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    1. There is a famous proverb that I believe to be of Chinese origin – “You are what you eat

    2. Other than a common origin, we don't cross paths much

    3. The purchase and sale of hi-value skin work to discerning international connoisseurs, predominantly from the wealthy countries of South East Asia, but also occasionally from Western buyers of American and European origin

    4. scrutiny when we consider the true faith inherent in origin

    5. steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to

    6. He is of European origin but he has spent many years in Tibet; for many years now, he has been travelling all over the world teaching Tibetan Buddhism

    7. Some of them might be down here in the Gengee by accident, but many of the crew wanted to deny their origin entirely and stick with the identity Tahlmute gave them

    8. This limitation to life is, of course, entirely human-centric and bears no real scrutiny when we consider the true faith inherent in origin

    9. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe where dark matter falls forever, Smith thought about nothing, taking slow but gigantic steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to acquire the very first trappings of personality

    10. They are apocalyptic in their origin

    11. She also thought about how little bother he had been because of his origin

    12. Since there are thousands of online dating sites, there is also a lot of variety when it comes to the choices offered in terms of ethnicity, country of origin, hobbies and career-based matches

    13. “It is not my first choice for the origin of those signals

    14. ” That statement pretty much confirmed the reality of that letter, as well as its origin

    15. He felt so bad for her, but then wondered what she could really be like in the long run after an origin like that

    16. There’s something about her origin she’s not telling me

    17. Had he switched from investigating Tdeshi’s demise to Ava’s origin? He was leaning more toward the latter with each day

    18. If so, how dark would her visions be now if she could still paint them? But he had been with this woman, except for her origin in the deep medical lab, her visions weren’t really that dark, no darker than a mossy bank in the shade of thick old trees

    19. Was he just doing it to try and get Tdeshi back? Was there some part of his mind that couldn’t accept that she was gone and that she and Ava were different people? That was about investigating Ava’s origin more than Tdeshi’s demise

    20. That confirmed that she had no confusion about her origin

    21. “In that case, I don’t think land of origin was the cause

    22. the origin and motivation for the attack

    23. further leads as to the origin of the perpetrators of the attack

    24. The wizards of the Kassikan were interested in the worlds of other stars and in human origin

    25. Of course it was the initial curiosity about her interstellar origin and life in silicon

    26. As long as she kept him separated from direct confrontation with her planet of origin, Jorma had been a fun ride

    27. “In that case, I don’t think land of origin was the cause,” she said

    28. He wasn’t talking about that, he was probably only talking about the body she was investigating the origin of because he went on with, “You look remarkably better than you did when you were brought in, did I get to tell you that back in Knmonaweep?”

    29. of their origin, and dedicate themselves solely to the protection of the

    30. Alan had decided on the spot to change the story of his origin

    31. This lead to him repeat the story of his origin

    32. After pointing them out to Mike, he pointed out a few more, and insisted it couldn't be a fire, not with four points of origin

    33. He recognized that Desa had so correctly guessed his origin, a splinter religion that had wandered far into the wilderness to lose themselves in their own creed

    34. The device's purpose and origin were unknown, but there were pictures in the article that clearly showed a lens, making him believe it was meant to observe

    35. I came to the conclusion that the plane itself was the diamond of desire, a gem sometimes of dubious origin, but essential for this tale

    36. No one they knew had mentioned his origin for many a year

    37. devout, he was as certain as he could be that its origin

    38. It is from this Origin Race that we have all descended, for much like the Plague, they set out to conquer the universe

    39. The war of races had become the new universal dynamic replacing the colonial spirit of the Origin Race

    40. That coupled with the living proof of just how far advanced the races had become since the days of the Origin Race, proved to them that the true path was evolution, to continually advance humanoid life in seemingly infinite ways

    41. Even his existence and origin were both somewhat of a mystery

    42. He had to go all the way thru Origin of humans – imported theory, from? And wouldn't it be likely that not all humans would have been moved to Kassidor? She told him what YingolNeerie was like and what those machines animated by ghosts really were

    43. origin from those times

    44. From any book of history we learn that the origin

    45. the origin of the first ecstatic yes too

    46. - Yes, the word has a Greek origin, but

    47. Each articulation passes into history, is cast in stone: It is the prophet who turns their voice to the future And speaks the free voice of the origin to those Who may recognize it—the life of a whole comprised in its Entirety as one huge genie veil embroidered

    48. Hence the origin of the right of primogeniture, and of what is called lineal succession

    49. Hence the origin of the representation of burghs in the states-general of all great monarchies in Europe

    50. Hence the origin of the first manufactures for distant sale, that seem to have been established in the western provinces of Europe, after the fall of the Roman empire

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    descent extraction origin inception origination ancestry blood blood line bloodline line line of descent lineage parentage pedigree stemma stock beginning root rootage source birth seed germ heritage birthplace cradle derivation foundation fountainhead rise genesis commencement outset incipience nucleus egg sperm embryo principle element producer author creator begetter progenitor determinant agent motive inducement inspiration