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    1. He loves everything and everybody, it has no limitation to its perception and it is eternal and Godlike

    2. This limitation to life is, of course, entirely human-centric and bears no real

    3. This limitation to life is, of course, entirely human-centric and bears no real scrutiny when we consider the true faith inherent in origin

    4. I have no wish to grow old, Berndt, it would not suit me and already I feel the heralds of limitation sounding their trumpets in my ears

    5. impairment or limitation, and surrogate testing is the

    6. It is not possible to produce these waves outside the atomic nucleus because of the limitation on wavelength imposed by the speed of light

    7. This limitation has given

    8. Their reactions were much faster than his, except for that little limitation of physics

    9. Unaltered Electronic-only copying and distribution for personal and non commercial used is authorized without limitation

    10. This second limitation of the freedom of trade, according to some people, should, upon most occasions, be extended much farther than to the precise foreign commodities which could come into competition with those which had been taxed at home

    11. The truth that life is eternal is liberating and sets one free from any limitation of expressions

    12. senses); and more fully true than any apparent limitation,

    13. Our physical limitation does not currently allow us to perform the second measurement and is the only measurements that we can perform from our position on Earth

    14. could teach or speak in the assembly; 2) the limitation

    15. limitation of when believers could observe

    16. membership; 5) the limitation of who would be

    17. What she said about damage limitation was too true

    18. ‖ (As Doctrinal Christians of course, the inherent limitation of good works is correctly understood; that salvation is obtained through Grace alone

    19. the limitation of both (federal and state), and never to see all offices transferred to Washington, where

    20. limitation upon the existing powers of governmental agencies…

    21. limitation of “presidential signing statements

    22. However, I had complete confidence in this system of sales techniques, which are extremely powerful magic tricks – but my main limitation was confidence in the product … and in myself

    23. The solution of the serious socioeconomic problems must be systemic so that the human society can really be organized and to integrate its agents in a wide global network, without frontiers and without the blockades of the limitation of the use of the money in any region of the planet

    24. Man seems to have evolved beyond this natural limitation

    25. Under such a regime does the Constitution remain a guiding and limiting factor in judicial decisions? Does it continue to uphold the limitation and distribution of power in government as intended? Does it have any meaning at all? Yes, it has meaning

    26. Terry grinned, “Damage limitation my ass,” he had already thought of the headline

    27. Strands resisting the limitation placed on them, falling around my cheeks

    28. and limitation, is painful, and when you are willing and able to

    29. These included Freedom Works, headed by former House majority leader Dick Armey, and the National Tax Limitation Committee founded in 1975

    30. In his book Human Accomplishment Charles Murray recognizes both the limitation and the potential of humankind in the opening statement of his Introduction: “At irregular times and in scattered settings, human beings have achieved great things

    31. With all sense of limitation gone, fear, pain and the search for

    32. The body was suddenly seen as a limitation of one’s true

    33. All limitation is imaginary, only the unlimited is real

    34. Q: I understood that suffering is inherent in limitation

    35. him that the applicable limitation periods had expired even before he was

    36. limitation and placed within his ancient atomism the void as the unfilled and yielding quality of the world that was receptive to motion, and further presumed that atoms could collide, repel, and grab onto one anoth-

    37. Contact, or limitation of motion and change of motion

    38. stance, 2) yielding void, 3) multiplicity of objects composed of indivisible substance, 4) directed motion of objects, 5) contact between objects, and 6) limitation and change of motion upon contact

    39. We should note that 5) and 6) are intimately related—if contact did not lead to limitation and change of motion, then contact loses most of its meaning and becomes

    40. We suggest that in ancient atomism, contact can be interpreted as the limitation and change of motion that occurs when atoms are spatially adjacent

    41. ited the relation of antitupia or mutual resistance between atoms, which is, as above, the limitation and change of motion that occurs when atoms are spatially adjacent

    42. limitation is but a mirror of the success of the premeditated racist actions of the Jewish Left in manipulating the black community

    43. They both share a crucial limitation, that being the amount of raw power the recipient can hold without suffering from it

    44. “We’ve developed a fourth method that doesn’t share that limitation

    45. In my world, economic systems incorporate standardized bartering, which has only the limitation of one’s own creativity, encouraging trade solely for the purposes of need

    46. Whereas a male, who has the limitation of thinking patterns that

    47. living despite that limitation

    48. limitation (when an old motherboard can’t detect a drive larger than 127GB for example),

    49. No one who has not felt this limitation on coming back from the ‘Heaven World’ with such valuable information can realise the chagrin and despair which one feels when he endeavors to do this, laments Heindel

    50. One limitation of experiential mystical knowledge is its increased subjectivity, since, most of this knowledge is axiomatic

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    limitation restriction limit reservation qualification definition injunction stipulation modification stricture obstruction deprivation hindrance arrest control frailty deterrence deficiency insufficiency fault flaw defect inadequacy imperfection