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    1. Your nutrition is a primary source of

    2. Emma’s hoping to go back to work once he starts school – she’s a primary teacher and should be able to get a part time job … at least that is the intention

    3. "The five of the Kassikan," Vincef said, sounding like he was having to repeat for a dim-witted primary school child

    4. At that very moment, he’d been mapping out how to use her as the ship’s primary control system

    5. After all, we’ve got links with the primary school and I’ve seen how that operates

    6. The primary question of this present work is, How shall a congregation scripturally

    7. We are not the primary beneficiaries of the Gospel, but the secondary

    8. Because I think that I am a secondary beneficiary of the Gospel instead of the primary, I will never boast against the natural branches (or root) lest I be cut off (Romans 11:18-20)

    9. Yet, that is not the primary purpose in God’s giving of those Scriptures

    10. peering out of primary coloured plastic Wendy Houses,

    11. This not-so-subtle hint bears fruit and Gilla and I spend the following morning searching the shops for something suitable while Caderl makes the visit to his workers that was ostensibly the primary reason for his accompanying us

    12. Uses l-ascorbic acid as its primary ingredient, combined with zinc sulphate and L-tyrosine, making the skin firmer, and reduces deep lines, which gives the skin a more youthful

    13. The primary reason for undergoing dermabrasion is to improve the appearance

    14. By practicing this exercise your spine will gradually become more elastic and as it effects the kidneys it is a powerful way of eliminating the toxic waste that is the primary cause of arthritis and allied complaints

    15. Palming the Eyes is a simple exercise but perhaps it is the most valuable of all in the relief of eyestrain for, as I said at the beginning of this chapter, one of the primary causes of eyestrain is tension

    16. ‘He was a teacher … primary age children … he was brilliant at doing drama and stuff like that with them

    17. Gail lives in Swindon with her son, and teaches in one of the primary schools there

    18. The truth was, however, that Lucy had known Alan since they first started primary school together, and although she had never thought of him in terms of love during the occasional friendships of their early years, now that they were both at senior school, now that they were bound up together by contract, she found that she did love her step-brother

    19. worked as a cleaner at the local primary school, was beneath him

    20. It became my primary method

    21. The puppy’s primary trapped emotions were terror,

    22. primary school together, and although she had never thought of

    23. Billy loves the primary colours that teenagers use when daubing the world with their opinions

    24. There was an impressive line of kegs, this must be the primary watering hole for this college neighborhood

    25. Alex hears the kettle click off as it spits water out onto the dressing table veneer but pays no attention to his primary need for stimulation

    26. Colours begin to merge, a ragged paint job, primary bright and flecked with rust at the wheel arches

    27. 'That may be so, but I don’t think it’s their primary

    28. The thing for you to do now is travel just about due north, directly at the primary

    29. They still had two primary vocalists, both female, but one was either different or had learned to play the lshi

    30. “We have primary and secondary radar detection facilities

    31. Primary detection works by sending a ping that bounces off the airplane

    32. They can only track us with primary radar and we should be out of range

    33. At its shortest point, the wall was over ten stories high – nearly twice that if one included the four primary towers, positioned at the north, south, east and west ends of the wall

    34. Between the primary towers, smaller towers of red stone divided up the length of the crenelated wall

    35. "But all that is secondary, the primary thing that sticks out in my mind is that there is something more going on here

    36. All painted in bright primary colors

    37. Its first level was an herbal shop -- supposedly medicinal herbs though their primary medication was chopa -- while the second level was housing space, strictly rented to addicts in order for the dealers to keep their customers in arms reach

    38. that his primary concern would almost certainly be for

    39. This is because once again Access recognises fields with identical names and assumes it is the primary and foreign key

    40. conceive that a man who did not finished primary

    41. The people you call parents have accepted to act as your primary teachers

    42. But quarks are presumably inanimate particles that are the primary building blocks used to form more complexes creations

    43. This can easily be assisted by using affiliates as the primary method of

    44. My reluctance to formally get involved has been simply due to the worry that it would distract from my primary mission here

    45. I should think as an experienced and successful negotiator, you'd make a sterling com officer---in addition to your primary duties as Guild Liaison, I mean

    46. Ravena hesitated then announced, “If our primary business is concluded, I would dearly love to offer a tour of my gardens

    47. The primary qualities of the self-centered self are fear of harm, fear of loss, fear of death, want, envy, jealousy, and frustration

    48. Fear primary effect causes ignorance held by the consciousness that its ego is greater than all and allows for hatred to weaken the spirit

    49. What they couldn't get from their eavesdropping were the answers to the primary questions they had about the renegades---the whys and wherefores

    50. In raja yoga, the primary focus is the realization of the Self through meditation

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    primary primary election primary feather primary quill primary coil primary winding chief main master principal basal elemental elementary first highest beginning aboriginal prime original primeval primitive basic opening direct