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    1. "At the same time it is a stinking pesthole where most are addicts, burn-outs lie in the gutters and grey slugs of human beings lurk in the under-cellars

    2. Abdullah and Akbar lurk in the shadows, along with a few of Omar’s body guards

    3. Abdullah and Akbar lurk in the doorway

    4. choices when shopping and try to avoid the sugary temptations that lurk in the grocery store

    5. She couldn’t help thinking that evil might lurk in its dark niches, that black stains of gore might be splattered on the walls, that she might never reemerge into daylight

    6. Who could blame the Fates if they doomed her soul to lurk alone in misery forever?

    7. It seems to have only been when an appeal was made to the Presence that has always seemed to lurk just beyond the natural senses of mankind for the guidance that was beyond Man’s ability to give himself, that he has been successful in devising and maintaining this “Book of Wisdom

    8. And the assassins still lurk out in the world somewhere

    9. The mind-executioner peels back his thoughts to where the mountain dogs lurk

    10. The mind-executioner peels back his thoughts to where the mountain dogs lurk

    1. The man without fear snake lurks as a young couple who is

    2. Despite my arguing myself blue in the face for the chance to spend some of the money I have been assured lurks somewhere for me, Betta refuses to forego what she calls ‘the fun of dressing her new daughter’

    3. Fear has its greatest power when it lurks in your subconscious

    4. What’s important now is getting the hell out of here, so how about you and I agree to save our strength for the Falmer and whatever else lurks in here instead of wasting it squabbling with each other over stupid things that will matter even less if we die in here?”

    5. Even if one is able to overcome the initial trauma of an early death, the painful loss usually lurks in the shallow depths of one’s memory

    6. Released from custom and restraint we are enticed downward on the ladder of civilization, ever closer to unleashing the beast that lurks in the depths of every human being

    7. It gives easily and the darkness within lurks like a warning

    8. A lone grey wolf lurks in the corner

    9. It gives easily and the darkness within lurks like a warning

    10. A lone grey wolf lurks in the corner

    1. It was probably a good plan when it was put together, who could have known the Brazilians had secret doomsday weapons lurking in deep space?

    2. Although neither Kara nor Iain had seen anyone suspicious lurking around the place, his version was somewhat different

    3. ‘It would be typical of Joris to have something I’m not expecting lurking somewhere

    4. They all marched in to the shop expecting to see the young man lurking in the shadows, but he was nowhere to be found

    5. He saw nothing lurking about

    6. Yes, all the brains of the crew had theories, but he could tell none of them were very confident of theirs but Thom, and his was too preposterous to take seriously, an alien intelligence lurking in the dark matter

    7. lurking in the shadows, but he was nowhere to be found

    8. “When your butt sits on it, truth is lurking round the corner

    9. man who had just given up his seat, who was still lurking hopefully

    10. 'He always seems to be lurking where he shouldn't,'

    1. Who knew what lurked there? What demons and monsters waited to pounce? Every step was a challenge

    2. knew what demons lurked in a brain like his and what ghosts haunted his dreams?

    3. lurked along the road, he was determined to leave

    4. It lurked in a close corner of her mind

    5. Their resistance crumbled and their kiss became a fire that ignited some deep desires within them, a longing that lurked beneath the surface

    6. I just knew some evil lurked in the woods, waiting for our little brat cat to make a wrong step

    7. Beyond the curtain on the left, the arena lurked, yearning for his blood

    8. Matter of fact, for this entire process, I was mostly unaware of the dangers that lurked just beyond the safety of Grandma’s deck-door view around the back corner of the garage

    9. ” The headache that always lurked behind Sespian’s eyes intensified

    10. Somehow she doubted many bounty hunters lurked at the Real Estate Library

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    ambuscade ambush bushwhack lie in wait lurk scupper waylay footle hang around lallygag linger loaf loiter lollygag lounge mess about mill about mill around tarry skulk prowl creep slink steal glide