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Frasi con negligible (in inglese)

Nearly an hour of forced but negligible.
This is negligible in the case of the pound, 3.
In particular, backfill bias has been a negligible 0.
Their nutritional value is so slight: it is negligible.
Any amount of variations among lanes, however negligible it.
Earth’s mass and therefore has negligible effects on gravity.
The amount of possible movement is slight, the effect negligible.

That too was getting them nowhere; detectable imports were negligible.
The chances of the child contracting the virus are still negligible.
Once again, the chances of mere coincidence at this stage are negligible.
The number of the particles of the clear types as a percentage is negligible.
Even if we assume that the volatility value is negligible, the dividend of 0.
The ground for this lies in the fact that their impact impulses are negligible.
He was all right and there was negligible damage to his car, but he was fortunate.
Where λ is a very negligible value and is called coefficient of momentary friction.
Twelve or fifteen -- it’s a negligible difference when you reach my years, said.
Unlike Media Vision, the company had negligible sales and no profits for years and years.
An 8 L floater weighing 4 kg provides the same buoyancy as a 4 L floater of negligible mass.
He had his cave, so shelter was not really a concern, and clothing in his day was negligible.
The great advantage of a trader to a manufacturer is that the trader has negligible running costs.
The magnitude of this shift cannot be regarded as significant (though it is not negligible either).
We never should have started this war: its potential benefits were negligible compared to the risks.
At the atomic level, where masses are very small, the force of gravity is negligible, but for objects.
For example, an 80 kg person holding a 4 L floater of negligible mass has a density of 80/76 or about 1.
This means that if the SPX does not change over the day, the rate of change in VIX should be negligible.
But, the authority invested in the United Nations is almost negligible, and nations remain above mutual rule.
Certainly a study confined to the interest and dividend receipts less expenses would prove of negligible value.
This method will have some overhead, but this is usually negligible provided you have a powerful enough machine.
It takes only a negligible amount of energy or disturbance to stir the oceanic energetic void to generate universes.
In the first case the variability of the difference is negligible, whereas in the second case it is considerable (Figure 5.
The negligible or minor advantages that might be there cannot be exaggerated to sideline the major disadvantages of smoking.
Although such augmentations seem to be negligible, it could be due to the fact that only two dates have been combined so far.
This negligible energy carries information which shapes the much greater energy generating pictures on the television screen.
It also made them more productive and they lived longer, something not negligible in view of the prices slaves went for these days.
Only 19% of combinations fall into the –1% to 1% interval that we consider to be the range with negligible trading opportunities.
Even worse for the CAPM, the cross-sectional reward for bearing beta risk appears to have been negligible or negative in recent decades.
Retained earnings over the company’s 15-year history were negligible, so over 85% of the book value was goodwill and other intangibles.
She was resolved not to use deliberately her super strength, wanting to win fairly, but even her natural strength was far from negligible.
Sometimes I will enter for the third time if the pattern seems promising enough and I have suffered negligible losses on my initial attempts.
In the longer time period this strategy could outperform the basic buy-and-hold strategy by a negligible 8% or underperform by a whopping 54%.

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