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Persist in a sentence

trainers and yet they persist.
He continued to persist and.
You persist in the hearts of men.
Why did these people persist in.
Have patience and persist with a.
To persist without exception means to.
They just persist, persist, and persist.

the willpower to persist in our endeavor.
fore this stage residues of matter persist.
That is, such performance does not persist.
tions of atoms would persist in arrangement.
His apostles persist in this classification.
If I persist, I doubt not that he will use.
The lesions may persist for months to years.
I will persist until I have the answer I seek.
But the wrongdoers persist in denying the truth.
problem has been allowed to persist, the longer.
Should the problem persist, it's time to see a.
The officer did not persist, and retired speedily.
things to exist, persist, and change in space-time.
persist because she could not bear to associate that.
disposable shells that only persist for a limited time.
Why do you persist in asking questions about her?.
when they allow the bad beginner lessons to persist?.
The more you resist something the more it will persist.
However, sometimes they will persist in trying to goad.
The definition of perseverance is to persist in anything.
"If he knows that, why does he persist?" Bin-Martis asked.
vision and vision of Carbon Copy Pro helped me to persist.
A trend that moves on steady volume is likely to persist.
would have to keep persisting.
Nor is this rift a persisting relic.
Yet the figure is persisting right there.
laughing at himself, and yet persisting in the exhibition.
Sandini was no longer interested, but was only persisting.
I cock the pistol and stay persisting with my cool attitude.
Really I don't think I can let you go on persisting that they feel nothing.
side, but one at a much higher level than the other, and therefore persisting.
potential site of synaptic plasticity that may account for the type of persisting.
These impressions are such that we can believe that physical objects have a persisting.
The abomination is for a judge to declare innocent a wicked mail persisting in his crimes.
Anyone persisting in such activities after reading this information will have a very, very.
agreed upon and are permitted to move through by persisting and changing various states or statuses.
It inhibits the addressee from keeping on his error and prevents him from persisting in his shunning.
Persisting, refusing to concede defeat, I’d somehow managed to rise up and carry on singing anyway.
We used to have that often, it seems as if we have a telepathic connection that even keeps persisting overseas.
Once again, Hag Abdullah, please forgive my persisting to express an opinion, which in the end will change nothing.
She would let go of persisting that he was a demi-god and she a sort of humble pew-opener or its equivalent in his temple.
"You know, sir," said the governor, persisting, "that we are not content in such cases as this with such a simple examination.
I was never meant to be happy but I kept on persisting stubbornly, trying to keep something that was maybe never mine to have.
So when he realised that she was persisting in her lies he ordered his men to dress her in trousers and tie her ready to be whipped.
Investing is not a smooth process to begin with and that makes persisting tough work, especially if there is a bear market along the way.
I’ve told you I don’t know anything! Why do you keep persisting in this? He stood and started to pace, hands shoved deep in his pockets.
And forgive me, Hag Abdullah, for persisting because I cannot understand how a man of your caliber can be so thoughtless and lacking in humanity.
As it was, the battle now went on nearly all between father and children, he persisting in his dirty and disgusting ways, just to assert his independence.
Scott had in mind the various security procedures he would have to endure to get beyond the entrance, thoughts of simply persisting in his demands to be let in.
Discussion: What is the trend of the general market? ‘Local’ trends have less chance of persisting than ‘general’ trends that have multi-market participation.
But they persisted.
that! But I persisted.
If a person persisted.
Helen also persisted.
"That's it," I persisted.
"What then?" he persisted.
The rain still persisted.
persisted in haunting him.
want to, but he persisted.
Aquarius persisted until.
She persisted in her denial.
The battle persisted heavily.
But, the feelings persisted.
She persisted and I phoned a.
around the grip, but persisted.
"What's a-matter?" he persisted.
Those that persisted in their.
he persisted and I flinched.
Alby persisted with the questions.
Well, then, Chica persisted.
"What is it about?" she persisted.
acquainted with the man persisted.
"Don't you think so?" he persisted.
the roar persisted in Moshe's ears.
Shamir persisted with his question.
"Well, but you did," she persisted.
toward me persisted for over a year.
"But how will it end?" he persisted.
Elowen persisted with the questions.
Stacey persists, There’s more.
In the end, what we resist persists.
flawed, persists because of religion.
Whether that protective effect persists.
every one who persists in a determination to.
If the employer persists bat the question back.
That's what what you resist persists means.
Blackness persists even after the train has stopped.
Thisvalue still persists, but is confined to rather.
persists in ignorance in spite of his awareness of truth.
Perhaps this idealization persists because we are apart.
‘But it persists in some of the villages around here,’.
Life which is, as it were, suspended there, persists there.
But that’s everything I’ve ever wanted, he persists.
this decreased availability persists with prolonged abstinence.
It never sees the means of escape at the top, but persists in.
A key point about resistance: What you resist persists.
but persists inasserting that she is sacred to him in spite of.
it) and the night of ignorance, of light and darkness, persists.
‘Perhaps a little heresy persists in some of the remoter hill.
A remnant of this group persists in Mesopotamia even to this day.
Everything in this universe exists, persists and changes because of.
In fact, in parts of the world today such condemnation still persists.
Behavior that persists does so because it is being rewarded in some way.
But that’s where you were all afternoon yesterday! she persists.
The feeling of attachment still persists in men who have got over their.
This refers to the rules that persists and operate through time, not to.
This, I submit, is simply more evidence that the Great Illusion persists.
heritage of the earliest settlers persists both in Indian tribal and caste.

Synonyms for persist

persevere persist endure prevail run remain stay