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    1. This is the first day of my illustrated manuscript “Sandra Anderson - Astral Fantasy”, which I start writing today

    2. read this old manuscript once and even the beautiful Queen

    3. coherent sentences in cursive, read volumes of manuscript both fiction and non,

    4. Johnson threw the manuscript in the trash can next to the door

    5. page manuscript dropped into his hand

    6. In an ancient manuscript of the Regiam Majestatem, an old Scotch law book, there is a statute of assize, in which the price of bread is regulated according to all the different prices of wheat, from tenpence to three shillings the Scotch boll, equal to about half an English quarter

    7. Upon consulting the manuscript, however, it appears evidently, that all these prices are only set down as examples of the proportion which ought to be observed between the respective prices of wheat and bread

    8. This ensured that each copy of a manuscript was letter-for-letter an exact match of that of the original

    9. When a modern-day manuscript is compared to one found in the Qumran collection, the remarkable reliability and accuracy with which the scribes copied the documents, is evident and the teachings contained in these documents, is found to be identical, with some stylistic variances and slight variances on spelling here and there

    10. if Heaven holds a manuscript containing the life story of each

    11. would have lit le believability, so we shelved the manuscript

    12. As I worked more and more of the city into the manuscript, I got the chance to rediscover my home, which was wonderful—there’s so much I don’t know about it! But my personal connections with the place aside, I also found it interesting to turn such a clean and organized place upside down

    13. manuscript I wrote twenty years or so after college

    14. manuscript I submitted (totally unrelated to Jason) was not accepted

    15. I keep hoping that one day a manuscript of his memoirs will turn up somewhere

    16. mug as he browsed the pages of a manuscript entitled

    17. manuscript on the subject, printed in England around 1794

    18. "arrested" with my Moose Auto Glass uniform shirt on, and my manuscript was in my hand, plus Terry came in right after me

    19. I gave my manuscript to him, and he

    20. I hadn't printed out my manuscript in years

    21. That was the only copy of my manuscript that

    22. For our tales lie here around us, in the scattered scraps of parchment and manuscript the flames have not burnt away

    23. A musician may develop a musical manuscript using his laptop which is then recorded onto a CD (compact disc)

    24. Burley reviewed the manuscript several times, went through it with a fine-tooth comb and came up with many helpful suggestions

    25. I want to interject here, that after the manuscript of this book was finished, I searched for

    26. JC took the manuscript from my hands as if it were the

    27. Stephenie Meyer sent a letter to the Writers House agency asking if someone might be interested in reading a 130,000-word manuscript about teenage vampires

    28. ultimately asked that she send her manuscript

    29. The manuscript was passed on to an agent, Jodi Reamer

    30. publishing professionals to be discriminating, it's the job of the writer to produce a manuscript that immediately stands out among

    31. I recently sold it as a gorgeous limited edition hardcover/paperback in the US with Horror World, run by the fabulous Nanci Kalanta, who read the manuscript, cried, and two years later when she was setting up her small press asked me if she could do it

    32. It's been an amazing ride for that first manuscript! My initial experience with self-publishing ebooks has had a steep learning curve, because I wanted to do every step myself, including cover design

    33. When I start a writing session, I don't move forward into the book, I go back in the manuscript to cover the previous session's output and edit it

    34. By the time I put THE END on the last page of the manuscript, it really is done (except for a check of spelling, grammar, and punctuation)

    35. It's better to change a few pages to see if the new idea works out in short form rather than put it in your manuscript and discover that 100 pages later, you've put yourself in a blind corner

    36. I once paid a manuscript appraisal agency a lot of money to have a novel critiqued

    37. Literary Agents note: This is the end of the manuscript as we received it

    38. - a manuscript, for example, written by the hand of the Lord Buddha Himself

    39. manuscript, and it was shown to the World-Teacher Himself, who read it and

    40. 2 There is presented herewith an abstract of Ganid's manuscript, which he prepared at Alexandria and Rome, and which was preserved in India for hundreds of years after his death

    41. Thus, holding the manuscript, as one would his dead child, he had a last look at it, as the father would, before the burial

    42. Impulsively, he felt like resubmitting the manuscript with a rejoinder that the concerned editor could take her own time to read and reject it, if it were a must

    43. To his distress, it was like the quote of a cartel: Read your manuscript with interest but found it unsuitable for our publication

    44. Taking the reviewers seriously, he forwarded his manuscript to them, indicating that it had all the ingredients they believed a novel should have in it

    45. As he knew none who ever stepped into the corridors of a publishing house, he thought, before submitting his fresh manuscript, it was an idea to make a name for himself

    46. As a young man Jesus had often spoken in this place of worship, and this morning, when the ruler of the synagogue handed him the roll of sacred writings from which to read the Scripture lesson, none present seemed to recall that this was the very manuscript which he had presented to this synagogue

    47. manuscript that I was calling A Blood Moon

    48. Scowling, his lips unconsciously moving as he struggled with the task, he blundered through the manuscript, finding much of it untranslatable and most of the rest of it obscure

    49. The name of Yelaya was repeated frequently, and toward the last part of the manuscript it became apparent that Bit-Yakin knew that death was upon him

    50. With a slight start Conan realized that the mummy in the cavern must be the remains of the writer of the manuscript, the mysterious Pelishti, Bit- Yakin

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