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    1. "If he knows that, why does he persist?" Bin-Martis asked

    2. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake

    3. If they persist then you have the right to be a bit more assertive

    4. He expected me to give in and I'd been happy to ignore him so far but since he was prepared to persist with the charade, I was determined to have my say

    5. to the seeking heart, and you will find the truth as you persist in seeking Him

    6. Transcending space and time because patterns are formed that persist beyond their

    7. what you resist will persist because you are not aligning

    8. Be warned! If you persist in the use of the Globe’s powers after you have completed your task, you may end up being consumed by it, for you will have no consequence to us and we will not be responsible

    9. To survive, to persist, to be the last man standing on the battlefield, was the key to victory

    10. When Elizabeth told him she did not want to discuss it further, Colling decided it was useless to persist in trying to convince her

    11. “My fear,” he continued, “is that if we persist in what we do now, many of us will not return, and another kind of victory will be theirs

    12. Colling debated whether he should persist in the masquerade

    13. Suicide is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on one"s mind

    14. The irony in all this is that the initial conflict may well remain unresolved if my impatience and anger persist

    15. " The lesions may persist for months to years

    16. You persist in the hearts of men

    17. She couldn’t, that was the stumbling block but she decided to persist

    18. memory will persist, if you lose interest in it; it is the emotional

    19. persist in getting to Circular Quay, get on one of the numerous excursion ferries that frequently sail to navigate its inlets

    20. He feared that, in her expressed desire to have twelve children, she might now persist in achieving that goal

    21. “If she was sincere, why didn’t she persist?” Roger wondered

    22. organism that has learned to persist must possess at least a basic template that orders it’s

    23. theory and the color pattern to persist across varying situations

    24. to persist at that value whereas attentional directedness fluctuates quite rapidly, dependent upon the other objects in the attentional field and

    25. tions of atoms would persist in arrangement

    26. thoughts are selected in attention for only brief periods of time, others persist as selected for longer durations

    27. [absence presence absence presence…] where the presence is a particular memory that may be called forth by an act of recollection, but is later absent as not all present memories persist as part of the attentional field

    28. Skin erupts over the swelling and festering sores persist

    29. persist because she could not bear to associate that

    30. So many so-called scholars persist in being blind and ignorant

    31. And if indeed they themselves only aid such things it would be [the more] tolerable; but now they persist in imbuing innocent souls with their pernicious doctrines not knowing that they shall receive a double condemnation both they and those that hear them

    32. still persist, and cause great suffering because of the absence of the physi-

    33. I will continue to represent you, but as usual, you persist in alienating and slandering the people who try hardest to assist you

    34. stupidity if we choose to persist in that stupidity long enough

    35. He continued to persist and

    36. Have patience and persist with a

    37. If you continue your association, and persist with unfounded accusations against the good name of not only the dead but the living, you will face grave consequences

    38. regard to the evolution of those special persons who persist in struggling

    39. received and heard if we are praying as God wants us, if we persist in our prayers, if we see what is profitable to our souls and the souls of others, if our motives are pure, and if we avoid focusing exclusively on material things

    40. Were Vivek to persist, wouldn’t she give in then to him? Wouldn't his youthful exuberance attract her in her state of dejection? More so, how long could she resist his overriding passion?

    41. And should not mankind, as the centuries pass, come the better to understand the true nature and loving character of the Father in heaven? What profit have you from successive generations of spiritual illumination if you persist in viewing God as Moses and the prophets saw him? I say to you, Jacob, under the bright light of this hour you should see the Father as none of those who have gone before ever beheld him

    42. ' These stories I tell you to encourage you to persist in praying and not to intimate that your petitions will change the just and righteous Father above

    43. I’ve given you how many warnings, and yet you persist – no more warnings from now on, just the bullet!…

    44. But if you persist and your motives are honourable, you will gradually be allowed into a Scorpio’s inner chambers of the mind and heart

    45. While your Master and his companions, your brethren, ascended yonder mountain yesterday to seek for a larger knowledge of the Father's will and to ask for a richer endowment of wisdom effectively to do that divine will, you who remained on watch here with instructions to strive to acquire the mind of spiritual insight and to pray with us for a fuller revelation of the Father's will, failed to exercise the faith at your command but, instead, yielded to the temptation and fell into your old evil tendencies to seek for yourselves preferred places in the kingdom of heaven -- the material and temporal kingdom which you persist in contemplating

    46. 3 "No sooner does your faith grasp the identity of the Son of Man than your selfish desire for worldly preferment creeps back upon you, and you fall to discussing among yourselves as to who should be greatest in the kingdom of heaven, a kingdom which, as you persist in conceiving it, does not exist, nor ever shall

    47. You insist on clinging to the belief that I am the Messiah, and you will not abandon the idea that the Messiah must sit upon a throne in Jerusalem; wherefore do I persist in telling you that the Son of Man must presently go to Jerusalem, suffer many things, be rejected by the scribes, the elders, and the chief priests, and after all this be killed and raised from the dead

    48. And it did persist on through the long night of Western civilization and was still functioning as a moral influence in the world when the renaissance dawned

    49. And many of these special Christian groups, or religious families, still persist at the time of the making of this presentation

    50. But such attitudes of spiritual nonprogression cannot long persist because of the presence and influence of the indwelling Thought Adjusters

    1. “But you used the word, you said it was over,” I persisted, my voice rising slightly

    2. Initially she dismissed it, there were so many people around that it would be virtually impossible to detect someone following her … all the same, the prickly feeling in the back of her neck persisted and she started taking it seriously

    3. Shut out by regiment, the ice clawed horde persisted,

    4. ‘So what is it?’ he persisted, perching himself beside me on the box

    5. Often this state is persisted inside a database (for example: we might have a Product

    6. The old man knew he was stepping out of bounds, but still he persisted; he had seen the look of longing on Tarak’s face when he was with her

    7. toward me persisted for over a year

    8. When he persisted, I asked him to drop it

    9. persisted, and made slow but steady progress, although he suspected

    10. ‘And what are they?’ she persisted

    11. But in spite of her rebuffs, Jorma had persisted like an Earth man, letting her slip into the familiar role of the man wanting more and the woman striving to deny

    12. ‘So you didn’t know about the project he had in mind, sir?’ the Inspector persisted

    13. 'And how did you come to hear of this?' persisted

    14. ‘And from there?’ persisted his young friend

    15. reselling the same things?’ Andrew persisted

    16. ‘But is there?’ he persisted, in his quietest whisper

    17. ‘Yes, but which heretic?’ persisted Maurs, as if

    18. persisted it would not have been too difficult to deduce who that

    19. A hooded robe the color of ebony did well to obscure most of him, but long amber locks persisted in falling forward

    20. As soon as she had received that condolence letter from the courier, she had persisted in trying to get answers - anything more with which to piece together the truth and in her mind, truly honor her father’s memory

    21. The ones whose dire grins persisted even in death and whose life-force she had slipped on as she scrambled away

    22. He persisted in drawing out too far most of the time with the ensuing chaotic result

    23. ” The clandestine nature of the plan set off something of an alarm in her, but I persisted in an earnest defense of the abduction

    24. ‘But about his toes?’ the Mock Turtle persisted

    25. 87 ‘Nothing WHATEVER?’ persisted the King

    26. The feeling that I was with David and the prophets persisted for many days

    27. The B’tari ship persisted in warning him of the dangers of approaching the vessel

    28. The suit’s AI persisted in its warnings of severe gravimetric distortions with increasingly opaque orange waveform graphics, emanating from the dark vector of the ship

    29. “I was sorry to hear about Charlie Ma it must have come as a big shock to you?” She just sat there and stared at the fire but I persisted

    30. go out at least once a week for the past year and he still persisted

    31. ” Bert persisted with his questions

    32. When the sounds persisted, our grandchildren’s curiosity got the best of them, and they discovered that a feral cat had delivered a litter of kittens under an old pile of wood that was next to the fence

    33. persisted all day long, so this precluded any contact with Yankee whalers for the rest of the day as the Shenandoah approached closer to the Bering Strait

    34. But it was obvious to all: the plane was falling apart! The stress creaks persisted without pause, taking on a more sinister presence as the structure began to disintegrate

    35. Paranoid foolishness, he told himself; but still, the thoughts persisted in haunting him

    36. "But thou hast not told me what is Christmas!' persisted the child

    37. "But, my liege," still persisted the boy prince, "my brother Hal did say--"

    38. You will be able to uninstall most of them through there, but some of the more persisted toolbars need to be removed via the Control Panel

    39. The images persisted for some time after Brightness woke and it took her a moment to realise that it had been a dream

    40. "Loose on the Barton road?" I persisted

    41. The bars did their business, the hockey club persisted, and the youthful cruised around in hot cars

    42. "What then?" he persisted

    43. 'But about his toes?' the Mock Turtle persisted

    44. 'Nothing whatever?' persisted the King

    45. "So what's this all about then?" I persisted, enjoying his discomfort

    46. “Tengo hambre!” Herminia persisted

    47. Not like some of the rattletraps that persisted despite clean air tests and safety checks mandated by the Ministry of Transportation

    48. �Well, do you want something to drink?� persisted Linda

    49. He persisted, knowing that if he could just get her started, the flames of passion they had once shared would be rekindled

    50. “Did this six hundred thousand dollars come from illegal drug sales or from money laundering?” he persisted, unwilling to move off the subject of the checks

    1. Sandini was no longer interested, but was only persisting

    2. At first when we heard this we had dismissed it as bullshit but the rumours kept persisting and began to get more credible so that by today we knew they were true and even which beaches they would land on and that was V Beach and our very own W Beach

    3. Scott had in mind the various security procedures he would have to endure to get beyond the entrance, thoughts of simply persisting in his demands to be let in

    4. Persisting, refusing to concede defeat, I’d somehow managed to rise up and carry on singing anyway

    5. These impressions are such that we can believe that physical objects have a persisting

    6. I was never meant to be happy but I kept on persisting stubbornly, trying to keep something that was maybe never mine to have

    7. Yet the figure is persisting right there

    8. side, but one at a much higher level than the other, and therefore persisting

    9. 1 The messengers of Melchizedek penetrated far into China, and the doctrine of one God became a part of the earlier teachings of several Chinese religions; the one persisting the longest and containing most of the monotheistic truth was Taoism, and Ganid collected the following from the teachings of its founder:

    10. We used to have that often, it seems as if we have a telepathic connection that even keeps persisting overseas

    11. I cock the pistol and stay persisting with my cool attitude

    12. would have to keep persisting

    13. When the perpetrator is not willing to acknowledge his/her sin as a sin and/or not willing to be changed by God, that closes the door to reconciliation and is to be considered as persisting in sin

    14. Nor is this rift a persisting relic

    15. It inhibits the addressee from keeping on his error and prevents him from persisting in his shunning

    16. So when he realised that she was persisting in her lies he ordered his men to dress her in trousers and tie her ready to be whipped

    17. Really I don't think I can let you go on persisting that they feel nothing

    18. She would let go of persisting that he was a demi-god and she a sort of humble pew-opener or its equivalent in his temple

    19. “And forgive me, Hag Abdullah, for persisting because I cannot understand how a man of your caliber can be so thoughtless and lacking in humanity

    20. “Once again, Hag Abdullah, please forgive my persisting to express an opinion, which in the end will change nothing

    21. agreed upon and are permitted to move through by persisting and changing various states or statuses

    22. Anyone persisting in such activities after reading this information will have a very, very

    23. The abomination is for a judge to declare innocent a wicked mail persisting in his crimes

    24. “I’ve told you I don’t know anything! Why do you keep persisting in this?” He stood and started to pace, hands shoved deep in his pockets


    26. As it was, the battle now went on nearly all between father and children, he persisting in his dirty and disgusting ways, just to assert his independence

    27. not one of them is worthy of the philosophic nature, and hence that nature is warped and estranged;--as the exotic seed which is sown in a foreign land becomes denaturalized, and is wont to be overpowered and to lose itself in the new soil, even so this growth of philosophy, instead of persisting, degenerates and receives another character

    28. "You know, sir," said the governor, persisting, "that we are not content in such cases as this with such a simple examination

    29. laughing at himself, and yet persisting in the exhibition

    30. Although both are now discouraged, their continued existence in psychological forms demonstrates that civilization has achieved great success in moving from the concrete and physical to the abstract and psychological, while persisting in the same purposes

    31. Investing is not a smooth process to begin with and that makes persisting tough work, especially if there is a bear market along the way

    32. Discussion: What is the trend of the general market? ‘Local’ trends have less chance of persisting than ‘general’ trends that have multi-market participation

    33. potential site of synaptic plasticity that may account for the type of persisting

    34. Crawford, and avoid both his looks and inquiries; and he, unrepulsable, was persisting in both

    35. Wherefore he had no fancy for lowering for whales after sun-down; nor for persisting in fighting a fish that too much persisted in fighting him

    36. However, Starbuck, who had the ordering of affairs, hung on to it to the last; hung on to it so resolutely, indeed, that when at length the ship would have been capsized, if still persisting in locking arms with the body; then, when the command was given to break clear from it, such was the immovable strain upon the timber-heads to which the fluke-chains and cables were fastened, that it was impossible to cast them off

    37. " But I was so amazed and confused that I hardly took in what he said, and could only mutter that I simply must go home, and stubbornly persisting in this, I beat a hasty retreat

    38. I understood that dully and felt ashamed, but I could not help persisting

    39. why is it I am here, why don't I go away, why do I go on persisting?"

    40. But when that was of no use, he advised him, while persisting in prayer and fasting, to take a special medicine

    41. They gave him to understand that the attack was an exceptional one, the fits persisting and recurring several times, so that the patient's life was positively in danger, and it was only now, after they had applied remedies, that they could assert with confidence that the patient would survive

    42. Stepan Trofimovitch took his seat in the lecturer's chair in the midst of the still persisting disorder

    43. In the mean time, still persisting in the principle of taxing our exports, a right denied even to us by the constitution

    44. Yet we are not satisfied with that; persisting, in the face of the most positive and conclusive testimony to the contrary, to affect to believe that he has performed his promise, we are going beyond our contract; and, lest some doubts should arise of the Emperor's want of faith, lest our courts should decide, as they must decide, that the decrees being still in force, the act of the first of May is a mere dead letter, we are about to volunteer our services, and, by the section of the bill now under consideration, to revive those sections of the old non-intercourse law which were intended in a certain event to have been revived by the act of the first of May; to revive them against Great Britain, and that without exacting any conditions on the part of France

    1. But still Stephen doesn’t call … after two days, I hardly expect him to though a tiny flame of hope persists in driving me crackers

    2. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut

    3. A key point about resistance: What you resist persists

    4. ‘But it persists in some of the villages around here,’

    5. ‘Perhaps a little heresy persists in some of the remoter hill

    6. “But that’s where you were all afternoon yesterday!” she persists

    7. Another Law which many people can attest to is The Law of Resistance which basically states that - “What we resist, persists

    8. In the end, what we resist persists

    9. Behavior that persists does so because it is being rewarded in some way

    10. questions for your dog that you still don’t know the answer to or a problem persists

    11. This is not true! It is related to time only in that the longer the habit persists the greater the damage that occurs

    12. But what will our attacker experience from generating anger and harming us? Because we provided an object for his anger, he will find unhappiness in this life and plant seeds for a future hellish rebirth [if, for example, his anger persists and even becomes uncontrollable rage]

    13. The self-object persists for multiple reasons, and we do not completely neglect the material

    14. The self-object persists also through adaptation, by choosing to become different in form so as to become compatible with outside objects that would otherwise strain the self-object

    15. It will necessarily change, but by accepting change, persists through a continuous, natural transformation rather than through abrupt trauma

    16. ”2 This difference was very important, as it prefigures a split that persists until today

    17. But if the husband know that his wife has gone astray and if the woman does not repent but persists in her fornication and yet the husband continues to live with her he also is guilty of her crime and a sharer in her adultery

    18. " Wherefore if anyone persists in such deeds and repents not withdraw from him and cease to live with him

    19. The bhavanga is not a true vacuum because precognitive conceptual structuring of awareness still persists

    20. Even the blissful visionary experiences tend to change sign if it persists too long

    21. Stacey persists, “There’s more

    22. If it persists or becomes uncontrollable then it can create a lot of problems as seen in the lives of some prominent and not so prominent people

    23. “But that’s everything I’ve ever wanted,” he persists

    24. It is for someone you have already asked to stop but who persists in bothering you

    25. But the faint worry persists in her sky-colored eyes in the early hours and the darkest moments

    26. A remnant of this group persists in Mesopotamia even to this day

    27. But if your brother will not hear you, if he persists in the error of his way, go again to him, taking with you one or two mutual friends that you may thus have two or even three witnesses to confirm your testimony and establish the fact that you have dealt justly and mercifully with your offending brother

    28. She has been warned by her doctor to give up smoking, but she persists because she knows that

    29. The result, of course, was more skin cancer and more death; and we‘re back to What you Resist Persists

    30. “If the current situation persists, we will continue fighting one form of Iraqi insurgency after another – with too little legitimacy, too little will and too few resources

    31. In fact, in parts of the world today such condemnation still persists

    32. Resistance is a huge topic, and you have heard the phrase “what resists persists

    33. However, the cost to all of us and to the World if this conflict persists or even worsens is simply too great to accept

    34. If Ho Chi Minh persists in continuing this war, then he will risk finding himself without allies, and with the full might of the United States against him

    35. Even though the way Sirens were represented in folklore changed as time went by, the fascinating mix of temptation and charm persists to this day

    36. When you continuously think of what you don’t want, you resist that, and because the mind doesn’t process not, that what you don’t want, persists

    37. nonsense? And is it not more concerning to realize the great tenacity with which the error persists to this day?

    38. If any officer demonstrates self interest or district bias, he shall be reprimanded, removed if the behavior persists, and face criminal prosecution for any harm done

    39. every one who persists in a determination to

    40. The clergyman who persists in using these illegal ceremonial acts, in defiance of his bishop's monitions, causes divisions, offences, strife, and controversy in the Church about things not essential, and is justly deserving of censure

    41. It never sees the means of escape at the top, but persists in

    42. However, if it persists and is not cleared up by antibiotics then further tests may be needed

    43. persists in ignorance in spite of his awareness of truth

    44. The feeling of attachment still persists in men who have got over their

    45. it) and the night of ignorance, of light and darkness, persists

    46. Whether that protective effect persists

    47. heritage of the earliest settlers persists both in Indian tribal and caste

    48. As long as the first war persists, the latter one will be divided into soup kitchen graveyards and guarded bio-domes

    49. Motorcycling remains a life-long passion (he enjoys teaching the occasional weekend safety class to bright-eyed newbies, both young and old), and he forever persists in being confounded by the acoustic guitar

    50. gradually and is using the eggs to build wise bridges across the gulf between the end of meat and the beginning of what he persists in describing as herbage

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