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    1. Mindless of his feet in the snow, he was drawn down the path to the edge of the bluff, drawn to where he could get the best possible view of the end of the world

    2. If it wasn't for them, how could I have done that stupid mindless job day in and day out, year in and year out, squeezing whatever bit of pride out of it that could be found?

    3. They sat watching mindless garbage on the television late into the night while they consumed more alcohol and smoked so many cigarettes that they regularly exploded in apoplectic fits of coughing

    4. The females reluctantly decided to use this information - and the mindless ones

    5. 'Through the prayers I have named you in the pact with Athena so to withdraw would leave you in a mindless state and recovery is er, unknown

    6. Not for her any serious preparations or special tactical considerations, she'd be receiving special attention from her massage therapist, expanding her mind on something exotic, receiving visitors and doing deals, safe on her boat with mindless mercenaries at her beck and call

    7. watching mindless garbage on the television late into the night

    8. He was allowed that much in three-d reality, a little traffic on the path, but he had to set it all up or it would be a mindless loop

    9. ‘Dhaalu has more than the mindless Bolg at his

    10. A bit later, having changed out of my office kit and into something decidedly sloppy and comfortable, I stand in the kitchen … food … need something to eat … what’s in the freezer? … don’t fancy that … or that … oh dear … is there anything in any of those tins … no, not really … cooking for one can be pretty mindless at times

    11. Being mindless feeding machines, the walking dead made for easy targets

    12. Still mindless of any injuries he may have suffered, like severed arteries, he let the reflections of Alfred's light show him the shop and a large cleaver hanging on the wall

    13. With the words, Alec was reminded of the horde groaning behind him, and the fact that the mindless beings were drawing closer

    14. Nor did he desire to be a prisoner of the Dead Tree for all eternity, a mindless shell moving to the whim of the Void

    15. And nowadays, you have these stupid, mindless and boring saas-

    16. I wouldn’t let Joss become a mindless killer

    17. It’s mindless and stupid and you have much to do on

    18. I soon gave up, content to let some mindless cartoons rot Nathaniel’s impressionable young mind, while I, wrapped in an afghan, collapsed, shivering, onto the floor’s heating vent

    19. They seemed quite mad in their mindless pursuits; mysterious, and unknowable

    20. “WHAT?? YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T PUT THE CANS IN THE SAFE LAST NIGHT, YOU MINDLESS MUTANT?” Her screech rose above the murmur of a thousand voices to echo the length and breadth of the cavernous terminal

    21. Their blind, mindless self-absorption and natural diffidence ensured that they prefer not to ask too many questions

    22. Kissinger, true to his mindless love of power, would agree

    23. “General, my experience in the infantry shows that while our own propaganda says the German soldier is a mindless automaton, in reality…” (I could see his neck getting darker

    24. Not that he needed any prodding, but it’s better than some voice shrieking in mindless, hysterical fear through the tube

    25. I couldn’t hear any choppers, but after a moment or two, above the snarling throaty sounds of the mindless Memphis denizens that encircled us, I could hear the unmistakable sound of Wagner’s Die Valkyrie, and I suddenly smiled and thought that all this must simply be a very elaborate film set

    26. It was more than desperate; it was likely suicidal, but what else was there? Did Beth have the courage and willingness to kill? Could Raul be trusted? Had he changed, becoming his cousin again, or was he still a mindless puppet that would order rockets fired upon his own family? Maybe he came to steal the cocaine, or probably something more cowardly, like fetch him back to Nicaragua to stand trial for the La Palma bombing, but he had no choice other than to trust him

    27. Then it slowly went into a series of maneuvers that seemed mindless

    28. Cops! It had to be, and not ordinary mindless buffoons, but some sort of elite strike force

    29. Whistling a mindless tune, he tried to figure out what to do next, or more to the point, when to do it

    30. Holding me and moaning she took all my hate from me and gave it back as love, until I was clenched hard around her, face pressed to her breasts, arms clinging her to me hard, violently, legs by now outside hers, clenching them together and to me and I orgasmed, shuddering violently, mindless and desperate

    31. Some are simply caught in its path, and learn before their end that fate is a mindless, uncaring maelstrom

    32. The phone in the bedroom was ringing with a mindless persistence that only a salesman would envy

    33. “The advantage to this version of the simulation,” she says, her eyes alight, “is that he can act independently, and is therefore far more effective than a mindless soldier

    34. This way, grandma can scare the dog mindless for one last time, before she finally rests

    35. In sum, while it is good to patiently endure one's troubles, there is also wisdom in thinking how to protect oneself from hardship or adversity in the future by not accumulating more negative karma in a mindless way

    36. Christianity, saying it that way sounds mindless

    37. The PETA folks take on the mindless ferocity of the animal while supposedly granting the animal a basis for thoughtful and ethical consideration

    38. There is just mindless matter: molecules in motion

    39. For McCarthy it may have been the mindless recitation of words because they

    40. We pulled every stupid, mindless stunt in the books, from filling our two-story dormitory halls with straw from a construction site to putting work-site signs and flashing lights throughout the building

    41. Those were mindless and miseducated people in the Western democracies who would always find ways to excuse whatever the Soviet Union did

    42. Of the controlled souls in the east, only the Nordheim mindless ones remained, battering away at the Great Gate

    43. Unfortunately for Bellack, their mindless assaults had failed to breach the thick reinforced doors and the most seasoned of troops defended the gate

    44. A garrison that had stood for years in a state of constant alert against Nordheim aggression and the mindless ones had died in their hundreds

    45. The mindless mob came within twenty metres of the hollow

    46. Some kind of peaceful, mindless, bliss

    47. he felt his own grip weaken for a moment as hot white mindless wrath consumed him

    48. Are you up for more? ‘Are you ready?’ the mindless voice announced

    49. But it didn’t work, other than slowing the mindless zombie

    50. Are you adapting to the whims of society, following the trend of what is and is not proper to keep the mindless masses off your back? Or is this really you? Tera is perfect; organized, innovative, never questions your decisions, speedy, efficient—the perfect secretary—the perfect wife

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