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    1. If no one from any other universe disturbed her, she could be totally convinced she was in the heaven she believed in while she was really in a processing node back in the League

    2. In systems from Earth each human mind is contained within the system and interacts as a node on the network

    3. It was one of the B’tari, and he was jabbing something into a connecting band beneath a node

    4. He tried the remote interface port – a simple gold node; his suit emitted an EM signal in an attempt to communicate with the ship’s control systems and pump in enough power to activate the lock mechanism

    5. I know at this moment it – he will distracted by his imminent demise, and will be concentrating on each CPU node for signs of attack

    6. And then the node would be buried possibly over a hundred metres below that

    7. The node, over a hundred metres below the seabed, contained no interface entry point

    8. With image feed into his visual field, Gerrid was able to carefully control the drill at the node point until it got through the casing

    9. This alapana went on slowly adding depth at every node

    10. into the node using a helical path, which excites a cone of radiation

    11. apex of the cone is in contact with the node (i e it is facing the central chan-

    12. That you are a node on the collective experience

    13. “Roller two, ready!” said Bonner in the other jeep, with Node at his side and some others in the back

    14. “Roller three, ready!” said Sperks, with Node beside him and the last men in the back

    15. As it blaze passed them Node stuck out an x-ray scanner, sending a wide beam of light that scanned the train from the head down to each segment

    16. Old Chippy had seventeen segments, but Node found a few that were their mark

    17. Node and another dracoid in the back quickly pulled Sperks’ body off the wheel as the Roller steered near the trees

    18. Node quickly took back control and steadied the Roller, as the men in the back opened fire at the soldiers, then ducked beneath the counter payload of bullets

    19. As he took out a small explosive, Node tried to align his Roller with the section while still trying not to get his head shot off

    20. Node was in the room, and subsequently went through the window while the other prepared to shoot

    21. She created this timeline unconsciously by her actions, thus making herself a critical node in spacetime for this timeline

    22. ―Did you shut down the node in time?‖

    23. The summer insects, cicada was sitting on the bark of the trees and buzzing with high pitch node, and the cooing pigeons and the doves were interfering with my boisterous thoughts

    24. What King Stan had failed to understand was that Nancy constituted a crucial node for Timeline ‘B’ and that her fate was closely interlinked to the fate of that timeline

    25. “We need to be here, or somewhere like Rudy’s that's a node connected trans-dimensionally to

    26. communication node that allows Losira to be here

    27. the transit of the moon’s node to the quincunx of the Chiron – Lillith midpoint – to “prove” anything

    28. House was becoming a popular development node and had recently been declared

    29. The Chinese have noticed and have investment ambitions in this development node of KwaZulu Natal

    30. An execution of merge-sort is depicted by a binary tree each node represents a recursive call of merge-sort and stores unsorted sequence before the execution and its partition sorted sequence at the end of the execution

    31. Each node represents a recursive call of quick-sort and stores

    32. Recently visited node 2 have only direct way to 3, so consider 3 is min cost node from 2

    33. S[7]=F here min cost is 30 at 6 node but there is no path from 5 yo 6, so we consider 7 , 1,2,3,5,7 nodes visited

    34. The final matrices D(5) and P(5) indicate, for instance, that the shortest path from node 1 to node 5 has length d(1,5) = 8 units and that this shortest path is the path {1, 3, 4, 2, 5}

    35. Entry p5 says that the predecessor node to 5 in the path from 1 to 5 is node 2; then, entry p5 (1, 2) says that the predecessor node to 2 in the path from 1 to 2 is node 4; similarly, we backtrack the rest of the path by examining p5(1, 4) (= 3) and p5(1, 3) = 1

    36. In general, backtracking stops when the predecessor node is the same as the initial node of the required path

    37. For another illustration, the shortest path from node 4 to node 3 is d (4, 3) = 8 units long and the path is {4, 2, 1, 3}

    38. The predecessor entries that must be read are, in order, p5 (4, 3) = 1, p5 (4, 1) = 2, and finally p5(4, 2) = 4--at which point we have "returned" to the initial node

    39. All identifiers in the left sub tree of T are less than the identifiers in the root node T

    40. i) A BST with n identifiers will have n internal nodes and n+ 1 external node

    41. iii)If a successful search terminates at an internal node at level L, then L iterations of the

    42. For identifiers in the same class Ei, the search terminates at the same external node

    43. If the failure node for Ei is at level L, then only L-1 iterations of the while loop are made

    44. (i) Select an unvisited node ‘v’ visits it and treats it as the current node

    45. Back edge: If the current node has no unvisited neighbors we need to backtrack to its parent node

    46. In this method each node on the same level is checked before the search proceeds to the next level

    47. we examine all edges of the currently read node

    48. • We call a node non promising if when visiting the node we determine that it cannot possibly lead to a solution

    49. Live node: A node which has been generated and all of whose children have not yet been generated is live node

    50. E-node: The live nodes whose children are currently being generated is called E-node (node being expanded)

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