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    1. He was almost too hung over to stand and knew it would be senseless to chase

    2. All other ways of seeking healing became senseless

    3. Bahkmar had nursed a secret hope that the afterlife would be free of such senseless edicts of privilege, but that hope had been squashed within days of his death

    4. It is the only explanation for their being able to carry on this senseless war

    5. Bone-weary of death, tired of the Elders demands, tired of the lies and the mad senseless war, she decided to save the child herself

    6. Myra insisted that she needed to return to her people and bring about an end to this senseless war

    7. of senseless thought which deprives of person the release of his or her

    8. were quickly beaten senseless

    9. senseless with a neck chop

    10. "It's senseless to pretend that place is ever going to be anything but a bottomless pit to drop money into

    11. world senseless? Unlikely! What would be the sense of a

    12. His head was a pummeled glob of senseless flesh

    13. To see a tray in your dream indicates your senseless spending

    14. She had just about got used to being a random, senseless, victim

    15. Many longhaired liberals became lawyers so that they could astonish everyone by asking senseless and idiotic questions

    16. Fewer aircraft would be lost in senseless accidents, and who knows what kind of combat record they might achieve

    17. The young man from the vidscreen tried to deny their entry but Captain Heydrich tasered him senseless without breaking his stride

    18. And a backswing with his moving body adding momentum to the power of its direction caught the leader full on his club, driving it into his head and bringing him down almost senseless

    19. so senseless for it is obvious that those dictators will use part of the money to provide for their personal future and the other part to provide for an army to help them retain power

    20. Anything less is the commission of the most senseless of all suicides

    21. If I go to join my parents, I want to carry with me a good reason, not this—this senseless collapsing at the threshold

    22. How many funerals have you attended where the preacher said: “Here lies John Doe, dead in his coffin, truly a wonderful day for his wife and children and society in general! He abused his wife, beat her senseless her from time to time, rented out his children and broke his children’s bones when they were only two months old because they cried

    23. “So far I’ve had a gunman break in on a Saturday afternoon, my secretary was assaulted at gunpoint, my place was robbed, I was shot at, and my assistant was beaten senseless

    24. He had been knocked senseless by a blow to the head or he would never have been taken

    25. what reasonings would they have employed but these? 16 O wretched that we are, and exceeding senseless! When the king exhorts us,

    26. “Mark my words, we are going to be in another senseless war in the next ten years

    27. After Carmen left Jesse kissed me senseless, ah his kisses always made me feel weak in the knees

    28. I couldn’t help the butterflies that went crazy in my stomach whenever he kissed me senseless, which was all the time

    29. Why would I want to live like Sisyphus: pushing a boulder to the top of the hill, just to find that the boulder has rolled back down to the bottom of the hill, and then pushing the boulder back to the top of the hill, just to find it at the bottom again, and then repeating this cursed cycle forever? A rational being who rejects faith and hope would see the pointlessness of these actions and stop acting, preferring instead nothingness (death?) and an end to the senseless activity

    30. Packs of feral young males splinter and scatter in every direction, sowing senseless violence wherever they roam

    31. The puppy is to provide momentary entertainment for humans whose lives have been stripped of all meaning and empathy, goodness and responsibility—humans whose lives have been reduced to senseless nothingness

    32. road toward a classless society, then all efforts either to change or to accelerate the course of events would be senseless

    33. With the light-hearted and senseless distraction of

    34. Even with all the Shielding that protected them, he and Talia were blasted back most of a kilometer from the Barrier’s line in the resulting explosion, and knocked senseless by it

    35. 7 For therefore since nature has conferred on you the most excellent flesh of this animal do you loathe it? 8 It seems senseless not to enjoy what is pleasant yet not disgraceful; and from notions of sinfulness to reject the boons of nature

    36. 15 Now let us consider the matter; had any of them been weak spirited and cowardly among them what reasonings would they have employed but these? 16 O wretched that we are and exceeding senseless! when the king exhorts us and calls us to his bounty should we not obey him? 17 Why do we cheer ourselves with vain counsels and venture on a disobedience bringing death? 18 Shall we not fear O brethren the instruments of torture and weigh the threatenings of torment and shun this vain-glory and destructive pride? 19 Let us have compassion on our age and relent over the years of our mother

    37. Senseless to destroy what we have graciously been blessed to have

    38. Because the Lost One grasped Ralph’s senseless hand, took the emeralds he found there and ripped their master’s word they had kept safe all this time from their bright mystery: desire

    39. He is standing over Simon’s senseless form, knife raised high, in the act of striking a man who cannot fight back

    40. The jokes were senseless or childish

    41. " He answered me "How long are you senseless? But your doubts make you senseless because you have not your hearts turned towards the Lord

    42. For as soon as it sees such men standing stedfast it throws itself into their hearts and for nothing at all the man or woman becomes embittered on account of occurrences in their daily life as for instance on account of their food or some superfluous word that has been uttered or on account of some friend or some gift or debt or some such senseless affair

    43. But anger is foolish and fickle and senseless

    44. Consider this doubting state of mind for it is wicked and senseless and turns many away entirely from the faith even though they be very strong

    45. "I am senseless sir" say I "and do not understand these parables

    46. But seeing me altogether agitated and confused he began to speak to me in more gentle tones; and he said: "O feel senseless and doubting do you not perceive how great is the glory of God and how strong and marvellous in that He created the world for the sake of man and subjected all creation to him and gave him power to rule over everything under heaven? If then man is lord of the creatures of God and rules over all is he not able to be lord also of these commandments? For" says he "the man who has the Lord in his heart can also be lord of all and of everyone of these commandments

    47. Her brother was killed in a war that she believed was senseless

    48. 5 Let us offend against men who are foolish and senseless and puffed up in the pride of their own speech rather than against God

    49. came to mind was either absurd or senseless

    50. 1 The senseless and unwise the foolish and unruly make a mock of us wishing to exalt themselves in their own imagination

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    nitwitted senseless soft-witted witless insensible out of it mindless reasonless otiose pointless purposeless superfluous wasted insensate inert unconscious uninterested unfeeling unappreciative undiscerning absurd foolish idiotic stupid asinine inane nonsensical