out over the faces in the crowd seated before him

    34. Even Alec has his limits

    35. In waste and uninclosed lands, any person who discovers a tin mine may mark out its limits to a certain extent, which is called bounding a mine

    36. Though even that ancient weapon had its limits, for now it was ripe with darkness, growing painful for Solo Ki to bear

    37. He also worried about his own limits

    38. In this search there seem to be no certain limits, either to the possible success, or to the possible disappointment of human industry

    39. democracy, its limits and possibilities

    40. every time the limits of each one of them, without

    41. “Tejas, you have crossed all limits this time…”

    42. There are limits to insanity

    43. Think for yourself within limits

    44. This produce, how great soever, can never be infinite, but must have certain limits

    45. I was consumed; each of my senses extended to their limits

    46. The capital of all the individuals of a nation has its limits, in the same manner as that of a single individual, and is capable of executing only certain purposes

    47. All limits had indeed been crossed

    48. She didn’t bother to shrink back to the limits of her chain

    49. He threw himself into the training of the Hebrews, pushing himself and them to the limits

    50. Truly, I think you’re just inventing ‘rules’ and reasons to chastise me! The war was never explicitly labeled as off limits when I signed on

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    bound boundary limit demarcation demarcation line limitation limit point point of accumulation terminal point terminus ad quem confine restrict throttle trammel circumscribe confine to define determine fix set specify restraint hindrance restriction check precinct border end extent frontier hinder restrain