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    1. "At the same time it is a stinking pesthole where most are addicts, burn-outs lie in the gutters and grey slugs of human beings lurk in the under-cellars

    2. Abdullah and Akbar lurk in the shadows, along with a few of Omar’s body guards

    3. Abdullah and Akbar lurk in the doorway

    4. choices when shopping and try to avoid the sugary temptations that lurk in the grocery store

    5. She couldn’t help thinking that evil might lurk in its dark niches, that black stains of gore might be splattered on the walls, that she might never reemerge into daylight

    6. Who could blame the Fates if they doomed her soul to lurk alone in misery forever?

    7. It seems to have only been when an appeal was made to the Presence that has always seemed to lurk just beyond the natural senses of mankind for the guidance that was beyond Man’s ability to give himself, that he has been successful in devising and maintaining this “Book of Wisdom

    8. And the assassins still lurk out in the world somewhere

    9. The mind-executioner peels back his thoughts to where the mountain dogs lurk

    10. Throughout these chambers they hunt and lurk

    11. The goblins assuredly lurk therein, Claude contemplated

    12. Matthew with a sigh tried to dismiss the thought from his mind but it was something that would lurk in the background for them all until Joe made it home

    13. These creatures always lurk in the deepest woods they can find, and seldom emerge

    14. Those eyes grew and became gigantic, and in them the Cimmerian glimpsed the reality of all the abysmal and blasphemous horrors that lurk in the outer darkness of formless voids and nighted gulfs

    15. rumours that creatures and monsters lurk deep in the area to

    16. All sorts of dangers lurk in the

    17. The foyer was totally dark as Feltus, followed close by Lowell who had drawn his revolver from beneath his jacket, cautiously entered and quickly glanced behind the door before flipping the switch for the chandelier that filled the area with immense, twinkling light, which contrasted with the dark parlour where only a single lamp by the settee adjacent to the painting futilely attempted to push back the shadows in which evil seemed to lurk

    18. It’s rude to lurk in doorways

    19. He was the caveman type and wouldn't lurk

    20. "I still can't figure out what made Rob come to your office for an appointment at that time and what made our murderer lurk around at exactly the same time

    21. The diaphanous thoughts and feelings that lurk beneath the surface of the mind help us to grow in integrity and wholeness, she now understood, but the need for self-honesty and accountability was vital if the natural process of psychic growing was to occur

    22. Being armless, hairless and featherless can coil on Cleopatra’s breast, lurk in a rose-bush or hide under the ground and hard to be slayed by St

    23. One thing is known, these dangerous ladders are allowed to remain because of the prodigious bribes being supplied to the KULMOOG by the profiteering merchants who lurk by the bone-riddled ladder's base

    24. material possessions, but the preconceptions that lurk in our minds and

    25. The way in which eternal truths lurk along one's path, lie among the potatoes in cellars (did you ever observe the conduct of potatoes in cellars? Their desperate determination to reach up to the light? their absolute concentration on that one distant glimmer?), peep out at one from every apparently dull corner, sit among the stones, hang upon the bushes, come into one's room in the morning with the hot water, come out at night in heaven with the stars, never leave us, touch us, press upon us, if we choose to open our eyes and look, and our ears and listen—how extraordinary it is

    26. “They will stand on the moonlit street while we lurk up here in our dark rooms

    27. that don't have soft snow on them---when these cliffs lurk not-too-

    28. Lurk: To lie hid; to lie in wait for blood

    29. The weakness with the Tax lurk was to get the backup program actually used

    30. lurk in the night sky and is at this moment hiding from detection will produce the gravity required to stop

    31. Knockers lurk in the caves and mines

    32. On this day he would not lurk in

    33. what might lurk within the darkness

    34. This particular bass fishing technique relies on the fact that most larger-sized bass fishes loves to lurk at the bottom, waiting for a wounded or weak shad to drift down to their level away from the bait ball

    35. She was a ship commanded, manned, equipped--not a sort of marine Ritz, proclaimed unsinkable and sent adrift with its casual population upon the sea, without enough boats, without enough seamen (but with a Parisian cafe and four hundred of poor devils of waiters) to meet dangers which, let the engineers say what they like, lurk always amongst the waves; sent with a blind trust in mere material, light-heartedly, to a most miserable, most fatuous disaster

    36. Do you mark those two lines between your eyes; and those thick brows, that instead of rising arched, sink in the middle; and that couple of black friends, so deeply buried, who never open their windows boldly, but lurk glinting under them, like devil's spies? Wish and learn to smooth away the surly wrinkles, to raise your lids frankly, and change the fiends to confident, innocent angels, suspecting and doubting nothing, and always seeing friends where they are not sure of foes

    37. It had got dusk, and the moon looked over the high wall of the court, causing undefined shadows to lurk in the corners of the numerous projecting portions of the building

    38. by inhaling the bacteria which lurk in dust

    39. Figures wander, lurk, peer from warrens

    40. “Good!” Petranilla had spoken to the friar last night, and this morning Godwyn had instructed Philemon to lurk near the hospital and watch out for Murdo

    41. It was the severity of Holmes's manner and the fact that he slipped a revolver into his pocket before leaving our rooms which impressed me with the feeling that tragedy might prove to lurk behind this curious train of events

    42. How does he do that? Where does he lurk?

    43. Once upon a time Angel had been so unlucky as to say to his father, in a moment of irritation, that it might have resulted far better for mankind if Greece had been the source of the religion of modern civilization, and not Palestine; and his father's grief was of that blank description which could not realize that there might lurk a thousandth part of a truth, much less a half truth or a whole truth, in such a proposition

    44. In fact, a silent lurk is maybe exactly what you’d aim for

    45. As for the new-era view, which turned upon the earnings trend as the sole criterion of value, whatever truth may lurk in this generalization, its blind adoption as a basis for common-stock purchases, without calculation or restraint, was certain to end in an appalling debacle

    46. ‘That woman who used to lurk about at the foot of the steps there—’

    47. Chapter 14 examines potential industry effects that might lurk in the depths of the data pool

    48. I looked into a certain corner near, half-expecting to see the slim outline of a once dreaded switch which used to lurk there, waiting to leap out imp-like and lace my quivering palm or shrinking neck

    49. With us it would be as with them, to lurk and watch, to run and hide; the fear and empire of man had passed away

    50. On the 29th of April, as I was fishing from the bank of the river near the Nine-Acre-Corner bridge, standing on the quaking grass and willow roots, where the muskrats lurk, I heard a singular rattling sound, somewhat like that of the sticks which boys play with their fingers, when, looking up, I observed a very slight and graceful hawk, like a nighthawk, alternately soaring like a ripple and tumbling a rod or two over and over, showing the under side of its wings, which gleamed like a satin ribbon in the sun, or like the pearly inside of a shell

    1. Who knew what lurked there? What demons and monsters waited to pounce? Every step was a challenge

    2. knew what demons lurked in a brain like his and what ghosts haunted his dreams?

    3. lurked along the road, he was determined to leave

    4. It lurked in a close corner of her mind

    5. Their resistance crumbled and their kiss became a fire that ignited some deep desires within them, a longing that lurked beneath the surface

    6. I just knew some evil lurked in the woods, waiting for our little brat cat to make a wrong step

    7. Beyond the curtain on the left, the arena lurked, yearning for his blood

    8. Matter of fact, for this entire process, I was mostly unaware of the dangers that lurked just beyond the safety of Grandma’s deck-door view around the back corner of the garage

    9. ” The headache that always lurked behind Sespian’s eyes intensified

    10. Somehow she doubted many bounty hunters lurked at the Real Estate Library

    11. This place was not part of their via fatum, whatever lurked here, his awareness failed to reveal

    12. Shaking his head in confusion Brock tried to ignore the indomitable feeling of alienation that now lurked at the back of his mind, as though a stranger were settled there

    13. As she looked back at her face a second time she could not help notice a madness still lurked in her face, but it was a quieter madness now, not the savagery of before now that she was back on the trail of Simon

    14. She also knew, it was the most dangerous route, given the beasts that lurked within

    15. The Dark lurked

    16. Ryato and Alaric lurked in the back of her head, all of the dangers, the threat against the secret she carried, but in a strange way, it was calm

    17. They could now imagine that they had in some way become as powerful as the entity that had so many times lurked just beyond their physical ability to sense, but now not beyond their new ability to visualize in its supposed absence

    18. That which lurked and waited

    19. known they were in the wrong? How could they have known who lurked in the

    20. It was clear that envy lurked behind

    21. 5 And all his mighty men and his people were with him in the wilderness, but they removed at a distance from him, and they went from him in different directions to hunt, and Esau concealed himself for Nimrod, and he lurked for him in the wilderness

    22. 34 And he closely followed Jacob, and he lurked for him in the border of the land of Canaan opposite to the city of Shechem

    23. 5 And all his mighty men and his people were with him in the wilderness but they removed at a distance from him and they went from him in different directions to hunt and Esau concealed himself for Nimrod and he lurked for him in the wilderness

    24. 34 And he closely followed Jacob and he lurked for him in the border of the land of Canaan opposite to the city of Shechem

    25. It flowed through the air he breathed and lurked within the well

    26. The villagers also needed Ralph and even now lurked around them, awaiting his command

    27. Behind him lurked his father

    28. Ralph’s young steward lurked behind him, casting unhappy glances at the mind-cane

    29. Still, even though she had denied the power of the legends, they still lurked at the edges of her understanding and in her blood

    30. Without a word, the night-woman headed for the back where the shadows lurked and disappeared out of view for a heartbeat or two before reappearing with some threadbare blankets and pieces of wood

    31. At the edge of the eye, it lurked

    32. the peril that lurked in quiet conversations, that place where

    33. of anger still lurked inside

    34. lurked? I couldn’t show my distress in front of wife and

    35. Whatever lurked beyond was loathe to enter the open street, a

    36. He jumped clear of it, giving his friends space to contend with whoever lurked beyond

    37. Despite his success as a librarian teacher, his love for his ridiculously intelligent spouse and their pleasant home and easy life, there had always lurked an emptiness at his core he‘d been unable to rationalise

    38. Suspicion lurked in his

    39. efface the basic reddishness, which always lurked and

    40. She took it, wincing slightly at the bloodstains upon it, feeling a hint of the dynamic strength that lurked in the barbarian's thews

    41. 'And following his instinct, he lurked in the shadow of the cliff, instead of following you out across the plateau

    42. Then, looking fearfully up, she saw only the moon that shone through the window with a beam that rested like a silver sword across the spot where the phantom had lurked

    43. He was not merely a wild man; he was part of the wild, one with the untameable elements of life; in his veins ran the blood of the wolf-pack; in his brain lurked the brooding depths of the northern night; his heart throbbed with the fire of blazing forests

    44. And at last among the lichen-grown ruins of their city only a single shape lurked, a stunted abhorrent perversion of nature

    45. Why had not the winged master come to the aid of its slaves when he struggled with them? Had it feared to come within reach of fangs that might turn and rend it? Craft and caution had lurked in that misshapen skull, but had not availed in the end

    46. Lust and mystery sparkled in her scintillant eyes, cruelty lurked in the curl of her full red lips

    47. He also went fishing with David Zebedee on several occasions, and while he went about alone much of the time, there always lurked near by two or three of David's most trusted messengers, who had no uncertain orders from their chief respecting the safeguarding of Jesus

    48. He was young; no spear had touched him, no poison lurked in his wine

    49. He thundered along the road that followed the valley bed, labored up a slope, swept along a low ridge where treacherous shale on either hand lurked for the unwary, and came upon a trail that followed the lap of the left-hand wall

    50. But Conan, in his renewed admiration, did not forget that peril lurked all about them

    1. It was probably a good plan when it was put together, who could have known the Brazilians had secret doomsday weapons lurking in deep space?

    2. Although neither Kara nor Iain had seen anyone suspicious lurking around the place, his version was somewhat different

    3. ‘It would be typical of Joris to have something I’m not expecting lurking somewhere

    4. They all marched in to the shop expecting to see the young man lurking in the shadows, but he was nowhere to be found

    5. He saw nothing lurking about

    6. Yes, all the brains of the crew had theories, but he could tell none of them were very confident of theirs but Thom, and his was too preposterous to take seriously, an alien intelligence lurking in the dark matter

    7. lurking in the shadows, but he was nowhere to be found

    8. “When your butt sits on it, truth is lurking round the corner

    9. man who had just given up his seat, who was still lurking hopefully

    10. 'He always seems to be lurking where he shouldn't,'

    11. Eventually Delos got tired of trying to teach Alan to make his investigations while lurking behind bushes

    12. But she didn't know it all did she? Wasn't there still something lurking in these circuits? Something Delos had found that she wasn't quite sure was real or not, wasn't quite sure was gone or not?

    13. reassuring, but was certain that the evil lurking in the

    14. Scrounges are notably reticent and a dozen could be lurking silently on any of the strap-up that overlooked this pit

    15. If there was a scrounge lurking down here he intended to make peace with him if possible, if the person still had enough mind left to communicate with

    16. I just hope his stamina holds out, she thought, once more turning her attention to the horde of shadows lurking beyond the moat

    17. Lurking in the maze, he recognized the corrupted forms of the other Chosen who had been captured by the Dead Tree

    18. He looked into her tear-filled eyes and saw the heartache and desperation lurking under the surface, naked in their honesty

    19. As we got closer our eyes roved the country sight seeking out places where ambushes might be situated the Captain sent ten of our men forward to recce the village to see if any of the enemy were lurking there

    20. There was something lurking there still

    21. lurking inside whenever he was at home and when the door had

    22. I’ve spent a lifetime lurking in the shadows in a world created by racism, sexism,

    23. dangers lurking in the Bering Sea waters, and more would soon

    24. His Guardian cloak was hung across the only chair in the room, making the piece of furniture appear to be some sort of dark ghoul lurking in the shadows

    25. He didn’t know how he hadn’t seen it before, but there was evil lurking behind her eyes

    26. He arched a brow, a smile lurking in those dark eyes

    27. The levies scoured the bush in advance of the prisoners in case there should be any attempt to assassinate the King, and several times disturbed waiting Ashantis, who were lurking in the trees to obtain a last glimpse of Prempeh, rather than lying in wait to kill him

    28. Alex knew that the Christchurch police loved nothing more than lurking in the hedgerows, waiting to catch the unwary motorist, and he was determined that nothing would spoil his mood tonight

    29. Sheena rubbed her temples, trying to ignore the headache that was lurking in the background

    30. Sespian wasn’t going to have time to spend hours lurking in the ductwork to spy on Hollowcrest himself

    31. “And the escaped prisoners lurking in the passage may as well come out too

    32. Eyes widening, Sespian spun about, half expecting Sicarius to be lurking in the shadows

    33. He came through the huge automatic doors with his duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and dressed in his step-outs he looked every bit the soldier the army intended him to look like, yet on his face I could see a hint of the carefree surfer boy lurking

    34. Cherva noted the rebelliousness still lurking in the badger's bright eyes and grunted

    35. out of the plane Sebastian was sure that something was lurking for him here

    36. Suddenly Brokin spotted two sentries lurking in the bushes and waved his party to a halt

    37. Standing before her, was a man who fed cocaine to a fourteen year-old girl to entrap her into a life of prostitution, yet she could detect not the slightest trace of evil lurking there or in his body language, which always spoke so loudly if one paid attention

    38. “I’ve been saving,” he said, careful to keep his attention on the task at hand, so that he wouldn’t have to see the disapproval he knew would be lurking in her eyes

    39. Clippings from the national newspaper were shocking for their obvious lack of objectivity and racist slant, leaving would-be tourists with the conviction that only in Limon was there danger, black muggers lurking in alleys waiting to slice their throats

    40. You never knew who might be lurking about taking in the sun

    41. He had been working with them from his days in Vancouver, and his experience there and at the club taught him that, for each there is usually someone – pimp, boyfriend, parent – lurking in the background taking their money and keeping them slaves to their profession

    42. Beth’s attitude sounded cavalier, but he was sure that lurking below was the same raw fear that gripped him

    43. Unless he went blind or some mysterious lurking thief of the wild came along and stole his shirt, he felt safe enough to wander away in search of some hopefully less than soggy firewood

    44. Pirru checked hastily around, not really bothering to indeed look for procrastinators or senior officers lurking in the dark, but rather as an instinctive reaction to fear of getting caught

    45. But at the same time there was anxiety in his heart, wariness; a feeling of lurking danger

    46. Perhaps indeed the archenemies were lurking around, their malignancy somehow trying to veer him away from his newly found purpose, driving him to dark corners of his mind he did not wish to revisit

    47. Ryato’s anger lay like a lurking thunderstorm over the camp

    48. We have to invite the Goods in, but the Bads are always lurking around a

    49. 8 He sits in the lurking places of the villages; in the secret places does he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the

    50. 12 Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a young lion lurking in secret places

    1. The man without fear snake lurks as a young couple who is

    2. Despite my arguing myself blue in the face for the chance to spend some of the money I have been assured lurks somewhere for me, Betta refuses to forego what she calls ‘the fun of dressing her new daughter’

    3. Fear has its greatest power when it lurks in your subconscious

    4. What’s important now is getting the hell out of here, so how about you and I agree to save our strength for the Falmer and whatever else lurks in here instead of wasting it squabbling with each other over stupid things that will matter even less if we die in here?”

    5. Even if one is able to overcome the initial trauma of an early death, the painful loss usually lurks in the shallow depths of one’s memory

    6. Released from custom and restraint we are enticed downward on the ladder of civilization, ever closer to unleashing the beast that lurks in the depths of every human being

    7. It gives easily and the darkness within lurks like a warning

    8. A lone grey wolf lurks in the corner

    9. In the shadows he lurks on distant planes

    10. The mere mention of the skulls transported me to an unreal world in which death was the unique protagonist: that evil and treacherous villain that lurks on the edge of roads to exercise its reign of terror and doom

    11. 'But what is it, then? What lurks in this thicket?'

    12. She feared him, told herself she loathed his raw brute strength and unashamed barbarism, yet something breathless and perilous inside her leaned toward him; the hidden primitive chord that lurks in every woman's soul was sounded and responded

    13. All know that in that grim chamber lurks some monster from the black night of ages, which devours the shrieking humans Taramis delivers up to it

    14. It lurks in Stygian tombs, and is called forth into being only by wizards

    15. 5 What is this trait of the animal in man which leads him to want to insult and physically assault that which he cannot spiritually attain or intellectually achieve? In the half-civilized man there still lurks an evil brutality which seeks to vent itself upon those who are superior in wisdom and spiritual attainment

    16. That sword may look as if it was chewed up by a monster with gingivitis, but it will only respond if the user can feel the soul that lurks inside the sword

    17. demonstrating that at the heart of the liberal lurks the same

    18. What else lurks beyond our perceptions? I don’t expect that humans will be evolving another eye capable of seeing infrared and ultraviolet soon, but does that mean we have stopped evolving? Are we at some static pinnacle in time? I doubt it

    19. His only hope of rescue lies with Matilda, their hideously deformed and needy daughter, who lurks in the shadows in her bloodied wedding dress

    20. lurks in the shadows in her bloodied wedding dress

    21. The answer along with the question lurks

    22. Where hovers the angel? Where lurks the devil?

    23. The act is executed as rational and sensible, “seduction lurks under the belief

    24. People often have an art in saying excessive good things for oneself self-esteem but at the heart, lurks a hostility

    25. Fatal illness lurks in African villages market, where rats and parts of monkey such as an arm are sold for meat food

    26. Ignorance lurks at the core of the objective, the

    27. It is a dark way, far from the Godly manifestation and the Godly light, where the devil revels in his lusts and lurks in wait for such a spirit

    28. what lurks beyond the walls of the mental fortress

    29. “Whenever there is a danger there lurks an opportunity

    30. Whenever there is an opportunity there lurks a danger

    31. Somehow, I had an inkling that danger still lurks; what of the Python that I saw inside my bedroom, but which disappeared mysteriously until this moment

    32. Art has such a good time in the house, where she spreads herself over the walls, and hangs herself up gorgeously at the windows, and lurks in the sofa cushions, and breaks out in an eruption of pots wherever pots are possible, that really she should be content to take the second place out of doors

    33. You can forgive a man perhaps, because in your heart in spite of all experience lurks the comfortable belief that he means what he says; but how shall you forgive a woman for mistaking you for a fool?

    34. "She lurks, she lurks," he said, impatiently looking at his watch; and redoubled his cries

    35. “Wherever beauty shows upon the face, there lurks much filth beneath the skin

    36. lurks in their past

    37. Evil still lurks out there! As ever, it

    38. In the background hidden under many conspiracies there lurks a Mother Conspiracies and

    39. see the danger that lurks on the horizon

    40. Now you know where it lurks

    41. Where evil lurks, that is where

    42. 'A young mother bakes for her family,' said the soundtrack, 'unaware of the danger that lurks

    43. Where the danger lurks is in elevating a belief system such as astrology to the level of a science

    44. Yet, a doubt lurks in my mind, Miss Pross, whether it is good for Doctor Manette to have that suppression always shut up within him

    45. O give me the clue! (it lurks in the night here somewhere,)

    46. Dean's bitter herbs; and firstly, let me beware of the fascination that lurks in Catherine Heathcliff's brilliant eyes

    47. "and I love it as if it were my own flesh and blood! Aboard a conventional ship, facing the ocean's perils, danger lurks everywhere; on the surface of the sea, your chief sensation is the constant feeling of an underlying chasm, as the Dutchman Jansen so aptly put it; but below the waves aboard the Nautilus , your heart never fails you! There are no structural deformities to worry about, because the double hull of this boat has the rigidity of iron; no rigging to be worn out by rolling and pitching on the waves; no sails for the wind to carry off; no boilers for steam to burst open; no fires to fear, because this submersible is made of sheet iron not wood; no coal to run out of, since electricity is its mechanical force; no collisions to fear, because it navigates the watery deep all by itself; no storms to brave, because just a few meters beneath the waves, it finds absolute tranquility! There, sir

    48. "An Indian more rarely lurks about the graves

    49. She leads him towards the steps, drawing him by the odour of her armpits, the vice of her painted eyes, the rustle of her slip in whose sinuous folds lurks the lion reek of all the male brutes that have possessed her

    50. He has a gentle voice and a quiet manner, but behind his twinkling blue eyes there lurks a capacity for furious wrath and implacable resolution, the more dangerous because they are held in leash

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