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Origin in a sentence | origin example sentences

  1. This origin can be for.
  2. This has a Dutch origin.
  3. On the Origin of Species.
  4. The Origin of the Species.
  5. On the Origin of Prairies.

  6. The origin of human guilt.
  7. Both have a common origin.
  8. Others have a later origin.
  9. It depends on their origin.
  10. And its origin was a mystery.
  11. The origin of human culture.
  12. The origin of human non-love.
  13. Origin of the term "Wahhabi".
  14. No one knows the exact origin.
  15. The origin of human sacrifices.

  16. Its origin is Pagan to the core.
  17. Lots of saltwater origin meaty.
  18. It might have a military origin.
  20. The Origin And End Of The World.
  21. Nothing special about its origin.
  22. Galdikas is of Lithuanian origin.
  23. It's origin is Pagan to the core.
  24. The origin of the evil is twofold.
  25. Church had its origin at Pentecost.

  26. He suddenly wondered at its origin.
  27. The origin of the schism is unclear.
  28. Most State of Origin series wins.
  29. The recent single origin of modern.
  30. A theory of the origin of the state.
  31. And there is the key to the origin.
  32. The word "Hell" is of Saxon origin.
  33. Many characters with a Holy origin.
  34. Every character should have an Origin.
  35. Its volcanic origin was unmistakable.
  36. They may share a common origin with.
  37. They are apocalyptic in their origin.
  38. He represents the origin of our fear.
  39. Such is the man and such is his origin.
  40. Accursed rascal! What is his origin?
  41. Please note the date of origin: 1580-90.
  42. The certificate of origin was complete.
  44. Origin: This term originated with the U.
  45. To answer would betray his alien origin.
  46. Hebrew text and not of Christian origin.
  47. Mons, Van, on the origin of fruit-trees.
  48. But it is not so much the origin of M.
  49. I am waiting to hear the origin of the.
  50. Pascalis's theory of its origin, x, 208.
  51. This will be a matter of origin for many.
  52. The origin and commencement of his grief.
  53. It goes back to the origin of our species.
  54. Even today, I am unaware about its origin.
  55. I heard a whistle before I saw its origin.
  56. He wrote about the devil’s origin, his.
  57. Saxon origin about the 3rd to 5th century A.
  58. Every thought has origin, power and destiny.
  59. Origin: This idiom refers to a fishing pole.
  60. Most throat infections are of viral origin.
  61. Charles acknowledged the object’s origin.
  62. I spent an entire chapter on the origin and.
  63. Before we had mutants, we had origin stories.
  64. It believed the true origin and destination.
  65. This is where the origin of money comes from.
  66. Reconstructing the origin of Andaman Islanders.
  67. I do not ask you of his origin but what he is.
  68. The origin of this opinion is easily perceived.
  69. Many characters will have more than one origin.
  70. Can any other origin of a State be imagined?
  71. Walter, Emil: New Discoveries in the Origin of.
  72. No doubt this was the origin of stories about.
  73. Origin: The most functional English word of all.
  74. We are far stronger in the place of our origin.
  75. In actuality, the Japanese is Chinese in origin.
  76. Lindsay referred to the origin as the key date.
  77. Origin: The idiom is also used as an imperative.
  78. Realizing the childhood origin is also helpful.
  79. The Scriptural theory respecting the origin of.
  80. This lead to him repeat the story of his origin.
  81. The Odyssey in Athens: Myths of Cultural Origin.
  82. I have not been able to find the origin or the.
  83. Portelli? Is that of Maltese origin, Paul?
  84. Cosmogony, that being: Theories of the origin of.
  85. Boxers trace their origin to 19th century Germany.
  86. Origin / Habitat : Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  87. Origin: Perhaps an alternation of the word gallant.
  88. I said the origin of his fortune remained obscure.
  89. From any book of history we learn that the origin.
  90. Why, suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.
  91. Origin / Habitat : In shallow waters in the Red Sea.
  92. None there was who could now doubt his high origin.
  93. Anything that is purely abstract is of tool origin.
  94. The Chens were of African American and Asian origin.
  95. In chapter 5 we discussed the origin of Holy Script.
  96. I directed my vision toward the origin of the voice.
  97. You might find their meaning and origin interesting.
  98. The United States and the origin ofthe Cold War—.
  99. He was keenly aware of the origin of Concord grapes.
  100. We have been unable to trace the origin of this dish.

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