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    1. Most assuredly , this should be a paramount vision of a congregation without elders! Simply put, vision means purpose for the future

    2. beliefs as paramount and wouldn’t dare consider flexing them a bit

    3. His industry was paramount to their recent successes in the market and, he decided, if they were unwilling to part with him again so soon, he reconciled himself to beginning fresh with one of their rivals

    4. Seth Hil-Nu, paramount mage, stepped into the commander’s tent, pulled up a stool and sat down

    5. Assimilation is still paramount; otherwise, we lose our country

    6. The level of precision was paramount: an electric screwdriver provided the exact amount of torque to each panel; intricate circuits soldered on before being sent for inspection

    7. Do you have Bible study and/or prayer sessions? Do you attend church? If this is what is paramount in your life then when your children are with you – they go to church with you on your Sabbath

    8. Some felt that the survival of the Athenian city-state was paramount to the development of critical thinking

    9. Given the foregoing, it is paramount that Malaysia develops and deploys a

    10. of the Paramount Theater sign, and its return

    11. The Enchanted Texts only reveal themselves to those worthy enough to read it and you are one of those fortunate few, the way I always knew you would be, ever since that paramount day I laid my eyes on you”

    12. Ken’s father had emphasized that above all else, principle was paramount, and this contention had caused Ken to choose friends who for one reason or another neither sought nor attained popular standing

    13. Their need to be close to their children is paramount now, both for the joy of your presence, and because their protective instincts are in full arousal

    14. President Whalen praised Park’s interest and involvement in the life of Ithaca College, noting that the role of board chairman is paramount to the success of any institution

    15. However, it is paramount that you should continue to cloak yourself in the safety of the Creator’s Light and Love

    16. He never stopped bringing people into my life since he always believed in the truth of what we had experienced together, and his pursuit of that truth was still paramount in his life

    17. He spoke of truth and how that must be paramount if our marriage was to last the test of time

    18. Remembering back to his years as a youth in the harsh Su-Katii training regime, first-aid had been paramount

    19. The only conclusion he had reached, was that any one of these conditions could bring victory, as long as it was used in the correct situation, which made judging the situation the most paramount factor

    20. them, in some way, was paramount

    21. was paramount in his thoughts; he was going to enjoy having his

    22. All these are paramount to an efficient and effectively operating company


    24. He made it clear that his first and paramount duty was the rearing of his father's family, that he could not consider marriage until that was accomplished; and then he added: "If I am a son of destiny, I must not assume obligations of lifelong duration until such a time as my destiny shall be made manifest

    25. rebuild the country was paramount

    26. We who view human activities from behind the scenes and in the light of nineteen centuries of time recognize just three factors of paramount value in the early setting of the stage for the rapid spread of Christianity throughout Europe, and they are:

    27. Most of the planets are still above the horizon, and so career and outer activities are still paramount

    28. Gomes knew that whatever or whoever had stabbed Vasquez that the weapon they had used was paramount

    29. Ambivalence about improving in therapy is also paramount, as it

    30. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a tiny T-20 against a whole gang of energy vampires, but guns were of paramount importance to Aqua, and I was prepared to acknowledge his input

    31. Rachel smiled at Saul and said, “Speed of deployment is paramount

    32. sun rises and the moon rises are the factors that determine our calendar year, and paramount to how we keep track of the days

    33. The outcome of this meeting was paramount

    34. The paramount principle is that the U

    35. It is paramount that religions imbed the truth that their knowledge of God’s will is not God’s will

    36. It is paramount that religions do not try and rule society at large

    37. Desire of money and great wealth is paramount in society

    38. You, of all people, should know that non-disclosure in this instance is paramount

    39. Before independence, KK spent much energy on a battle of wills with the paramount chief of the Dongo who opposed KK’s wish wanted to divert the headwaters of the Karumeru River to irrigate his new farm

    40. guaranteed by constitution reign paramount

    41. Secrecy was paramount – thus, better to do it ourselves

    42. as a United States senator—is paramount

    43. the onset, is paramount to victory

    44. During the Battle of Britain, several paramount elements favoured the RAF

    45. “We consider this mission of paramount importance, General Girardon

    46. of sales is paramount

    47. analyst is paramount and it is obvious that the most cost effective path is at forty percent

    48. convince readers that market reaction is paramount: we cut the interest rate in half,

    49. The size and stability of operating margins is paramount

    50. paramount because the infusion will initially cause an increase in the probability of default; income may not be immediately generated from a purchase and the lag causes the

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    overriding paramount predominant predominate preponderant preponderating chief primary main leading foremost capital cardinal