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    1. In the negligible gravity of this iceberg, those tons of devices, outweighing the bot by many times and much larger in size, could be simply strapped to its back and carried along

    2. “Twelve or fifteen -- it’s a negligible difference when you reach my years,” said

    3. That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm

    4. But, if the surface area increased faster than the volume as it filled, inundating low-lying areas that lay to the north and west of it, the increase in its surface height might have been negligible

    5. expensive to cut CO2 emissions radically than to pay the costs of adaptation to increased temperatures,” and “Since the Kyoto Protocol will have negligible effects on climate change and the exorbitant cost of implementing it ($150 billion/year) represents a

    6. You can place the notices in the paper yourself at negligible cost, but the biggest cost here and also for the entire funeral is the grave itself

    7. so incredibly small compared to the size of the object that their effect is negligible

    8. After 1986 the USCG modified its random drug search policy when boaters registered complaints about alleged boardings without cause, and the perception that Great Lakes drug trafficking was negligible

    9. It takes only a negligible amount of energy or disturbance to stir the oceanic energetic void to generate universes

    10. Superimposed on this energy is a virtually negligible energy — tiny fluctuations in current which are picked up by the antenna from the broadcast station

    11. This negligible energy carries information which shapes the much greater energy generating pictures on the television screen

    12. and therefore has negligible effects on gravity

    13. a volume of approximately 1025 cm3 (ignoring the negligible effects of the

    14. Earth’s mass and therefore has negligible effects on gravity

    15. (ignoring the negligible effects of the spherical curvature by treating it as flat space)

    16. ences in density and temperature a negligible amount of the matter in the

    17. immediate effect on the physical-biomolecular body would be negligible

    18. The amount of possible movement is slight, the effect negligible

    19. From there it was simply a matter of retracing their steps, increasingly tired, but maintaining silence and leaving negligible traces of their passing

    20. you have the opportunity of easily backing out in return for a negligible exit

    21. For example, an 80 kg person holding a 4 L floater of negligible mass has a density of 80/76 or about 1

    22. An 8 L floater weighing 4 kg provides the same buoyancy as a 4 L floater of negligible mass

    23. I scanned the ground for hoof prints and saw none–none of the horses were shod, thank the stars so the little track we had left on the road was negligible and not seen

    24. I cannot describe them in their whole, as I can only catch glimpses of appendages or spikes or teeth – however, I must assess their joyousness as being extremely low and their frivolousness to be negligible

    25. He was all right and there was negligible damage to his car, but he was fortunate

    26. He had his cave, so shelter was not really a concern, and clothing in his day was negligible

    27. It also made them more productive and they lived longer, something not negligible in view of the prices slaves went for these days

    28. She was resolved not to use deliberately her super strength, wanting to win fairly, but even her natural strength was far from negligible

    29. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done now to reverse those dreadful events, though he desperately wished he could undo his own negligible actions, and restore the life to the dead body that he would personally present to the parents of the boy as soon as the weather broke on the morrow

    30. Ingrid soon was thankful for the empty water bottles around her torso, as the current was not negligible and the weight of the wire started to be felt by her despite the flotation vest

    31. That too was getting them nowhere; detectable imports were negligible

    32. For this morning I realized that all the works of Jesus thru me, was but negligible, compared to the true perception of His great Love for us

    33. But, the authority invested in the United Nations is almost negligible, and nations remain above mutual rule

    34. If something were to trigger an explosion in the armoury, the consequences of an underground explosion would be negligible compared to an explosion, say, 50 feet above the ground

    35. With Vincent Reed and Maria Perez at her back, Tina started climbing the wide stairs, helped by the negligible gravity felt on Eris and in the ship

    36. “The chances of the child contracting the virus are still negligible

    37. In the book Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, the author Jesus Huerta de Soto reported that, “In the last two hundred years, a negligible number of life insurance companies have disappeared due to financial difficulties

    38. We never should have started this war: its potential benefits were negligible compared to the risks

    39. was a negligible trace of drugs in her system

    40. com, designed, he says, to change the Congress’s negligible presence on the Internet

    41. The risk of delays in the supply of concrete is estimated as negligible and is therefore ignored due to the fact that many possible suppliers are available with capacities to cover urgent demand

    42. omable universe as here at home, on this fragile negligible planet

    43. Practice has proven that collision duration is within 10-3 and 10-6 s and as the speeds before and after the collision are finite values, the displacement during the collision will therefore be negligible

    44. The ground for this lies in the fact that their impact impulses are negligible

    45. Where λ is a very negligible value and is called coefficient of momentary friction

    46. tional politics negligible, he had absolutely no knowledge of the

    47. If they could be rid of him, the danger from that quarter would become negligible; so he sent ‘Abd Allah ibn Unays, a man of Khazraj, with instructions to kill him

    48. Secularism basically means religion having no role to play in the affairs of the state, but in the Indian context, secularism, in the garb of equal respect for all religions, has come to practically imply appeasement of regressive forces in all the major religious communities in the country, and indeed, one saw that in the Shah Bano case or the Babri Masjid being opened to Hindus because of the installation of idols of Ram, Lakshman and Sita by the radical Hindu organization, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, being accepted as miraculous, or Indira Gandhi’s initially promoting Bhindrewale or a ban on the film The Da Vinci Code even in a state like Punjab with a negligible Christian population)

    49. rates would have been negligible

    50. She thought he had been going to say engaged to be married, for though she had known even at Redchester, in spite of the care taken to shut such knowledge out, that the world included wicked persons who loved without engagements or marriages, sometimes indeed even without having been properly introduced, persons who were afterwards punished by the correctly plighted by not being asked to tea, they were, the Bishop informed an anxious inquirer once when he had supposed her out of the room, in God's infinite mercy numerically negligible

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    negligible paltry trifling inconsequential insignificant insubstantial immaterial flimsy trivial