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    1. thickening mist vapours that cling to dim, spare

    2. that was little more than a thickening of the hedges that flanked the

    3. At the sight of Brice's rage, Coba drifted back, the flames of blue thickening all over his body

    4. Thirdly, the employment of the fulling-mill for thickening the cloth, instead of treading it in water

    5. He then began to wind his way down the hill, through the thickening foliage and emerged at the edge of the orchard

    6. The atmosphere was thickening with every second

    7. Hidden in the shadows of the thickening mist, Grindel watched them leave the confines of Brockenhurst Forest, and once he was satisfied that they were well on their way, turned back towards the sett, ready to report to Skelda

    8. Josie was almost begging and I could hear the lump in her throat thickening her words

    9. They can also generate many ugly results – roid rage, like what I was witnessing, acne, extreme thickening of the jaw line, prostate cancer, unwanted hair

    10. A few hours later, Amonas had ground their way through an ever thickening vegetation

    11. thickening snowfall was the top of the hospital; everything else was submerged beneath

    12. Fighting through the thickening fog, she knew that she had made it as she felt the cut of glass slicing into the palm of her hand

    13. With heads lowered and bodies hunched over, Yigal and Moshe charged through the thickening insect horde

    14. heads lowered and bodies hunched over, Yigal and Moshe charged through the thickening

    15. And all its fruit's to watch the thickening nose

    16. Dozens of whirlwinds spun through the hal , thickening and

    17. The thickening mist that appeared around them disoriented the lizard-trolls

    18. The chutney will be thickening

    19. When estrogen levels become so low that the lining of the uterus stops thickening, menopause occurs

    20. ” His voice wavered, thickening with fear

    21. This mainly shows itself in a thickening of the line of communication, for there is a line of thought connecting each member of

    22. The shadows were thickening

    23. All you have to do is to choose a mascara, which features a thickening formula to achieve what you want

    24. His sense of urgency penetrated her, as his hands, one pushing her head gently from behind, while the other held her own small hand, guiding it, insistently, with the ever thickening tendon, towards her waiting mouth

    25. His warm chub was more than apparent against his leg, and still thickening

    26. Feltus watched her slowly and carefully leave the dank stables and melt away into the dim light and thickening fog as though she were one of the spirits to which they had referred during their conversation

    27. In the meantime, Ingrid looked outside through the observation slits, watching the thickening clouds of white smoke cover and mask everything around, cutting the visibility to mere meters

    28. Thankfully, none of her women shot at her, while the artillery barrage and thickening smoke screen down by the road prevented the Chinese from spotting her and her prisoner

    29. At 5pm the rush hour traffic was thickening as he eased the Calais into traffic and took a left off Khyber Pass looking for a motorway on-ramp and the road north across the bridge

    30. Now packed solid in front of the gate with no space to maneuver and having to walk over a steadily thickening carpet of dead and dying men and horses, the enemy simply could not advance fast enough before being shot in quick succession by Toramon’s archers

    31. The only place hovercrafts could land was the field, but the smoke was thickening

    32. It wasn’t until the capsule finally righted itself in the thickening atmosphere that he saw there was indeed a shuttle following him

    33. Syd kept his lead and reached the snow line, climbing steadily through the thickening snow drifts

    34. Fear lent wings to their feet, and they sailed along through thickening forests and bush

    35. This fact shows us that the thickening of the arterial walls are completely natural and happen to all people as they get older, regardless of how much saturated fat they consume

    36. the clouds thickening until the light of the sun could barely be seen, flashes of lightning illuminated the clouds and from a distance she could hear the rumble of thunder, “What in-” she began but Rufus whined pitifully and as a lightning flash illuminated the skyline she saw it, a figure garbed in black and carrying a crossbow

    37. The ice rose up from the ground and began to cover Laeron, thickening and crackling as it grew up his legs and over his body

    38. Above the fifth window the structure faded into the thickening fog

    39. He stops and wonders if he should respond, or just keep walking off into the thickening fog

    40. Presently they found the terrain thickening

    41. The editor studied the government man through the pall of thickening smoke

    42. Petra stared straight ahead and after a few beats of thickening silence said, “You were kind the night before

    43. A plume of thickening smoke was

    44. closed in to within ten yards of the men, the crowds thickening,

    45. ii) Hypertension caused by thickening of blood in arteries

    46. Without enough levels of biotin, the level of blood sugar rises, causing the thickening of

    47. causing the thickening of the arterial wall and the blockage of circulation of blood,

    48. Endometrial hyperplasia is defined as overgrowth or thickening of the

    49. and increasing the abnormal allergic reaction resulting in thickening cervical

    50. the blood sugar building up in the blood stream, causing blood thickening

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    inspissation thickening knob node thickener deepening